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School Integration means White kids must sacrifice for the Diversity; Gifted program cut in NYC because it “lacks diversity”

Brooklyn school cutting gifted program to boost diversity Ditmas Park’s P.S. 139 Principal Mary McDonald told parents the elementary school would no longer accept kindergartners applications for the SOAR program. Future classes will be ‘heterogeneously grouped.’ Heterogeneously grouped. In other … Continue reading

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Jimmy Marr gets the word out; anti-racist means anti-white

White rabbits on the march! Horus the Avenger of White Rabbit Radio sends out his minions to spread “the Mantra,” proclaiming, “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” and other derivations of the racist message. While racist rabbits sending minions … Continue reading

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That didn’t take long; boy who got beat up by Kanye West settles for $250,000.00

h/t to Daily Stormer Kanye West settles with beating victim. G’job kid. Use that dough to buy yourself some gold and silver. The guy Kanye West beat up in the waiting room of a Beverly Hills chiropractor hit the jackpot … Continue reading

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Mulatto in France accomplishes what we could only dream of; 5,000 people show up to hear him name the J and laugh

Credit where credit is due. Behold the 21st century Hitler. This works because it’s fun, it’s light hearted, and at the same time people can (safely) express their thermonuclear rage at the Jew. The anti-Hitler mind programming just isn’t triggered … Continue reading

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Petition to end the NFL’s “charity” tax break

What a scam! Go to link and sign the petition. There’s no reason sports fans or any other Americans should pay the National Football League’s taxes. Professional sports leagues with billions in annual revenues don’t need tax exemptions — revoke … Continue reading

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Ill omen? Pope’s doves of peace for Ukraine attacked by angry birds

Originally posted on Family Survival Protocol – Microcosm News:
Prophetic Sign? Pope Francis Releases Peace Dove and Black Crow Attacks Instantly! DAHBOO77 ….. Published time: January 26, 2014 19:23 Edited time: January 27, 2014 10:39 Pope Francis (C) watches as…

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Letter from Matt Hale; Public Demonstrations only way forward, my disagreement

So I got a letter from Matt Hale. I send him whatever books he asks for through On my own initiative I sent him Niall Ferguson’s “The House of Rothschild, Money’s Prophets” and asked if he wanted the second … Continue reading

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