Viking’s Rust Belt Roots

Taking away our crafting, our manufacture, and our family farm has been a genocide of us. They took away how we made a living, and said, “here’s a service job and a social control matrix and a shitty dystopia.”

I found it a very desperate situation until I figured out that the only way out is through Evolution. We have to adapt to this situation in a way that is very favorable to us again.

I think it can be done. Those articles such as the Tabi article about New Castle, PA makes it sound like we need the Great and Good Government and the Paycheck Liberals to ride in on a white horse and save us. But they would have done it long ago. It’s like those newspaper articles that promote the latest and greatest programs to “uplift” black teenagers into careers in technology, or magically educate this generation to close the testing gap with whites. Oh we’re really going to do it this time! But if you read the newspapers long enough, you realize they write the same article several times a year, using a different government program and a different set of kids. This shit never works.

One funny one was in the 1990 in NYC involving Russian violin teachers and NYC black kids. At the time I had just come back from Russia. I had had 5 months of lessons with a Russian woman from the Moscow Conservatory. She was truly an amazing teacher, and I may have actutally learned violin properly had I stayed in Russia longer. She was so patient nad so competent. She tortured young Russian kids into excellence. 5 of her students had gotten into the Moscow Conservatory. That’s really amazing, because getting into the MC is probably one of the hardest human feats there is.

Anyway, I was desperate to continue my education with Russian violin teachers, and was very curous when I saw this program for black children. Other people besides me had noticed Russian violin and piano teachers, that they were way way way better than American teachers. They molded kids into violin and cello an piano virtuosi, but only kids who passed a music test wtih a piano (I may have failed that test) which is just as well, actually.

But guess what happened? THere was another NYT article about the end of the Russian violin teacher/ black chlilun program. Thank heavens they published it! They discontinued the program almost immediately because the Russians were too mean to da black chilluns and hurted dar feelings. The Russians didn’t know how to be self esteem caring for liberals.

And now back to Evolution. There is a shortage of well learned/ well trained white people, and so aren’t able to summon a critical mass for effective Evolutionary Political Change, because of the self esteem bullshit and putting as much educational effort into Downs kids (for example) as into normal kids and using a cookie cutter approach on kids – they all get the public school treatment to become anti-intellectual drones. I see it iwth my own kid. We need to homeschool, . we need to do “tracking” again, and make sure our kids are really good at at least one very useful skill, and to encourage them to parlay their skill into small business rather than wage labor.

Even if the kid’s not good at book learning, for heaven’s sake teach him or her a trade from a young age, even if it’s just cooking and food processing, because that’s the one skill that’s always in demand. beyond that, auto repair, electronics, computer hacking/programming, multilingualism, book keeping.

Effective Homeschooling and rearing up a critical mass of mindeweaponized whtie chlidren will bring about Evolutionary Poliitical Change. We need to create a generation that is on average better educated and is able to influence everyone else.

Stuff like the Moscow violin teachers is out there, and if you give it to your kids, they will grow up very powerful. That needs to be our goal. we can’t tell our kids whose side to be on, some may join ZOG (but of course if they do, they may turn on ZOG someday, so even that’s not all bad). But we launch very powerful children into the future. We can, we have the genes to do it. If we all get mulattoized, then that opportunity will be gone, and it will be world slavery forever. We are a critical generation, but of course there are hundreds of millions of whites. The survival instinct will kick in, Mindweaponization will kick in Evolution, like shit, happens!


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  1. David says:

    Imagine this: I’m uplifted. Just imagine A website that’s not just “noos an’ joos”. Thanks for the work you do.

  2. Jon says:

    “Procrustean bed” is a more apt metaphor than “cookie cutter” where you used it.

  3. teach him or her a trade from a young age

    Cool, this is all great advice. My parents followed this advice before it was cool. I managed to get a college education, make a salary in the top 20% (perhaps 10%) in the country. So did all the women in my class. They were so busy becoming computer hackers, bookkeepers, and learning second languages, they forgot to actually make the white children. I realize that’s an issue you personally don’t want to touch, but it’s all for naught without it. We’ll have the best educated, mindweaponized generation with lots of money evolutionarily adapted to the world, and fewer and fewer every year. Until the numbers get so low it’s beyond recovery.

    Reading KD Rebel recently, I noticed David Lane stressed the population of childbearing age white women was something like 2-3% of the population. Russia is in such demographic decline that the government is paying women to have children. But we can’t ever say anything about these issues, because the online fanbase of WN second wavers will start gaslighting how we’re objectifying them, and threaten to join some other movement, or stop posting.

    No one wants to tell white women to “woman up” and be a wife and mother, and learn the kinds of skills that make for a wife and mother. Because we don’t want to deal with the inevitable harping from the outliers – stress, outliers – that make up our online fan base. Interestingly enough, SunShineMary has taken the exact opposite approach with her white daughters, stressing the importance of femininity and marriage, and the skills that make that possible.

    A Christian WN woman I correspond with mentioned to me that outside the philosophical framework that Christianity/anti-feminism provides, it’s going to be difficult to find/be a woman that actually wants to raise children and be a wife, especially due to years of being sub-shamed and told motherhood/wifery is somehow less important than a career.

    It’s touched on with the homeschooling thing I guess, but who is going to do the homeschooling? The fathers? That will work in a small, minority of cases, but as a general rule, it won’t; neither the mother nor the father will be happy.

    Yet I’m the crypto-feminist?

    I’ve noticed, and other have noticed, that parents raising only daughters will often try to psychologically masculinize their eldest, teaching them the independent wimminz thing, and sort of taking the side of women in the sex wars. (Men need to man up, etc.) But it doesn’t seem to work in reverse, at all. Women raising only sons don’t take the side of men, advocate women “womaning up” or seem at all concerned with their son’s prospects. It’s all about them, personally, not their sons. Such is the nature of women.

    The usual advice is to politely ignore them, but since the older generation of women is failing in mentoring the young, in fact, making the situation worse, it’s not helping. You can’t save the white race without white children. Secular WN seems to have nothing to say about this issue, but the traditional Christians do, without the explicit racial aspects.

    My solution: we need a movement of secular WN men (the Lodge), and another of Christian white women and men(the Church.)

    I bet oogenhand has something interesting to say about this.

    • mindweapon says:


      So we shouldn’t teach young ladies how to cook or preserve food or grow sweet potatoes?

      Having children does not preclude doing useful labor requiring actual skills.

      I can’t really speak for or to American women. I would not have married an American woman, unless she was something like a pro-white Amish woman, if there is a such thing, or maybe a Mormon girl who believed in the Brigham Young view of race.

      The whole thing with women making as much or more than men depresses birthrates, because the human resources wife can make more than the service technician husband, so she doesn’t see him as a provider and wnat to stay home and have kids, she wants to become the VP of human resources.

      I think that’s a problem that’s going to solve itself as we go into energy depletion and financial contraction. I know you say that’s a veresion of the “car chase and gunfight view of reality.” But have you studied Natural Resources? I know the Natural Resources problem, the Ecological Services problem, doesn’t seem like something that is relevant at all, because there’s more than enough corn syrup, and you don’t remember it ever being different. But the fact is Ecological Services are going to be a problem, probably in our lifetime, probably within a decade. There are so many non-renewable resources being drawn down. Poeple take Fracking as a sign of fossil fuel cornucopia, but it’s quite the opposite. It’s a sign of fossli fuel decline and doom, because fracking is a very materially expensive method for extracting fossil fuel energy, and it depletes very quickly. The ancient aquifers full of fossil water that is only recharged in geologic time are being drawn down to dissolve the chemical fertilizer on the corn, that then runs off and creates a slow motion ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the Dead Zone. The massive Plastic Garbage Gyre of the Pacific is a slow motion ecological disaster as well that is going to cause a problem for ecological services, as well as the Asians using Whiteman technology to fish every reef in the ocean to fucking death, to the CO2 dissolving in the oceans and killing the plankton, and the aforementioned plasticization of the oceans.

      I could go on and on and on, but to make a long story short, Malthus is going to be proven right with a vengeance. And we will indeed go back to traditional sex roles. But it’s good that you remind us of this particular sickness in society. Thanks Hipster.

      • Cooking and food production are all good, for women and men. Same with math. I don’t even think cooking/food is necessarily a feminine job, a buddy of mine is an amazing cook, and very conventionally masculine. We do stress Roissy-style “game” for men, and that’s important, but we (secular WN) don’t have any way of mentoring the young women in “girl game” yet. I like to think I’m the closest to it with my patentend brand of WN erotica, not necessarily mentoring it or teaching it, more illustrating it. (And you would be quite surprised at the private emails I get from white women, both secular WN and Christian who are very much into my thing, not just the sexual parts, but the general lifestyle part. Feminine women want a masculine man. Unfeminine women, not so much.)

        I work in an industry that has 20% women – very highly intelligent, educated women who are experts in math, for instance. Yet it’s interesting that most of them tend to have very conventional personal lives, married, with children. They had their children early, and started their careers when the children were grown.

        Our women need as much education as men, otherwise, how will they home school the children? But I don’t see any WN women mentoring women in how to get a man, to have many white children early in their fertile years, how to maintain a harmonious family, how to avoid divorce, even balancing a career and a home. I see just the opposite, racially aware second wavers doubling down. I didn’t understand the connection until that guy who used to post, Liberators, pointed it out. Second wavers teach “anti-girl-game” – how to psychologically drive away the very sort of masculine men we say we want. It’s not about looks, it’s about attitude. The female equivalent of Pajama Boy.

        Interestingly enough, though, the younger women that post here (the two of them as far as I know) *do* seem to be feminine in attitude, post-feminist in temperment, and very much interested in getting a man. It would be nice to have older women mentoring them. Or who knows, maybe not. It’s Steve Sailer’s grandmother problem again.

        I’m not saying it’s going to come from MWIR specifically. SSM is not WN, has plenty of non-whites that post there, yet she’s very much not anti-white, and constantly calls out the attacks from the PC crowd on white men.

        I’m all with you on the resource economics thing. I just think the cornucopia can outlast this generation. So like you say, we have to prepare for a multi-generational effort.

        P.S. I hope you didn’t ban Harley on my account, I’m fine with even vehement disagreement, I think it’s good as a whole. I will also say you can censor any of my comments and I promise I won’t take my ball and go home.

      • MOISHE says:

        in my travels around the junited states – nothing struck as more attractive, and soul-edifying as seeing the pure looks of an amish woman – they are great expressions of feminine/white beauty – they were very hard to resist and i just wanted to jump the fence and hang out with the ‘germans’ – i keep remembering that scene out of ‘witness’ when harrison ford checks out his amish love-interest showing off her feminine wares – maybe i watched too much ns nudist images when i was a kid – but that amish image of womanhood gets my celtic/germanic mojo fired up!

      • oogenhand says:

        In case of a Malthusian trap, it makes more sense to drive down enemy birthrates. A very effective ideology for driving down birthrates is Progressive Complementarianism. Men and women are equal in worth and complementary. Just like women are entitled to clitoris and abortion, men are entitled to pornography and prostitution. By cooperating in this way, men and women keep together the birthrates low and save the planet!

    • oogenhand says:

      Yes, I have:

      “and that marriage is very selective as the father wants to make sure that his future son-in-law holds to the same Patriarchal beliefs as he.”

      Another way to shift Christian culture to our ways is to emphasize that even NFP leads to lower birthrates, and will require euthanasia to keep demography balanced instead of skewed towards old.

      • mindweapon says:

        With my daughter, it’s always been, “You can do what you want, but if we don’t like it, we won’t pay for it.” Simple as that.

        It’s a hard world out there; if you want to alienate your family, hopefully the new tribe you find will want to take care of you and you will get a good paying job or something to survive. But it hasn’t to that with us. Our daughter is very close to us, and at teh same time, is very independent minded and can’t wait to have her own car and her own apartment. We don’t emotionally blackmail her, or demand that she love us, or try to guilt trip her. A lot of parents do that, and I always hated and despised that kind of parenting. A kid didn’t choose his or her parents, and has every right to hate them if he wants to.

        I was always disgusted by all those “purity balls” and “purity covenants” and that kind of crazy shit. I suspect that sort of stuff ends up leading to the opposite of the intentions. Hell, you know how I explained the problem of virgins and sluts to my daughter? With the song “Violet” by Hole, particularly the line: “when the get, what they want, THEN THEY NEVER WNAT IT AGAIN!” And that boys do this to girls, I did it to girls myself when I was a teenager and early 20’s and hated myself for it, but we can’t help it at that age. If a girl agreed to have sex with me, she must be a gross slut or something. There must be something wrong with her. It’s horrible, but it’s how we are in our teenage years.

        There’s also a good exhortative line in it, what hypnotists would call “an embedded command,” — “you should learn how to say NO!” I think this song is more effective than all those purity balls and Sunday School lessons.

        That was all the “sex education” I gave my kid. And you know what? I think it couldn’t have been better. If I ever met Courtney Love, I’d thank her for this song. There’s no attractiveness of the forbidden fruit, just the ugliness of sin. Even the album cover emphasizes the ugliness of sin and the misery of slutitude.

      • PA says:

        Awesome, MW. That was always one of my favorite early 90s songs.

      • Craig says:

        This is how my parents bought myself up, pretty much how you described the self autonomy or individualism. I was never spoilt, mainly because of my immediate family situation, coming from a blended family, growing up with 18% mortgage interest rates in the 80’s. I was always given adult advice when older, a free choice, if I fucked up it was on me, including paying for it. The connection to the elders is vital, and never ever mentioned enough, we forget our dead and do not care for the elders in the later years any more, it’s disgusting.

        As for sluts my step sisters on the other hand, well my step mother has my father by the balls, as he loves his money too much. My step sisters were given every thing, my step mother virtually controls my fathers purse strings. My step mother has alienated my father from his only sister over two decades ago he has never spoken nor seen her since, and last year my Grandfather. It makes me sick in the stomach when Step mother sucks up to me as she knows I’ll be the straw that breaks the camels back. One day I may, soon when I know Dad’s retirement funds are safe. All my grandparents look to me to heal our family.

        I could tell you much, much more about this, but it comes down to this.

        If my step sisters are offered a choice in life that is pleasurable but compromising, they know their mum will pay for it out of my old man’s earnings, or get them out of the shit because of his connections.

        One example of total slut, a real life example of one of my step sisters. No father or mother for that fact, even step father deserves to be sitting in an upper class restaurant with his wife and two step daughters and have one totally embarrass with slutitude of the 10th degree the entire family. The story goes like this Step sister one, gets drunk, then brags at the table in loud drunk voice, how she went to a hotel with 4 bikers, who fucked her with a loaded shot gun, before they prostituted her out for the night…

        My old man has really had his balls cut off, now it’s up to me to sow them back on…Fucking family I don’t know sometimes.

        At least my old man is proud of me, being my own made man, as my father is a traditional Liberal( not in the way Americans use the word Liberal) economic man, as his only fault is his love for money and “Lifestyle” = materialism.

    • April Gaede says:

      The older generation of men are even more of a failure in mentoring to the young men ( watching tv sports instead) since few young men can hammer a nail or turn a screw. This above all else, the major failure of men to be able to do manly things, is what causes us women to have to step up and teach our daughters to cook and sew and basic carpentry skills as well.

      • mindweapon says:


        So your man about the house can’t fix things? Most guys I know can do basic repairs. Do women have to learn these skills because their men don’t know them, or they don’t have a man at all?

      • April Gaede says:

        MW you know that my husband is out of state working in the oil industry for long periods of time. During that time I do like all women have done historically when men were away at war or a viking, we step up and fix the fence, the hole in the roof, the tire etc. But quite a few men I have met in WN are not capable of doing much more than being a great keyboard warrior. You dont have to be too insulted, I was just responding to the statement that older women are not mentoring younger women enough. Do you know how many 30 and younger men dont know how to do any form of manual labor? THAT more than anything is what leaves young women with little to look up to in the opposite sex. Why are men not stepping up and teaching young men how to hammer a nail or use a skillsaw? I know that you personally do mentor others. My chances of mentoring WN women are slim and none because most women see the negative attitude that men in the movement have toward us and they stay away. There are no young WN women to mentor basically. Mentoring non WN women ends as soon as they learn I am a nazithatwantstokillsixmillionjews…

      • Craig says:

        Hey, I can cook pasta Neapolitan that will have you licking the plate. Yes, I’m a good cook, what can I say I like to wine and dine…

        But I can do the other stuff too.

  4. What’s the female equivalent of Pajama Boy?

    We all know, but we won’t say.

  5. TabuLa Raza says:

    I dunno. . .ah, that’z it. Irene Donnou!

    Too much confusion about “homeschooling”- another knuckleheaded expression. If the poison is government [monopoly] “schooling”, the antidote is non-governmental [real] schooling.
    Homeschooling is one possibility. Private schools, serving many families, is another. The key is complete cutting of the [umbilical] cord to government. I presume “private” schools of today are subject to regulation and thus are not really private.

    Another way to state our predickament: NON-WHITES HAVE ACCESS TO WHITE WEALTH.

    Access through taxation and money printing. AND SPECIALIZATION AND DIVISION OF LABOR. [In part.]

    Survival of fittest? The inventors/innovators should have a much better chance of survival.
    But wait- WHO ACTUALLY GETS THE PRODUCTS OF WHITE MALE GENIUS? White genius is used to subsidize the less fit! White genius makes evolution go backwards! The assembly lines- a big fat negro mouth right at the end!

    Mantra- White countries for Whites. Needs extending- WHITE WEALTH FOR WHITES.
    We must drop out and trade/associate with Whites only, while not using the wej paper system.
    The world’s biggest problem is the paper money cartel. We need an U.N.2, based upon busting all monopolies.

    • A.Ralston says:

      On the mark.

    • mindweapon says:

      Absolutely, Tabula Raza! White Wealth for Whites!

    • vikingbitch says:

      I have been advocating this for months on SBPDL.

      A parallel stealth white market for whites only.

      • mindweapon says: mostly Utah people — Mormon patriots and constitutionalists. There are Mormons who arne’t down with teh multicult and the Church, to its credit, doesn’t attack them or excommunicate them so long as they don’t talk politics in church or cause contention.

      • Craig says:

        “so long as they don’t talk politics in church or cause contention.”

        Yep that’s an old Masonic rule to keep community together basically, to stop the infighting ect…

        It’s also a rule soldiers have, when in life threatening survival situations, for obvious reasons.

    • oogaboogaman says:

      No Tabula the solution really is homeschooling not just nongovernmental schooling. If you want your kids to truly understand the racial and cultural problems facing this country the only place they’re going to learn it is from you. In the Chicago suburbs my experience has been the private school kids fall into three categories: the kids who attended secular private schools usually come from extremely liberal families, protestant school atendees usually were kosher conservatives who went on mission trips to Haiti, the catholics were usually drinkers, druggers, and fornicators, were usually racially aware but would gladly suck off any black pro athlete if given the chance.

      • Mr. Kipple says:

        Right on the mark here. I’d go further and say most of the private schools are worse than the public schools. The teachings in the catholic schools is more “liberal” than the public schools with the so-called “social justice.” Don’t get me started with the drunks. And the girls, well they’re probably worse. than the boys. I say this as a former insider.

    • Jon says:

      “Mantra- White countries for Whites. Needs extending- WHITE WEALTH FOR WHITES.
      We must drop out and trade/associate with Whites only, while not using the wej paper system”

      Perhaps we need our own exclusive tally stick system — a “whites only” virtual currency.

  6. Paladin Justice says:

    I left the following comment on Viking Bitch’s blog, offering a small insight into how universities support destructive economic policies:

    I was an econ prof at the university when the big NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) was in the process of being sold to guillible whites by the power elites. The elites profs (I wasn’t one of them) openly bragged around school about how they would get rich from NAFTA. This was in the early 90s I recall. Of course, in public they sang a different tune, about how “free trade” was going to make things better for workers, consumers, and business–the little people. There was a man, Ross Perot, running for president who coined the phrase “the giant sucking sound,” referring to all good US manufacturing jobs going to Mexico. I thought he was right and the power elites were bullshitting us.

    I was in a profession where at least half the profs, really more like 90 percent, were traitors to the New World Order agenda of destroying the white middle class. To be honest, the only source of info I had was articles written by the elite profs in “The Wall Street Journal,” and I bought into the nonsense to a certain degree. Still, it was disturbing to hear the Mexican administrators on campus bragging about how everyone of them was going to get rich through NAFTA. The worst was the piece of crap lesbian Mexcian woman who would later become dean of the College of Business due to her sucking up to the power elites, selling out her own Mexican people in the process. There was a huge swirl of activity surrounding this at the time, at the university, throughout the city, and all throughout Texas. It was BIG.

    In spite of my guillibility, I was disturbed by the constant harping on ME, ME, ME by the elites around me. The whites were bad, but I think the Mexicans were worse. I think I knew NAFTA (and dozens of other such “free trade agreements”) was going to be a disaster for the white middle class. I was right, not that it does anybody any good to be able to say that.

    BTW, I should add that I was a coward when it came to speaking up. I was too fearful of being “disenfranchised,” (punished for heresy). There is no free speech on a university campus, especially one run by Mexicans. There is only orthodoxy that serves the NWO agenda or there is the academic death penalty–termination. In the interests of disclosure, the University of Texas at San Antonio is the school I was familiar with, although there are numerous other Mexican-run universities throughout Texas.

    • A.Ralston says:

      Back when I thought voting mattered, I did cast my ballot for Ross the Boss. Though I understood little at that time about economcs or the machinations of the Jwsh money cartel, Perot’s straight thinking and his engineering and naval training at Annapolis impressed me. And his running mate, Admiral James Stockdale – fellow Annapolis grad, Navy pilot and POW in NVN who, unlike McCain, was a bona fide inspiration to his fellow prisoners – was twice the man than Al Gore and Dan Quayle combined, and, when he lacked the information to answer an unexpected question honestly and accurately, was refreshingly candid enough to say so.

  7. oogenhand says:

    Feminism has two aspects:

    1) women getting “uppity”
    2) women not wanting to have babies

    Only the second should bother Nationalists, if at all. The Catholic strategy is to give in on the first point, but holding strictly the line on the latter. Of course, men are denied their pornography and their prostitution as well.
    Official Feminists funded by George Soros to keep the birth rates low really effing hate the Catholic Church for this.

  8. The best thing you can tell a teenage girl is that the handsome “bad boy” she lusts after is the same handsome “bad boy” that all her girlfriends lust after, and that the chances of her actually getting him to commit by “putting out” are slim to none – because all the other girls are putting out for him too. Pussy is cheap to an “alpha” – a woman has to bring something else to the table.

    And, that the more she sluts it up, the less chance she’s going to have to land a decent guy later.

    Promiscuity is worse for women than it is for men, it’s simply the difference in the sexes. Just look at the difference between sperm and ovum. This is like biology 101.

    If they want to snag an “alpha” man, there’s a time-tested way to do it. My favorite illustration is the film “Secretary.” That’s “girl game” right there, and by the end of it, she has her own exclusive “alpha” that’s head over heels in love with her and will do anything to make her happy. Spanking optional.

    • Ryu says:

      I’m glad to see that you like KD Rebel, HR. I now believe it’s the best path. You cannot rationalize with women! That is an iron law from PUA. They would laugh if they heard us talking about it.

      WN is for men. We weren’t cut in on the affirmative action pie and we’ve got the least to lose. I don’t think the system has much to offer white men anymore. Take care of the men and the women will follow.

      • April Gaede says:

        As David Lane’s friend, even I dont agree with the twisted fantasy that is KD Rebel. Gimme a break, it was written by an old man who had a life prison sentance! Any woman who likes the ideas of that story is a bit strange in my opinion.

      • April Gaede says:

        ” WN is only for men”
        Another moronic HMWH causing women like me to turn away from the idiot show that is WN.

      • @Ryu

        Have you read my “A Rebel’s Dangerous Kink” yet? It’s just a rewrite of KD Rebel, at this point, just a paragraph for paragraph paraphrase, although I’m still not quite sure how it’s going to go. I want to update it for the modern era.

        Of course, KD Rebel is fantasy fiction, it’s not any sort of actual blueprint for a WN revolution. Anyone seriously suggesting guerrilla war against the government and kidnapping women as breeders is almost certainly an FBI agent or a troll trying to make the movement look bad. Or just an idiot. David Lane fought for a good cause in the worst possible way. It set the movement back 20 years.

        Judging from the story, I don’t think Lane really understood women. It’s clearly a reaction to the beginnings of the porn culture at the time, and he’s reacting to it pretty much exactly how you would expect a traditional conservative man would. He was clearly turned on by some of what he witnessed and struggles a bit with that. He’s also a total pedastalizer and has a somewhat idealistic view of women.

        But the whole thing is so chock full of BDSM themes I figured it would be perfect for me. I did change the name of the jew from Cohen to … Harry Silverstein. I think he’s going to be assassinated using some sort of thermite, as revenge for killing Trevor’s pregnant wife while demolishing his own office building for the insurance money. Get it? LOL.

        I think I can turn KD Rebel into something that women will actually like and be turned on by. Let’s not forget 50 Shades is the number one runaway bestseller among young women. I’ve already had one woman who writes erotica say she masturbated to one of my stories! As an author, that gives me a great deal of satisfaction 🙂

      • April Gaede says:

        You made a good point about the Fifty Shades of Gray phenomena. I personally dont stoop to read that shit. It is too boring for me. I do know lots of silly women who like it though.. I just dont get it myself.

      • A.Ralston says:

        “Another moronic HMWH causing women like me to turn away…”

        April, do you believe your predilections are like those of most other White women?

      • April Gaede says:

        “April, do you believe your predilections are like those of most other White women?”

        I was not raised to be a feminist. I can out cook, out sew and out garden pretty much anyone. I prefer to stay home and I home schooled all of my kids as well as my younger brother. I dont feel in competition with men, they are good at their things and I am good at mine.

        Nevertheless the more I see of the negative attitude directed toward women by men in the racial movement the more pissed off I become . I am at the point now that I sincerely hope that my daughters don’t marry anyone involved in the movement. Racially aware yes, someone who identifies as a White Nationalist, no. The few men who are not downright hateful toward women I can literally count on one hand. I cant help but think that other women are feeling this way too.

        And here I am, a woman who honestly believes that it would be beneficial for the race and nation as a whole if women didnt vote, willing to give up my right to vote to show my conviction to my personal mantra :” if a woman cannot trust her father, brother, husband and son to do what it right (vote) for the family who can she trust?”. If I am an the enemy of men then I can only say you guys are painting with a pretty broad brushstroke.

        Yet here I am seeing these men who are supposed to be protecting and guiding us kvetching about how terrible women are from VNN to Stormfront to Counter Currents to Takimag… to the point where I am just starting to think that maybe the problem isnt the women but the type of men who are attracted to the racial movement. I get all the crusty old fucks who cant get laid hating women. I get all the butt fucking intellectual queers finding women annoying, But hey dudes, don’t you realize you are alienating women like myself who are on your side?

        Do you all honestly want a little meek hausfrau who never challenges you or talks back? Do you realize those are the FIRST broads to fold if left to their own devices? If something happens to you don’t you want your children raised by women who are strong and skilled and willing to speak the truth?

        As long as you all continue this woman bashing crap you will continue to be fighting a losing battle. Until you figure out how to speak to women honorably and treat them as something more than incubators and housekeepers you will continue to lose the battle.

      • Craig says:

        April, we are working on it. You can’t expect magic, when half of the population has grown up in broken families, a broken culture and then you have paid interference form our enemies. We will only fix it when we come together and that may happen with more time and fine tuning.

        Don’t worry I see what you see in the movement.

        I like strong women just like you, it’s why I’m so comfortable with my wife.

      • Trainspotter says:

        “Do you all honestly want a little meek hausfrau who never challenges you or talks back?”


        But April, I certainly don’t consider you the enemy. In any number of posts I have sung your praises. I admire what you have done, especially in the PLE area. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that your more recent posts exhibit an increasing anger and frustration. I hope that changes, and I’ll offer a bit of perspective on the issue.

        The reality, and one that I’m sure you’d agree with, is that we live in an increasingly sick and disgusting society. It is sick and disgusting at pretty much all levels, but for many people, perhaps most, one of the more revolting aspects of this decay manifests itself in romantic relationships, and how awful they have become. How unromantic. Is it really surprising that a *revolutionary movement,* however wannabe at present, would be full of alienated, disaffected and often angry men?

        The better question would be, “How could it not be this way?”

        This isn’t 1776, or 1861, with essentially healthy cultures and essentially healthy revolutionaries. It’s Sodom and Gomorrah, a Hobbesian “nasty, brutish” and not so short war of all against all. People are feeling it in their closest relationships, and the anger from that can be spectacular, the alienation devastating.

        That’s where we’re at, and our movement suffers accordingly from the dysfunction that makes its way to us.

        This creates obvious problems, not the least of which being the creation of high trust groups out of such a rabble. To engage in a bit of hyperbole, it’s probably true that about half of WN’s need a good thrashing, or at least a solid boxing about the ears. The other half deserve to be shot outright.

        Just kidding. Kind of. Point is, it’s a big challenge, and while it may seem insurmountable at times, it’s not. It’s all been done before, and it will be done again. Successful movements have been created out of worse scum than us. And we’re the only scum we’ve got.

        Ironically, that’s why we have to keep plugging away on the networking concept, and in particular the PLE concept. The very thing that you’ve probably done more than anyone else to publicize. If we could turn even a small portion of the disaffected malcontents into something worthwhile, we’d be on our way. If we could create networks that also attracted a decent share of “normals,” we’d be almost there.

        Be proud of what you’ve done, and know that lots of people out there are proud of you. Don’t let the inevitable messiness of dealing with revolutionary minded scum get you down, because there are going to be lots more angry malcontents heading our way. If you’ve had your fill of personal contact with them, then so be it. Nobody will fault you, and there are plenty of other ways to contribute. Cheer up! It’s just starting to get good.

    • oogenhand says:

      “Promiscuity is worse for women than it is for men”

      A very dangerous half-truth which enables Muslims to wreak havoc in Sikh communities. Exactly because Sikh girls are supposed to be modest, they can easily be blackmailed. Sikh boys are apparently too chivalrous to groom Muslim girls returning the favor.

      The corrollary of the male-female difference is that if you happen to have an alpha son, you should send him out to despoil enemy daughters, regardless his personal safety.

      I made a little story (in Dutch) and posted it on Stormfront:

      Henk: “You’ve had Moroccan boyfriends before me, you slut!”
      Ingrid:”You’ve had Thai prostitutes before me, you john!”
      Henk:”That is different. I am a man…”
      Ingrid:”So you should deflorate Turkish gals!”
      Henk:”Then they’ll KILL me!!!”
      Ingrid:”Huh? I supposed you were a real man?!!”

      Also, getting laid makes a beta far less likely to put up with feminism. There is a reason women try to limit the sexual outlets of their men. This is called Sexual Trade Union theory. Matriarchies cannot tolerate the despoiling of their sons anymore than that patriarchies can tolerate the despoiling of their daughters. STU is expounded on

    • A.Ralston says:

      “I am at the point now that I sincerely hope that my daughters don’t marry anyone involved in the movement. Racially aware yes, someone who identifies as a White Nationalist, no.”

      April, thanks for your reply.

      If you care to respond further, may I pose a few more questions:

      Regarding the kind of man whom you hope that your daughter(s) marry, how would you want him to act (or not to act) on his racial awareness?

      Would you prefer that he work ouside the ZOG matrix to the extent feasible, focus on his own family, quietly support his fellow Aryans in quotidian life, and refrain altogether from active involvement in any movement?

      If he does not self-identify as a WN, with what higher cause, if any, would you want him to identify?


  9. oogaboogaman says:

    Too many problems to count with the education system. One solution is that No Child Left Behind needs to be repealed because it has taken away time from science education which is drastically needed. Two, fuck the music and arts programmes, start teaching kids a foreign language and programming/electronics skills instead. Three, reinstate shop class because in addition to teaching proper safety and tool use it shows kids the real world applications of mathematics and physics principles.

    • April Gaede says:

      If we ignore Western music and art we lose two of the most important parts of Western culture. I consider these things just as important as math and science because they give us the REASON for preserving the race. Asians can do math and science just as well as Europeans, maybe arguably better. What Asians and no other race can do is create art and music like that of the European mind.

      • oogaboogaman says:

        Sorry April, in the public schools I attended we had mandatory music and art classes from K-8th grade. The teachers who taught us these subjects were bleeding hearts as well as one being emotionally unstable crying in the classroom and such. Also, none of the people I attended school with to this day have an appreciation for classical music or the arts. Our time would have been better spent learning a foreign language and a useful technical skill.

      • oogaboogaman says:

        To become truly racially aware comes not from an appreciation of Beethoven or Renaissance art and architecture, but from being exposed to the culture of blacks and other undesirables.

  10. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Long and lively discussion on male-female reproductive strategies.

  11. Not me! I would hate a meek house wife. I want to marry the kind of woman who sneers contemptuously at meek housfraus. Preferably, one that will threaten to divorce and take my kids away if she’s unhaaapy. Nothing like coming home from a hard day of work and getting challenged and back talk, all the while knowing she can drag me through ZOG divorce courts if I step out of line. Awesome! Can’t wait to “man up” for that!

    I don’t know why I never bothered to marry, perhaps the daughter of one of these strong independent wimminz. I’m totally missing out.

    Poor me, I guess I’ll have to go back to casual sex with desperate 20 something career gals into kinky sex.

    I’m so grateful for the older generation of women mentoring the young, they’re doing such a great job.

    • mindweapon says:

      I learned Russian at 19 because I wanted to emigrate to Russia permanently. I knew quite well that American society was broken.

      However, Hipster, I must say that your view is as Manichean as that of the feminists. The females are indeed messed up, but so are the males.

      We have to take an approach of fixing both, or as a friend tells me, fix the White boys, the the White girls will follow them. As for me, I raised a daughter, and what she tells me is that the boys in our rural area are not ambitious and mostly about doing the pump and dump and being “high school heroes.” I told her it’s not just our rural area that’s broken, it’s the whole country and it’s been broken since long before she was born. It’s why she was raised to speak a second language and have a second culture and nationality. Not that Russia is shangri-la, but at least it’s an alternate perspective.

      The whole Game stuff is true, but if White boys had a better upbringing, non-feminized, non-public schooling, non-liberal, the White girls wouldn’t be like they are.

      Demonizing one sex is necessarily pedestalizing the other. Men don’t need to be pedestalized, we just need the truth, and to live that truth. And we need it from a young age.

      It’s the whole System that’s broken. Demonizing and pedestalizing doesn’t help fix that system, Hipster. Rebalancing is what is needed, not violent pendulum swinging.

      • I’m not “demonizing women.” I love women – feminine women. I’m calling out the unfeminine attitudes of old women that grew up during the second wave, precisely the types that are failing to mentor the young women, in fact, doing their damnest to stifle the younger women’s natural femininity – because these second wavers hate femininity, and think of it as “weak.” Unfeminine women often think femininity is “weak” because they don’t have it and don’t have a clue how feminine women use it.

        You’ll never read me comparing pregnant mothers to “incubators,” wives to “housekeepers,” sneering contemptuously at “meek housfraus,” looking down my nose at “silly women” who read erotica and sub-shaming. Nor am I going to complain that men don’t like the “right” type of women – bitches. Er, I mean, “strong.”

        Who is demonizing women exactly? These old women are doing their damnest to strangle the last bit of femininity out of the younger generation.

        “Any combination of the words angry, bitter, whining, complaining = men speaking the truth” — Earl

    • oogenhand says:

      Career women can fund the struggle. Could you be a gigolo?

    • Denise says:

      I am weighing in on April’s, Hipster’s and Trainspotter’s side.

      I am married. My wonderful husband loves me, even though I am a cranky virago at times. He is a very quiet guy – until he loosens up and you get him going. He is successful in his work, because he us superb in his work. We are not rich, however – but we are holding on. I love him because he is deeply honorable, and truly good. That – and he’s hot.

      I understand, completely, April’s frustration and disgust with WN men. Here’s the thing – WN folk in general are not “Go Along With the Herd” types. We are all, no matter how we express ourselves, willing to think and live outside the box the Hebes have created for us. This makes us true renegades, to whatever degree we express ourselves. We ARE the MOST demonized, despised creatures on Earth – for NOW – and we are still willing to buck social conformity – which is a primal impulse, and do whatever we do. We ARe Outliers, ans choose to be so.

      MOST women are Herd Creatures, who “think” with their emotions, and go along to get along. WN women ARE the Outliers of the Outliers. Most of us that are active in the scene, what-ever you want to call it, as middle aged. Young women want to be pretty, and admired. It’s an endgamy thing. WM women have lived through that biological strategy era, and have noticed What’s Happening in the larger society, all along. We are a valuable resource. Women attract OTHER women. Men don’t do it. Women do.

      I understand Trainspotter’s innate desire to have meek, sweet hausfrau in his haus. This is most likely due to his intrinsic Nature. He’s not gonna get one though; not without a lot of lies and coercion. ZOG offers tons of rewards to young nubile females to go along with ZOG’s agenda. The Hausfrau type will not break out of ZOG’s Box – no one else she knows is doing that, so she won’t.

      His only hope is to join a very traditional, have a successful means of income, in order to support a family, and never ever ever talk about Race, outside of a Biblical context. So good luck TS! You are in the wrong era. for your needs.

      Getting back to the rest of us, when I hear some online idjit blathering about EN being a “man’s world” – I know it’;s some hopeless retard who have never been laid. It’s a key to remaining LOSERS.

      A hideous Jew Best named Tama Jacoby is essentially setting American immigration policy. Jews do not fear their women, nor turn them aside. They USE their women to achieve their racial goals. If some Big Bad White man cannot handle the women of his own Race – strong personalities or not – how will he EVER fight off the feral Dark Hordes

      • mindweapon says:

        Great comment, Denise!

      • Trainspotter says:

        Denise: “So good luck TS! You are in the wrong era. for your needs.”

        Denise, excellent post overall, and absolutely correct in one particular: I am in the wrong era! Missed it by *that* much. Missed it by a lot, actually.

        I was being a bit flippant when I gave a simple “yes” to April’s question. The truth is more complex and nuanced. I don’t think most men want a “meek” wife, but I do think that they want a woman with a sweet disposition, easy to get along with, and so forth. As has been noted elsewhere on this thread, it’s a hard world out there. Nobody wants to come home to a war. A man wants his wife and him against the world, not against one another.

        But I don’t deny that men are as much to blame, and really more so, for the mess that we are in. Growing up I saw the selfish and immature mini-Hef type that undermined the more traditional concept of family, abusing the trust and status that the culture still somewhat granted men at that time. That’s no good either, and I would certainly not treat a wife in such a way…even if she were meek enough to take it. A woman with a sweet disposition is to be protected and admired, not walked over. A man that abuses that position is simply a lout.

        I think most white men want a genuine partner, but a partnership where both the male and female’s nature is respected. Everything is not “equal,” but rather both need to know when to defer to the other. This requires a sense of fairness, grounded in a respect for nature, that seems to have largely evaporated in today’s society. But it was not always so, and traditional white societies did not treat women as the contemptible dogs that so many non-white cultures have. The sort of healthy relationship that I describe seems to be unique, or nearly so, to our folk. Fondness for one another, and a generosity of spirit, comes easily to us. It used to, anyway. I know that I am not telling you anything that you don’t already know.

        Ultimately, I think the problem stems from a bourgeois society that values nothing beyond money and self-aggrandizement, combined with egalitarian nonsense. We were in fact on the way to this place generations ago, as those earlier cohorts burned through our racial/cultural inheritance, leaving mammon as the Last Man Standing. This process went slowly at first under bourgeois selfishness, then sped up in spectacular fashion in more recent generations under the Jewish attack. Now we are in the ruins, particularly where sexual relations and romance are concerned.

        The solution is to rediscover our roots, that which is more in accord with the inherent nature of our folk. To me, that’s the honor-based society, which in turn is about respect and trust. Add honor to love, lust, and simple fondness, and then we’ve got something.

        Again, wrong era! But there is no reason that future generations of whites cannot enjoy that which we have been denied, and that is a worthy goal.

      • oogenhand says:

        The main reason Jewish women are loyal, is because Jewish men threaten them with replacement by non-Jewish women, or put differently, because Denise wouldn’t like some Jewish sister-wives. The way to break this stranglehold of Jewish men on Jewish women is to ask whether at least some Jews have “white privilege”. Too much breeding with White women will make the Jewish community look a lot paler. Or the Jewish patrilinearity can be redirected: declare children of Jewish men and Muslim women to be Jews.

        Also, you can recruit secular women by promoting family values outside a Christian framework. I mean, the bloody corpse of an embryo is still a bloody corpse:

        Otherwise, you can shift Christians in our direction by triangulating abortion and the holocaust. And we all are aware of Christian Identity.

        And you can shock all women into compliance against multiculturalism by letter them read this:

        Somali woman Nur seriously advocates clitoridectomy and infibulation in order to prevent abortion…

  12. PA says:

    I’ll take this moment to white-knight for April Gaede for a moment. In the chivalric tradition, knights protected women of virtue and standing, and as far as I can tell, April passes with flying colors.

    She walks the walk. She writes under her real name. She and her family have been targeted by hostile media; I read nasty articles about her young daughters years ago, before I even heard of blogs. On Youtube, I listened to an interview April did with Alan Colmes, in which she sounded a bit nervous but stood her ground quite well against a hostile professional media figure. I have not seen her write anything contrary to our principles. She is a tireless activist. So hats off to April.

    • Trainspotter says:

      I second that, PA.

    • April Gaede says:

      Thank you so much. I just dont see why I cant be a mom who home schools her kids, a good cook and seamstress, a good wife and partner to my husband AND active in directing White Nationalist ideals? Why is White Nationalism not for me? Or rather why am I not good enough for White Nationalism? Certain men on this board seem to have the idea that all women are either subservient geisha types or butch feminists. I am neither. As for not being feminine, I bet I own and wear more dresses and heels than ANY of your wives combined. And my daughters are the same, even in the dead of winter my girls are wearing dresses, doing their hair, putting on makeup and trying to be as feminine as possible. So if my girls are any evidence I have indeed mentored young women to be feminine and girly. I have made and or given multiple young WN women dresses and encouraged them to wear them. In most cases the WN men involved actually told them it was ” not practical”. As for the other young women in the movement, the ones who actually need mentoring are usually hooked up with loser types ( like the NSM tard who got drunk and went into the town hall meeting in Leith ND for instance later to get arrested with Cobb) and the best advice I can give them is to get as far away from those dudes as possible. Smart women in the movement are with smart guys and every one of those smart guys is NOT constantly harping about how terrible women are today.

      • Trainspotter says:

        April, I doubt many WN disagree with what you just wrote. As for you personally, we have sung your praises countless times, and you deserve that praise. In particular, you have probably done more than anyone else to popularize the PLE concept as something that can be attractive and appealing, as opposed to the Leith fiasco. That’s really important, especially since I suspect that some form of a networking concept, PLE or otherwise, is going to be vital for whites on the North American content.

        You’ve gotten a lot of people thinking about that kind of thing, and I suspect that more WN are acting on it than might be apparent at first glance. It’s vital that WN create networks, whether PLE or otherwise. Most of these should be under the radar, but to inspire it required some people to be public. You did that, took the slings and arrows that followed, and in so doing inspired others in ways that you wouldn’t even hear about. That’s influence, and you have much to be proud of.

        As for women in general, they have fallen into a sorry state, and that’s where men get hurt the most in their personal lives. There is a lot of anger out there, and a lot of dysfunctional men who have been burned one time too many. However, I think the vast majority of intelligent WN recognize this as simply one among many symptoms of our racial and cultural decay. I will say that if someone seems to reserve their vitriol exclusively for women, as opposed to our clear racial enemies, then they are in the wrong place. We must be about securing the existence of our people and a future for white children, and criticism of women is only valid to the extent that it advances that purpose. Sort of by definition, at the heart of our cause is the white man and the white woman.

        Of course, we criticize men far more. Just in these past days, has anyone been treated with more contempt and mockery than the effeminate Pajama Boy in his onesie? It’s not about him, it’s about what he represents. His Jewishness aside, he represents the utter and pathetic failure of the modern man. He represents what the System wants us to be (until it can turn us all brown), and disturbingly too many already are: the smug and effeminate System toady.

        Two of the things that I push the most in my writing are networking amongst whites, and the idea of the honor-based society. These two things not only can go together, but should. Hopefully, some of the emerging white networks, PLE or otherwise, will develop codes of honor which are workable and satisfying to both white men and women, and will help to marginalize or drive out the wackos, nuts and generally dishonorable – those that end up hurting everyone around them. We’ve got to learn how to build trust amongst ourselves, in the middle of a dying culture where trust is collapsing. You may have played a bigger role than you think in getting this process started.

        In any event, many, many people are proud of what you have done, and the incredible spirit and dedication that you have shown. So again, cheer up! Things are just starting to get good.

  13. MOISHE says:

    i also concur with Aprils observations – without resorting to pedestalations – women are the choosers of their mates – the man can peacock all he wants – but at the end of the day – its the woman that chooses – she is the progenator of the race – and her choice is either to evolve our peoples by choosing the ‘right’ man to sire his babies – i beleive it is paramount that our women understand the dangers of giving away their life chances to mudpeople who (quite rightly) want to evolve to a higher level – and nothing more attracts mudpeople and turdskins than the sight of a beautiful fertile white woman. i guess us cacazoid men must come into our own and understand the beauty of protecting women – its incredibly sexy to have a woman trust you with her life – and i for one, would dearly die for a quality white woman who is bearing my offspring – i dont give a fuck how many orcs are coming at me – i would take some of those fuckers with me just like my celtic/germanic ancestors did all those eons ago.

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