Is Amy Chu’a part of a controlled demolition of multiculturalism-egalitarianism?

The latest Amy Chu’a book made me reach for my tinfoil hat. I’m not usually conspiratorial, but this looks like a partial controlled demolition of multiculturalism-egalitarianism. The oligarchy may be realizing that they cannot meet open ended obligations for dysfunctional people to breed like rabbits and become a burden on society. Next on the Yale Channel — “Is sterilizing the developmentally disabled and the criminal classes really equivalent to the Holocaust?”

Extra, Extra: Tiger Mom Has More Opinions About “Superior” Races

Tiger Mom: Some cultural groups are superior

Unsurprisingly, the Chinese Chua and the Jewish Rubenfeld belong to two of the eight groups they deem exceptional. In no seeming order of importance, they are:
Cuban exiles
These groups — “cultural,” mind you, never “ethnic” or “racial” or “religious” — all possess, in the authors’ estimation, three qualities that they’ve identified as guarantors of wealth and power: superiority, insecurity and impulse control.

Culture! Remember that code word? LOL. She included those hard working Nigerians to prove she’s not wacist!

Example of Nigerian impulse control.

White nationalists don’t mug for the camera much any more. WN 2.0 know better. But that’s a niche that’s going to be filled one way or another. Someone is going to notice that there are serious group differences, and want to talk about it publicly and put their faces out there.

Frankly, it’s quite a burden to argue for superiority of any kind, and represent oneself as a representative face of that superiority. Someone’s got to do it, but it’s better that someone else do it.

I’m glad someone is doing it. But I’m even more glad it’s not us!

So they are Asians and Jews and probably not purposefully or wilfully acting in the interests of ordinary whites. Nevertheless, it’s good for us when anyone makes the case for human biodiversity and against egalitarianism.

In a nutshell, the Chu’a-Rubenfelds are creating a better intellectual and ideological environment for us and our agenda to influence our fellow YT’s. They are making it safer to talk about this stuff, and to promote eugenics and exert more influence over whom our children marry. And they may very well be taking down welfare liberalism as we know it.

Amy Chu’a has come up with what she calls the Triple Package.

1. Superiority

2. Insecurity

3. Impulse control.

She missed the most important one though — Taqqiyah. If the superior people publicize what they do, others might take it up and start competing with them for their niches. In fact, Amy Chu’a did just that with her Tiger Mom book. I’ve been a lone voice crying in the wilderness for whites to put more effort in math and science so the Asians don’t take all the math/science/engineering niches.

Tiger Mom spilled the beans. In intelligence jargon, she “gave away the store.” It’s not the Triple Package, Amy, it’s the Quadruple Package — superiority, insecurity, impulse control and a big cup of shut the fuck up! But I thank you for the store!

The Market Dominant Minorities and liberals are blissfully unaware of the circling wolfpack that is paying careful attention to them and their advantages, and not just Sino-Semites, but also Arabs, Indians and Sikhs. All these people have traits that we can adopt to our own advantage.

The irony of multiculturalism is that it’s going to ultimately fuel the rise of a new hostile elite — namely, us. We are going to draw on the accumulated folk knowledge of all the cultures that have power in this country. Multiculturalism is a breeding ground for human super germs, for Jewicillin-Resistant Aryan Homo Sapiens.

My experience with liberals is that their view of white people is about 50 years out of date. They imagine people like from the 1960’s, prosperous, naive, and easily browbeaten. That’s their story of us, and they’re holding on to it for dear life. To let go of this story would mean the end of liberalism — they will have to either let us be what we are, or kill us. That choice is going to be forced on them well before 2020. The cracks in the Berlin Wall of multiculturalism and egalitarianism. are forming all over the place — Amy Chu’a, being a Yalie, is a most prominent crack in the wall.

One thing that baffles me — is she so naive about political correctness that she didn’t realize that there will be a hate storm against her? Or, to engage in conspiratorial thinking, is Amy Chu’a about more than just a woman writing books? Is she a tool of larger forces? Being at Yale, one has to suspect this.

Is Amy Chu’a part of the controlled demolition of multiculturalism-egalitarianism? And second, is this controlled-demoition going to empower us? I’m not sure about the first, but I answer a strong yes to the second.


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32 Responses to Is Amy Chu’a part of a controlled demolition of multiculturalism-egalitarianism?

  1. clytemnestra57 says:


    Chua-Rubenfeld is all about arrogance and hubris, nothing more. That is what is behind this book. They think they have won a TKO on the White race. This book is the victory spike, because they believe that Whites are a defeated people who are too demoralized to get off their backsides and climb back into the ring. This patronizing advice is based on their belief that it is already too late for Whites to make a come-back.

    I am not as impressed with IQ tests as many other WN’s into Human Bio-Diversity. To me, they mean little or nothing in the grand scheme of things. So their IQ points are allegedly higher than Whites. Just because Jews and Asians have appropriated Western civilization does not mean they created it or built it; Whites did.

    Why were they so successful? They could not compete on a level playing field, so they cheated in every way imaginable. They were more discreet about it several decades ago, but they are pretty blatant about it now.

    Political correctness was all about guilt-tripping Whites out of being competitive with Non-Whites. Period. When Whites guzzled the Koolaid and stopped competing, this gave an opening for the Chua’s and the Rosenfelds of America to edge them out, move in, and keep them out through nepotism.

    • Jon says:

      There is something more to consider about IQ. Mean IQ is not the only thing that matters. Even with a 1 st d advantage on average, Azkenazis have in absolute number only half so many geniuses as European peoples. Our flatter bell curve holds big disadvantage to us though, to be sure. I believe that its a chief reason for our lack of ethnic/racial cohesion. We need to encourage our brigher examples to breed and discourage our dimmer ones from breeding. But nearly any government expense can be seen as having a goal of achieving the opposite.

    • mindweapon says:

      Excellent comment Cly! THey are declaring premature victory, and openly telling us how they procured their advantages.

      • clytemnestra57 says:

        I have never thought IQ tests were worth much and nothing changed my mind even though I tested out at 137. I’m not living in a cardboard box, but I’m not a roaring success which is only one reason why I agree with Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does.” IMO, tests were designed for and by people who came up with them.

        IQ tests were devised by three Ashkenazis: Alfred Binet, Theodore Simon, and Victor Henri. Maybe Jews scoring the highest on such tests is a coincidence, but I doubt it. Thank “G-d,” the people who came up with IQ Tests, not only scored the highest on those IQ tests, but managed to tout their results to credulous Gentiles everywhere resulting in stupid Goys not knowing how stupid they really were until IQ Tests. Pffftttt.

        Better yet, it’s a damned good thing IQ tests had not been discovered before Da Vinci and other artists, builders, sculptors and inventors became aware of them. Otherwise, we’d still be living in the Dark Ages. Proving that if you can’t dazzle ’em with your own brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit. IMO, IQ tests are bullshit.

        The Chuas and Rubenfelds got where they are by cheating and/or conning Whites. The glorious thing is that they have been so successful at this, that they have lost any intellectual honesty and believe their own hype. Which is great news for Whites. All Whites have to do is focus on what has always worked for Whites in the past … thinking outside the box.

        MW, the cracks appearing in the system are NOT some kind of controlled demolition of either multiculturalism or egalitarianism. They are appearing, because the system can no longer hide the corruption and incompetence of the Third World populations it is embracing.

      • mindweapon says:


        Your writing reflects a high IQ, so you kind of refuted your own argument when you gave us your number.

        I don’t know that the Chuas and the Rubenfelds cheated as much as accessed private opportunities (privilege — private law). The jews have a private law among themselves (privilege) and use it to make sure their own succeed.

        If you want to say they cheated, well, considering that I want us to copy from their playbook, am I advocating cheating and is that bad?

  2. Attila says:

    I lived around Cuban exiles (early wave) and they are extremely right-wing and not in a specifically religious way. They are not particularly devious- but rather brutally direct, like
    Italians, Germans and Israelis. The opposite of your typical “nice” American stereotype.

    • mindweapon says:

      That’s very good. Direct people are less susceptible to the Munchausen by Proxy Nanny State ministrations.

    • Mindweapons, I think you are confusing cheating with opportunism. The folks in charge right now are not a meritocracy, but have become a kleptocracy; nothing more than an elite class of crooks who sell one bill of goods after another to the American public.

      The problem with a cheat or a con is that eventually, the fraud is discovered. Chutzpah and other assorted bullshit can only get one so far. Sooner or later, one has to produce successful results. Your average Joe or Jane does not give a damn who’s in charge of anything as long as they are competent and do the job they were commissioned well.

      For example, anyone who ever looked at the names of Hollywood moguls and executives could guess that they were Jewish. That did not stop people from being avid moviegoers during Hollywood’s Golden era. Does that mean they were philo-Semitic? No. People stopped going to movies when they stopped being entertaining. Does that mean they are anti-Semitic? Of course not!

      Nothing enrages people more than being lied to and sold nothing more than a bill of goods. If what is going on in America today is any indicator of past banana republics that end badly then, if you think about it, the blatant corruption and wholesale looting of the country is incompetent leadership scrambling to pad their pockets so that they get the fuck out of Dodge in style before they are lynched by the enraged populace.

      I think you agree with me that political correctness is more about guilt-tripping Whites into not competing by seizing on every opportunity. But, for any White who plans to assume leadership once this system collapses, keep this in mind. There is going to be a big demand for leaders who are not just competent, but leaders who can fix mistakes and there are going to be a lot of them. People will have no patience with charismatic confidence artists who are incapable of doing anything spinning a good yarn.

      Whites should take advantage of every opportunity that arises and penetrate any weakness that they see. I am not advocating against Whites practicing the same sort of nepotism the others do, but we better make damned sure our network of people are unimpeachably competent. Moreover, despite how IQ tests change to fit the narrative of those who created them, Whites have proven themselves not only extremely competent but creative as well. All Whites need to do is stop allowing YKW’s confidence games to shake that sense of competence, so that they will be free to be creative.

      However, I am opposed to cheating, because cheaters cannot pass an honest assessment or stand up under close scrutiny. Whites need to innovate smarter not harder ways to study and learn the material. That’s all there is to it. I think this is where a network of homeschoolers could be of valuable assistance.

  3. Anon says:

    from the NYPost: “Paradoxically, in modern America, a group has an edge if it doesn’t buy into — or hasn’t yet bought into — mainstream, post-1960s, liberal American principles.” – Yes, paradoxically.

  4. Craig says:

    “Is Amy Chu’a part of the controlled demolition of multiculturalism-egalitarianism?”

    A short answer, yes. But, the new political theory being tested in Australia is the conservative Anglocelt coalition, this theory was popping up on racialist forums if you hadn’t noticed a couple of years ago. In reality it’s Anglo-Saxon nepotism. The WASP’s are being offered a place at the table again, as long as they can control the white masses. Beware the Anglo Neocons in other words. You would of watched this unfold in intellectual sophistry(on behalf of the Anglo Neocons) on TOO in regards to the latest Dr Jim Salem articles.

    “And second, is this controlled-demoition going to empower us? I’m not sure about the first, but I answer a strong yes to the second.”

    Not if the YKW and traitor WASP’s can help it mate, if you can’t read the double dialectic you gonna have trouble deciphering the motives. Here’s a little hint YKW betrayed the red English lodges after WW2, now YKW realised they fucked up and are trying to save their own arse, by kissing the Anglo-saxon traitors on the dick.

    I agree with you, if we have something to do with it, then yes, we will regain our rightful destiny.

    I think we start concentrating on exposing the white traitor’s to the white public IMO, for if they can’t manipulate the white public they’ll be left with little options, and ergo will have expose their true faces… Exposing the white traitors and YKW at the same time I think will be a powerful meme.

    • mindweapon says:

      Exposing the white traitors is more applicable to Australia, because Australia is starting from a baseline of a much healthier society.

      What we have to do is cure ordinary Americans of their inflammation, and THEN they themselves will see the traitors with their own eyes. Also, as the healers of social and spiritual inflammation, we’ll have influence over those whom we heal.

      • Craig says:

        Amazingly the highest immigration rates in Australian history now predominately non-white, higher birth rates of the invaders and the higher death rates of the Boomers will probably make White Australia a major minority not too long after the USA white population. Funny that hey we are only 10 to 20 years behind you guys. I know a Pom who reckons we are 14 years behind England. We are going down nearly the exact same pathway as all the other Western countries.

        Awakened Australians know it doesn’t matter who you vote for, Progs go 100 miles/hr and Connedservatives travel at 50 miles/hr, we still end up at the same destination. Exposing the billionaires and their the cronies would help IMO, if anything it may put a little sting of fear into their hearts. That fear may lead to an over reaction, disabling the “Impulse Control” of our enemies.

        I can always hope I guess.

  5. PA says:

    So Nigerians are one of the superior cultures… which ones — Housa, Igbo or Yoruba? Christian or Muslim?

  6. The one thing all these groups have in common is that they are all highly nepotistic and they have found some way to fortify this nepotism by constructing an elaborate network to promote each other and exclude any outsiders.

    Mormonism was White Judaism. They used to be very racist against Blacks, but they were highly antagonistic to any White who was an unbeliever, especially in the early days, and even called Non-Mormons “Gentiles.” Indeed Mormons somewhat consider themselves Jews or ancient Hebrews. They believe they are descendants of the Israelite tribe, Ephraim and appear to be very Philosemitic.

    The Mormon Church has gone through some reforms thanks to some very liberal revelations (probably thanks to FedGov) of their latest prophet, so they will now ordain Black and other Non-White priests. However, other than that, they have made sure to keep their conventions so strong in Implicit Whiteness that Mormonism is a turn-off to most Non-Whites.

    • Hole in one, it’s the many nepotistic alliances that keep this show rolling on and YKW have many of them.

      As they say, “Money talks and bullshit walks.”.

      Exposing these alliances will force more leaks and cracks to appear, eventually breaking up their multicultural cabal with infighting.

      Then again 2014 is the year of “Crimethink” for the USA apparently so we’ll see if TPTB decide to bring the hammer down instead.

      • mindweapon says:

        Why do you think this is the year of Crimethink? I don’t see any sign of the hammer coming down.

      • I read it some where else, the phrase that is. In reality only America has a form of free speech left, your country, is the last country in which “CrimeThink” is still permissible to speak out loud if you can. Technically Americans are still prosecuted for “CrimeThink” if you have something to loose via trial by media. The next step is to legislate.

        The hammer option only requires a convincing false flag, admittedly harder now, but still desperate people do desperate things, like starting world wars and what not…

      • Anything is possible, but I have my doubts that there will be official Crimethink.

        I just think we will see an intense escalation of what we are already dealing with right now with quasi-official organizations like the SPLC escalating what they do and PC fanatics monitoring internet and Twitter, in particular, to catch anyone telling an inconvenient truth so they can destroy their livelihoods. I imagine there will be a bigger push to end any internet anonymity to make this easier for them. Which is true. The Constitution cannot force a cowardly employer under pressure to fire you to keep employing you.

        Anytime someone is publicly singled out for uttering an inconvenient truth and someone else tries to protest their lynching, the PC fanatics take great pleasure in telling them that the Constitution restricts the government from punishing free speech so your first amendment rights are protected, but it does not shield you from any consequences that come out of it.

        But why bother with Official Crimethink Suppresion when what the system has right now works so well? That’s why I’m rather skeptical about how extensive the alleged FEMA camps are. It costs money to maintain gulags of non-violent Americans who violate speech codes. What is now in place is so much more effective and efficient and so much less cost prohibitive it isn’t funny.

      • mindweapon says:

        I’ve actually observed a loosening of Crimethink. In the early 2000’s there was a big crackdown on us with Michael Chertoff as the head of the Department of Homeland Security and the kosher crowd in charge.

        Obama, by contrast, is much better than Bush. Eric Holder is obviously a Black Power type of guy, but so far he’s a lot better than Michael the Devil Chertoff.

        As far as the SPLC taking scalps, it’s not like it used to be. Conservatives used to say, “they do good work,” but now they just spit at the name of the SPLC — ever since the SPLC started attacking Focus on the Family and such.

    • contemplativemorrigan says:

      I wonder if/how the implicitly white Mormons in the southwest view other whites – especially white Christians – now that the very worst of Mexico has infested the states their ancestors built. Are they willing to expand their in-group to those who look like them and share the same values (except belief in Joseph Smith), or are they in an “us —> everyone else” mindset even where other whites are concerned? They have their own problems as a subculture, but if even the multicult is branding them as the last white hope, perhaps we should be considering how to foster better relations with them. The only problem is that evangelicals and Mormons would forever be trying to convert each other, so there would always be something of a power struggle.

      • Rita Rabbit says:

        indeed perhaps it is time to join the Mormon Church in the only in order to take advantage of its influence.

      • mindweapon says:

        I think we can do this for ourselves. We are a new church, a new spiritual movement.

      • There is a lot to be said for the Mormon Church. Avowed atheist and Church of Creativity founder, Ben Klassen, thought that of the sects claiming to be Christian, the Mormon Church was the best, most healthy “fraud” for Whites. They do not squander church time, money, or resources on bringing Non-White Muslims (who have no intentions whatsoever of converting to Christianity) into White communities in America, unlike the Roman Catholic and Lutheran Churches.

        They may send missionaries to other lands, but it is with the idea of setting up parishes in those lands, not bringing them here. Because so many Mormons have had to become proficient at a foreign language and have lived abroad, many of them either work for intelligence agencies or have networked with them.

        Mormons are allegedly philosemitc, but they don’t engage in the fawning obsequiousness to Jewry that fundamentalists like John Hagee do … except the Mormon politicians, of course. My reading is that, where the Jews are concerned, they are a more benign version of British Israelitism or Christian Identity. They believe the British are of Manasseh’s tribe and that White Americans are of Ephraim’s tribe. But unlike CI, they don’t consider Jewry to be The Synagogue of Satan or Edomites, but legitimate Judeans who simply haven’t become enlightened Mormons (Christians) yet. In any case, you don’t see a lot of articles by the media singling the Mormons out for any harassment.

        Mormons no longer exclude Anti-Whites. They frown on any open bigotry toward People of Color by Whites. However, they are like a restaurant that knows it will face a lawsuit if they withhold service from Black people, but designs its whole menu and everything else about the restaurant, like playing classical music, to repel Blacks. They are not rude to Non-Whites, but they don’t do anything to make them feel extra welcome. Converts, regardless of color, expected to conform to Mormon Doctrine which is Implicit Whiteness in the extreme, not vice versa. Naturally, most Non-Whites are repulsed by this; only those Non-Whites who desperately crave structure stick around.

        All of their charity usually involves Mormons only. If a Mormon is going through some kind of crisis, the Mormon Church pits all its resources into helping him. A Mormon boss is more likely to hire another Mormon than anyone else. The Mormon religion is the closest thing Whites have right now to an organization which promotes White interests, so If I were living in an area with a high Mormon demographic, I would definitely consider converting, especially in today’s economy with today’s Anti-White bureaucracy.

      • About 2003 there were articles about how the Mormons had been establishing themselves in intelligence work. There’s a story that J. Edgar Hoover liked to hire Mormons at FBI because “they knew how to keep a secret” due to years of undercover polygamy. Then of course, there’s the new massive NSA facility in Salt Lake. When the Israeli “art students” showed up they were immediately exposed by the community.

        According to my contacts in Deserret, the Mormons are bitching about illegal immigrants as much as anyone, and decrying how the modern world is turning their idyllic paradise into just another piece of Amerika. Mormons tend to be desperate to be accepted by mainstream Christians and always feel like the red headed step child of the Church.

        I’ve often considered joining the Mormons for just the reasons you gave. But you know, Mormons are a lot like Muslims – you can have more than one wife, but you can’t drink.

        Who could put up with even one woman without drinking?

        I kid, I kid! Ha ha not really.

      • mindweapon says:

        Great point HR. Not being able to drink at all, ever, is a deal breaker.

        Good to hear that the rank and file Mormons aren’t welcoming the Mexinvaders.

      • ContemplativeMorrigan says:

        I could never join the Mormon church in good conscience as I simply don’t believe in their doctrinal divergences from the rest of Christianity. I would certainly not have a problem sending my [hypothetical future] kids to a majority-Mormon school/having them attend Brigham Young University or living in a community with lots of Mormons, though. All of this is really moot in my case since I will likely decide to stay in the northeast, but considering that a lot of whites in the southwest have had their come to Hitler moment in the last two decades, it is still of interest for WN 3.0.

  7. Ryu says:

    What does the USG have to profit by helping whites? The thing is, we don’t control whites. The system does that for most whites. Oh, they may whine and hate Big Daddy Gov, but they’ll still work and pay their taxes. WNs are only a very small portion of whites, maybe 5%.

  8. Dan Poole says:

    “is this controlled-demoition going to empower us? I’m not sure about the first, but I answer a strong yes to the second.”

    I respectfully disagree. The very fact that it’s controlled means it probably won’t empower us. Craig is absolutely right: We must start concentrating on exposing the white traitor’s to the white public. I’ve been doing some of this myself by railing against Conservatism Inc. on my Examiner channel, and by taking various conservative heroes to task – particularly Ted Cruz (who isn’t a “traitor” by our definition but nonetheless has considerable support from millions of normal/traditional White Americans).

    As you said Mindweapon, the Berlin Wall is cracking. Don’t think that YKW doesn’t have a well-designed escape plan in case that wall collapses. Under no circumstances will they allow the collapse of multiculturalism-egalitarianism to be traced back to them. Cover up is the name of the game. They’ll make it appear as if the rise of the superiority-inferiority aspect of the Dark Enlightenment was something that “just naturally happened,” just like everyone claims right now that the post-1965 tidal wave of non-white immigrants (and the accompanying collapse of the White population) is something that “just naturally happened.” Unfortunately, the masses are too simple-minded to cut through the bullshit and see that all these things did NOT “just naturally happen.” I’m having some fun right now on Twitter with the equality zealots who called Chau a racist, but I’m gonna put on my tin foil hat as well by saying she appears to just be running interference. Instead of hearing the scientific facts from, say. Jared Taylor, they’ll hear them from a “safe source.”

    It could all blow up in their face. Controlled demolition is hazardous, especially when the concept being demolished is equality – the guiding value of the Enlightenment. But never underestimate their ability to get away with things. Mercilessly exposing the white traitors accomplishes two things:

    1. It gives the appearance of a Civil War among Whites, which makes it much harder for YKW to smear us then it does when we criticize non-whites. What’s the SPLC gonna do, start defending the WASP elite or the snotty upper class SWPL’s? That’s not gonna happen. The fact that it will also be a class struggle will make it that much harder for them to criticize us because they are communists anyway.

    2. It strips them of their business allies that they’ve relied on repeatedly. Expose Colin Sullivan as a rat and what power does Frank Costello have to continue with things as usual? Sullivan was bought off and paid for. He has power, influence, and prestige. Some may not like him, but no one calls him out as a traitor. No one even knows he’s a traitor. Sound familiar?

  9. MOISHE says:

    yes – its a race to the finish with the jew envisaging our demise whilst they stand on top of the brazilled/balkanised heap of humanity – but intuition tells me that the jews are losing bigtime and the hardcore whites that have survived d the politically correct gulags, will (just like that cool DaftPunk song) – be: STRONGER, FASTER, QUICKER, MEANER!!!!!!!

  10. Ekuson Debango says:

    I hate to inform you that the niggra with the sign is not a fucking Nigerian in the first damn place.That niggra is long lost and gone for damn real.Motherfucker pretending and dying to be who he can’t be.

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