We won’t always be on the defensive; the huge leverage of the anti-whites is depleting

Even as they declare victory, the foundations of the anti-whites power is crumbling.

It seems to us like we are always on the defensive. That the enemy only has to win once; we have to win every time.

But that is only because the enemy has tremendous leverage, owing to it’s parasitical control over our productivity. Fortunately, and perhaps inevitably, they have destroyed their great economic juggernaut and therefore the strength behind their leverage.

There is no way they will keep their soft power in a destroyed economy. The rubble will be OUR RUBBLE. Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.

I follow economics like a sports fan follows his favorite team and players. It’s truly amazing how long they’ve kept their Jew-Ponzi going, but all they have been doing is spending down the inheritance they usurped from Real America. It was a big inheritance, an inheritance of Treasure and of Blood. But they’ve wasted it in short order.

They are not ready for the Great Reckoning. It is the Big Unknown for them. Will they land on their feet, as they did after World War II? The people who saved them from Hitler, have been degraded, disspirited, deracinated and degenerated.

Our enemies will find themselves naked in a hostile world. Their tech gadgets, their drones, their super weapons, will need infrastructure to maintain it. Their infrastructure will degrade and deplete.

In recent times, the Fed is trying to say that “the economy is healthy and we can start tapering money printing.” Peter Schiff compares that to a doctor saying, “you’re perfectly healthy, but you have to stay hooked up to breathing tubes and I.V. to keep you alive.” Economic growth in the 3rd quarter of 2013 was attributable to increase in spending on gasoline and healthcare.

Economic collapse has fallen from the short attentions span of most people, it seems. But it has not gone away.


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14 Responses to We won’t always be on the defensive; the huge leverage of the anti-whites is depleting

  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  2. Denise says:

    It’s already changing. I’m getting away with stuff that has gotten me banned, on various sites, even a year ago.

    Bennie Netanyahu made a remark, in a speech, to the effect that “History won’t give us another chance”. To me that was blatant admission of guilt. They WILL fail They are already failing. Evil falls of it’s own weight.

    It took the Tribe, and their enablers, hundreds of years to gain the power and control they have no. The Jewish Century is already collapsing in wrack and ruin, I maintain what the reason why they’ve gotten away with their machinations is due to tight control of mass media. But the ‘Net has changed all of that. Even if they shut odn the Internet – the katz is already out of the bag. People around the world KNOW. They KNOW.

    I’m getting away with calling Jews by racial slurs on mainstream sites. Oh – I get called names – but I don’t get NEARLY the pushback I used to get, from the “civilians”. And people are beginning ot back me up.

    I’m one little ant, carrying my little crumbs back to my White Ant’s nest. How much longer before the Quenelle hits ‘Murka? I predict Junes, 2014.

    • mindweapon says:


      You are waging Mind War by it’s very definition:

      MindWar is the deliberate, aggressive convincing of all participants in a war that we will win that war.

      Very interesting quote from Netanyahu! Thanks for digging that up for us!

      • Denise says:

        Indeed. Do not back down. Focus energy. FORWARD.

        I like to pay close attention to the Yids so I can use their own words against them.

  3. TabuLa Raza says:

    but all they have been doing is spending down the inheritance they usurped from Real America.

    Yes, and yes. This is known technically as consuming capital, in regular usage- eating the seed corn.

    There is an article from 1974 that I think is excellent and applies to our current context.
    It is EGALITARIANISM AND INFLATION by [jewess] Ayn Rand. All the smart folks here need to peruse this. I shall re-read it this afternoon. [For about the sixth time]


    • mindweapon says:

      Great article, Tabula Raza. Just read the whole thing. 40 years later, they’re still playing the inflation game. hope the jig us up about now though.

    • A.Ralston says:

      Rand’s material should be read by any serious student of Austrian economics and free-market capitalism. And she is quite correct IMO to identify monetary inflation and coercive meddling by egalitarian governments as primary impediments to savings, investment, and productivity.

      However, whether by unwitting neglect or by conscious intent (owing to her tribal roots), Rand ignores the vampire squid in the parlor: namely, for America, the Jwsh Federal Reserve, history’s most effective engine of inflation, by extension the stealthiest mechanism of wealth confiscation yet devised, and by further extension the enabler of all other instruments of anti-Aryan tyranny in the West.

      To his credit, the website editor addresses this subject to a certain extent in the small print text below Rand’s essay.

  4. Has anyone taken note of the UN climate change redistribution of our taxes to the 3rd world? Bloody Fabians Eh it can’t last, particularly when you look at how taxed oil and coal is, the sneaky bastards do it in a variety of ways so they profit from it on federal, state and local levels. Politicians from both sides benefit, as well as certain investors and hand picked technologies that keep the energy game centralised. The wind turbines, backed by gas generators are the latest examples.

    We can take advantage of this in the future being we now know how the new energy infrastructure is going to be created, this is the wave we need to ride, not just as individuals but as communities. This technology and I have no doubt future advances that are already here can decentralise the energy distribution to rural and even urban communities if we play our cards right.

    • mindweapon says:


      What should we do to profit off what they are doing with the energy?

      They think that making us pay more for energy won’t change the culture. They are dead wrong. Cheap energy and cheap food is what made so many whites into liberals and apathetics. Expensive energy means expensive food, and expensive food means Whites are going to grow their own locally and develop local economies, and from local economies will come local polities that won’t be politically correct. Simple as that.

      Get ready to eat insect larvae for your protein though.

      • Craig says:

        We don’t need to profit we just need to convince the Frackers to build gas pipes connecting the rural areas together, which looks like it’s going to happen, regardless. Why build long term infrastructure for fracking gas wells that have been shown to have a short life of production, and poisonous for the ground water? Doesn’t it make you go hhhmmmm.

        Expensive energy? So if low and middle class whites can’t afford energy to cook and keep warm, this builds an incentive to create such energy, if white communities own the production of such energy, those whites will make the rules, as long as they can maintain and hold on to such energy creation.

        You can eat maggots, I’d rather eat fish and shrimp, maggots make good fish bait though, if I was really desperate I would just dig Witchety grubs from the top soil like Aborigines. The again it’s why we have cattle.

        P.S. Growing blow fly maggots is even easier then black soldier fly, in fact you can set up such maggot producing ventures to make catching fish as easy as throwing a line and hook into a river.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Nuclear energy is expensive to build out, but very cheap to run afterward.  It has almost no opportunities for “traders” to game the price once it’s built, and reactors are now being licensed up to 60 years and new construction designed to last 80.  This makes it the classic White investment in the future.

        Of course, it’s been targeted for extinction by liberals.  Guess why?

      • Craig says:

        Laser enrichment makes nuclear even cheaper, but also the proliferation of nukes, such a dilemma. No wonder uncle sam bought it straight off Australia, like many other peoples inventions…Plus we have a fair bit of Yellow cake here, recently we started to export it to India. If any one presses the button I recon it’d be India and Pakistan.

        If the politicians and businessmen can’t jack up the price of producing electricity, they will ultimately increase the price of the distribution of the electricity, as they have done here, gold plating the electrical distribution networks to handle the demands of Green energy…My mates recon we have 500 to 700 years worth of coal, at the rate we’re digging it now, but it’s all under the best farm land hence the fracking instead.

        Gas and gas catalytic converters have a future IMO, 40% increase in methane production, and it’s CO2 neutral the progressive greenies love the shit…it’s where you get an unholy alliance with greenies and big corp industries, and money redistribution, particularly to women who want to start business in rural area’s, they can get special loans/grants here like minorities… Is it the same in the US?

        We have Nordic Feminist polices in Australia I have realised…

  5. Skeeter says:

    Thanks for the upbeat message — a real morale booster!

    “No cause is lost as long as one man still fights for it.” — Terrible T. Metzger

  6. MOISHE says:

    i used to think that maybe through some demonic anamoly – that jews could invert natural law and get away with the most horrendous predepedations upon mankind – their federal reserve scams, their false-flag ops, their dumbing down programs, their crass nihilistic materialistim and their destruction of any notions of a spiritual godhead. But now i now, the time is up for the tribe – they will go the way of all parasitic species that have used and abused their hosts – obvlivion.
    oh and a very HAPPY, HOLY AND WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!!

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