Debo Adegbile, Obama’s nominee to head their very favorite department, the Department of Justice office of Civil Rights

More about Obama’s nomination of Debo Adegbilem Apparently he was Mumia Abu Jamal’s defenese attorney.

Even more interesting was a legal brief he wrote in favor of discriminating against whites in University of Texas admissions because without sufficient amounts of Magical Diversity, America will fail

Magical Diversity Man Of Color!

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THe above linked legal brief iss a fascinating read. It’s in PDF, put your mouse in the lower right and save it as a PDF. One judge from 1978 makes a quote that America needs Magical Diversity to succeed, and this gets cited in successive cases, including this one, as somehow “gospel.”

As this Court has repeatedly stressed, diversity’s educational benefits go to the heart of our democ-racy: “[N]othing less than the ‘nation’s future de-pends upon leaders trained through wide exposure to the ideas and mores of students as diverse as this Nation of many peoples.’” Grutter v. Bollinger, 539 U.S. 306, 324 (2003) (quoting Regents of Univ. of Cal. v. Bakke, 438 U.S. 265, 313 (1978) (internal citation and quotation marks omitted)). The educational benefits that flow from diverse colleges and universi-ties are no less apparent today than they were three decades ago when Justice Powell cast the deciding vote in Bakke, nine years ago when the Court de-cided Grutter, or five years ago, when it reaffirmed this Grutter principle in Parents Involved in Com-munity Schools v. Seattle School District No. 1, 551 U.S. 701, 722-23 (2007).

They never say why Diversity is Magical or why the nation’s future depends on it.

There’s something really weird about reading this. It’s like a pre-emptive strike into a future when whites say, “screw all this crap.” They are creating all this legal precedent and law saying, “But the nation’s future depends on us! We are so important to you! We are Magical Diversity! If the University of Texas only has 4-5% of blacks instead of 12%, the nation’s future will be in peril! Because Magical Diversity is not strong enough at 4-5%. 12% of Magical Diversity is required! Magical Diversity needs Critical Mass to be fully Magical! If 12% is better than 4%, why not 100% of Magical Diversity? Can there ever be too much Magical Diversity? Like in Detroit, or Zimbabwe? There is apparently an ideal percentage of Magical Diversity to be folded into the white society that needs it so much, but the white society is a hated and envied but necessary ingredient for Magical Diversity to be Magical.

Fully realizing the educational benefits of diver-sity, however, depends on another important predi-cate. There must be a “meaningful representa-tion”—or, to use Grutter’s shorthand, “a critical mass”—of underrepresented minority students. Id. at 329-30. Such a critical mass is necessary because “[b]y virtue of our Nation’s struggle with racial ine-quality, such students are both likely to have experi-ences of particular importance to [a university’s] mission, and less likely to be admitted in meaningful numbers [based] on criteria that ignore those experi-ences.” Id. at 338.

So a critical mass of blacks is needed because of “our Nation’s struggle with inequality.”

But what does that have to do with the nation’s future depending on it? Somehow our Nation’s future depends on achieving racial equality? Racial equality an open ended obligation, with no measure to know, “OK, it’s done, you can go back to your regularly scheduled normal lives.”

So people with a very short time horizon are telling us our Nation’s future depends on them, and on making them equal. Years go by, trillions are spent trying to make it happen, it doesn’t happen.

Many race neutral measures were taken to try and game the system to still admit blacks to UT, but it yielded only 4% to 5% of Magical Diversity!

There is no need to speculate about the devastat-ing impact that petitioner’s proposed cap would have on the enrollment of African Americans and other underrepresented minority students. Between 1997 and 2004, a ban on race-conscious admissions was in place, as a result of the Fifth Circuit’s decision in Hopwood v. Texas, 78 F.3d 932 (5th Cir.), cert. de-nied, 518 U.S. 1033 (1996). During that period, UT took full advantage of race-neutral measures, includ-ing expanded outreach, scholarships, and a state law guaranteeing admission for all Texas residents ranked at the top of their high school graduatingclass. See Tex. Educ. Code § 51.803 (1997) (amended 1999, 2007 & 2009) [hereinafter the Top Ten Percent Plan]. UT also instituted individualized review for applicants not admitted through the Top Ten Per-cent Plan. See JA 374a-381a. From 1997 through 2004, that whole-file review included the socio-economic status of applicants’ families, extracurricu-lar activities, community service, leadership quali-ties, and multiple other factors—but it did not con-sider race. Id.
Despite all of these race-neutral efforts, African-American student enrollment remained unaccepta-bly low. Only 3.4% of the students in the freshman class that entered UT in 2002—shortly before Grut-ter was decided—were African Americans, and at no point between 1997 and 2004 did African-American students comprise more than 4.5% of the entering first-year class. Pet. App. 20a; JA 127a

So you need quotas, and to massively lower standards for one group, or forget it, it’s not enough. These people are fucking batshit crazy. And they make the audacious claim that somehow “we depend on them.” The Nation’s future, as they call it, depends on continued Herculean efforts to gives dem more gibsmedat, aka, fighting inequality and make up for our racist past.

They can’t use white guilt for the liberal agenda any more. People are sick of it, so they use a concept that is integral to white thinking but not much part of black thinking, the future., “the future depends on diversity” or as Barbara Lerner-Spectre, “without diversity, Europe will not survive (in the future).”

Actually, the future is not about the Bigman Debo’s appetite for more government patronage for his My People. The future is about the peaking of mined potash for agriculture; the drawdown of fossil water in the Midwest, and the short lived shale oil boom that will turn to bust after trillions of dollars in short term profits are made. Not to mention the possibility of wars and disasters that could destroy ecological services (food, water, medical and transport infrastructure) overnight.

The wealth and ecological services facilitated by white people are not even an afterthought to Debo. It doesn’t occur to him that he’s destroying the people who make his comfy and magical life possible. As far as he’s concerned, resources are endless, and white organization and white civilization can be taken for granted as the rising of the sun in the morning.

Debo seems to have the childishly naive belief that the only problem in life, is to get those selfish white bastards to cough up more gibsmedat for My People. For a man who appeals to the future for his legal reasoning, he really doesn’t think much about it at all.


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15 Responses to Debo Adegbile, Obama’s nominee to head their very favorite department, the Department of Justice office of Civil Rights

  1. Henry H. Pinkham says:

    Diversity is only loved by the diverse: it provides them opportunities to consume (use up until there is no more left), what the non -diverse have worked hard for. That is why they just LUV the demo(n)-crazy system. Demo-crazy improves things (for them) as it allows them access to what is not, and has never been, theirs, even if they have to break/burn it down, brick by brick, rail for rail, metal-containg-part by sellablemetal part, (and the Zionist divers is willing to trade for drug-money whatever the non-Zionist diverse brings him.

    Diversity ALWAYS leads to a drop in standards, EXCEPT if the people are of similar race and European background.

    When the USA was settled by white people from Western Europe, the country grew and developed. But then Eastern Europe poured in, bringing Jews, half-breeds of sundry type, and afterwards more dissimilar groups. This is where the slipping down the abyss starts.

    During WW II, the Korean War, and Vietnam, the backbone of the USA, the young men, brought home their non-white brides of all colors, and the once respectable USA became just one more African/Vietnamese shithole.

    But you Americans insisted that was paradise, and you wanted to impose your shithole demo-crazy values on the rest of the world. In fact, you forced it upon us. We did not want it and we do not want it now.

    South Africa has abolished Apartheid and consequently has broken down to a not ever third-world country, maybe a fifth or a seventh world banana republic.

    Don’t give us the crap about Mandela being another Jesus, he was just a stinking Jew-trained Negro Communist Freemason, built up by the Jew Media who trained him and groomed him in what to say when he gets out of jail.

    Diversity is only good for the diverse, democrazy for the crazy.

    We, the people, don’t need it.

  2. Henry H. Pinkham says:

    And the Jews are no good to anybody.

  3. PA says:

    Firepower calls such people “our mino masters.” He has a point, but I normally think of these vibrant faces as representative of dead or dying institutions.

    • Ryu says:

      Nearly every top government post is now held by a mino. Negro, bean, indian, feminist. When one looks at the pictures, it’s clear as day. We’re already ruled by minos.

  4. Anon says:

    “They never say why Diversity is Magical or why the nation’s future depends on it.” – not true, why look here:

    “The educational benefits that flow from diverse colleges and universities are no less apparent today than they were three decades ago when Justice Powell cast the deciding vote in Bakke, nine years ago when the Court decided Grutter, or five years ago, when it reaffirmed this Grutter principle in Parents Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle School District No. 1, 551 U.S. 701, 722-23 (2007).” – The sleight of hand here being that said benefits ever existed or were apparent at all.

    • mindweapon says:

      Right. Some judge said it in a ruling, therefore it’s true?

      • I can’t find it on the net now, it was some Australian judge that set the precedent for whites not being a race, there for can’t suffer from racial discrimination. This is where YKW is literally killing us on the judiciary, particularly with YKW nepotism, as it means their tribe will hold the majority of the judiciary in the west longer then is good for us and very detrimental to them.

        No wonder they believe there own bullshit, when they literally write our laws for us, that’s why reality will smack them in the face the hardest. People like that will be the ones to neck themselves I recon when it all falls apart.

        Yep we have the education scam here to. It’s when I realised the East Asian IQ really isn’t all that.

      • mindweapon says:

        Yes, like the case of Emily Bazelon, Yale law professor who attacked “nepotism” among firefighters. Those horrible firefighters were teaching their sons about firefighting around the kitchen table, they are “fire buffs” who read manuals on firefighting, the bastards! Then they pass the lieutenant and captains tests in greater numbers than black and Hispanic firefighters! Nepotism, screamed Emily Bazelon, who happens to be related to a federal judge and to Betty Friedan.

        So you think the Jewish nepotism will end up making reality smack them in the face, eh? I sure hope you are right. Someone like Emily Bazelon has no self awareness as to how she sounds to everyone who’s not a liberal Jew that considers himself or herself morally and intellectually superior to most of the world.

  5. I wrote about how the Anglophone elite perceives the social purpose of education here-

    Naïve people from the heartland are to be improved, and cured of their subtle racism and ethnocentrism by exposure to numinous negroes. Another place you see how this works is the original reality program, “The Real World” on MTV. They had what they called the “touchstone character”- a sweet but naïve white kid who would get bullied by the black or gay kid at some point, cry, but realize it was their ignorance of the beauty of black or gay culture that was the problem.

  6. hardscrabble farmer says:

    I live not far from a 200 year old New England Junior Ivory.I happen to be acquainted with two people who were/are in the office of admissions. The previous director was told to increase the diversity of the student body. As the numbers of new students who met that criteria were admitted, there was a corresponding funding deficit. In the first year it was 1 Million, twice that the second year and by the third year when quotas had been met or exceeded as per the Board of Directors instructions, the College found itself in the hole to the tune of 6 million dollars- the first time the school had been in the red in its history. The Director of Admissions- whom I know casually through our sons- was asked to resign or to face termination for the financial impact his admissions policy had created. I should mention that he is a very liberal, very White man who not only believed he was doing exactly as he had been asked, but that it was a good thing.

    He was then replaced by his subordinate, a foreign national to whom I sell firewood, pork and chicken. He and I have had some very interesting conversations and the last time I dropped by with two cords of wood, he told me about his position, having replaced the last director of admissions. He said he faced an impossible task- continue to accept a growing stream of diversity addmissions which meant heavy discounts, and at the same time staunch the financial losses.

    When I pressed him on the amount of mixing between the traditional student body and the newer diverse groups on campus he aswered franklly. “Not much.”

    I learned from him that while the tutition for native born Whites was 38K, the tab for foreign nationals was roughly 6K and for NAM’s it was gratis.

    I expect this institution to struggle with this problem for the forseeable future because it is obviously not about logic or reason- no one is actually celebrating the diversity, they are rather enduring it. It clearly isn’t about making a a profit, it isn’t even about remaining solvent, so there is no financial upside to it. In fact it isn’t even about making America a better place because citizens are forced to subsidize foreign nationals at their own detriment- in slots and in tuition costs.

    It is like watching one of the episodes in Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds in real time. It’s tantamount to buying a beautiful old home and then systematically taking a wrecking bar to it as a means of improving it.

    Oh well, as long as everyone feels good about themselves, I guess.

  7. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  8. Paladin Justice says:

    Never forget that the purpose of all that is happening in the Cathedral is to miscegenate the white people of the earth out of existence; use wars and patriotic jingoism to have us send our sons and now our daughters to die; to kill us in the streets through the proxy army of feral blacks and browns; and to impoverish us so that we can’t breed or fight back in any meaningful way, being dependent on our menial jobs. One thousand ways to die? YES, and the Cathedral is putting them all into play.

  9. irishsavant says:

    ” It doesn’t occur to him that he’s destroying the people who make his comfy and magical life possible. As far as he’s concerned, resources are endless, and white organization and white civilization can be taken for granted as the rising of the sun in the morning.”

    My discovery of this in Africa lead to my awakening and abandoning ‘liberalism’ totally. Africans and blacks generally DO THINK LIKE THIS. It’s the Pacific cargo cults all over. It’s seen most blatantly in South Africa at present and of course it’s destroying the country.

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