IRISH Peope Being Dismantled

Depressing, but warranting a reblog.


Irish Savant:  “As part of the project to destroytheWhite race, the NEGRO is being pushed in front of us at every opportunity — imported into our lands and most important — has been repackaged as the polar oppositeof what he really is.

Making BLACKS appear smart, cool, sophisticated etc., … makes them seem to be attractive mates with which the White gene poolcan be debased”.

  ONLY TWO decades to DESTROY one small, homogeneous White Nation!

NIGERIA189,000,000 people (99.9%BLACK)


IRELAND  —   4,710,000 people (80-85% WHITE?



ICELAND, too?! …Black Africans introducing their primitive cultures to Icelanders!


What befalls the White Race when allowing incompatibleNON-whites into our nations?

IRELAND’s indigenous people endured centuries of struggles to reach this time in history ONLY…

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5 Responses to IRISH Peope Being Dismantled

  1. Billy says:

    They always used to justify ape invasion to Britain by talking about colonization. Ireland & Sweden never colonized Africa.

    Ireland need to sort out that ugly YKW rat Alan Shatter to survive as a race. Suddenly seems AH knew what he was on about!

    • ben tillman says:

      Britain never colonized anyone, either. The British empire was a largely Jewish project undertaken by the rulers of the British at the behest of the Sassoons and Oppenheimers of the world.

  2. Mosin Nagant says:

    ‘Britain never colonized anyone’

    England colonised Cymru (Wales).

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