An ecosystem model of ethno-religious group conflict

Mindweaponization is based on viewing ourselves as part of a human ecosystem, in the process of Evolution. The Natural Selection process happens based on those who choose to participate in our consciousness. It looks like the political inclinations of us are genetically based; hence the importance of having lots of children, and why the System works to depress our birthrates by any means necessary.

The System believes that politics is genetic, and seeks to breed a herd of cafe au lait hedonists and conformists.

Contemporary White nationalists generally have a single generational strategy in their mind, similar to the way movies play out. Few movies show a conflict lasting multiple generations; most are compressed within a very short time.

This may have also been a Mind Weapon used against us — a trick to make us believe that we have to win in our generation, and pretty much ignore the kids because they are just kids and what do they know of adult things? In movies, you rarely see conflict waged multi-generationally.

Anyone with examples of multigenerational conflict in the movies, please post here. Here is the example I know of, the House of Rothschild. Start at 4:30 if the link below doesn’t automatically start there:

Jews are all about multi-generational conflict. Whites are not. This is a major distinction between the two groups. We neglect our children, and don’t prepare them for a hostile world. We don’t teach them to care for one another, and stick together, and fight the true conflicts.

Any plan for WN collocated settling and/or organizing face to face must involve training up the future generations. Parents of whtie children, whether these are two parent families or single mom households, if the parents are racially loyal and have a minimal degree of emotional intelligence to get along with others, and a decent ambition and work ethic, should be supported by the community to raise the kids to be Mindweapons, or at least capable of self care and employable.

Most examples of child raising I have observed have been dysfunctional to one degree or another. Any parents that let young kids watch TV are by definition dysfunctional. I have a female relative whom I have apparently exercised a degree of influence, because she is raising her infant son without television, and the kid plays with everything in sight, interacts with people around him, and climbs on everything he can and runs around. In other words, normal and healthy. Many mothers stick the kids in front of the TV so they don’t have to deal with them, the “electronic babysitter,” but this is a terrible thing to do to a child.

I’m pretty sure that when this boy starts kindergarten, the teachers will think he’s a genius just because he hasn’t been mentally stunted by television. Television induced arrested mental development is the rule, the default. It also leads naturally to video game addiction when “Cody” is a teenager, and then perhaps compulsive gambling for adulthood.

The fact is, the real world, the meatspace, is much more interesting and fulfilling and enriching than the virtual worlds of television, videogaming and gambling. It’s kind of interesting that Chinese and Koreans seem to be particularly vulnerable to both videogaming and gambling, and are pioneering sex with robots. It is of course true that blogging is done over the internet, but blogging is the antidote to the System prison; we develop our Hive Mind. We figure out what’s going on and what to do about it and share it globally. No TV no videogames no gambling. Real Food and Local Farming and Local Trade. Reducing dependence on the Corporate Economy, car sharing, house sharing, job sharing. Saving up gold and silver and avoiding debt. Math and Science and Tech and internal martial arts and foreign language study and Game/Charisma/Influence/NLP. This is what the Hive Mind bid us do; this is what we have figured out among ourselves.

And most important, we must propagate the White Hive Mind to the younger generations, and do all we can to make sure our younger generations even happen in the face of Preplanned and Purposeful White Birthrate Depression, aka White Genocide. We must adopt a Multigenerational Conflict Model. Our conflict with YKW is a 100 Years War, at least! It won’t be resolved in the time horizon of a Hollywood feature film. We must be like the Rothschilds, carrying out our plan through the generations. And our young, developing Hive Mind is our Survival Instinct articulated in words, memes and ideas. It is Skynet becoming Self Aware. Come with me if you want to live.


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Come with me if you want to live
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  1. I watched tons of TV as a child, but TV wasn’t quite so bad yet because it was still relatively new. TV now is pure poison and I can’t even watch it it’s so bad.
    Only a monster would subject it child to it.

    • mindweapon says:

      It’s not even about the content There is no such thing as “healthy TV watching for a young child.” The act of sitting in front of a TV or any screen is the problem, I don’t care about the supposed quality of content.

      If you complain about the content, you miss the point It’s the act of TV watching itself, especially by young children, that must be eradicated.

      • I never just sat and watched it but I always had it on. I think the subliminal content being pumped into young, impressionable minds is extremely harmful.

      • mindweapon says:

        I remember when I was a teenager and lived with my father, he had the TV droning on in the background because he was lonely. I despisd it,and noticed that kids at school would make remarks and provide their own laugh track, just like TV. This phenomenon is mentioned in the movie, “Never Let Me Go.” As much as I hate TV, I think it’s worth using some movies as a literature and metaphorical vocabulary for us, like the Terminator and the House of Rothschild. Especially since people don’t read much any more.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        It’s amazing how few younger people read.  They have impovershed vocabularies from it.  Words like “arduous” and expressions like “greetings and felicitations” are unknown to them.

  2. Mobley says:

    MSM = WHITE GENOCIDE. Look at all the COMPETENT black surgeons in hospital dramas. There’s more black medics on TV than in real life. #ConradMurray

    • Jon says:

      There’s a show we get here in Sweden where a there’s resident that’s an arrogant, sassy (and of course, hyper-competent) meter and 1/2 tall cross between Lani Guinier and the matriarch in the 70s show, Good Times who’s constantly upbraiding the white interns.

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  5. vikingbitch says:

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    Excellent! Having spent time with my folks in my prep for my trek out West, I must say that they are woefully unaware on how they did not prepare me for Mindweaponization. I learned it the hard way, but I learned! I try my best to tell my son about the realities of being a white European male in a world out to extinguish him. I tell my kids that we are team, a unit, and that we must do whatever it takes to maintain the unit. It is our white family and other whites’ well beings above all others. I also show my kids the anti-White messages that are prevalent in our society. They also know not to mingle with Jews, Blacks, Asians, etc.

    Agree wholeheartedly and have observed as well the conformist, communal nature of minorities versus White European peoples, which is of course why the Jews sought to flood white nations with minorities. The Jews innately fear the individual feistyness of the White European Christian so they want to kill it.
    In my trek out West, I intend to meet up with kindred spirits of the hive mind that Mindweapons speaks of. I intend to mingle with Mormons, most of who are white and procreate a good rates and align with the idea of group preservation.
    Mindweapons touches on low white birth rates in this piece. Many in re WN blogosphere may disagree with take on this, but I believe we must do everything possible to up our numbers even if it means abandoning the traditional family model for awhile. White Nationalism must encourage single, married, divorced, whatever white women to have kids. We must be mercenary about this, put aside ego, and disregard erroneous, red herring studies led by Jew researchers that single motherhood is detrimental to raising white kids. Recall that Jesus’ mother Mary, had Jesus via non- traditional means!

    Did anyone out there is the White Nationalism blogosphere ever stop to venture a thought that these studies against so called single motherhood were a ploy set up by our Jew abusers to help decrease the white birthrate further? The fact is that ‘blended’ or single families are not dysfunctional. Women use to lose their spouses in the centuries past to early on the job or warring deaths all the time. They survived, propogated, and worked together with other white families who had fathers, mothers, or just fathers or just mothers. Why can’t this be done today?

    WNs should set up intentional communities where the birthing of white babies for eugenics sake is the
    goal. Men and women must put aside their egos and just focus on the production and nurturing of white children. That’s it. No ideas of subjugating one partner over the other.

    The White European Christian tribe’s problem is that we have endorsed and embraced the Judaic view of marriage and relationships. This view is completely phallic centered, unnatural, and views men and women as each other’s property hence the Jew enamorment of tort law. Gee, I wonder why Christian marriages are failing? Maybe because we have our souls and spirits occupied with Jew dogma that women are pussy and property and men are status objects.
    I’ll pass on J Date thank you….

  6. New England Millenial says:

    I stopped watching television when I was a teenager in the 2000s. They had a show called Family Guy which I thought was kind of funny but then they started writing plots in which the dog lusted after the wife. Blech! That was the end of that garbage. I still played video games but as I got older I just kind of stopped. I actually started to feel guilty when I played a game, like, “what am I doing this is so pointless”.
    I spent some time with a younger relative, who is race-realist, a couple a weeks ago and we played scrabble. As we played, she wanted to watch the first episode of Hannah Montana, to kind of see “Oh look how far Miley has changed”. Well as we played and watched we both noticed this race-mixing propaganda, and this is the very first episode from 2006 according to wikipedia. Here’s the clip. Don’t worry it’s not explicit, it’s just that she has a crush on a mixed-race boy.

    The point is they were setting up Miley right from the start.

    Anyway it’s tough to say why I became WN. I kind of always was, perhaps because my school-system was majority black/puerto-rican? But then why did many of the other whites become wiggers or potheads? I don’t know, I guess it’s a combination of genetics and/or my upbringing.

    • New England Millenial says:

      I thought the link would go right to it, but it didn’t. Go to 3:50.

    • mindweapon says:

      Horrible! No wonder our girls are brainwashed. Fucking Hollywood pieces of shit . . . I can’t say any more, I got to stop right there.

    • Ben says:

      They set up all white celebrities. There’s no bigger career boost than miscegenation. Just look at Justin Timberlake videos and no. of black girls. What do you think they were hoping would happen?

  7. mark says:


    It sounds like you are describing Social Darwinism. That’s great for relationship between Whites and non-Whites – if there are any non-whites still living after the coming racial war. If you’re talking about just among Whites, everything you’ve said if hypothetical and impossible to achieve because we’re not going back to the plantation days.

    The best economic, political and social model for Whites is National Socialism where the common good is placed BEFORE individual interests. Kievsky, Do you agree with that statement or not? Please tell us you do agree with it or we’ll probably think that you are an, capitalist. aristocrat, elitist-type – you know, the type of White man who got us to where we are now.

    Can you give us a good explanation why White Middle and Working class people DO NOT BENEFIT from the following:

    1. Occupational Safety & Heath Administration (OSHA)-type laws that promote a safe and healthy work place.

    2. Child Labor and other workplace laws including Wage and Hour laws and regulations.

    3. Workman’s Compensation Insurance for those injured on the job.

    4. Unemployment Insurance raised through employer and employee contributions.

    5. National Healthcare system, single-payer, funds raised by high taxes.

    6. Lobbyists subvert the will and interests of the electorate by buying influence by making large financial contributions to politicians. Do you feel that there is any place in a volkish White society for lobbyists?

    7. Are you in favor of a volkish White society where the common good is more important than individual financial interests and this idea is codified.

    8. A retirement system like the current Social Security for the elderly or the one existing in Germany.

    9. A 100% lifetime taxpayer-funded medical care benefit plan for veterans.

    • mindweapon says:

      that would all be nice if we controlled the government and gave it to ourselves.

      But I’m dealing with the real world here, and what I’m advocating is WN communalism, where we take care of each other while everyone else goes to hell in a handbasket.

      I think we need to support pro-white famliies with what few resources we have, especially those who are likely to do well in life. Hence the Multigenerational Strategy.

      But to do that, we have to get rich first. We do have to be capitalists to secure resources for our own.

      I do think there should be more child labor than there is. Not the excesses of the 19th century, but I think kids can be working 20 hours a week or so, especially in food production and processing. That way they learn skills and emotional intelligence and appreciate free time and appreciate studying.

      I’m not sure how much society would be able to afford a generous FDR type welfare state. People could be taking care of themselves a lot more, for example, the elderly could be running the food production and processing operations and managing and teaching the child labor.

      You are trying to put me in a simple dichotomy of Ayn Rand versus Hitler/FDR, but things are not so simple. Energy is not as cheap as it was in the 1930’s, the soil base is not as rich, the ancient aquifers of fossil water charged over geological time have been depleted. Our current civilization is based on massive amounts of waste in exchnage for convenience and automatic profits. This is going to have to be overhauled fundamentally.

      I am an amateur scholar of natural resources. I’ve taken soil science classes and read up on hydrology and petroleum geology and economics. These things have to come into play. You are criticizing me based on monetary economics ,but before monetary economics took over (in the late 19th century), the study of economics was all about resources. So-called classical economics treated all resources as something to take for granted, and classical economics is your paradigm. And Ayn Rand’s paradigm, and Marx’s, and even Hitler’s. I’m sure National Socialist Germany would have quickly made progress in their understanding of resource economics, but alas, 12 years wasn’t nearly enough time.

      • mark says:

        What I wrote assumed that we were already victorious and there were no non-whites north of the Panama Canal. I wasn’t talking about now.

        How would you describe ‘WN communalism’ in plain economic terms?

        If a person is a capitalist he is securing resources for himself, not for his society. We should not and will not rely on his goodwill. There needs to a limit to the amount on economic resources a family can control. That entire extended family would be prohibited from having any political influence, or economic influence on or contact with any member a of any government body.

        That same extended family, all of its members, would incur lifetime military service obligations – including occupying the most dangerous in the military: infantry and other ground combat operations. That will knock some of the starch out of their predisposition to fuck over the rest of White society.

        I don’t have a problem with kids working, adolescents, that is , as long as there is a ton of government oversight including OSHA-type laws and Workman’s Compensation Insurance.

        Of course, after victory we’ll have at least the entire Northern Hemisphere.

        We cannot rely on the goodwill of the capitalists. That’s evident everywhere in the world.

      • mindweapon says:

        We have to strive to become the capitalists. We have to go out of our comfort zones, and fight on the enemy’s ground.

      • mark says:

        Mindweapon wrote:

        ‘We have to strive to become the capitalists. We have to go out of our comfort zones, and fight on the enemy’s ground.’

        That is completely false.

        You see, very few Whites benefit from capitalism. That means very few Whites are going to be willing to defend it once you’ve placed your economic plan on paper, written in plain English. And they certainly are not going to be will to die on the battlefield for it.

        Everybody reading this who thinks he will be alive when SHTF, should demand that anybody seeking political power spell out his economic program in language a high school student can understand.

        We’ll be fighting them using a sustained global campaign of guerrilla warfare. It will be so horrific that the capitalists will be holding daily news conferences where they will be sobbing uncontrollably and begging that ‘it all just stop’.

        But I don’t suppose you have the stomach for that personally. That’s why you’re looking for an alternative.

      • mindweapon says:

        I’m not necessarily looking for an easy way out. I’m into the art of the possible and dealing with reality as I see it right now. Talking about a “sustained campaign of guerilla warfare” sounds like fantasy to me, it sounds like you’re hoping for a feature film resolution.

        Hey, maybe you know something I don’t. I’m not stopping you, and I’m not campaigning for your vote or your approval. If you think you got something, then go do it. I don’t care what you think of my approach. Let a thousand flowers bloom!

      • tteclod says:

        The difficulty with the national socialism you advocate is that it is subject to infiltration by malevolent forces that do not share your goals. A better system relies upon voluntary association and shunning. Such systems are necessarily capitalistic, that is, they rely upon individuals who choose to do business with like-minded men, require clear profit from non-allies, and decline commerce with enemies. A man cannot accomplish these goals without personal capital wealth upon which he may rely. Penniless men must rely upon the state or upon personal labor. These are things I teach my son, so that he is self-reliant and cannot self-justify violence for personal gain. Socialism teaches that he can not merely rely upon others for support, but that he is permitted to use force to take that which he has not earned. Force is reserved for defending one’s own earnings, not for taking the earnings of another. The latter foul use of force is called theft.

        Obama thinks we’re all in this together. You and he are both mistaken.

    • Anon says:

      Regardless of who benefits and who doesn’t these are all matters for the people in said hypothetical nation to determine, not us. It is my position that labor scarcity is what forced the hand for much of what has been done to improve life for us, and that when it is finally done away with, we’ll see a return to the 19th century conditions and earlier, regardless of what the law says.

    • Dan Poole says:


      That will knock some of the starch out of their predisposition to fuck over the rest of White society.

      Exactly! Wealth corrupts, and absolute wealth corrupts absolutely. No “white” person anywhere on earth is entitled to an ever larger piece of the pie if his own racial kinsmen aren’t taken care of.

      Me and a family relative of mine get into arguments all the time these days over capitalism. Sam Walton’s book, “Made in America,” is basically his economic Bible. He’s a disciple of free market capitalism. But despite all that, he has told me that he’s known white men who climb the corporate ladder of success and then neglect their wives and children as they pursue ever more wealth and greater status. He says this happens all the time. (I’m still working on getting him to connect capitalism to the materialism he just described).

      Capitalism has turned most white men into bourgeois, status-seeking WHORES. In this context, its almost no wonder those same “white” men throw that “yucky white trash” under the bus by funding and supporting “anti-racism.” It’s another way of pumping their own status! I was furious at Barack Obama at the time he said it, but in hindsight, I’m GLAD he told all those excremental white business owners, “you didn’t build that.” Do any of those rich white men give a DAMN about their own race? Hell no! I hope Obama and the Democrats confiscate their wealth Mugabe style and give it to all the Mexicans and Middle East refugees that flooded this country at the behest of THEIR OWN policies!

      Anywhoo, that’s my long-winded way of saying to you that your 9 policy prescriptions should be supported by all of us in our White ethnostate. As a side note, we manage the earth’s resources just fine when we take care of each other. It’s the materialistic greed caused by capitalism that makes us exploiters instead of stewards, and even then we still aren’t going to run out of oil for the next several decades. Resource scarcity isn’t a problem like it was in the 1700s.

      • mindweapon says:


        We need to get rich to accomplish ANYTHING in meatspace. I want to get rich to be able to organize a PLE or build on an existing one, preferably in a major metro area, and provide jobs to White families and be able to pay for homeschooling families to take their kids to the best music and martial arts schools and tutoring in math and science and Chinese and Spanish speaking nannies so the kids grow up fluent in Chinese and Spanish.

        Without surplus wealth, how do we accomplish multigenerational ethnic conflict? The House of Rothschild is my model, because it’s a winning model.

      • Dan Poole says:


        I would trust you with $10 million more than the Koch Brothers with $10,000. Unlike Mark, I don’t condemn your economic plan. Where I was agreeing with Mark is in his condemnation of (white) capitalists in general. There are exceptions to every rule, and I for one am confident that someone like you wouldn’t be corrupted by lots of wealth. But lets be honest: Lots of wealth corrupts the majority of White people. Not all of us, but most of us. It takes a certain fortitude to not be corrupted by it. Casuals with a “what have you done for me lately?” attitude don’t have that fortitude.

        I agree with you that we should accumulate wealth as a weapon for change, cause as I explained in the documentary post, ain’t no one gonna give it to us. All I’m saying is that most Whites don’t see money as a weapon. They see it as a means to enrich themselves and live like royalty. To the extent they use it to effect “change,” it sure as hell ain’t pro-White change. Case in point: The Heritage Foundation has an $80 million endowment, whereas VDARE and the Political Cesspool go on begging tours every 3 months just to get a few grand.

        So with that said, a clear distinction needs to be made between WN’s accumulating wealth and whites in general accumulating wealth. When WN such as yourself accumulate wealth, you can use it the same way the Rothschilds used it after 1897 to fund the emerging existence of Israel. You’re absolutely right that their model is a winning model. I agree with you that we need wealth to make real progress. What I condemn is the accumulation of wealth for wealth’s sake.

      • mark says:

        Thanks, Dan

        Mindweapon wrote:

        ”We have to strive to become the capitalists. We have to go out of our comfort zones,
        and fight on the enemy’s ground.”

        Capitalists don’t get their money honestly. There aren’t enough hours in the day for anybody to work and get rich. They exploit other people’s labor.

        In the case of the USA, after the bloodbath revolution, if there are still non-whites on the then-all-White territory now known as North America, their labor will have to be exploited

        in order for the Capitalists to get rich.

        If there are no non-whites and only a White people, then their labor will have to be exploited.

        Which is it Kievsky, kill the remaining non-white or exploit their labor, or have a program to exploit the White middle and working class, driving them into the conditions we have seen since the arrival of the Pilgrims?? Of course, as you’ve said, they’ll be no money for Workman’s Compensation Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, National Healthcare, because the capitalists like Kievsky will have it all.

        Are you going to help out poor White families with food and their healthcare needs with they get sick or injured from working under unsafe conditions. Scumbag Merlin Miller from the American Freedom Party isn’t going to. What about you, Kievsky??

      • mindweapon says:

        I already answered you. You don’t seem to have come here to be friendly, but to demand answers. I don’t find you interesting.

      • mark says:


    • Tina says:

      Mark, I am totally and completely with you on a white home state and working and caring for white people only. BUT…. if you establish all that government as you describe above, eventually the government, no matter what color, will become your enemy. They start to expand themselves, give themselves fancy titles, and worse: fancy ideas for you and me. And we, the citizens, will ignore them til they get too big.

      Look at FDR and what he did- the nation had to have been AT LEAST 90% white back then. But look what the bastards did (including the bankers).

      I can see what you’re doing, but remember, we’re going to have to aggressively let our gov’t know we are watching them. And this is the oldest story, isn’t it?

      Look at Iceland, they’re small enough to where the common people can WALK to their ‘White House’ and kick the president’s ass, if need be. Which is what they did with the bankers. Which is why they are probably the free-est country in the world.

      Could we do that?

    • Dan Poole says:


      “Obama thinks we’re all in this together. You and he are both mistaken.”

      When Obama says that, he’s obviously referring to all races. Whites, blacks, browns, yellows, reds…he’s a racial collectivist. Or so he says. (I think he wants to steal the wealth from all whites, including the middle and working classes, and redistribute it to non-whites). Racial collectivism is different from in-group collectivism. A nuclear family (mom, dad, kids) is all in it together, and lookie there: In traditional societies, daddy brings home the bacon which mommy and the kids then consumes. Is that “socialism”?

      With the exception of traitors who hate their own race and culture, we Whites are all in this together. How can we possibly win this war as “self-reliant individuals” who only care about our own interests? Even the USA during WW2 knew better then to rely on the “benevolence” of capitalists like Henry Ford – who if I’m not mistaken did business in Hitler’s Germany. Detroit became the “arsenal of democracy” because the government made it so. Hell, Hitler’s own war machine was all government-driven. When a nation really needs to get stuff done, its up to strong leaders in government to make it happen. Yes, these leaders can become corrupt, as we’ve seen with numerous Monarchs and Aristocrats, but compared to what? Capitalists like Soros and Adelson? In 200 years, there’s no precedent for the idea that capitalists decline business with the enemies of his particular race or ethnic group. When the accumulation of wealth is the heart of your economic system, like it is with capitalism, racial and tribal loyalties are vanquished.

  8. We don’t teach them to care for one another, and stick together, and fight the true conflicts.

    I’m sure I’ve said this before, we used to have American/WASP/Protestant civil society that mediated conflict and instilled the right values. Integration destroyed those institutions and the cultural Marxist “long march through the institutuions” co-opted what remained.

    Great stuff about inter-generational conflict. You used to write a lot about how Hollywood had brainwashed everyone into thinking that there would be some “Final Battle,” some car chases and gunfights, and then the good guys would win. I personally think doomer-porn is a variation on that, the “Great Collapse” will happen then everyone can rebuild.

    But the more things change, the more they stay the same. The “progressives” just have it wrong about history, history repeats itself. Think of it like a spiral, not a circle. History rhymes.

    P.S. About the jew-tube:

    Q: How do you know a hipster doesn’t watch TV?

    A: Don’t worry, he’ll tell you.

    The best way to increase the birth rate is likely polygamy; men taking multiple wives. We already have polygamy, essentially, just not life long and natalist. There’s no conspiracy showing the sub-par results of single motherhood though. It’s clear that fathers raising their children alone get better results than mothers raising their children alone.

    In fact, there’s no such thing as a “single mother” – there are unmarried mothers, divorced mothers, and widows. It’s not as if the species reproduces asexually.

    But it’s better to have sub-par reproduction than no reproduction, of course. I was only half-joking about my White Nationalist Sperm Donation Project. I really will donate my sperm to any white woman who wants it. I’m relatively handsome, smart, slightly taller than average, no genetic diseases that I’m aware of. Email if interested!

    • banned56 says:

      “It’s clear that fathers raising their children alone get better results than mothers raising their children alone.”

      This statement by the MRAs drives me nuts.

      –Let me say, first, I am NO advocate for single motherhood. Married mom and dad raising their joint bio kids is, in general, the only practical way to do the kind of excellent job of childrearing that White kids deserve, and we need, if they are to become Mindweapons.

      HOWEVER, the studies the MRAs point to where “dads do a better job raising kids alone than do women” are, by and large, just simply good examples of cherry-picking data.

      ***Because the courts by and large default to giving mothers at least joint, and often full, custody in divorce and because the phenomenon of single women handing over full custody of the illegitimate baby to the dad are so rare as to be virtually nonexistent, genuine single fatherhood is rare. Hence, today’s single fathers, few as they are, are outliers. They are men who, because the mother was so unbelievably godawful, took up the gauntlet to get custody — and actually won. That means they were exceptionally motivated to get the child. And then, when they’d achieved custody after all that struggle, they did their best to meet the child’s needs.
      Eureka! Motivated people tend to do a good job. No shit, Sherlock.

      ***But you cannot extrapolate from what a few, very exceptional, very motivated, individuals do, and conclude that the population at large is capable of that level of achievement.

      If as a society we were to make it the general policy of handing custody to men, you would, I wager, create an entire new set of crippling problems.

      ***Also, for a sizable chunk of those few single men, “daycare” means, get his mom to do watch the young’un while he works. Which is, essentially, giving Grandma custody.

      So let’s compare apples to apples. What are the outcomes of illegitimate children raised by single fathers WHO PRIMARILY USE DAYCARE while working, compared to single mothers WHO PRIMARILY USE DAYCARE while working?
      what are the outcomes of illegitimate children raised by single fathers who use Grandma as daycare, as compared to single mothers who live with Grandma and Grandpa (such that Grandpa is available as the father-figure, just as Grandma is the mother-figure when Dad uses her as daycare)?

      Also, set single fathers who got custody due to widowerhood to be compared to single mothers who got custody due to widowhood.

      Set the parameters up correctly.

      If you do so, I’m willing to bet the outcomes are largely the same.

      • Tina says:

        You are correct on this. Single fatherhood obviously isn’t better than single motherhood.
        And polygamy is the MRA’s FANTASY, not reality.

        Even nature replicates what the family naturally is for one baby: it takes ONE sperm (from one father) and ONE egg (from one mother) to make a baby, and hence, a family.

        Given our situation though, those families need to have as many kids as they can handle.

        It will be an extra burden to take care of some white single mothers (not all, though), but it must be done. A good, solid, caring white community will see to that.

    • It will be an extra burden to take care of some white single mothers (not all, though), but it must be done. A good, solid, caring white community will see to that.

      “It takes a village!” — Hillary Clinton

      They keep illustrating my point, precisely. White men are fungible, these women want to bear the children of the “alpha fucks” then have the “beta bucks” provide for and protect them.

      Talk about objectification! White men are de-individualized. They want a “good, solid, caring white community” – i.e., “beta bucks” – to take care of them after they become “single mothers” raising the children of the “alpha fucks.”

      banned56/AG is right, though, the type of women that become “single mothers” are generally sub-par. Sluts that fucked a “bad boy” or bitches that couldn’t keep their man, due to their awful personality. In the era of reliable birth control, what excuse do they have for raising the children of a “bad boy” that wouldn’t commit? Couldn’t even be responsible enough to take the pill while slutting it up?

      Who wants to sign up to take care of these women’s bastard children? Remember, White Man, you get nothing out of it, no legacy for yourself, man up and do your duty!

      I have a better idea. White men should show solidarity with each other, and white men can take care of their own wives and their own children. As RobRoySimmons said, why not just sell the sluts to the coloreds? They are throw aways anyway, just one step above the mudsharks.

      We used to shame single mothers and send their children to an orphanage, or let a responsible, married couple adopt them. Let’s bring back that system.

      There’s no point in even discussing these issues with women, they have no clue how utterly insulting they are to men, and how reprehensible their attitude comes across to men. White Patriarcy, not White Nationalim. Don’t ask *me* to take care of your children, ask the father. I’m more than willing to help the father, I’m not in the slightest bit interested in helping any “single mothers.” A honest widow, sure. A slut or divorcee? No thanks. Give your children to the father, or a responsible white couple. Plenty of infertile couples that would be willing to raise a white child in a stable home. There is a waiting list to adopt white children. No excuse.

      Woman up, gals.

      P.S. women are polygamous by nature, more than willing to share an “alpha male.” It’s the “beta males” that object to polygamy, because they get left out. It’s women’s fantasy, not men’s. Then again, why even bother talking to second wavers? Feminism = liberalism = Christianity with AIDS.

      • mindweapon says:

        good one! Though I disagree with you about one thing — I think we do need to educate our daughters, at least at home. Young women who are not educated can too easily be led astray by frauds and hucksters — we don’t have communities or states to control women, so we have to educate our daughters and then cross our fingers and hope they act based on reason. Hey, it seems to be working out for me.

      • ContemplativeMorrigan says:

        I can see why polygamy would be a tempting option – to a certain point. As you say, though, it necessarily leaves 80% of the male population out in the cold. Watching the show Big Love, what really struck me was how vicious FLDS sects are to the young boys. Yes, it would be awful to be a fifteen-year-old married to an alpha in his seventies, but better than being dropped off in a city slum like an unwanted puppy.

        What might be an interesting way of reworking the current system is having men invest in their sisters’ children the way they have classically invested in their wives’. There are a lot of ways that model could go wrong, of course, but compared to what we have, just about anything looks good.

  9. Paladin Justice says:

    Reading Mindweapons post and the comments that follow, I observe more authentic, organic intelligence than I observed in a 30 year career at an Hispanic-run university. There, people don’t think, but just parrot back mindless Cultural Marxist cliches about how superior Mexicans are. I’m lovin’ the WN community, although our divisions are so apparent, I fear that we will never come together to reclaim our souls and our country again.

    • our divisions are so apparent, I fear that we will never come together to reclaim our souls and our country again.

      This is the wrong way to look at it, I think. Division and internal squabbling are actually what draws people to a movement, it means that there is something going on, that there is activity, and that there is still room to influence the course of the movement. Internal divisions get quickly brushed aside when threatened with an outside entity, however, so it’s all good.

      Yeah, I do think that MWIR is the central node of Aryan Skynet. MW says he’s actually making some token money off of the ads, that means serious traffic. I’m also kind of surprised they run ads on “controversial” sites, that’s another indication the trends are in our favor.

      RRS says we play “WN Sim City” and that’s true, but it’s better than “News and Jews.”

    • mindweapon says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Paladin and Hipster! Always appreciated.

  10. A.Ralston says:

    A brief thought re capitalism. The word “capital” is misused and emotionally charged. To keep my thinking as simple as possible, I take it to mean “resources” in whatever form whether raw materials, machinery, equipment, facilities, money, gold and silver, human expertise, etc – whatever helps us make creative use of the natural world (even as we migrate eventually into extra-terrestial habitats ) in a productive and responsible manner in order to survive, grow, and evolve into a distinct species.

    No matter how socialistically WN’s wish to govern one another, we must acquire, accumulate, and manipulate capital. In this sense, I am a capitalist. And I do not equate my appreciation for capital with a worship of Mammon. (I prefer the simple life with minmal material possessions, and in my final years may park my indolent ass on a back porch rocking chair studying prairie sunsets in Kansas.)

    I make no bones about my libertarian leanings. Among my fellow Aryans I prefer to live with as much individual freedom, self-responsibility, privacy protection, and voluntary (rather than coerced) collaboration as possible without compromising our collective security. Such a setting is the most conducive IMO to esoteric spiritual and scholarly pursuits, romantic intrigue, high-investment parenting, technological innovation, artistic excellence, productive enterprise, calculated risk-taking, honor, nobility, and heroism.

    I acknowledge that such a setting probably works only for a subset of Aryan peoples, and certainly not for other racial and ethnic groups which require the comfort of collectivism and prefer the security of centralized authority.

    I also realize that most folks on this forum will disagree sharply with my capitalist and libertarian views. So be it. As our resident wise and witty Hipster says, internal debate means “something is going on,” without which our movement would be lifeless and boring.

    • mindweapon says:

      Thanks Ralston. As for me, I don’t know that I really care about having “views,” except what seems to work. I know one thing, and I’m sticking to it — we need wealth to accomplish ANYTHING AT ALL. If someone wants to pick a debate with me, it’s kind of pointless.

    • Dan Poole says:

      A. Ralston,

      Speaking as someone who obviously doesn’t share those capitalist and libertarian views, I thought you hit the nail on the head when you said:

      “I acknowledge that such a setting probably works only for a subset of Aryan peoples, and certainly not for other racial and ethnic groups which require the comfort of collectivism and prefer the security of centralized authority.”

      Maybe I’m wrong about this, but the capitalist/libertarian vision you described here seems to work best with the English, Irish, and Scottish. Every other European ethnic group has a history of collectivism and centralized authority, particularly the Germans and the Scandinavians – the latter of who have the lowest Gini coefficients in the world (i.e, the least economic inequality). All Whites are individualistic in their own right – even the most collectivist of us – but rugged individualism seems unique to the Anglosphere. The United States is a prime example of that:

      When Sam Dickson gave his speech at the 2013 NPI conference, he explained how America was founded and built by the most individualistic Whites from the most individualistic nation in Europe. He called these Whites “hyper-individualists.” He also said that all the European immigrants who came to the U.S. in the 1800s and early 1900s were much more individualistic then their people back in their motherland. His theory is that White Americans are uniquely individualist in a way that most Europeans are not. Dickson condemns this strongly. He’s a self-described racial communitarian who supports policies that the typical Patriotard would described as “SOOOSHULLISM!!!

      The point here is that because individualism and collectivism are such radically different visions of the world, a hypothetical White ethnostate cannot incorporate both. It’s gonna have to be one or the other. Seeing as a White ethnostate in North America is mostly a project of White American Northerners (not to mention Canadians) as opposed to Southerners, and seeing as Northerners (and Canadians) are much more inclined to collectivism than Southerners, my guess is that a hypothetical ethnostate would be collectivist and centralized. An Independent Dixie, by contrast, would be decentralized and individualist, I’d imagine.

    • oscar the grinch says:

      It never ceases to amaze me that so few people understand what the innate strength of “capitalism” is. It has nothing at all to do with owning capital or becoming rich. It is simply this: capitalism sends more accurate price signals to an economic community than other systems do, and the increased (but not perfect) accuracy of the price signals makes it possible for goods and services to be allocated in a more efficient and productive fashion, which results in increased wealth, prosperity, and well-being for the entire economic community participating, not just the Monopoly millionaires.

      Price signals, people. In other words, it’s about having good information, and having an information-system which makes getting good information possible.

      I can never believe how many people don’t understand this very basic concept.

      • mindweapon says:

        Well, it sounds like you are talking about the market as opposed to capitalism.

        I was thinking about this whole issue, and one thing in my fantasy future that i would do is not allow huge combinations or monopolies. Small family farms are much more efficient, if you take into account resource use and quality of food. Agribusiness throws massive amounts of oil at the land to produce it’s corn syrup bounty. The smallholders are very careful about how much fuel they use, and get a far better fuel to food ratio. Also, the quality of food of the smallholders is so much better there’s no comparison.

        Employee owned co-ops are pretty good too. As a fantasy ruler in my ideal fantasy future I would encourage co-op ownership of businesses.

        As far as stuff like Workmen’s Comp and Social Security, who knows. I think I’d rather put people to work in maintaining a labor intensive, relocalized food supply than letting them sit around idle. People on the dole tend to become drug addicts, I see it with my own eyes. They need something to do to contribute to the community, so they feel like their lives have meaning.

        If I was president of this country right now the way it is, I would most certainly provide ag subsidies to the small scale farmers to put local people on payroll, and encourage local, small scale food processing mills to process the garden produce. No more ethanol subsidies, no more GMO, and as the local gardens take up more of the food supply, I’d scale back the corn/wheat/soy/cotton mega industrial ag. Also, hemp instead of cotton. they should have done that a LONG TIME AGO. Hemp is at least as good as cotton, and costs much less to grow.

        Labor intensive agriculture makes people more thoughtful and spiritual. You’re out there, the first couple of hours are a real drudge, but then you get into it and your mind quiets down into a deep meditative state. And before you know it, 6 hours has passed and you are physically exhausted, but the physical exhaustion comes on all of a sudden. You don’t feel it for most of the time, then it hits you hard.

        Labor intensive agricutlure is actually very productive for the time spent and the fuel not spent and the food yielded. It would make excellent sense to use labor intensive agriculture as a means of a guaranteed income.

    • Tina says:

      A. Ralston: you nailed it…… completely

  11. HerewardMW says:

    “I’m pretty sure that when this boy starts kindergarten, the teachers will think he’s a genius just because he hasn’t been mentally stunted by television. ”

    One thing you need your female relative to be on the lookout for; rather than viewing him as a genius they may try to get him diagnosed as ADD. I think she’s doing the right thing, but she needs to be aware that there are potential pitfalls ahead.

    • mindweapon says:

      of course. We won’t take that lying down. Stuff like ADHD meds and unnecessary gardasil vaccinations mostly happen to parents who go along with authority unthinkingly.

      Public schools are very bad for boys these days.

  12. Tina says:


    I love your blog. You’ve written some of the best pieces on WN stuff, that I’ve ever read.

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