The mockers get mocked; ADL worries about the Quenelle, an arm gesture they haven’t yet outlawed in Europe

When people are inventing new arm gestures to express how much they hate you and your wrecking of their countries, you just might be a Jew.

Behold, the Quenelle:

The Quenelle, Fascist or Fad?

Everybody’s doing the Quenelle!

Work makes Quenelle!

How­ever, French uni­formed ser­vices have drawn a clear line, regard­less of con­text. The army pun­ished two sol­diers for “slip­ping a quenelle” in front of a Paris syn­a­gogue in Sep­tem­ber, and yes­ter­day an inves­ti­ga­tion was launched into three fire­fight­ers pho­tographed doing the salute.

While this ges­ture has not yet sur­faced in the U.S., French ath­letes com­pet­ing here, enter­tain­ers per­form­ing here, and oth­ers vis­it­ing from France may bring it to our shores.

Inspector Clouseau is out arresting people for doing the Quenelle! Sacre bleu!

The French athletes might infect Americans with the Quenelle! Oh no, not that!


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15 Responses to The mockers get mocked; ADL worries about the Quenelle, an arm gesture they haven’t yet outlawed in Europe

  1. Craig says:

    We cover our metals up in remembrance of the dead with this salute, it absolutely horrifies some that we honour our own dead. It’s practised by the oldies in the RSL. What frighten YKW more though is when some young fella like me starts a speech with “Never again, shall we have a fratricidal war… we live in one nation”. Oh the horrors it’s been going on since 1920 or longer.

    You Americans apparently do it in the belief of putting your hand over your heart and singing some song…to what ?

    IOW those who hold power fear that Americans may wake up and remember who they are eh…

    I like the photo of the German in that pile of ugly concrete.

    • MOISHE says:

      one thing the jew hates more than anything is to BE MOCKED – it makes them shit their pants, kvetch, whine, do the funky hora, and then complain to the nearest zog outlet (police, schools, media, government etc) – i wouldnt want to be one of these people for the world – karma really exists – and its biting their arse as we speak (or blog)

  2. QuannellY says:

    Is this going to be like the “Walk Like an Egyptian” fad? As far as mockers being mocked goes, tough sh*t cry-babies.

  3. Denise says:

    This is an actual gesture used to taunt Le Juif?

    Wow. The end is drawing nigh for the Children of Abraham.

    • Tartare says:

      No, it’s really to taunt BS artists. See GalliaWatch (if I recall correctly- or at least he has a good link) for a good explanation.

  4. Berk says:

    Once they make a symbol illegal just use one they hadn’t banned yet.
    This is how totalitarianism dies,as a bad joke.

  5. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  6. Ryu says:

    Cool. I’m going to adapt that gesture myself. Thanks! We can always come up with new gestures. It’s like being a rebel kid in HS. Run circles around the authorities.

  7. Dr. Traman says:

    Interesting. See this weird/silly Norwegian You tube music vid that was popular in the UK with children. See the dance move 56 seconds in, it looks just like the arm gestures above (combined with an almost regular salute at the end).

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