Chauncey Devega prefers honest conservative racists to liberal lying racists; more on Ani DiFranco scandal and a new meme; O.J. Simpson is the real Django Unchained

The Most Important Question Surrounding the Ani DiFranco Plantation Retreat “Controversy”: Are White Women the Natural Allies of People of Color in the Struggle Against Racism?

Django Devega — White feminist liberal women are racists too! They just don’t admit it! (I agree).

White conservatives are deeply invested in white supremacy. They are honest about it. By comparison, there is an ugly strain of white Liberal Racism, that while in comparison to the Right, is very different in how it is expressed. But Liberal Racism shares many of the latter’s racist assumptions about people of color…as well as an investment in maintaining and protecting white privilege.

Liberal and Conservative racism both do the work of white supremacy in the United States during the post civil rights era. Unfortunately, the public discourse in the United States has not matured enough to confront such a troubling and challenging social fact.

I realized that mudsharks are actually white supremacists. They get off on being the “master” in the relationship, even if they get mudshark sunglasses. O.J. Simpson is the real Django Unchained! (someone should make a graphic equating the two).

Mudsharks are modern day slave owners, so it should be no surprise when their pet goes Django on them. Anytime a Negro kills his white slave master mudshark, we should say, “he went Django on his mudshark slavemaster.”


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14 Responses to Chauncey Devega prefers honest conservative racists to liberal lying racists; more on Ani DiFranco scandal and a new meme; O.J. Simpson is the real Django Unchained

  1. Denise says:

    What do you think needs to occur before White “Liberals” an “Conservatives” – who are even more entrenched in the lunatic self-delusion of “equality” more than the “Libs’ are – before White face the fact that Non-Whites HATE us because we ARE White – an they are not?

    • Dan Poole says:

      Gulags. Nothing short of being rounded up and shipped off to the gulags will convince them that they are hated for being White. And even then, I’ll bet many of them would be like, “not all non-whites are like this! It’s just the ones who happen to be in power! The virtuous non-whites will cry out for justice and save us!” It reminds me of Revelation 9:20-21:

      “20 The rest of mankind who were not killed by these plagues still did not repent of the work of their hands; they did not stop worshiping demons, and idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood—idols that cannot see or hear or walk. 21 Nor did they repent of their murders, their magic arts, their sexual immorality or their thefts.”

  2. WhiteGenY says:

    One thing that I saw in Django unchained was that Django was used as an tool by the white man on the right.

  3. countenance says:

    White conservatives are deeply invested in white supremacy. They are honest about it.

    That’s news to me.

    • A.Ralston says:

      Me too. From where I watch the parade, White conservatives seem deeply invested in Jwsh supremacism and philosemitism. And they are annoyingly honest about it.

      • Denise says:

        I have no idea why. Talk about pure masochism.It’s the strangest thing. Racism at it’s weirdest. Worshipping the Race that wants you DEAD.

  4. scott says:

    This comment was deleted from his site:

    I’ve been hearing the term “white supremacist” a lot lately. This is the replacement for the older term “racist,” which has fallen out of favor for some reason. My best guess would be that people were misusing the term, implying that nonwhite people can be racist, which of course is absurd and nonsensical. Nor can I figure out why white supremacy is supposed to be a bad thing, when every day on the TV news I see boatloads of black Africans desperately trying to escape from Africa, where blacks are supreme, into Europe, where whites run the show. There are places all over the world — and indeed many jurisdictions in the United States — under non-white supremacy, and the main desire of people who live in those places seems to be to get out of them.

    Strange how you “respectable negroes” whine about us “oppressive” whites, yet you will follow us to the ends of the earth, sue to be allowed near us in schools, neighborhoods, restaurants, social clubs, and anything else which is lacking any of your vibrancy. You must be the only people in history who desired to stay as close to their “oppressors” as possible. I could say that I wonder why you would do that, but I know-it’s because you’re a race of parasites who would die without the white host to feed off. Added to that, your hatred and envy of whites impels you to try to destroy the things whites create, much as you’ve destroyed Detroit and South Africa, to name just two. The same way you’ve destroyed your failed schools-Memphis School District (majority black) recently dissolved its failing school system in order to consolidate it with the successful surrounding county (majority white) systems so that they can destroy those schools too. They couldn’t, after many years and millions of dollars, bring their own schools up to standard, so they must destroy the white schools, as if in revenge.

    Your hatred against whites is misplaced. It was nature who gave blacks the wrong qualities for thriving in a civilized, white world, and the right ones for surviving in their natural third world environment. Whites too have suffered historical bondage-feudalism, serfdom, slavery-yet rose above it to become the most successful race in history by most standards. They did it before any such thing as a “grievance industry” existed-there was no “guilt” amongst their competitors which made them handicap themselves while giving whites a head start.

    But when that’s all blacks have-dependence on the kindness of strangers-to have anything, to achieve anything, such as they do, I suppose they have no choice but to utilise the one thing they have going for them.

    The problem is, they’ve mistaken kindness for weakness, and have forgotten that they only live a first world life in western nations thanks to whites. They’ve convinced themselves (in spite of Detroit, Birmingham, etc) that life will go as it has, in their dream of a world without whites.

    They close their eyes to the truth that their world will be worse than Detroit-it will be all the horrendous things which are life in Africa, in Haiti, in any place where blacks rule.

    As a white person, knowing what to expect if blacks were ro become a majority, I’m grateful that I and other whites won’t be here to live in such a world.

    But you blacks will have even more problems than those which create for yourselves. Nature abhors a vacuum, and blacks, of all people, are utterly unfit, unqualified, and incapable of filling the power vacuum which will exist after th demise of whites. But no problem, China is there to step and take the reins. Good luck with your traditional tactics of whining, begging, threatening, and guilting the Chinese. If you don’t believe me, just do a little research into China’s presence in African countries.They make no pretense of being concerned with human rights. If they would run their own people down with tanks before the eyes of the world without a hint of apology, how do you think they’ll treat blacks, whose only use to them is as manual labor? They certainly don’t need you for your distinctive cognitive abilities.

    If they control the breeding of their own people, how do you think they’ll deal with you? They only need so many of you for manual labor, and they won’t be interested in feeding any more than that.

    Oh, and the Hispanics, when they surpass you in population and in power, will have even less use for you. They will want those manual labor jobs themselves, and they have a better work ethic overall. All they want from you is GONE-as they’ve shown by clearing Compton and other places of your presence.

    Won’t it be great that evil ole YT won’t be here anymore to run interference for you with their guilty consciences and altruistic nature, and that you’ll be able to be create all the Detroits and Haitis you desire? Well, maybe not too many Detroits, as there won’t be any whites to create the cities so you can destroy them.

    Let me see, what do blacks create when whites aren’t around. Oh yeah, mud huts. And flying saucers, almost forgot that one.

  5. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    I am a white supremacist. Always have been, always will be. I have always had a sense of identity. I love my white pale skin. I love my blue eyes. I love my blonde hair. I love the fact that my hair is fine like corn silk. I live that my Nord kids get looks of racial envy from assorted Diversiturds such as Hebes, Beaners, Gooks ( the goofy men especially), Muzzies, and of course the Groids.

    Eat your heart out Die Versity!

    Anyway, I have to say that the last thing I’d want to do as a white supremacist is mash it with the Purple Penis. I like white guys, but I have to say that unfortunately, many have been damaged by the tenets of Cultural Marxism so they have been taught by the Talmudvision that all white American women are entitled princesses.

    Maybe mudsharks are White Supremacists. Maybe this ‘purple penis mash’ phenenomenon comes from deep characterological issues in these women who have some psychological need to ‘help’ these North American Pavement Apes (NAPAS) by giving them access to the white poon and white gene set, a stance that is inherently supremacist yet self destructive – an almost Borderline Personality Disorder presentation that stems a LACK OF IDENTITY and has some Narcissism to it. And many white people have been de -racinated via Cultural Marxism hence leading to a weak racial identity. Who knows? Again, I don’t get it because I have a racial identity.

    I have recently re located to an almost exclusively all white area. I have maybe seen one groid at the airport. It has been wonderful not to deal with any angry, surly, ‘chip on the shoulder’ groids. It’s snowy and cold here, but maybe that will discourage the black vermin from coming here – I can only hope!

  6. Dan Poole says:

    So while Chauncey DeVega and friends eat white feminists like Ani DiFranco alive, there’s another traitorous sell out POS that’s getting his comeuppance from tumblr:

    Just look at some of these comments from that link:



    Insert “Neo’s reaction to discovering the Matrix” here. But wait, there’s more:

    Tumblr needs to hop down off it’s high fucking horse and instead of turning against a potential role model and ally to all that they’ve been fucking preaching about JUST BECAUSE HE’S PRIVILEGED AND WHITE, maybe make him an icon because he’s not rapping about disrespecting women. He’s making a small change. But because he grew up with a well structured family environment and he was able to afford everything he desired, he’s suddenly the enemy.

    White people see what Macklemore SAYS. Non-whites see what Macklemore IS. Behold the pending collapse of the anti-white coalition:

    Macklemore hate is proof that Tumblr’s brand of militant social justice is just made up of a bunch of people with either a victimization fetish and/or a hateful, angry heart seeking acceptable targets, and they then proceed to poison the people that really just want to do good, ultimately mangling a good cause beyond recognition.

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