Arab immigrant beats indigenous Swedish boy because of his blue eyes

Racial envy is the motive for much racial violence against whites. It’s the hate that liberals don’t want you to speak of.


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7 Responses to Arab immigrant beats indigenous Swedish boy because of his blue eyes

  1. Jon says:

    He’ll get a slap on the wrist and no admonition or even mention from the judge of the motivation. If the “eyes were in the other sockets” a year confinement would be getting off light.

  2. oogenhand says:

    If Arabs continue to convert and impregnate blue-eyed girls, and accept the children as Arabs, the Arabs will become themselves blue-eyed.

  3. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Yep. That’s the truth. All this bashing of white people is based out of envy. You don’t see Nordic people running to Saudi Arabia or Syria to live. Nope. These sand turds want to live smack up against us because they know we create nice communities, yet their jealousy overtakes them.

  4. Paladin Justice says:

    In my own experience I have found middle easterners to be volatile. I never saw them assault anyone, but way too many of them have a hair trigger. The Iranians I’ve dealt with don’t seem to be that way, though. Perhaps because of some Aryan genes? I speculate in my ignorance, but the Iranians are more civilized, at least the ones I met.

    • The Evil Nazi Myth says:

      This has been my experience as well, when I was in grad school: Arabs are hot-headed and Iranians very level-headed.

      Also, when I was small I had these two mixed-race boys (3/4 white and 1/4 aboriginal) at school, who were bigger than me, constantly targeting me because of my Aryan appearance. These two, who weren’t related, were really crazy and violent when they drank even in small amounts. How they managed to stay out of prison is puzzling.

      What do you think happened to the Solutreans? The men were killed and the women raped? Why is it that white women are generally anti-racists?

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