Support increased minimum wage

The Feds inflate, but don’t raise the minimum wage. Meanwhile, the banks get 85 billion dollars a month in Quantitative Easing but use it to boost stock prices.

If money had held it’s value, if it hadn’t inflated, it wouldn’t be necessary to raise the minimum wage. But the min wage has not come close to keeping up with inflation.

Democrats Turn to Minimum Wage as 2014 Strategy

Fuck the Republican race traitors who sold out the country for cheap labor. Any radical move by the government, right or left, is good and should be supported because it increases polarization.

The Republicans sold our border for cheap labor; let’s increase the price of that labor for them.


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33 Responses to Support increased minimum wage

  1. I did the math just the other day. If minimum wage had kept up with inflation since 1967 AND was a measure of median national income, it should really be about $12.49 per hour. AT LEAST.

  2. countenance says:

    And then what?

    A higher minimum wage without deporting all the floods of new cheap non-white labor?

    Get ready for a whole lot more illegal under the table sub minimum wage work.

    • Rita Rabbit says:

      you bring up a good point. This just attract more cheap labor ? although I do like the idea of punishing the Republicans

    • No. You miss the point. The (capitalist) political forces that keep wages low would suddenly be ANTI-IMMIGRATION if there were more and more people showing up for those bigger checks.

      • countenance says:

        You can’t hack your way around supply and demand with fiddling around with price floors and ceilings.

        Raising the minimum wage would only result in our enemies bribing more cops and politicians to ignore the enforcement of the minimum wage.

      • mindweapon says:

        I’m not sure which of you are right, countenance and futurodellanazione. But I’m confident that raising the minimum wage would indeed raise real wages for a lot of people who need the money bad.

        However, McD’s and Walmart pay such low wages that their employees are collecting social benefits, so it’s corporate welfare. I’d say stop subsidizing the megacorporations one way or another.

        Why should ordinary Americans live on libertarian capitalist rules while the megacorporations and bankers are sloshing around in corporate welfare and Quantitative Easing?

      • I’ll defer to you. But keep in mind there are a lot of White people being underpaid, too.

      • Dan Poole says:

        “You can’t hack your way around supply and demand with fiddling around with price floors and ceilings.”

        Increasing the labor supply with an even bigger flood of illegals would no doubt suppress a real wage increase, but what if all those illegals are given amnesty, something which is probably going to happen sooner or later anyway? At that point corporations have one of two options:

        1. Man up and pay the minimum wage (LESS PROFITZ! OH NOES!!)

        2. Continue to flood the market with ever more illegals until all of Mexico is here.

        Door Number 1 means millions of our people still living in homogeneously White areas see a real wage increase. Door Number 2 will work initially for the corporations, but it’ll fall apart when all those new illegals demand amnesty and get it. A snowball effect will be created where the corporations import more illegals to avoid paying the minimum wage, but those illegals become legalized anyway. And they won’t have to wait for 30 years either like the post-1986 flood of illegals did. With White conservative voters becoming increasingly powerless to stop them, they’ll get their amnesty quickly. Brown voters will see to it that the Democrats and country club Republicans give amnesty to their newly arrived kinsmen, and no amount of corporate money can stop them. What a sight that would be: Corporations bribing both parties to NOT pass amnesty that way they DON’T have to pay the increased minimum wage, and brown voters being all like, “fuck you, we aren’t gonna be slaves to greedy rich white CEO’s and shareholders!” If and when that happens, Keith Alexanders prophecy will partly be fulfilled.

      • mindweapon says:

        Absolutely! Let them survive their victory. Of course things will be hell for us. We’ll have to communalize and share working assets — share cars, grow food on every bit of land we can. We’ll become economic Third Worlders, but if that happens, ordinary White Americans will become very fascist and tribalist.

    • Anon says:

      They can’t bring in illegals to do everything, and this would harm, not help them.

  3. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    We could solve this problem very quickly if all white people who can ‘see’ united in a movement to do things for ourselves and our community without being dependent upon Corporate America and the Fed. Years back I remember seeing a news program featuring a group of moms in New Jersey who started a babysitting cooperative where they developed a whole system if teaching hours, coupons, etc. No need for turd world nannies when you have hands in your own neighborhood who will swap hours for babysitting. These women saved thousands of dollars each month in childcare and gas. This sort of mindset could be replicated.

    The problem with many White Americans is that we have been pitted against each other and this was done purposely such that we could be conquered. Trust must be rebuilt. No one person can do it all alone.
    Why should I hire a sitter when I have an old lady next door who can sit in exchange for me watching outfit her or buying her dinner? This used to he done in my neighborhood.
    People should get together to swap baby clothes and ‘hand me downs’. Why buy brand new stuff made in China at Walmart when you can to a swap meet with your neighbors and barter for all the free clothes and kids toys you need. Practically all of my kids’ clothes are second hand. Who cares? They don’t. No one knows but them.
    Go to garage sales, thrift stores, etc. I have found bags of dresses by someone’s house that I picked up for free and I wear!
    Don’t go out to dinner. Prepare your own food. Drink at home. Start a garden. Do a garden cooperative.
    These places like Walmart, Target etc will go out of business and home goes the turd worlder work supply. Problem solved.
    We can starve this beast! It just takes trust, a will, and a letting go of elitist stupidity like placing one’s self worthin what designer jeans he or she wears.

    • Rita Rabbit says:

      I couldn’t agree more Viking Bitch. I’d be willing to work for free to earn some trust from White people. In fact, I already do. One must be careful though has unfortunately some will take advantage. Still it is worth the risk.

  4. Paladin Justice says:

    The minimum wage is a red herring. Everyone around here except for teenagers gets paid more than minimum anyway and after a few months on the job even the teens are paid more. Even the Mexican illegals who abound here demand 10 bucks an hour. Whites are rarely paid minimum, not even the older, uneducated white women thrown into the labor force by the death of a husband or whatever. Blacks from the ghetto are not worth the current minimum since they contribute little to the work where they are employed. Thus, one effect of a higher minimum is they get fired and have more time to rob, rape, and kill whites.

    If you want to punish the elites, jack up their income tax rates and eliminate or scale down their deductions. Also, demolish the Fed, which would prevent the phony money from inflating the financial markets. In the interest of disclosure, I have libertarian leanings.

  5. sigmatika says:

    I disagree, on two racial counts, plus two economic ones, which I won’t address here:

    Raising the minimum wage only raises the price of legal labor. Mexicans can continue to undercut White labor, because of the symbiotic criminality that exists between them and employers (bosses hide the spics; spics work cheap.)

    Also, most Blacks are nearly worthless as employees; I think white business owners should be allowed to employ them for what they are worth, if for no other reason than to keep them off the streets. Since we can’t completely expel them from our lands (take a trip to S. Michigan, you’ll see,) we might as well seek to subjugate them economically. That can be done by employing them, but most cannot meet the standards of a minimum wage. Besides that; if blacks can provide cheap labor, demand for Mexican labor will go down.

  6. john says:

    A minimum wage reduces opportunities, I’d support a maximum wage for bankers and servent types.

  7. TabuLa Raza says:

    econ IA- y’all have been through that – haven’t you?

  8. scott says:

    A higher minimum wage would only work to our benefit if it was tied to drastic cuts in fed jobs and welfare programs. Even if wendy’s gives Shaniqua and Dontravious 12$ an hour, do you think theyre going to stop fighting for their god given right to an EBT card and anything else white tax dollars can provide.

  9. TabuLa Raza says:

    You don’t understand it. The laws [of economics apply] apply regardless of currency debasement. Wages will rise with Min Wage rise- but only for those not losing their jobs.
    The depression lingered precisely because of government attempts to force wages above the market level.

    • Anon says:

      In terms of the youth participation rate, proximity to our southern border is much more deleterious than a higher minimum wage. And on the flip side of your argument, the minimum wage has effectively fallen for the past 40 years, has it been a net positive for employment?

      I would agree that the best way to raise wages is to promote labor scarcity and not mess with any legal restriction.

    • Dan Poole says:

      1. Retail and fast food companies, which employ over 10 million Americans nationwide, can’t afford to do that. Turnover rates in those industries are over 40% because young workers come and go all the time, leaving those companies constantly understaffed. Some companies might try to make do with less workers, but they’ll be losing more money than they’re gaining because less workers = decreased efficiency = unhappy customers. Who wants to shop at a Wal Mart where two workers cash out everyone and where the lines are like that of a roller coaster ride?

      2. Raising the minimum wage to keep up with inflation won’t cause the market distortion that capitalists and libertarians stoke fear about. If inflation increases by 3% every year, then the minimum wage should increase by the same rate. It’s not rocket science.

      • mindweapon says:

        Good. Let those Walmart and McD’s jobs go away. We can go back to local mom and pop stores and local diners. They should have restaurants that buy locally produced food and sell home cooked meals.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        What the chains will do is automate.  A robot can measure just about anything that goes into a fryer or onto a grill, cook it to spec, and put it on a bun or a plate.  Robot cooks might even serve a drive-thru all night long, with no humans on site.

        Mom and pop diners, without the capital to automate and required to pay $15/hour for labor, would need some other advantage to make it in that environment.

      • mindweapon says:

        Mr. Rational,

        How about food that isn’t poison?

      • Mr. Rational says:

        If you think freezing, breading, and grilling make food poisonous, I probably can’t persuade you otherwise.  There’s nothing in robot-readiness that requires HFCS, hormones, or much of anything else.

      • mindweapon says:

        There’s nothing necessary about robots making bad food, but the fast food joints make bad food that makes people obese.

        What fast food joint sells healthy food? Even Subway is a bunch of bread, which is made from 44 chromosome Frankenstein wheat.

        I think what we have to do is have local people producing real food, and other local people processing it and selling home cooked meals to their neighbors.

        We need to cut out corn/wheat/soybeans completely, and eat potatoes, sweet potatoes, maybe rice for starchy staples.

        Systemic food poisoning is one of the costs of being undiscriminating or indifferent to what one eats. But even poor people could switch to real food and stop getting poisoned, by adding their labor to the local food systems. But they’d rather eat stuff that inflames their gut tract, blows up their bellies, and gives them diabetes and Alzheimers.

        I’ve been studying this stuff, from books like Wheat Belly, Grain Brain, and The Science of Skinny (dumb title, I know, but a great book).

        People are being poisoned en masse. The fix for this is local food systems, which is also at least a partial fix for unemployment and a partial fix for aquifer depletion, soil erosion, and the problem of Agribusines using 10 calories of oil to make 1 calorie of food. We could make food much more efficiently, locally, and not draw down the aquifers or erode the grasslands of the Midwest so much.

        Of course they won’t do anything but more of the same, but we must do for ourslves as much as we can.

        By the way, I felt much better after I stopped eating grain (except rice). Potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, winter squash and lentil beans are my staples these days. No mayonaise, it’s got soybean oil. Ketchup and hot sauce only for seasoning.

  10. Sam says:

    I may have already posted this. My apologies if so. It confuses me that people who have a diet that’s almost all carbs ,(primitive aboriginal diets), seem to do well and then have huge problems when they go to a standard American diet. Also that people that go low carb also do well. Very confusing. Well maybe this guy has an answer for that. Resistant starches(RS).
    There’s a guy who has diabetes so he has to watch what he eats closely. He heard about resistant starches and did some experimenting. Even better he’s not not selling anything. Here’s a link to a guy selling bodybuilding books but it’s a good link on resistant starchs facts.

    Here’s a couple of links to the guy who experimented with resistant starches.

    Maybe this is a key idea. It’s cheap using potato starch as the resistant starch. Combine this with palo and it would seem ideal. From the peoples blood glucose test level(BGL) reported on the blog, RS could be used to loosen restrictions on eating carbs.

    There’s a lot of talk these days about gut bacteria and how it can be beneficial or not depending on what types are in the gut. The RS seems to promote a type that lowers blood glucose levels, dampens BGL swings and reduces inflammation.

    One thing I like about the link is the people there seem to mostly be diabetics they are anal about testing BGL and they post their results. Mostly seem positive. It would be wonderful if a little potato starch every day could vastly improve Americans health even keeping the same diet. I’m ordering some of this and I’m going to try it. I also have a friend that has diabetes and he’s going to try it and watch his blood sugar carefully to see what happens.

    • mindweapon says:

      Great! I don’t recall you ever posting this before, and it’s welcome information. Keep us posted on Resistant Starches!

      One thing I know is that you want to eat lower on the glycemic index. Potatoes are a bit high, but sweet potatoes and beans and winter squash and cabbage are all low, all of which I just had for breakfast, along with scrambled eggs with onion and garlic and cheese and a bit of ham, with ketchup on it. No mayo, no bread, no corn/wheat/soybeans at all. No industrial ag poison at all, unless the ham had some additives, but even then the load would be pretty low overall.

      If I wanted to go totally low glycemic, I would cut out potatoes and rice altogether and eat sweet potatoes instead. Beans and a bit of cheese aren’t paleo, but they are low glycemic.

      For me it’s not even about being fat or not, it’s just about not having the carb rush and crash, and the inflammation. Corn/wheat/soybeans cause inflammation in people, some of it visible, much of it on the inside. Our bodies aren’t made to absorb GMO proteins or trans fats, so they inflame us when we take them in.

      Being systemically poisoned is big news — it’s something we could talk about every single day and it wouldn’t get old, because evidence of it is everywhere, from the waddling people of Walmart to the diabetes clinics to the Alzheimers wards to weight watchers and Jenny Craig, to bariatric surgery.

      There’s a need, and a solution. The need is to stop being poisoned. THe solution is local agriculture and home cooked meals.

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