When Alpha Males Square Off

The Chateau Heartiste names the J, and points out that Putin did once too!

Chateau Heartiste

Can you spot the alpha-iest alpha who ever alpha’ed?

A hushed crowd gathers at a safe distance round the two great white beasts… lords of their jungles… locked in a struggle predetermined by ancient custom and cosmic law. They slowly circle, gazes unwavering, searching for a flash of weakness in cold orbs of blue ice that have seen much. Stalking and circling, bodies taught under the veneer of custom suits and polite banter, prepared to spring to action. Their minds electrified with the weight of the rapprochement, jowls flaring a crimson warning. The winner will acquire mating rights to the loser’s concubines, and oh my is that a lot of concubines. The women on the losing side will wail and gnash their teeth, but only for a moment before regrouping and surrendering with barely concealed relief and joy to the carnal caretaking of the new king…

It’s just a snapshot…

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12 Responses to When Alpha Males Square Off

  1. Mosin Nagant says:

    Somehow I don’t see it, suppose one needs to use imagination.

  2. Denise says:

    I read the article – but left this comment, which has not posted:

    Don’t forget – Leo may not have named any Self Chosen – but he refused to convert Judaism to marry Israeli model Bar Refaeli, when her mega-shekels Business tycoon daddy demanded he do so. Leo just walked away. And has dated a number of leggy Aryan beauties ever since.

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  4. robert says:

    What’s your guys take on the oogenhand stance on that issue?

  5. Rita Rabbit says:

    DiCaprio is one of my favorite actors but most of his mastery is in the word of make believe. I don’t think an mere entertainer can compare to the mighty Putin.

  6. Rita Rabbit says:

    *world not word.

  7. eurybates says:

    DiCaprio is an actor. He does what he is told – by directors and producers. Putin is a killer. Is there any doubt who would drop who?

  8. X says:

    The PUA use of ‘Alpha’ meets Alpha. What next a breakdown of an imagined confrontation between Neil Strauss and Genghis Khan? David DeAngelo versus Gustavus Adolphus? Mystery takes on Cyrus the Great? One picture allows for a thousand fevered imaginings and PUA ego massaging.

  9. MOISHE says:

    the late great Marlon Brando hit it on the head – ” ACTORS ARE JUST PROSTITUTES” – I was touched when I heard that Leon ditched the Israeli bitch – but so what – he aint got shit on Vlad.

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