Steve Martin jokes that black people can’t spell, then apologizes, deletes tweet about African American neighborhoods

Steve Martin jokes that black people can’t spell, then apologizes, deletes tweet about African American neighborhoods

Steve Martin forced to apologize to #BlackTwitter. He has been teh tip of the spear of the antiwhite culture war since the 1980’s. Good to see him forced to grovel! Also interesting, is that these thoughts are in literally EVERYONE’s mind. Even left wing Hollywood celebrities gaff on the sacred cows of their own sick religion!

Martin was bantering with Twitter followers and turning their grammar questions into jokes when he was asked “is this how you spell lasonia?”

His response: “It depends. Are you in an African-American restaurant or at an Italian restaurant.”

Martin apologized and deleted the tweet, but screen shots and angry, disappointed reactions ricocheted around Twitter all evening.

Martin then expressed contrition again, tweeting that “I did apologize. But again, a second later I realized what an offensive thing I’d done.” He answered another tweet that told him “in retrospect, bad joke” with the response “Yeah, I learned that.”

A screen shot is below:


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13 Responses to Steve Martin jokes that black people can’t spell, then apologizes, deletes tweet about African American neighborhoods

  1. What an incredible pussy. He was joking about black NAMES, not spelling, which seems to have escaped everyone. He thought he had a “ghetto pass,” but mot enough negroes are on Twitter to remember “The Jerk.”

    • mindweapon says:

      Oh, was it black names? I thought it was spelling.

      White nationalists scoff at the very idea of a “ghetto pass,” so ironically, we don’t get “busted” for so called “gaffes,” in our daily lives. We don’t get buddy buddy with blacks, whom we know would turn against us on a dime. The ghetto pass whiggers are pathetic and it’s hilarious when they get put in their place.

      There can be no equality when the races are as different as blacks adn whites. thus, if forced to mix, one group will be dominant, the other subordinate. Right now we have a strange situation where whites dominate at things that only whites can do, namely, the unglamorous and behind the scenes tasks keeping civilization running, and blacks dominate culturally and ideologically. This is not a situation that can last. Whites are already quietly rebelling against it, and blacks are progressively and loudly getting more aggressive with their bit of cultural and ideological leverage.

      • Agreed. Steve Martin is learning the hard way that aging into irrelevance is more painful whilst simultaneously running afoul the Lords of Black-Run America.

        And a “white strike” would immediately cripple America. A “black strike” would just make Big Macs slower in coming and the crime rate lower.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Big Macs, slower?  If the restaurants had enough staffers to run, they’d all be non-Black and a hell of a lot faster and more competent.  More courteous, too.

      • Paladin Justice says:

        Your last paragraph makes clear so many aspects of the bizarre age we are experiencing. Hopefully, the end of this age is near.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      Yep. Nobody got the joke. If you actually understand it, it’s one of the least offensive race jokes you could make. It’s more fun to be righteously indignant, though, so here we are.

  2. SteveSmartin says:

    Speaking about funny sh*t, check out this comment on a post about the MARTA urine detection devices at sbpdl:

    josh said…
    Come ride the mean,wet streets with Atlanta’s toughest cops! Tonight on A&E:Urine Police!: Sgt Tom Mulligan is a beefy Atlanta cop of 20 years,known affectionately as “The Old Man”.He’s also the leader of the Piss Squad,Atlanta’s elite anti-urine force. “Pissers”,says Tom, using the street vernacular for unauthorized urinators,”are much bolder than they used to be.Used ta be a guy’d sneak into the alley and do his business.Now? They’ll piss anywhere.We get a constant stream of calls.We aim to stop that stream.” The Piss Squad is not without some controversey,as you might expect. Rev. Shitavious Jones,of the African Christ Love Jesus Church,claims theyre racist:”Dey is allazz lookin at da black man fo see if he be a pissin!Our young mens dont have dat access to baffrooms like other communitays do! Iss da legacy of sep’ritt baffroomz! Deeze young mens is afraid of goin’ in to a baffroom! Dey afraid dey be a white man in a hood in dey!” Other cops grouse about the elite status of the Piss Squad. “It,well,pissess me off.”,says one cop.”Theyre a bunch of hot shots…”

    Oh, and yeah, very disappointed in Steve Martin.

  3. countenance says:

    There is no unringing a bell on ye olde internets.

  4. Gibbon says:

    He should only be apologizing for how terrible that joke was. But it shows that the most unforgivable thing is not being funny. Howard Stern, being mild, is ten times more “offensive” than this.

  5. Gibbon says:

    And the idea of blacks legitimately getting offended by anything given the….”sensibility” of their “culture”… now that’s funny. And sliiiiiiightly hard to believe.

  6. Gibbon says:

    I mean I can legitimately see blacks getting a little sad-y face if a day ever came where they didn’t feel like they could terrorize whites with impunity and the threat of job loss by simply crying “dat raciss!”

  7. Paladin Justice says:

    Spell lasonia? It took me a double take to realize the joke was over the spelling of lasagne. But do blacks even eat lasagne? I doubt it’s served in black restaurants because most blacks would not have the brainpower to follow a recipe that complicated.

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