The frequency of racial gaffes by White professionals shows what’s in our subconsciousness; Twitter lynches Justine Sacco

Justine Sacco fired after Racist Tweet causes Global Outrage.

After her offensive tweet about AIDS and race went viral while she was on a flight, people have been waiting for InterActive Corp (IAC) PR director Justine Sacco to land, making “#HasJustineLandedYet” the most popular trending topic on Twitter.

Sacco reportedly wrote, “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!” before boarding a plane to Cape Town.

She posted the comment from London before boarding a nearly 11-hour flight to Africa. While she was in the air the tweet was shared thousands of times, and the hashtag #HasJustineLandedYet began trending on Twitter. Sacco’s account has since been deleted.

Since then, IAC, whose brands include, Vimeo and UrbanSpoon, “parted ways” with Sacco.

In a statement to USA Today, the media conglomerate said, “The offensive comment does not reflect the views and values of IAC. We take this issue very seriously, and we have parted ways with the employee in question.”

The statement continued, “There is no excuse for the hateful statements that have been made and we condemn them unequivocally. We hope, however, that time and action, and the forgiving human spirit, will not result in the wholesale condemnation of an individual who we have otherwise known to be a decent person at core.”

Note the lynch mob mentality of the Twitter enforcers of political correctness!

Politically correct enforcers stalking Justine at the airport:

This black, Zac, is gleeful at stalking Justine. Justine’s father is a pathetic wimp.

Zac @Zac_R
Justine and her sister / friend. She’s on the phone to someone. “No! I really didn’t think it would!” She said.
1:00 AM – 21 Dec 2013

Zac @Zac_R
When she stepped out into the greeting area. Her sister/friend greeted her with “Don’t worry. It’ll blow over soon” #HasJustineLandedYet
12:35 AM – 21 Dec 2013
Zac @Zac_R
When she stepped out into the greeting area. Her sister/friend greeted her with “Don’t worry. It’ll blow over soon” #HasJustineLandedYet
12:35 AM – 21 Dec 2013
Zac @Zac_R
Just had a chat to @JustineSacco’s father. He’s South African. He didn’t want to raise her in South Africa because of racism.
12:28 AM – 21 Dec 2013
Zac @Zac_R
Justine’s dad is apologeti & basically in tears.”I decided to raise her in the US. SA was too racist”. Oh, the irony! #HasJustineLandedYet
12:33 AM – 21 Dec 2013

Enjoy your glee, Zac, and miss the deeper story.

The deeper story is this, Zac, white people are sick of political correctness! It’s boiling over in so many of us! Every gaffe is an anti-PC volcano erupting! Justine Sacco, Steve Martin, Phil Robertson, and endless others (we should start keeping a list) of white racial gaffers shows us what’s going on in the minds of white people everywhere!

We hate it! We hate political correctness and loss of intellectual and moral liberty.

We know what is right, and we are not even allowed to say it out loud. Fuck you liberals! Fuck you Cultural Marxists and Jews! Fuck you, enforcers of political correctness!

Someday we will speak openly on the street about what we feel viscerally is right, and is our right. We have a right to say no to you, to object to your endless Bernays campaigns, from:

Now the Bernays campaigns aren’t just stupid propaganda posters; they are de facto law.

Political correctness is what happened when the elite liberals got bored and wanted to speed things up. Their stupid propaganda posters and endless campaigns for racial mixing or gay marriage or whatever became the law of the land, and the very definition of “what it means to be an American” and if you’re un-American (heterosexist, racist, et cetera), you must be ruined. Some gay or liberal or Jew (or all of the above) on TV called Phil Robertson un-American. Laura Ingraham played his quote on the radio and pointed out that modern liberals don’t believe in intellectual freedom or a diversity of opinion.

The arrogant rich liberals have gotten a major case of chutzpah. They proliferate unlegislated laws over us, their invisible but powerful laws of political correctness, enforced by other means. They are going to poke and poke and poke us, until we stand up against them.

So Justine, if you are reading this, welcome to the club! Don’t apologize, that will encourage them to attack you more. Handle your pillory with courage, and it will be over soon. And remember, you can have a much better life outside of corporate America. There’s plenty to do that doesn’t involve powersuits and expense accounts. Get married to a white man who owns a small business or is a genius consultant/technician who is indispensable to industry while you are still young and pretty and have lots of white children and homeschool them.

If you get in touch with us, we’ll support you and help you adapt to being a pariah of political correctness.


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47 Responses to The frequency of racial gaffes by White professionals shows what’s in our subconsciousness; Twitter lynches Justine Sacco

  1. PA says:

    I hope she knows to NOT APOLOGIZE.

    • zek says:

      I can’t find the full statement anywhere, but the excerpt I saw of her apology was pretty groveling. She is not one of us.

      • Jacob B says:

        For those who are “one of us”, I have conceived of the broad outlines of a plan to keep us from being “Phil Robertson’ed”. Free speech insurance.

        The problem,as I see it, is that Alinskyite tactics of freezing and polarization are being used to great effect on individuals. They can’t criminalize your words (yet) but they can make you pay a price for them. Imagine if being targeted by a group like GLAAD or the ADL resulted in a payoff for the thoughtcriminal,though. How quickly things would change! All you need to start the momentum rolling the other way is to get a small group of people speaking heretical thoughts with no fear of punishment on a regular basis. From there, the practice will snowball,and even those who aren’t getting paid to do this will join in.

        The way I think it should work (though I am no actuary,so perhaps someone with more expertise could comment on the feasibility of this) is that people pay in to be a part of a free speech network,like monthly or yearly dues. Whenever they are targeted by a jewish,gay, or black group that does this kind of tongue-clucking agitprop designed to hurt the reputations or careers of ungoodthinkers, the group pays out (not sure what a sustainable amount is), then the free speech network turns around and tries to recoup its losses by targeting the tongue-cluckers or their families, or some organization they are affiliated with, for some kind of lawsuit which could be for anything, not directly relating to their agitprop.

        In this way, the free speech network can sustain itself feeding on its enemies.

        A generous donation from millionaires like Phil Robertson at the outset would put it on solid footing to do battle and ultimately win victory through attrition.

        What do you all think of this idea?

  2. Good piece. I think she ‘s a dual victim. These kids learn irreverence from things like “Family Guy,” and then learn that life is not a cartoon. Political Correctness is totalitarianism: it has approved channels for self-mockery…but if you aren’t using an official “humor license” like Seth MacFarland or those Jews who made the “Airplane” movies, you find that a joke that would just be background noise on “American Dad” has the power to ruin your life.

    • mindweapon says:

      Excellent point, futuro! I hadn’t thought of it that way! But yes, they probably are imitating TV shows, until they find out that life is not a cartoon. Ouch!

      • pluto the dog says:

        yer except sarah silverman can say whatever the heck she likes – its all about who is doing the saying – white people cant say anything, non-whites can say whatever they want

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      That’s a really good take on it. Why do you think some people, like MacFarland, get “humor licenses?”

  3. PA says:

    Enjoy your glee, Zac

    This may seem unrelated, but it’s quite on-topic: one evening recently I was driving through a mostly-black area with a young Eastern European visitor, and he sees some construction equipment parked for the night. A backhoe and a generator, if I recall correctly. He asks “no one is watching it? back home there is a security guard at night at worksites because guys will strip the equipment down for parts, metal and diesel.”

    I laughed and said “nobody in those ghetto apartments is stripping anything down. The only thing they do is listen to rap and play video games. I would be surprised I any of them so much as owned a screwdriver. Not to mention even understanding the basics of vehicle mechanics.”

    The related point is that Zac is a gleeful, cruel little monkey. But neither he nor anyone else he knows is aware of the fact that they are well fed, well swaddled children who will be helpless when the welfare state — affirmative action and fake black middle class jobs being part of the welfare state — abandons them.

    • mindweapon says:

      I do see the connection! Great comment, PA!

    • Henry H. Pinkham says:

      In South Africa in a black neigborhood, it would be removed suddely and taken to a chop shop, or else stripped to the framework overnight, and the frame will be carried away in broad daylight to the nearest Jewish-owned scrap metal dealer.
      So tomorrow some Toyota minibus taxi will have a NEW secondhand Perkins tractor engine in it,

      Affirmative action here means that white minority men do not get jobs. White businessmen HAVE TO take a black partner and pu a black “lady” on the switchboard.
      You phone a business, and you cannot understand the switchboard/call centre and she doesn’t understand either English or Afrikaans. She pretends to be able to speak English, but what she is talking definitely is NOT English, although she will insist it is. Nor is it any other language.

      Surprized that South Africa is slipping into the toilet?
      It’s al in the genes of a specific race.

      Eatern Europe is race-mixed to a large extent.
      So these genes are there too.
      And the Jews are ensuring that the rot spreads everywhere

  4. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  5. Anon says:

    Some others have mentioned that it seems as though she is blaming aids on racism, and I have to agree with that. this seems like another case of the left eating its own.

    • That makes it more delicious.

    • Jon says:

      AID$ is a racket and psyop/marketing scam. The hype cloud of the 80s and 90s was abusive on a huge scale — the 911 of of the 20th Century. When it became clear that the numbers of infections in the West gave the lie to the doomsday predictions, without missing a beat, they switched focus of the fraud on Africa, where they don’t have to do any tests but can presumptively diagnose from presence of already common African diseases

  6. hardscrabble farmer says:

    Being doxed is one of the greatest gifts that could ever happen to a person. You immediately discover who your true friends are and that the Cathedral hates you with a white hot intensity no matter how well you thought you fit in beforehand. You are forever free from the obligation of watching what you say. You can use it as a vetting system for all future relationships. And you can find the thing in life that you were meant to do based on your own skills and intellect rather than having to play a part in the sham economy.

    It is, however, a catalyzing event that wreaks havoc on your personal life. It is painful and it is stressful, but eventually, as with all things in the modern world, the episode receds into the past and you can move on and if you have any character at all live your life openly and honestly, an increasingly rare thing in this age.

    Win-win for anyone with the fortitude to weather the initial storm.

  7. Mobley says:

    Blacks are the pettiest race. The one group who can’t take a joke because deep down they know they are far uglier and less civlized than us.

    • They LOOK for reasons to be offended, so they can retaliate.

      A friend of mine is a retiree and told me the following story. She has a relative who is still at her old company and hopes to retire from there in a couple of years. He liked to joke around with everybody, but he is the type of person who will bend over backwards to help people. He was not exactly a liberal, but not very racially aware and thought my friend was a bigot when she told him she did not speak to Blacks, especially there, unless she absolutely had to and then she made sure that it was only business-related.

      Well his sense of humor caused him to run afoul of An Aggrieved Black Woman. Evidently the company had some kind of nepotism clause that was put in place after both my friend and her relative started working there and they were grandfathered in. But finding record of it proved to be a problem. In any case, he nearly lost his job, thanks to this bitch. He thought she was a friend of his as they had shared breaks and confidences about their families for years. That’s how he figured out she tried to stab him in the back. She was the only one there who would have known. He still has no idea whatsoever what he could have said or did to piss her off. She didn’t confront him. She just went for his jugular without warning.

      The kicker is that he still has to work closely with this woman. Of course, he can’t retaliate against her. Moreover, he has to act like he is not the least bit suspicious of her yet watch his step very closely around her. He’s not used to this. Dissimulation does not come naturally to him at this point in his life so, as you can imagine, he’s pretty stressed out.

  8. Paladin Justice says:

    I suspect she’s a lefty. The only way out of this for her, if she has no scuples like all lefties, is to marry the blackest, ugliest African male she can find. That “proof” of her pure lefty heart will ingratiate her to the PC crowd and she can go back to work in the Cathedral, bringing her half-breed sprogs to work with her to celebrate diversity.

  9. Dan Poole says:

    Holly balls, that poster is from the 1940s?? o_O Not gonna lie: I just lost some respect for Delbert Belton and the other Amurrikan rubes from that era. That poster could have just as easily been posted in 2013 by Alternet.

    Cripes, the more I learn about U.S. history the more I hate that this country was ever founded.

  10. Henry H. Pinkham says:

    Stupid Bitch!

    How UTTERLY STUPID can she be?

    Cape Town is NOT Africa
    South Africa is NOT Africa.

    Just like the Southern States of the USA is NOT South America.

    When we South Africans want to go to Africa, we pack our passports and take enough bribe money, and go NORTH into Africa.
    Unfortunately, too many blacks , Yellows and half-castes from Africa and India and China and elsewhere are streaming across our borders. Africa is coming to the formerly civilized first-world country and are turning it into just another fourth-world African toilet country.
    But still, we are not the same as the countries up North.
    South Africa is NOT Africa,

    And yeah, aids is rampant among blacks here. Most black schoolgirls from age 11 up have it.
    Who cares, they live fast, die young, and leave plenty of young black kids for the stupid minority among the mostly aids-free white minoririty to adopt and care for.

    But even so, South Africa is NOT Africa.
    Not yet.

    Stupid Bitch!

    • Wally says:

      Cape Town is a city on the continent of Africa. South Africa is a country on the continent of Africa. So yes, South Africa is Africa. The majority of the population of South Africa is black, also- just like the rest of sub-Saharan Africa.

  11. Starets says:

    Interesting, reading that anti-Hitler propaganda poster; almost every point it makes and claims to be false has in retrospect turned out to be true.

  12. TabuLa Raza says:

    Getting youtubes to come up adds more eye appeal. Go to the actual youtube page, THEN copy the URL, and paste here. Testing 1,2,3- [slightly different URL]:

  13. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:

    I guess my attitude about this is who cares? Really. Some spoiled rich bitch from SA who obviously had enough clout in her family to be able to leave there and get a job in the grande States and then fucks the job up by saying something stupid. Dude, don’t care. Don’t feel sorry for her.

    How many middle class and working class whites are stuck in SA? How many middle class and working class whites are stuck in crappy jobs in SA and in the USA and have to live near groids because they can’t afford to move? These are the issues I care about! Not some spoiled brat who got a job outside of SA because her rich daddy is connected.

    As Paladin notes, she’s a lefty. Most lefties are rich and clueless. Lower and middle class working whites watch what we say and have more couth because the paranoid white elite watch our every move. That’s why political correctness was invented, to stave off and keep in check the middle and white working class. The white elites and their Jew consorts knew damn well what they were doing by inventing political correctness. It is a litmus test to keep us other white riff raff out.

    Months ago I had a white nationalist call me for the first time. As soon as I answered the phone, I said the N word. I did this because I wanted to show this person that I have freed myself psychologically, spiritually, etc from the bonds of the socio-cultural-economic elite.

    I was born free. I am free. My kids are free. I will die free. If I want to use a racial slur I will. I have taken my licks for having this attitude and no one has defended me. Time for this little rich bitch to take her licks too. Suck it up! Being free has a price and your daddy can’t pay your way on this one grrrrl!

    • Jacob B says:

      “How many middle class and working class whites are stuck in SA? How many middle class and working class whites are stuck in crappy jobs in SA and in the USA and have to live near groids because they can’t afford to move? These are the issues I care about!”

      Not me. I don’t care to slap a band-aid over racial realities any longer by facilitating white flight. It is time to stand and fight. Past time, in fact.

      “That’s why political correctness was invented, to stave off and keep in check the middle and white working class. The white elites and their Jew consorts knew damn well what they were doing by inventing political correctness. It is a litmus test to keep us other white riff raff out.”

      Close,but no cigar. It was invented as a club to beat Southern working class whites with forever for getting too uppity in the 1860’s. The liberal YKW and black-lovers don’t like lower class whites from Maine, but they’re not being constantly held up as hate objects and their entire way of life trashed on a daily basis. Southern working class whites are the ones who receive this treatment. All whites should revolt against it,but Southerners especially. The beatings on all whites will continue until Southern morale improves. If or when it does,however, this blame whitey/lynch whitey bullshit will dry up overnight.

      The whites of the South are a powerful totem of our people,rising like an Aryan juggernaut and casting a cold dark shadow over the cringing kike parasites in Jew York. Whether the South merits or deserves such fear and loathing is irrelevant.The point is that a free,strong, and totemic South is a psychological weapon that would empower our people against the ykws and their black pets.

      • mindweapon says:

        Well, I hope you’re right, Jacob. I listen to and donate to the Political Cesspool, especially now that I get revenue from ads on this site.

        TPC inspired the creation of a similar radio show in Sweden. My bet is the Swedes are playing it like James and the Gang, being polite about it, but saying what they can.

        In the most recent TPC show, they were talking about how on an Air Force base a nativity scene was taken down within an hour of being set up by the Air Force because some Jew complained. Keith and James named the Jew explicitly. It could have been a Dr. Pierce speech.

        Also, David Duke is now on I Was surprised about that. WND has gone totally race realist. Free Republic has gone race realist. I remember when WND and FR would ban anyone who said anything race realist or critical of Organized Jewry.

        So barriers are being broken, now that we’re all up against a wall. The conservatives are coming to us.

        We’re approaching that critical 10% minority who believes in something, to make it spread to everyone, if we havne’t already passed it.

        So yeah, the South seems to have a better vocabulary for pro-white thought. Rich WN northerners should financially support the Southern Remnant Infrastructure of Ideas and Meme Generation, such as TPC. There’s no equivalent outside the South. Renegade Radio is pretty cool though, but it’s not as polished as TPC.

        Speaking of Renegade Broadcasting, go to 33 minutes — Renegade Radio trolls Thom Hartmann!

        at 39 minutes a black woman calls in and says she has no problem with White Preservation “you want to stay white, stay whtie, that’s not a problem.” Good for her! Thom lets it slide. When Matthew Heimbach said the same thing on his show, Thommy was very rude to him.

        I noticed upon listening that Thom was rattled by Dana and by the woman who calls in after him and talks about how the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the US government (probably true). She sounds very ordinary, she doesn’t talk like soemone who post regularly on a right wing blog, so it’s kind of a look into the ordinary American people.

  14. Global Outrage Boy Jr. says:

    This tweet caused “Global Outrage?” I highly doubt much of the globe cared. Anyone “outraged” by this is a wuss and deserves to be “outraged.”

    • mindweapon says:

      Are you a new commenter? Welcome to MWIR.

      Yeah, I think it’s a pretty liberal definition of “global.”

      • Jon says:

        Her blasphemy was so much if not more against the Church of AIDS as it was against diversity. She violated a taboo by pointing out the obvious fact that “we’re [not] all equal[ly] at risk.

  15. Notice that most of these gaffes are coming from Twitter. AFAIC Twitter is a symptom of Affluenza complicated by AIDS. Who else but a rich leftist libtard with more dollars than sense has time to mess with Twitter? I don’t have Twitter myself, but my understanding from what little Timmy “Tick-Tock Wise” said about HIS Twitter Gaffes is that “tweeting” limits your text space a LOT. So the idiot tweeting and trying to look both pithy and profound has to resort to sound bytes. This results in most “tweets” being incoherent or insipid at best. But it also leaves a lot of leeway for The SWINE (Simpletons Wildly Indignant about Nearly Everything) to get upset about SOMETHING.

    Not only do most working people trying to keep up with their bills not have time for this kind of crap, most of them know better than to put any politically incorrect thoughts out there for the world to see lest they invite the wrath of The Tweet Class on their heads, jeopardizing their own livelihoods. What happens when Leftist Libtards successfully shut down any and all open dissent from the sullen masses of lumpenproletariat out there?

    The Chattering Classes are making themselves increasingly irrelevant, because they have gone to the well too often with their agenda. There are only so many times one can bring up The Holocaust, Antisemitism, Racism, etc., before it becomes WHITE NOISE. No matter how they update their memes. Subconscious Racism, Structural Racism, White Privilege is quickly tuned out. Just because your average White Proletariat has stopped talking back to them doesn’t mean that the WP is LISTENING to them. What is particularly telling is how little those WP who have been through the Marxist Indoctrination Camp that passes for Public Schooling these days listens to them. They have NOT even been able to change anything fundamental about Whites that they have had in their control practically since infancy EXCEPT teach them the Art of Dissembling.

    The lumpenproletariat increasingly hold the Libtards in the same contempt that the Libtards hold them. They don’t SAY shit, but everything they DO is designed to flip Libtards off with the middle finger. Every time the Libtards try to engineer a False Flag Shooting for a Gun Grab, firearm sales go through the roof and MORE gun control laws get repealed. When they call for a boycott on Chik-Fil-Et, that company’s sales went through the roof. I predict any remaining episodes of Duck Dynasty will show stellar ratings. They may control the media, for all the good it is doing them. But one publication after another is hemorrhaging red ink and going out of business, television viewing is done. Box office smashes are few and fare between. They end up eating their own by getting their collective panties in a twist over some of the most inane and stupid shit imaginable. This latest PC Outrage Du Jour proves it. Would such idiocy merit comment form anybody even five years ago? I don’t think so.

    The one thing that tickles my funny bone is that Ms. Sacco is being cyberstalked by an enforcer who is Black. This rarely to never happens to a White Working Class Prole not only because Tweeting is a diversion for people with more dollars than sense, but because WWCPs don’t put themselves into any kind of position where they have to talk much to any People of Color, much less socialize with them on a social network.

    Yes, the Libtards are eating their own.

    • vikingbitch says:

      What you stated about the working class is right and I mentioned that in my post, that being that this is a rich libtard gaffe. Middle class and lower class whites are too busy working and being monitored by the ‘elite’ to do blunders like this, they know better

    • Mike says:

      Great comment, full of truth. I wanted to add that libtards are, as people find their message “tuned out,” are screaming their message LOUDER. In doing so, they are getting creepy and weird, stalkerish and back-stabberish in their zeal. .Some examples. the guy who moved next to Sarah Palin in order to observe her. Ol’ Paula Deen getting outed for saying the “N word” like 30 years ago. This guy Zac, following her all the way to Africa to take a picture of the “racist.” The mudshark, who outed her father, PUBLICLY for his “racism” featured recently here on MW.The Herndon guy who takes pride in playing online hate speech nanny, and almost outs a friend of 32 YEARS (if the guy exists in the 1st place) for “racism,” also here on MW.

      The sheer extremism and creepiness of the these people are disturbing as hell. People in general, whether racially aware or not, or apolitical or not, are going to NOT want to associate with these people. and will keep as much distance from them as they can. It’s human nature. No one likes a tattletale, and no one likes the idea of being stalked . No one wants a friend who might out them pubicly for casual comments made in private either. Who wants friends where you have to keep your guard up around constantly?

      • mindweapon says:

        Yes. People need to learn a very simple thing.

        Around blacks, never relax.

      • vikingbitch says:

        Right on! Creepiness and stalking are the characteristics of libturds and the inner elite of the beltway robber baron class. They can’t stand white working class and middle class people such as Deen or Palin ( notice these two are lower class white women who rise through the ranks and bashed all to hell by both Conservatives and Democraps) that get through on their own merit. Stalker libturd heads cannot stand these people because they are threatening to the stereotypes that libtards hold onto with a pathological tenacity.

  16. the outdoorsman says:

    This stupid story was the headliner on TV news this morning! Too funny. It just makes me want to “get on Twitter”(?) and make all sorts of politically incorrect statements! Hell, if they would go bonkers over some insignificant twit from the UK, I’m sure I could get people pissed off at me too. I get the impression that Twitter is some sort of chatting program for teenagers and fags – is that right?

    • zek says:

      Teenagers; fags; the chattering classes and their SWPL followers. Careful, though – UKers have been arrested for saying the wrong things.

      • the outdoorsman says:

        Seems to me that “fags” generally includes chatterers and SWPL’s. Damn, it sure seems like merica is ripe for a take-over, what with it being pretty much run completely by fags. The only thing that stands in our way are all those dumb-ass white boys who join the military and police, who actually take their “superiors” seriously. When the number of whites who join the military & police drops low enough, then we’ll be cookin!

  17. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    Love the anti-Hitler poster!
    Those idiots sure have egg on their faces now!

  18. TabuLa Raza says:

    >>>then we’ll be cookin!<<< Inside the pot, or outside?

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