New Soviet Man updated for Murkwa

Original New Soviet Man:

A real life example of New Soviet Man:

Or this one:

Barack Obama’s New American Man(?)

Supports gay marriage. Absolutely wuvs black people, at a safe distance. A-OK with the NWO agenda all the way.

Would you talk about healthcare with this . . . er, person? Much less accept a cup of hot chocolate from him?


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57 Responses to New Soviet Man updated for Murkwa

  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  2. Denise says:

    Ewww. A creepy little Jewish fagela, in a onesy!

  3. mindweapon says:

    By the way, I wanted to clarify something. Onesie here, being an anonymous individual and a piece of government propaganda, is more fair game for mockery and bashing. The other guy, Herndon, is out there with his real name and he wasn’t openly promoting homosexuality, he was just writing an article about an experience he had, and we were commenting on it. What we should carefully avoid is “cyber bullying,” that is, picking out an individual and getting real personal about him or her, about their appearance, their mannerisms, whatever.

    But onesie boy is fair game, because he’s not a private individual (and I don’t want to know his real identity). he is a piece of government propaganda.

    I think he symbolizes a certain phenomenon I’ve noticed in the modern USA, and that is this — people who are unthreatening get promoted. Those in power prioritize sycophancy and promote people who won’t make them look bad. I’ve seen this time and time again, in the corporate workplace, in the government, and in the popular culture.

    This is a good reason to practice Taqqiyah and learn how to appear unthreatening to those who have decision making power over your life. They don’t care how good you are; they care that you won’t outshine or threaten them.

    Onesie boy is the ideal “man” for the people in power.

    • There may also be some kind of latent high school resentment going on. So, one unthreatening person gets promoted, he doesn’t want to promote or reward people who remind him of the guys who beat him up in high school. Maybe nerd anti-racism is a subconscious wish to have a cool black friend who beats up these bullies for them (since they can’t do it themselves).

      Nerds are way, way worse than jocks these days. I think there are more assholes and creeps percentage-wise in nerdland than in jockville.

      • I can’t find it at the moment, but Jim Goad said something similar to this in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre. Something to the effect that he felt much more aggression in the presence of pajama-boy types than at a gun show in Alabama full of supposedly evil good ol’ boys.

      • mindweapon says:

        Yeah, I know what you mean.

      • Stubbs says:

        That was my experience in high school. The White jocks were mostly cool guys. The NAMs were violent and disruptive but you could usually stay out of their way. The hardcore nerds were only given grief while being annoying loudmouths. The dark-n-edgy Hot Topic kids were frequently unpleasant without cause, and the Whites most likely to “bully” others for no reason. (That’s among the males anyway; no idea what the female dynamics were.)

    • Denise says:

      I understand the issues you had about Herndon. I usually am neutral about homosexuals. They can be very savvy about protecting their group interests (in the short term), a certainly genius at advancing this causes, form a PR standpoint. I don’t think allowing homosexuals to set the social agenda for the larger society is a good thing; in fact – it’s proving to be a disaster.

      That said – To restate, Herndon et al does NOT comprehend what will happen TO him when Whitey is exterminated.

      • mindweapon says:

        Absoltuely. And tha’ts a perfectly reasonable criticism.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        It will happen long before that.  As soon as the TWMNBN-dominated government loses its ability to protect its clients, the backlash will begin.  When racially-conscious Whites rebel or even opt out, one of the first things to go in the ensuing resource crunch will be any effort to protect Blacks from other Blacks.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Well-said mindweapon. Worthy of a post of its own. The Left is into cyber-bullying. We shouldn’t go there.

    • Thanatos says:

      “What we should carefully avoid is “cyber bullying,” that is, picking out an individual and getting real personal about him or her, about their appearance, their mannerisms, whatever.”

      I think to cede any power to the term “cyber-bullying” is a mistake, like starting a race by shooting yourself in the foot. We on the right do this often. We must be aware of this fault of ours and actively work against it through Kulturkampf. What we SHOULD do is avoid targeting each other, most whites (libtards notwithstanding) or those who may be helpful to us, but go both barrels on everyone else. When they call us “cyber-bullies”, retort with the fact that they are thin-skinned and emotionally immature and that a society run by them would be crippled with their bland inoffensive mediocrity just as they themselves are crippled by it.

      “This is a good reason to practice Taqqiyah and learn how to appear unthreatening to those who have decision making power over your life. They don’t care how good you are; they care that you won’t outshine or threaten them.”

      This is impossible. They recognize us even as we recognize them. Our lack of androgeny is itself threatening to them, the same way a 7 foot tall man with fists the size of canned hams towering over you would be threatening,on some deep level, even if you knew him to be a “gentle giant”.

      I’ve known such a man. He was an effeminate homosexual. I was afraid to get too drunk around him for fear that I would be raped,even though he was a total pansy and I knew that I scared the shit out of HIM because even though I am a full foot shorter than this guy, I am unapologetically masculine in both appearance and demeanor.

      I tried/try to be non-threatening to the pajama boy types. It is impossible. Even before they see me it is as though I project an aura that washes over their homosexual hypersensitive ethereal body like cold acetone, eating away at their libtarded soul. Think of the scene from Dracula where his noxious presence sucks the life from flowers as he passes by as though he were a spiritual black hole for the lifeforce of animate objects. Whatever I am, it is the antithesis of what they are and it cannot be hidden from them any more than a glowing red nose could be passed off as anything other than a glowing red nose.

      Should they start up gulags for those like us, I will be caught and incarcerated immediately,a fact I have resigned myself to.

      It is unlikely that many of us could hide among them. For those who can, more power to you, for the rest of us it would appear to be our lot to be visible symbols and “violent” resistors of the Jew World Order. For the old,the sick, and those who cannot hide, even though it is a harsh lot, perhaps it is better in the end that this is our fate. For us, there is but one fate and that is to die that others like us may live. But we shall not go quietly. We will bring honor to the white race by our noble deeds and our noble deaths,and we will drag the enemies of the white race kicking and screaming to Hell even as we ascend to Valhalla!

      Keep us in your songs and your prayers and in our race memory that our sacrifices will never be forgotten.

      Hail Europa,honor to our Gods and the heroes of our race!

      • mindweapon says:

        I have been on their lists for over a decade, as well, so if they make the gulags, I’ll see you there.

        But if I could go back, I would make an effort to practice deception among the pajama boys. At least make the effort, instead of write off the effort as hopeless. It’s well worth it, beacuse we need espionage and infiltration to win.

      • Denise says:

        I’m not resigned to anything. If Onesy is their SuperFagela – we need to see them for what they ARE. WE take OVER any Gulags.

        They are incompetent, depraved pussy beeyaches. They need to be treated AS such

      • mindweapon says:

        That’s the spirit, Denise! Hopefully the Jordies will putsch their sorry asses.

  4. PA says:

    W. Shakespeare once commented on people who are unthreatning being promoted:

    Caesar, aside to Antnony: “Let me have men about me that are fat, Sleek-headed men and such as sleep a-nights. Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look. He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous.”
    – Julius Caesar, Act I scene II.

  5. unSovietMan says:

    New Soviet Man is waaaaaay better than what is on offer today. Better to have New Soviet Man (and his kettlebells) than the twerps in pajamas any day.

  6. Ryu says:

    Who is the second guy above Putin?

  7. Jon says:

    “…Much less accept a cup of hot chocolate from him?”

    I think without whipped cream it would probably be safe.

  8. Putin always look like such a bad ass.

  9. TabuLa Raza says:

    a brutha reads from julie us seizure

  10. none says:

    The real point is that almost all of these characters are white or whitish, while the actual program is largely just another transfer of wealth at gunpoint from whites to non-whites. If they showed the actual pictures of those signing up this would be made clear.

  11. hardscrabble farmer says:

    “How did you know I went to Oberlin?”


  12. Paladin Justice says:

    PJ Boy is all too common on any university campus today. Between the feminists and the threat of a sexual harassment charge, many young males have been beaten down by fear and brainwashing. Which is why we should resist the likes of PJ Boy through mockery.

  13. TabuLa Raza says:

    The fagela looks like a young alan greenspan. . .

    . . .or young leonard pie-cough (rand’s “intellectual heir”!)

    Thanks joooooze. For literally nothing. . .

  14. Denise says:

    Since is hasn’t been “said” (written) yet – New Soviet Man is WAAAAY hot! Gorgeous features (love the jawline) obviously well built, intelligence radiates from his eyes, and he exudes a general aura of cool, extremely competent authority.


    This is from a purely feminine perspective.

    • Thanatos says:

      This is,unfortunately, par for the course. Women have a sexual preference for evil men and because of this, can be manipulated into supporting or enabling great acts of destruction and carnage as sexual appeal is the only trait they think important in a male leader.

      This is one of the reasons why they were not allowed to vote.

      And I’m not criticizing you as an individual. It is unsurprising that you would find the more masculine man more appealing, but Soviet apparatchiks were not the only men with these characteristics in those days. Nearly all men whose families engaged in manual labor for generations produced such men. The reason for the femininity of men today is because they are a domesticated breed. Like dogs vs wolves. The dogs have developed certain neotenous characteristics because these are more suitable for domesticity/domestic environments. People like PJ boy (domesticated men) are, in essence, just glorified women. Of course you do not find such men attractive.

  15. A.Ralston says:

    Further elucidation from the Chateau Heartiste:

  16. WhiteWorkingMan says:

    That picture of Putin bears a striking resemblance to Dave Mustaine from Megadeth with short hair. Mustaine is half Jewish.

  17. countenance says:

    He’s been outed.

    His name is Ethan, (shock number one), and he’s an OFA activist (shock number two).

    The third shock will be when we find out that he’s a coffee jerk barrista at the generic coffee house whose logo contains the visage of a suggestively naked long haired white woman.

  18. Apparently, he is a veteran of the Israel Defense Force:


    that picture of a stone-faced Putin in his smart looking kgb outfit almost rivals the smartness of a crisp wermacht/shutstafeln number – Putin looks the part even those he was working for a filthy jew-inspired ancestor of that goyim killing machine – the Cheka.

  20. MOISHE says:

    just my ten cents worth here – mw – i had much dealings with the ‘idf’ when i worked for the ism (international solidarity movement) in occupied palestine in 2003/4 – and i can definitively tell you that the ‘israelis’ could not even campare with modern western armies (demasculated and feminised as they are) – they are over-armed with the best shit straight off the american production line – but they are typical jews – with weak physiques, feminine attitudes, and neurotiic beyond beleif – only the russian ‘jews’ i met had some balls – but they were slavic and not even khazaric jews. i have nothing but contempt for this gutless, cruel and homo-eroticised ‘army’ i had to leave occupied palestine because i was having fantasies of putting bombs under their merkava tanks and incinerating the fuckers inside – but i dont want to steep as low as the jewish mentality – so i had to get the fuck out and hang out in damascus for a while and smoke shisha all day – but i really enjoyed watching those hezbollah videos showing the merkavas getting owned – i can imagine the jew mothers kvetching about their poor little moishes getting incinerated in lebanon – and sadly – a grin starts forming on my face…. a ha ha ha ha ha (thriller laugh)


    i dont mean to be nasty – but what the fuck is “jew among you” doing being conversational? maybe he wishes he was one of us and probably knows that without white people – the world is fucked and its the jews against the animals – but he has already been owned on “irish savant” and has been called out for being tribe – i dont give a fuck if he is hasbara/jidf or just being himself – i understand this site is your animal MW – but i really want to know what ‘jew among you’s” modus operendi is – i dont trust jews for good reasons – i dont give a fuck how friendly they appear to be to our cause – they are duplicitous, nasty, smelly and very untrustworthy to say the least – quoting the great Nikola Tesla: “NEVER TRUST A JEW” – period

    • mindweapon says:


      Mindweaponization is the Espionage Model of WN.

      History and common sense predict that some Jews will be opposed to their tribe’s agenda. They are mere humans after all, like us. It’s a mistake to imagine that they are machine-like and every one will be pro-Tribe.

      Let’s take the pessimistic view. Suppose Jew Among You is against us. He’s keeping an eye on us. He could do that without signing in and commenting. He could simply lurk. Or perhaps I’m setting a bad example for other WN’s? I’m not concerned about that — they are all adults.

      Or he could troll us or try to use Mind War against us. If he did, I’d simply ban him. But he doesn’t.

      I think that Jews who are against their Tribe’s Agenda (not necessarily against their own family or friends) but against the Jewish agenda, are the best weapon we could possibly have.

      Would you stop a Jew who was on his way to shut down the ADL and arrest George Soros? Would you say, “Hey, you can’t do that, you’re a Jew!” Or would you stand aside and let him do it?

      Mindweapon theory and common sense predict that there will be internal dissention among Jews about their agenda. Some Jews are going to hate the anti-white agenda as much as we do, and they are going to go fight it.

      Our job here regarding them is to say, “yeah, go for it! Go get ’em Chief!”

      I’m very confident in our cause, and I think it’s quite possible that apostate Jews could cause enough internal dissention to the anti-white policies and banking policies that it could be destroyed from within. Be ready for this to happen. It’s not necessarily going to be a Turner Diaries scenario. History has a funny way of working out. And Organized Jewry, while powerful, has a lot of internal contradictions that threaten to bring it down hard.

      So yeah, I encourage Jews out there to fight the anti-white tendencies of their Tribe from within. Anything to get the boot off our necks.

  22. MOISHE says:

    i get that mW -and i am not being reactionary about this – and yes, i am pragmatic about how to deal with this horrible situation where our peoples are being threatened with extinction – primarilly – but not totally due to the actions of the tribe – and yes, i have met some ‘nice’ jews who seem to have transcended their nasty tribal affiliations. I just sometimes think they are prone to revert to type even though i know that apostate jews suffer horribly at the hands of their co-religionists. i have respect for apostates like yehudi menuhyin and israel shahak and israel shamir {who i know personally} – having spent months in the uber talmudic ‘state’ of israel and seeing up and personal their viscious hatred for us – i guess i cannot help but be knee-jerk about this – and just for information- jews love me, i am their blonde saviour – but i never let them know how much aware i am of them and what they trully think of us within the confines of their own group. if the small minority of jews want to minimize the damage that their tribe is doing to us – they better do it soon – and i suspect they do it not out of altruism – but out of sheer preservation – i am sick of talking with ‘liberal’ and ‘hippy’ jews who cry crocodile tears whilst stabbing us in the back – whites should not rely on these people to come to their senses – they are beyond repair and have damaged us enough – we dont need their fucking assistance or empathy towards our cause – they are the interlopers and parasites who have ridden off the backs of our genius – fuck them.
    But i get your point

    • mindweapon says:


      If you think about it, that’s how the Jews beat us — they used our own traitors and apostates. They were like a huge ethnic spy agency, and still are. But their offense can also be their vulnerability. Jews have a problem — now they are on top, they suffer the existential quesions — how to live, what to live for, why to live? That happens to anyone who is on top.

      A group of people who are tormented with the existential questions and the internal contradictions are vulnerable to internal dissension. We don’t need most of them to come to their senses.

      Organized Jewry feeds off of anti-semitism, real or imagined. But lately they are starving. I bet the ADL would gladly pay for another “Nazi” march through Skokie.

      We criticize Organized Jewry, but we don’t wave swastikas or make death threats, and we take up niche-space that would otherwise perhaps be taken up by swastika wavers who would provide better fuel and oxygen to Jewish paranoia. I’d like to think we are starting a very good adaptation to the Jewish hormesis, one that undermines their power without activating their Jewish immune system, a kind of stealth adaptation that appears unthreatening until it’s too late.

      Also, even if you are an orthodox Nazi, you are mistaken if you think the Third Reich was planning on hunting down every last Jew and killing them worldwide. I don’t go around saying I’m a “Holocaust denier,” but in my view, the goal of the Third Reich was more evolutionary than exterminationary — they wanted to create a Europe that wasn’t profitable to Rothschild. They made it illegal to make money without doing productive work. So they were creating an economic system that was hostile or at least not very nourishing to Jews and mercantile minded people in general.

      They had a tolerance to Jews who were not in teaching, law, banking or mass media. There were Jewish store owners and Jewish tradesmen all over Hitler controlled Europe. There were 250,000 Jews or part Jews in the Wehrmacht, proudly wearing swastikas on their uniforms and evne dying for the swastika.

      The Third Reich was about breaking the Rothschild Octopus and the financial parasite model of civilization more than anything. They captured a Rothschild and didn’t kill him; they traded him for a factory in Czechiya.

      I understand your personal hatred and rage at Jews, but I don’t share it. I see them as an Evolutionary Challenge to us, one with strengths and weaknesses. I want to

      1. Steal their strengths and make them our strengths (everybody is out to get us, let’s make money and dominate the world),

      2. Sapping their strengths by avoiding playing into the “hollywood nazi” script. WN 2.0 doesn’t make for good quotes or photo-ops. The risk of doing an article about us and publicizing us is that too many people might agree with us — even Jews.

      3. Prey upon their weaknesses, which is their own existential torment and internal dissension by encouraging apostate Jews and saying, “look, it’s safe to go against the cult. We welcome your help in the fight.” See the movies Heights and The Tollbooth Heights shows a young Jewish man who doesn’t give a shit about Judaism, is drawn to a blonde “shikse” (as his rabbi refers to her), then it turns out he’s gay. So he won’t add much to Jewish life. The Tollbooth is about a Jewish girl who might intermarry, but the script writer goes heavy handed and brings the girl back to the fold with Holocaust worship. This is sort of a deus ex machina that would be unlikely in her life. The real Tollbooth is that she ends up marrying a Gentile or ends up a crazy cat lady and/or lesbian. And some of them will actively oppose Organized Jewry one way or another.

      Without Nazis or Cossacks or other mobs to “persecute” them, Judaism dies. Rabbis are desperately trying to keep young Jews in the fold.

      By not killing Jewish individuals, we kill Judaism. By being a large “anti-semitism” niche that doesn’t physically threaten Jews or give them a real scare for their life, we free them from their head vampire rabbis and let them join humanity and forget their ancestors, which they want to do anyway.

      Meanwhile, we need to take the shop-keeper niches and train up our chlidren to be Vaishyas, Kshatriyas and Brahmins.

      I think history is on our side; we just need to ride the waves gracefully, like a surfer.

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