Spiritual Sickness should be viewed as a Medical Condition, specifically Inflammation, and it is induced by the Munchausen by Proxy Nanny State

The world of the mind, the soul, the psyche, of intuition, is difficult to discuss with clarity. But it is a central question that cannot be evaded.

So we start with something we know; there is a such thing as spiritual health and spiritual sickness. The spiritually sick person does things that harm himself and/or others. At the same time, we live in a society that requires us to a degree to harm others or be harmed ourselves. The person working 50 hours a week for 9 bucks an hour, and paying 30% of his paycheck for his car, and eating poison GMO corn syrup/wheat/soybeans and destroying his health, is a victim. He is no less a victim for the fact that with his poorly thought out decisions, he ends up collaborating in and paying for his own victimization.

Industrial Ag food causes internal, and sometimes external inflammation. Medical science discovered that inflammation is a huge problem in autoimmune diseases like Alzheimers and Crohns disease and many other conditions. I remember taking a Pathophysiology class and I heard the term inflammation over and over again, but he didn’t mention the dietary causes of inflammation. That is coming out in some books like Grain Brain and Wheat Belly. I think that someday it will be known that they were covering up Industrial Ag food as causing internal inflammation in the same way tobacco companies denied that cigarette smoking was harmful for decades.

Physical inflammation impairs mental functioning and mood stability. So it is important to try to minimize physical inflammation.

Mental inflammation is even more interesting. Mental inflammation is cognitive dissonance. It is living in a state where one simulates believing certain things with the mind, that the soul knows is wrong. This is why liberals like Justine Sacco make racial gaffes — the spiritual inflammation becomes visible!

Liberalism is cognitive dissonance for anyone who is able to understand that disease prevention is always preferable to disease treatment.

Disease prevention would be a degree of managing human reproduction to discourage the fecundity of dysfunctional people who cost society in both moral and financial terms, and encourage the fecundity of functional people who contribute to society in moral and financial terms.

Instead, liberals promote disease by all but outlawing “judgmentalism,” and any kind of folk authority besides corporate and government authority. Corporations and governments want to be the parents of our children, even though they make very bad, corrupting parents — they are the Munchausen by Proxy Nanny State, the MbPNS. The Folk must learn to fight for the souls of it’s children against the predatory corporate/government complex.

Liberals focus on paying themselves to treat the symptoms of spiritual sickness, while promoting spiritual sickness through license and making the whole country a “judgment free zone” for single moms. They are the firemen who set fires and make everyone pay to put those fires out. Massive welfare populations are the “fire” and the “children” at the same time, and the government/corporations are the “firemen” and the “parents” at the same time. They want to destroy all Folk Authority and make everyone a ward of the state. Most everybody (but not quite everybody) a walking crisis on wheels, addicted to drugs, stray children all over the place, and the liberal elect being paid a middle class wage to take care of them.

The fire analogy is also a good one, because the wards of the state are both physically and spiritually inflamed. They are people on fire, in crisis, sick. They need social workers, counselors, police, doctors more and more.

Liberals put all their values of kindness into the State, because they believe that voting for left wing politicians will increase the kindness in the world. They are mistaken. Bill DeBlasio is not going to make New York City a kinder, gentler place, just a lot mroe patronage for the city’s “firemen” of the hellish inferno of the degeneracy dystopia.

The Christian churches are all about tolerance and even promotion of sin, because they get to do their Christian thing and help the messed up people. Modern churches want as many dependent people as possible, so they can Mother Theresa them. But what you may not know about Mother Theresa — she ran a hospice without providing pain killing drugs, even though she could have. The woman was a brutal sadist who enjoyed seeing people die in pain. When she herself was dying, she didn’t use her own hospice, but instead went and got proper palliative care and took pain medicine. The truth about Mother Theresa

Mary Loudon, a volunteer in Calcutta who has since written extensively about the lives of nuns and religious women, has this testimony to offer about the Home for the Dying:

‘My initial impression was of all the photographs and footage I’ve ever seen of Belsen and places like that, because all the patients had shaved heads. No chairs anywhere, there were just these stretcher beds. They’re like First World War stretcher beds. There’s no garden, no yard even. No nothing. And I thought what is this? This is two rooms with fifty to sixty men in one, fifty to sixty women in another. They’re dying. They’re not being given a great deal of medical care. They’re not being given painkillers really beyond aspirin and maybe if you’re lucky some Brufen or something, for the sort of pain that goes with terminal cancer and the things they were dying of …

‘They didn’t have enough drips. The needles they used and re-used over and over and over and you would see some of the nuns rinsing needles under the cold water tap. And I asked one of the why she was doing it and she said: ‘Well to clean it.’ And I said, ‘Yes, but why are you not sterilising it; why are you not boiling water and sterilising your needles?’ She said: ‘There’s no point. There’s no time.’

‘… [a boy of fifteen who was dying] had a really relatively simple kidney complaint that had simply got worse and worse and worse because he hadn’t had antibiotics. And he actually needed an operation. … [The American doctor looking after him said…] ‘they won’t take him to hospital.’ And I said: ‘Why? All you have to do is get a cab. Take him to the nearest hospital, demand that he has treatment. Get him an operation.’ She said: ‘They don’t do it. They won’t do it. If they do it for one, they do it for everybody.’ And I thought – but this kid is fifteen.’

(pp. 40-41)

The point is not the honest relief of suffering but the promulgation of a cult based on death and suffering and subjection. Mother Teresa (who herself, it should be noted, has checked into some of the finest and costliest clinics and hospitals in the West during her bouts with heart trouble and old age) once gave this game away in a filmed interview. She described a person who was in the last agonies of cancer and suffering unbearable pain. With a smile, Mother Teresa told the camera what she told this terminal patient:

‘You are suffering like Christ on the cross. So Jesus must be kissing you.’
Unconscious of the account to which this irony might be charged, she then told of the sufferer’s reply:

‘Then please tell him to stop kissing me.’
(p. 41)

[From Susan Shields’ unpublished manuscript, In Mother’s House:]

‘For Mother, it was the spiritual well-being of the poor that mattered most. Material aid was a means of reaching their souls, of showing the poor that God loved them. In the homes for the dying, Mother taught the sisters how to secretly baptise those who were dying. Sisters were to ask each person in danger of death if he wanted a ‘ticket to heaven’. An affirmative reply was to mean consent to baptism. The sister was then to pretend she was just cooling the person’s forehead with a wet cloth, while in fact she was baptising him, saying quietly the necessary words. Secrecy was important so that it would not come to be known that Mother Teresa’s sisters were baptising Hindus and Moslems.’
(p. 48)

‘Is it going too far to liken Mother Teresa to some of our infamous televangelists, turning their audiences on to what is in God’s heart and mind while encouraging and accepting all donations?’

— Emily Lewis, nurse, who attended Mother Teresa’s honouring by the International Health Organisation in Washington, D.C. in 1989.

Liberals love the suffering of their underprivileged children and single mommies. Liberals are exactly like Mother Theresa, except on the scale of civilization. DOn’t you dare judge those teenaged girls who get pregnant out of wedlock, that child could very well be Jesus! Every child is as good as another, so don’t even think of trying to manage who gets pregnant and if the babies are going to get their ideal of two biological parents raising them.

Two biological and functional parents could be the norm for children. Liberals and Christians want as many bastards and underprivileged children as possible, because they are sick sons of bitches who get off on suffering and sickness and getting paid to treat the symptoms of spiritual sickness. Remember, Love Makes a Family!

A porcupine dad-mom, a pheasant mom-dad, a baby duckling and a baby rabbit! Now where does that occur in Nature? Isn’t it funny how the Love Makes a Family propagandists unintentionally admit that their propaganda goes against Nature?

Remember this?

Remember — Love Makes a Family! Don’t you dare judge! Someday, the lesbians who adopted the black boy and the white girl will be able to provide jobs for social services workers, police and prison guards! These people are a profit center for MORE AND BIGGER GOVERNMENT! Baron Von Munchausen smiled from his grave!

Münchausen syndrome by proxy (MSbP or MBP) is a controversial term that is used to describe a behavior pattern in which a caregiver deliberately exaggerates, fabricates, and/or induces physical, psychological, behavioral, and/or mental health problems in those who are in their care.[1] Within the United States, factitious disorder by proxy (FDP or FDbP) is the leading alternative of this term, while in the United Kingdom, it is known as fabricated or induced illness by carers (FII).[2]
In DSM-5, the diagnostic manual published by the American Psychiatric Association in 2013, this disorder is listed under 300.19 Factitious disorder, specifically Factitious disorder imposed by another; the perpetrator is given the diagnosis.[3]
With deception at its core, this behavior is an elusive, potentially lethal, and frequently misunderstood form of child abuse[4] or medical neglect[5] that has been difficult to define, detect and confirm.

It is indeed difficult, but not impossible! I diagnose the Nanny State and the Liberals with Munchausen by Proxy! Racism is the fabricated illness, and race mixing and moral degeneracy are the induced illnesses.

The WN 2.0 movement, by contrast, believe in the old adage An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In our own lives, we seek ounces of prevention in many places, and we are trying to get more people to do the “ounces of prevention” things, most of which involve local economy and helping ourselves, cutting out government and corporations as much as possible. And raising children to not be inflamed.

The most awesome thing about being a White nationalist is not passively accepting cognitive dissonance, but saying a big FUCK YOU to it and fighting it with everything we got! That makes it not hurt so much. Fighting them makes us less spiritually sick and more optimistic and cheerful and saying Yes to Life. The people who surrender to liberalism are self abnegating and soul suicidal and saying a cowardly No to Life, but the price they pay for their cowardice is spiritual inflammation. We are less inflamed, we are spiritually healthy and happy if we can get over the initial rage, and when we comment on the internet and talk to each other, it helps us manage our rage collectively and in productive rather than destructive directions. Eventually, we make friends with our anger and the horror, and it makes us spiritually deeper people. As Colonel Kurtz said, “And you must make a friend of horror . . . horror, and moral terror, are your friends, and if they are not, they are enemies to be feared.”

And that is why we dominate the internet comments with such ferocity. We have made friends with horror and moral terror. We faced the cognitive dissonance head on, rather than making a cowardly flight from reality. Liberalism is like a sewer that is washing around our feet, and our rage in our comments is our collectively pushing back at the sewage, the disease vectors of liberal degeneracy promotion. The liberals prophesize that they will eventually bury us under their sewage; all they are doing is picking a fight with us while thinking that we won’t ever get our shit together to stand up to them collectively.

We may end up a “minority” for the sake of voting, but we’ll fight that much harder when we cannot vote. Voting is a distraction! Taking away the vote from spiritually healthy White people, and the Mino Masters forcing the Five Fingered Fist of Liberalism up our asses without Vaseline – they are trying this on people who don’t accept guilt or punishment. We are a morally free and spiritually healthy people, and we are going to stand up to these bullies in such a way that the more they do, the stronger we will get. That is why I voted for Obama. More Liberalism, Harder, Meaner, means we become Harder and Meaner and Smarter ourselves.

People who are cured of inflammation usually don’t want to go back to it. Why go back to Hell?

Recently I spent an evening with a couple of WN 2.0 people who have come to all the same conclusions I have quite independently of me. I’m not the only person who is figuring this stuff out, thank Heavens. It was like a family reunion of the Borg.

One of hte people I met was a very enthusiastic gardener and chicken farmer, and she was continuing the tradition of her family. She’s an agriculture relocalizer and we had a lot to talk about. She was also a massage and acupuncturist. The person she was with is in general a very spiritually healthy and wise man, and the things he said last night helped me make several thought connections that culminated in this blog post. We realized that we can probably beat the anti-white System by reducing inflammation and allowing people to think more clearly. Physically de-inflamed and cured of cognitive dissonance/spiritual inflammation, we will not tolerate anti-whitism any more, and as for the Mother Theresa/Liberal promotion of easily preventable dysfunction, we will say, “An ounce of Preventative Folkish Judgmentalism is worth a pound of Liberal BigGov Cure.”

Spiritual sickness is not between you and your pastor, or you and your psychiatrist. It is a medical condition that is very susceptible to preventative medicine. So much spiritual sickness out there is because of Christan and Liberal non-judgmentalism, the Baron Von Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome Nanny State.

We can destroy the cultural influence of Munchausen by Proxy Nanny State Liberalism/Mother Theresa Suffering Fetish Christiantiy, by showing people that they can choose health and liberty over inflammation and dependence.


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22 Responses to Spiritual Sickness should be viewed as a Medical Condition, specifically Inflammation, and it is induced by the Munchausen by Proxy Nanny State

  1. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Good points about Mother Theresa.

  2. Wally D. says:

    “They are the firemen who set fires and make everyone pay to put those fires out.” Nice analogy. Glad to see you;ve found some more kindred spirits. The endless string of brush fires being started by the liberals is causing more people to smell smoke and awaken to the danger.

  3. Wally D. says:

    The cure for our spiritual sickness can only be found in the church of racial reason and awareness. Expecting the liberal fire-starters to provide it, is truly folly.

  4. Ryu says:

    This is a good one. Fetish Christianity – fantastic!

  5. Rita Rabbit says:

    we need real life support groups for white people.

  6. oogaboogaman says:

    Great article

  7. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  8. Craig says:

    Immune disease is not only related to the food you eat but the environment you live in. This was proven in the Solomon Islands on the natives there. The natives on the coast of the island eat a standard industrial Western diet, and use many cleaning products. These coastal natives suffer a host of modern Western diseases at a very high rate.

    The natives that live in the Island centre still live a traditional life and none of the people suffer from modern industrial degenerative diseases, nor do they use cleaning products like bleach etc. Other then the Industrial diet causing problems, it was found a more hygienic environment also causes immune reactions, in layman terms the immune system becomes bored and literally starts attacking the body it’s meant to protect. Sure the natives living inland suffer from more parasite infections like worms, not one has Chrons disease nor allergies.

    Another point since I live in the bush, none of the children here suffer from major allergies, this is mainly noted by teachers themselves, who teach in the cities then come here. They are amazed there are no food allergies amoung the kids, that they have to watch out for. So I guess getting exposed to animals, their poop and making mud pies is good for you. Oh and of course avoiding the industrial western diet is a must.

    Good read and still quoted by nutritionists to this day. I enjoyed reading of the coastal fringe Celtic peoples traditional ways. The twins and dental comparisons are amazing to see.


  9. hardscrabble farmer says:

    One of your best. I especially liked the retort from Mother Theresa’s charge.

    I think the connection to Crohns Disease and GMO’s is watertight. For years researchers have used swine organs because of their similarity to human organs. In the US virtually all natural sausage casings must be imported because domestic swine digestive tracts fall apart during the cleaning process. This has been linked to GMO feeds although the data has been suppressed. And we’re talking animals under 2 years of age. Imagine what happens after 20-30 years of eating that crap.


    • mindweapon says:


      Inflammation is my new hobby horse. I think the System uses physical and mental inflammation as a method of population control. Physical inflammation makes people overweight, unhealthy, “disabled,” dependent on the government nad medical industry. Mental inflammation (cognitive dissonance) keeps people from thinking clearly, keeps them from reaching higher levels of clarity and enlightenment. Physicaly inflammation also increases mental inflammation, though it’s possible to be physically inflamed but mentally enlightened. Generally, reducing physical inflammation makes for better mental health of course.

      the last bad foods I ate were crackers and mayonaise, and I just quit them and feel better already. the crackers had GMO wheat and the mayo had soybean oil.

      The wife and daughter have cut out all industrial phoods too.

  10. Hereward Saxon says:

    Very good article, considering it is from an atheistic viewpoint. I do not agree with your statement that ‘Christian churches are all about tolerance and even promotion of sin’, IF it is intended to be taken categorically. I applaud your treatment of the fanatical heretical ‘Saint’ Mother Theresa, and the ‘Christian’ baby production and adoption industry that swells the numbers and influence of the RC and other false, multi-racial or multi-ethnic churches, all at the expense of taxpayers and foolish givers and of the destruction of the Christian, Western world.

    • mindweapon says:

      Show me a non-sick Christianity and I’m all for it.

      I suspect that what you see as Christian tendencies are really white genetic tendancies that were identified with Christianity, particularly brotherhood, generosity, kindness, mercy, self sacrifice. These are white traits, not Christian traits, because whites have them with or without Christianity, and in fact, it seems to me that Christianity abuses these traits in people.

  11. Hereward Saxon says:

    Re: ‘Christian tendencies are really white genetic tendancies…brotherhood, generosity, kindness, mercy, self sacrifice…are white traits, no Christian traits, because whites have them with or without Christianity’:

    Like I said, ‘considering it is from an atheistic viewpoint’. Conversely, I find that Christianity as such intensifies and stabilises those moral tendencies or traits, and Christianity as such means even MORE than that. In any case, your treatments of the supposedly ‘Christian’ baby production and baby snatch racket, and ‘Teresa’ (not her real name) are very accurate. Many good articles on this blog!

  12. TabuLa Raza says:

    Her real name is Mother Phucar.

  13. Noachideous. says:


    The above malevolent creature has access to innocents as proxies used to manufacture his relevance…… The ideological faecal matter injected into the mind of the proxy is crafted and moved by peristalsis out of the orifices of the BnaiBrith to be administered by the public school system. The ADL declare that refusal to inject or imbibe this jewish jenkum is ‘anti-semitic’…

    Mostly…. jews are full of shit.

  14. TabuLa Raza says:

    Interesting site about NWO mind control over the decades:

    A book by Bertrand Russell Impact of Science on Society [1952} needs be read and studied.
    He calls for injections and food tampering so “authority will not and cannot be challenged.”

    from “Education in a Scientific Society” [these early MFers thought that science could be blended into dictatorship]:

    “. . .Of these qualities probably contentment will be considered the most important. In order to produce it, all the researches of psycho-analysis, behaviourism, and biochemistry will be brought into play. Children will be educated from their earliest years in the manner which is found least likely to produce complexes.

    Almost all will be normal, happy, healthy boys or girls. Their diet will not be left to the caprices of parents, but will be such as the best biochemists recommend. They will spend much time in the open air, and will be given no more book-learning than is absolutely necessary. Upon the temperament so formed, docility will be imposed by the methods of the drill-sergeant, or perhaps by the softer methods employed upon Boy Scouts. All the boys and girls will learn from an early age to be what is called “co-operative,” i.e. to do exactly what everybody is doing. Initiative will be discouraged in these children, and insubordination, without being punished, will be scientifically trained out of them.

    A profound sense of public duty will be instilled into boys and girls of the governing class as soon as they are able to understand such an idea. They will be taught to feel that mankind depends upon them, and that they owe benevolent service especially to the less fortunate classes beneath them. But let it not be supposed that they will be prigs far from it.

    As for the manual workers, they will be discouraged from serious thought : they will be made as comfortable as possible, and their hours of work will be much shorter than they are at present ; they will have no fear of destitution or of misfortune to their children. As soon as working hours are over, amusements will be provided, of a sort calculated to cause wholesome mirth, and to prevent any thoughts of discontent which otherwise might cloud their happiness.

    What is essential in mass psychology is the art of persuasion. If you compare a speech of Hitler’s with a speech of (say) Edmund Burke, you will see what strides have been made in the art since the eighteenth century. What went wrong formerly was that people had read in books that man is a rational animal, and framed their arguments on this hypothesis. We now know that limelight and a brass band do more to persuade than can be done by the most elegant train of syllogisms. It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the State with money and equipment.

    “Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism will become psychologically impossible.” – Bertrand Russell: The Impact of Science on Society”

    Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rd Earl Russell (1872-1970) was a renowned British philosopher and mathematician who was an adamant internationalist and worked extensively on the education of young children. He was the founder of the Pugwash movement which used the spectre of Cold War nuclear annihilation to push for world government. Among many other prizes, Russell was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1950 and UNESCO’s (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) Kalinga prize in 1957.

    • contemplativemorrigan says:

      Absolutely chilling. Thanks for bringing it to our attention; I will have to read this when I am finished with my incompletes for school.

  15. TabuLa Raza says:

    Most evil man of the 20th century-

    • mindweapon says:

      Interesting. Mindweaponism is just about an exact counterforce to Bertrand Russell’s agenda. We sniffed it out, figured it out, identified it, studied it, and now we work to consciously evolve against it.

  16. Wally says:

    Long live Mindweaponism!

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