Colleges charge American white kids 600% more in tuition than foreign nationals, and Non-Asian Minorities go for free; h/t to Hardscrabble Farmer

Don’t pay full price for college! We are getting ripped off, big time — in fact, much worse than I thought.

There are some things that are known to a certain group of professional class people, but not known to the wider society. Some of these Open Secrets are jaw dropping. Commenter Hardscrabble Farmer brought us a gem:

I live not far from a 200 year old New England Junior Ivy.I happen to be acquainted with two people who were/are in the office of admissions.

I learned from him (Ed. one of the admissions officers) that while the tuition for native born Whites was 38K, the tab for foreign nationals was roughly 6K and for NAM’s it was gratis. Your average middle class White family does not know this; they have been told that extreme favoritism towards foreigners and minorities is a racist myth.

The good news — increasing diversity means decreasing revenues. Most of these fancy pants colleges don’t have Harvard sized endowments, and depend on the poor white suckers for their inflated salaries and 100% scholarships for the diversity.

Don’t go to the private colleges if you have to pay full price, or even a quarter price! I went to a fancy pants private college, but I did it as a “return to college student” and paid about 3000 a semester and lived off campus. Moreover, I used college to get highly proficient at Russian in 2 years and then go on to the US Army Reserves as a star Russian linguist. So I was always a savvy consumer of higher education.

But we have to warn the families of graduating high school students — these colleges are practicing extreme economic discrimination against whites. But if don’t go to them, they’ll have nothing. THey’ll go out of business.

Anyone visiting colleges should ask the admissions officers and/or deans what is the mean and median tuition that the foreign students pay, the mean and the median tuitions blacks and Hispanics pay and the mean and median tuitions that white Americans pay. Watch the color go out of their fat fed liberal faces as they struggle to weasel out of these very specific questions, to which they KNOW the answers.

Here’s Farmer’s college admissions story in full:

I live not far from a 200 year old New England Junior Ivory.I happen to be acquainted with two people who were/are in the office of admissions. The previous director was told to increase the diversity of the student body. As the numbers of new students who met that criteria were admitted, there was a corresponding funding deficit. In the first year it was 1 Million, twice that the second year and by the third year when quotas had been met or exceeded as per the Board of Directors instructions, the College found itself in the hole to the tune of 6 million dollars- the first time the school had been in the red in its history. The Director of Admissions- whom I know casually through our sons- was asked to resign or to face termination for the financial impact his admissions policy had created. I should mention that he is a very liberal, very White man who not only believed he was doing exactly as he had been asked, but that it was a good thing.

He was then replaced by his subordinate, a foreign national to whom I sell firewood, pork and chicken. He and I have had some very interesting conversations and the last time I dropped by with two cords of wood, he told me about his position, having replaced the last director of admissions. He said he faced an impossible task- continue to accept a growing stream of diversity addmissions which meant heavy discounts, and at the same time staunch the financial losses.

When I pressed him on the amount of mixing between the traditional student body and the newer diverse groups on campus he aswered franklly. “Not much.”

I learned from him that while the tutition for native born Whites was 38K, the tab for foreign nationals was roughly 6K and for NAM’s it was gratis.

I expect this institution to struggle with this problem for the forseeable future because it is obviously not about logic or reason- no one is actually celebrating the diversity, they are rather enduring it. It clearly isn’t about making a a profit, it isn’t even about remaining solvent, so there is no financial upside to it. In fact it isn’t even about making America a better place because citizens are forced to subsidize foreign nationals at their own detriment- in slots and in tuition costs.

It is like watching one of the episodes in Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds in real time. It’s tantamount to buying a beautiful old home and then systematically taking a wrecking bar to it as a means of improving it.

Oh well, as long as everyone feels good about themselves, I guess.


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22 Responses to Colleges charge American white kids 600% more in tuition than foreign nationals, and Non-Asian Minorities go for free; h/t to Hardscrabble Farmer

  1. Ryu says:

    Let the unis die. Anyone can get the same education online, at youtube, for absolutely free. Of course, you don’t get the piece of paper. Any lecture, on any subject, can be found online for free.

  2. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  3. Denise says:

    Reblogged this on The White Tea Room and commented:
    Start Making a SCENE. Raise Holy HELL, at the top of your vocal range. STOP being polite. You are getting RAPED, Whitey. Do you like it? Get angry, YELL, call out White Race Traitors to their soppy faces. SHAME them. Embarrass them. Ask Orcs, to their faces, WHY Whites should pay them one damned penny.

    Polite behavior, in the face of treachery, plunder, and genocide, is simply getting us kilt off.

  4. zek says:

    Suicide by diversity, excellent.

    As I understand it, the Little Ivies are basically centers of DWL status whoring. (Also, for the female students, literal whoring.) You pay your $45k/year so you can say later, at a wine tasting event, “oh, I went to Vassar.” The cachet is higher than the real Ivies, in a way, because they are more exclusive. You get to be an extra special snowflake.

    Think of what could have been accomplished if that admissions director had been a mindweapon. The campus paper would have eagerly printed the fired admissions director’s open letter denouncing the administration as a bunch of racists! As well as the heartfelt stories of the majestic diversity denied an opportunity to make a better life for themselves… the college’s collapse blamed on racist capitalist bondholders.

  5. WhiteGenY says:

    Did he talk about foreign governments sponsor their best students to come over here and obtain useful degrees?
    I can’t picture ling ling majoring in female studies.

  6. Craig says:

    You could always pretend to be Chinese…?

    How’s that get a living pension while studying to become a Phd or Masters.

    Apparently our elite plan to share power or even have their children mingle with who they invite, which is already happening the first boomer ex PM is an example. I think it will have unintended consequences, well I hope so. One thing for sure an elite who do not feel related to those that they rule, well history has already shown what happens.

    • mindweapon says:

      Wow, those bastards! if it’s free for foreigners, it should be free for Aussies.

      • Craig says:

        It use to be mate, the White Liberal Boomers the current political elite in power had FREE higher education in Australia, that all changed in my time to perpetual debt slaves. I had none of that and am better off for it.

  7. Paladin Justice says:

    I have personally witnessed a lot of this at a big public university in Texas, one of the biggest in the country, located in San Antonio. Mexicans go free because of various scholarship monies and other programs funded by government. The Mexican gang-bangers are told, “Hey, it’s free. Even your books are free.” Responding to appeals to narcissism, these academically unqualified morons enroll, but rarely show up for class. However, by “suggesting” that profs assign group work, with all students in a racially mixed group assigned the same grade, then they actually receive passing grades because of the work of the one white student in the group who does the work. Some even graduate without having spent much time on campus, but most eventually forget to fill out a class schedule and such, and end up drop outs.

    It’s a scam people. The wealthy Jewish and white power elites profit by selling the university tables, chairs, buildings, and a myriad of other goods and services that are purchased because of the “phantom” students. When I raised some of these issues with a stray comment or question here and there, I was severely punished. Always look to the power elites (in Texas, Jews and whites) to profit from harebrained diversity schemes. The white students, by the way, take out student loans, thus profiting the Illuminati banksters.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yes, it’s the student loans. We have to stop the student loan scam.

      • Paladin Justice says:

        I can’t prove it but I think there’s even more money in building new classrooms and parking garages for the unqualified minority “students.” I put quote marks on the word students because they are NOT students in any normal sense of the word. The ones that were recruited in San Antonio just moved their drug dealing from the barrio to the university, while the university police were told to look the other way in order to keep enrollments up, so that new construction could be justified.

        There’s also small money (less than a million a pop) in “educational consulting.” The job of the consultant is to get faculty to lower standards in a desparate attempt to keep the minorities enrolled, so that money keeps flowing. The idea is to lower standards without appearing to do so. Hence, lots of group work with everyone in the group receiving the same grade.

      • mindweapon says:

        When I was at Briarwood (now Lincoln College) studying mortuary science, it seemed like it was about 90% whites. But of course I didn’t live in the dorms or have any occasion to visit them. One of the students who lived in the dorms told me there were actually a lot of black students at Briarwood, but they literally NEVER LEFT THE DORMS. They never attended a single class. They went to basketball games, but mostly sat around the dorms and partied.

        In the swankier colleges, like Connecticut College, where, incidentally, I spent a semester in the same dorm building as Debo Adegbile (I knew I recognized him from somewhere!), the black students do go to class. I took a political science class (called “Government”) there and sweated over a term paper, got help at office hours as best I could, did multiple drafts. The night before it was due, the black guy who sat in front of me (not Debo, he was a senior), started writing it the night before it was due. Pile of books, and he’s typing away. He shows me his first page, and he’s writing like he’s having a conversation with someone. This was the sort of writing that wouldn’t have passed muster in high school!

        I got a B-. He got an A. I wondered — did he make excellent content despite his very primitive and un-academic writing style? Or did the professor really grade based on racial handicap? Could he be that good that he wrote a truly good paper just from the night before with a pile of books that he just took out and maybe snatched a quote from each of them?

        At the time I was a conservative who denied being a racist, but was constantly accused of it. Had Stormfront existed, they would have said, “why don’t you go to Stormfront” and I would have. I bet that happens a lot these days. The libs don’t realize that when they do that junior high school nastiness and cattiness, and say, “where’s your hood, racist scum, Stormfront is that way!” they are doing a great job of adding people to the WN movement.

  8. New England Millenial says:

    There’s nothing we can do politically about this affirmative action nonsense. That’s why I hate Republicans and politics in general because it’s not like they will actually help us. We just have to figure out ways to make money out of all this chaos.
    Here’s a great small business idea for the readers. Start a small touring company that has a clientele of insurance company H1-B’s, when their parents visit them they enjoy going on trips and seeing the country. Basically you take these Indians on day trips to NYC or Sat-Sun trips to Niagara Falls or Washington DC. It’s really easy being a tour guide, you just wiki the information on the sights and take them there. As a company you can pre-order the group discounted tickets for the Maid of the Mist boat-ride or Smithsonian museums. Anyway, if you open a touring-business it’s very important to make sure to get your own CDL drivers! I’ve been in arguments with the owner because he outsources the work to some company that has affirmative-action Jamaican drivers who just use a GPS and make mistakes all the damn time. In a schadenfreude kind-of-way, it’s kind of funny when these liberal white woman tour-guides who just “can’t wait to visit Jamaica one day” struggle to explain to these people the cardinal directions on a map!
    What I’ve learned from these bus drivers: In Jamaica the gang leader promises to pay his lackey $1000 to smuggle drugs into NYC. Instead of a clean hand-off, the boss makes a phone call to some underling in the city that he will pay him $500 if he kills the mule and takes the drugs. And the Federal government just loves bringing these people here!

  9. Jan says:

    Boycott university. Set up all white classes. Mainstream unis will die.

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