Government imposes diversity; Nature clears it out

A story from an Australian correspondent. I thnk this same process is going to happen with economic decline. The coloreds won’t be able to handle life in the cold North when they aren’t getting free heating fuel and EBT; they’ll have to go South. Government pollutes; Nature cleanses.

Talking of rain last month we had 21 inches in a day!! and flooded, cut off for 3 days no power, the kids and I survived as we were well prepared, didn’t even have to kick in the gennies. I wasn’t able to get to my 3rd child’s birth though, lucky the wife was staying at a community house in the satellite town near the hospital waiting for the moment, she and the baby were flown by heli back home after the hospital was evacuated. Lucky for us we are all safe and no damage sustained, though the community took a huge hit many houses ruined, entire orchards wiped out, many cattle and pigs died. So much cheap land will come on sale now as it’s in flood prone area and only good for grazing now, as the 30 years of wet sets in, the older wiser farmers knew this, and planted on higher ground 4 years ago…I listen to them.

Another meme these flooding events in rural towns, and larger towns work as a diversity busters, as the diversity usually lives in the cheap flood prone areas, it flooded and they flee to the safety of the cities. So every couple of years the government pays to diversify bust the white communities and then the floods bust up the diversity. Whites take care of their own and diversity flees mother nature, ironic no…


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14 Responses to Government imposes diversity; Nature clears it out

  1. Billy says:

    Affirmative action and political correctness keep black population + their employment waaaay higher than they should be. Thanks z-media.

  2. Mentally-ill White Liberal says:

    Mother nature is obviously a RACIST!

    Send her on a diversity training course this minute.

  3. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  4. Paladin Justice says:

    Migrating south requires initiative, but it takes less initiative to take more drugs and kill yourself that way. The south, at least parts of it, is not that warm in winter. Rather than migrate to a hostile region where segregation and lynching were practiced, blacks will steal and rob and take drugs. Rural Alabama and Tennessee would not roll out the welcome mat for blacks any more than the welcome mat was rolled out for Mexicans.

    Then too, I’m sure there will be zones (like Chicago) that no matter what happens short of total catastrophe, that will kow tow to blacks by providing gibsmedat. If blacks do move south, Florida would be the logical destination since it rarely gets cold there in winter. I take it blacks will do OK in summer without AC. Florida is set to pass NY in population, presumable due to black and Hispanic fertility plus migration from the north by whites. That place is set to get even crazier than its become recently.

  5. PA says:

    A common argument you hear form anti-Whites and libertarians of a certain stripe is that mixing is natural, and the sooner we remove artificial constructs like borders, the sooner we’ll all mix.

    They have it exactly wrong. In a more natural arrangement, men define their communities, alomost perfectly along racial lines, and they enforce separation of their communities from undesirables. Nature tends toward segregation — because male hierarchies and bonds tend toward segregation. Contrary to liberals and libertarians, it is the colossal artifices of state media, centralized education, endless propaganda machine, and law enforcement that emasculates white men and robs them of local authority, all of which upholds diversity.

    • A.Ralston says:

      “Contrary to liberals and libertarians, it is the colossal artifices of state media, centralized education, endless propaganda machine, and law enforcement that emasculates white men and robs them of local authority, all of which upholds diversity.”

      All of which libertarianism explicity and adamantly opposes. You are talking about liberals and neocons here, not libertarians.

      I agree that many of them get it wrong on the borders issue, mainly because they don’t like borders arbitrarily and coercively imposed on native peoples by imperial interlopers based on purely economic, political, and military objectives – an understandable sentiment from a certain perspective.

      I also acknowledge how racially naive and philosemitic libertarians can be at times.

      Nonethelss they get it right on the freedom-of-association (and disassociation), self-defense, and private-property-rights issues.

      If you believe that the principle of subsidiarity, local markets, freedom from the “colossal arifices” (to use your words) of state control, and other tenets of libertarian thought won’t work for Aryan men, so be it. But don’t mindlessly criticize something without understanding it.

      • mindweapon says:

        Great finds, gentlemen! There are a lot of libertarians, and it sounds like they are getting radicalized in our direction. Maybe we’ll get the Ron Paul movement!

      • Wyandotte says:

        Libertarianism, to be workable, demands a moral populace. That may have existed 200 years ago, but not any more.

  6. TabuLa Raza says:

    Something new here- a libertarian brings up the J issue,and advocates NATIONALISM!

    (By Chris Moore) — Tyrannical, self-serving, narcissistic, ethnocentric individuals and collectives are poisonous to families, countries, civilizations.

    As Judeofascism and the Israel lobby have demonstrated, institutionally racist, cultural-ethno-racial collectives are the ultimate self-serving narcissists, and poisonous to all of the above, because they are so ruthless, cunning, tenacious, and filled with bad will (much of which springs from their ethno-narcissism and paranoid, inbred, insularity) that they force other groups to organize along the lines that they themselves have organized in order to prevent them from establishing murderous, totalitarian control.

    This is how they have conjured their own enemies, and conjured wars destructive to the White race, and other races. For example, organized Jewish interests helped conjure WWI, the Jewish Bolsheviks conjured the Nazis and WWII. The Zionists conjured the Islamofascists and the “War on Terror”…

    As has been noted, the violent criminals, reprobates, sociopaths and psychopaths that tend to comprise prison populations often organize into racial gangs for survival, with Big Brother (the prison administration system) lording over the lot of them. Judeofascism hopes to eventually play the role of Big Government prison warden in the U.S. and even the world over, with itself lording over the essentially imprisoned race gangs, and pitting them against each other like a sadistic prison warden arranging gang fights for his amusement.

    Libertarians say: that’s not how we want to live; civilized freedom of association, a culture of law and order, property rights, and freedom from government tyranny is how we want to live.

    Libertarian nationalists say the same thing, but add: if preserving our way of life means running self-serving, criminally-conspiring, ethno-syndicates or political syndicalists (tyrannical leftists) out on a rail to prevent them from creating a dynamic hostile to Constitutionalism, freedom and liberty, so be it. No need to end freedom because of a few bad apples; just get rid of the bad apples.

    If traditional libertarianism has faults, they are greed, naivety, and an unwillingness to remove or isolate the bad apples to preserve freedom per its non-aggression principle. A healthy nationalism has few such inhibitions. Therefore libertarian nationalism, because it would prevent the bad apples from triggering the warmongering and gang-warfare ultimately deleterious to the White race, is the best system for Whites, and everyone else interested in attaining and preserving freedom and liberty, and thus living in a civilized manner.

  7. TabuLa Raza says:

    A Simple Libertarian Argument Against Unrestricted Immigration and Open Borders

    by N. Stephan Kinsella

  8. TabuLa Raza says:

    John Hospers

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