Quenelle the 3rd most searched for term on google; Ha’aretz has a fit

by Allison Kaplan Sommer
What the hell is a ‘quenelle’? Why everyone is searching Google for an anti-Semitic salute
The gesture described as an upside-down Heil Hitler sign is causing trouble for everyone from Tony Parker to Barack Obama.

Diuedonne trademarked the Quenelle! You can’t make this stuff up!

t’s a word that most of us had never heard until this week. Quenelle: a word that sounds like it could be a sophisticated French pastry or obscure breed of exotic bird, or perhaps the latest bizarre celebrity name for a child.

On Monday, it was the third-most-searched-for term on Google.

As those who did not spend their winter holidays unplugged and are up on the latest online scandals know by now, a quenelle is a gesture that is getting a whole lot of famous people into a lot of trouble. At first glance, it looked innocent enough, and it was hard to see what all the fuss was about. To American eyes, it looks like someone with bad aim is trying to strike the pose of the pledge of allegiance with one hand, while the other arm is somehow paralyzed.

The more we learn about Dieudonne, the comedian who started it all increasingly sounds like a really fun guy. Even as the quenelle-on-the-soccer-field swirled across the globe, he was getting into yet more hot water, with news breaking that he may be tried for racial incitement for the eighth time with the opening of a criminal investigation regarding possible suspicion of incitement to racial hatred after he made a remark hinting it was a shame that a Jewish journalist doing a story on him didn’t end up in a gas chamber.

If that’s not bad enough, it looks like Dieudonne is hoping to make a profit off all this publicity. The TV station France 24 tells us that he has “been working on launching a range of quenelle-related merchandise and in October 2013 his wife registered the quenelle as a trademark with the French National Industrial Property Institute.”

T-shirts? Coffee mugs? Whether or not racism turns a profit, it seems that in the near future, nobody will have to Google the word anymore.


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11 Responses to Quenelle the 3rd most searched for term on google; Ha’aretz has a fit

  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  2. Denise says:

    HAHAHA!!! Happy New Year!

  3. Paladin Justice says:


    “Conspiracy theorist” Henry Makow tweeted this link a few hours ago. It explains the history of the quenelle and why le lobby juif are trying to shut down the half-black commedian who created it. I feel more in the loop after reading the linked material.

  4. For some context: “quenelle” is the term for a French meat dish that looks a bit like a penis. For that reason, giving someone a “quenelle” is considered an insult, roughly equivalent of saying “up your ass” or “suck my dick.” In Dieudonne’s stand-up comedy act, he used to point to a part of his arm to show the size of the “quenelle” he was giving to various government personnel. Pointing to your shoulder means you’re giving them a quenelle the size of your arm – a big insult!

    Dieudonne is also infamous for releasing a parody song called “Shoananas” which makes fun of the Holocaust. The title is a combination of “Shoah” (Holocaust) and the French word for pineapple.

  5. AnonZmous says:

    Here is an interesting video interview with one of the guys in the poster, Alain Soral. Once a communist supporter now a nationalist:

  6. Cranberry says:

    Tiberge, who writes Gallia Watch blog, has a nice post on the patriarch of the surviving Bourbons in France, and his views on how France is no longer France. He’s a monarchist, and popular.

    The Quenelle. Generation Identitaire. Monarchy. Muslim violence against France’s Jews and Christians…I know France has a rep for being weak but perhaps the nation that once forged a Christian Europe will rise again to defend itself and it’s fellow nations from this folly, cast off it’s ill-begotten revolutionary spirit, condemn 1789 and 1968 to history’s dungeon, only to bring them out to laugh and mock them. The world needs a new Martel.

    I wish my French was better, I need to regain my fluency. The news coming from the streets is entertaining.

  7. Ryu says:

    This is hopeful news. The government cannot bear to be uncool. Interesting to see them on the other side of the culture for once.

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