Liberals have been claiming since at least the 1950’s that “the old racists are dying off, and the young people aren’t racist” since the 1950’s, it’s still not true

Racist bullying: Far-right agenda on immigration ‘being taken into classrooms’

Notice the kids are savvy enough not to do it on social media, and instead do it face to face. Also, measures to stop it like school assemblies just advertise it and increase it.

These young people will grow up to join the Far Right, join the Nationalists! The liberals and race traitors are going to have to pack their bags too, and go back to the immigrants countries with them. They just don’t realize that yet.

Sue Minto, head of ChildLine, said: “There’s so much more of a focus in the news at the moment about immigrants… it’s a real discussion topic and children aren’t immune to the conversations that happen around them.

“Some children are being told, even if they’re UK born, to pack your bags and go back where you belong. It is very worrying, it’s a big increase. This past year, it really seems to be something children and young people are suffering with.”

Overall, the number of children needing support for bullying of any kind was up 8 per cent between 2012 and 2013, according to ChildLine.

The charity’s report found that the majority of the racist bullying affecting children was happening at school and many of those calling ChildLine for counselling say teachers ignore the situation or make it worse with clumsy interventions.

James Kingett, of the charity Show Racism The Red Card (SRTRC) which seeks to combat racism, said: “We work with around 50,000 young people every year and issues around Islamophobia have been very prevalent over the past 12 to 18 months. That idea that all Muslims are terrorists or bombers is a particular problem. We’re getting that from kids with no Muslim classmates through to those in diverse schools with many Muslims.”

Mr Kingett added: “We are doing work on the impact of far-right groups such as the English Defence League on children’s attitudes. Often children are picking up language at home and from parents and taking that to be fact. The rhetoric at the moment around immigration is incredibly pervasive. The prominence of the immigration debate may have had a knock-on effect, filtering down in classrooms.”

According to ChildLine, several young people who had the courage to tell a teacher then found that nothing happened or that they were given advice to simply ignore the bullies, which they found unhelpful and ineffective.

Others were reluctant to speak out, fearing that the situation would become worse.

Some actions taken by the school made things worse, some children said. For example, racist bullying being discussed in assembly simply advertised it and led to increased abusive behaviour.

Ms Minto said: “This kind of bullying seems to be happening much more at school and on the way to school than on social media. Some of the children who’ve spoken to us say that they’ve told a teacher and they didn’t do anything. Another said ‘I told a teacher and it became a topic in assembly,’ which is horrendous.”


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39 Responses to Liberals have been claiming since at least the 1950’s that “the old racists are dying off, and the young people aren’t racist” since the 1950’s, it’s still not true

  1. Henry H. Pinkham says:

    We South African whites have a saying: “What is the difference between a tourist and a racist?”
    Answer: “Approximately three weeks”.

    The theory that you can have a non-racist society has never been proved anywhere.
    Racism is bred and fostered by bringing two different races into contact. Yet the liberals insist on doing just that, and then insist that mixing the races will eliminate racism, despite all evidence to the contrary.

    How stupid can they get?

    • scott says:

      It’s not stupid at all. When whites fight with blacks, muslims, or asians, the jews win.

      • oogaboogaman says:

        The Jews are a government level/cultural threat. For non-elite white kids a more immediate threat in their schools, parks, and neighborhoods are gangs of blacks, pakis, somalis, or mexis. Once the people turn against these groups, the jews lose 50% of what makes them powerful the whole divide and conquer thing.

    • oogaboogaman says:

      Just a question Pinkham. What is the general mood of the whites in South Africa? Do they still have a military capability, do they still have a willingness to fight?

    • PB says:

      Northern Australia. Same thing.

  2. oogaboogaman says:

    Good stuff. Teach your kids how to not get caught. Also, enroll your kids in martial arts and contact sports because pakis like blacks are notorious for not fighting one on one or getting an older sibling to fight their battles.

    • Craig says:

      I fucking loved playing contact sports. My coach use to call me. “The cure to black magic.” 😀 Team mates use to call me Terminator for a nick name. LOL. I’m being serious, cause of my name.

  3. countenance says:

    “The old racists are dying off, and the young people aren’t racist”

    Yeah, but the young people who aren’t racist eventually become old people who are.

    • mindweapon says:

      Exactly. But there’s also a lot more young racists than they are used to be, because the racial abuse of white children has gotten much more stark.

    • Jon says:

      I’ll say it again. By my estimate, antiracist > racist for many years now has been happening at least 6 or 7 times more often than racist > antiracist. It’s ust a matter of attrition.

      • mindweapon says:

        Can you clarify? You are saying antiracists are greater than racists for many years?

      • ben tillman says:

        MW – that’s a directional arrow, i.e., antis becoming racists vs racists becoming antis.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        I think that might be more clearly written like this, as arrows rather than greater-thans:

        “antiracist -> racist for many years now has been happening at least 6 or 7 times more often than racist -> antiracist.”

      • Ryu says:

        Yeah, we’ve reached peak liberalism. But the most liberal generations were the WW2ers and the boomers. When they die off, wn should become more popular. We win not because our message is so finely polished, but because the enemy gets old.

    • Denise says:

      I know loads of very, very bright, racist young folk.

      • countenance says:

        Selection bias.

        Of course we would know “loads of very bright racially aware young whites,” because we’re already racially aware young whites.

        That may or may not be indicative of anything.

        However, I’m still not panicking because that which knocks the egalitarian idiocy out of young whites is life experience, events and circumstances.

  4. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  5. Jon says:

    Note her use of predicate adjective, “worrying”. This slight of hand with language where they delete the object is typical of liberals (see also, “unacceptable”, person of interest, etc.) I guess “it worries me” or “it worries immigration advocates” doesn’t have the impact or and doesn’t quite so strongly imply the clause, “that neo-nazis are going to start rounding people up and gassing them with Zyklon B.

  6. Afterthought says:

    1. White genocide is real;
    2. White genocide is not affecting all whites equally
    3. White genocide disproportionally effects whites of the lower classes
    4. White genocide is reversing the genetic effects of Christianity and Liberalism on the white population, which promoted lower class reproduction and multiplication
    5. White genocide will burn itself out leaving behind a re-heroicized, re-aryanized white population


    • mindweapon says:


      I am definitely seeing that. THe lower classes talk like blacks, middle classes very implicitly white, and WN has become a middle class movement as much as a rural, lighting a cross in a cow pasture movement. However, the middle class movement doesn’t let itself be put on television, which is smart.

      • oogaboogaman says:

        MW its funny I’ve talked to prole people that you and I would describe as wiggers. After talking to them I have discovered that after spending time in correctional facilities they hate blacks but still listen to cRAP music, in my opinion this is a demographic that WNs overlook like the chavs in England. Please don’t flame me, but I’d rather listen to cRAP music than some of the sreamo punk WN bs that calls itself music.

      • mindweapon says:

        You got a point. There’s racist whiggers out there. And there are “neo-Nazi” gangs that have mulattoes among them. Specifically, one of their women had a biracial kid with her. I know someone who witnessed this, and called me while he was witnessing it at a truck stop out in the Midwest.

        It’s hard to find the good people among the “chavs” but we should try to find them and pluck them out.

    • 5. White genocide will burn itself out leaving behind a re-heroicized, re-aryanized white population.

      During WWII when FDR interned Japanese Americans in concentration camps, concerns were raised that White ethnic enclaves would serve as fifth columnists if the US ever went to war with their motherland. So policies were put in place to bust up these enclaves and disperse them in all directions so they would lost all loyalties, ties or memories of their homelands. Prior to the implementation of this policy, the strongest opposition to Nordicism came from Celtics, Slavs, and Mediterranean Whites. This racial cleansing of the diverse ethnic enclaves set the Law of Unintended Consequences in motion.

      Most people who hated Pajama Boy thought Ethan Krupp resembled Leonard Hofstadter of The Big Bang Theory, played by Johnny Galecki, an American of Irish, Polish, and Italian descent. By the time the full effect of these policies were set into place, the JG (Johnny Galecki) Hybrid was fairly commonplace. Once English became the common, unifying tongue, people from diverse ethnic enclaves intermarried with people from other diverse ethnic enclaves, fulfilling the Great American Melting Pot that Zangwill allegedly envisioned. Aside from a sentimental attachment to grandma and her recipes, the JG Hybrid did not have any strong emotional loyalties to any country but America.

      Racial cleansing was designed to destroy ethnic enclaves, but these enclaves were already being Americanized through JG Hybidization. Faced with Vibrant Diversity, the pure ethnics and their JG Hybrid offspring relocated to the Midwest where the traditional White bread Germans and Scandinavian Protestants lived. Without the neighborhood parish to ground their faith, many of them converted to the Protestant denominations, but most chose to square it with the grandparents by joining Nondenominational congregations.

      More significantly the JG Hybrids neither married further back into their ethnic enclave roots nor did they marry other JG Hybrids; they assimilated by marriage into the larger Nordic population demographic which for brevity, I’ll label the Olsens. In doing so, the two populations drastically impacted each other with this latest cultural exchange.

      For one thing, vaguely Italian-looking men ended up with blond, blue-eyed grandchildren. In America, if you come across a blond-blue eyed Olsen child with an Italian surname, s/he didn’t come from Northern Italy, s/he is a JG-Olsen hybrid.

      If you go back a pure Nordic outpost like Minnesota, you’ll find that the Olsens have smaller families and are far more liberal and open-minded, even going so far as to adopt Black children. If you look at populations where real voluntary race-mixing began, I would say it would be these, because their introduction to Vibrancy was more genteel along the lines of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.

      Anywhere you find large Nordish populations with larger families of race realists that are conservative with Christian denominations that are unabashedly pro-life, you will probably discover that they are populations who have assimilated the JG Hybrids. There were many reasons for this that could be addressed like the market appeal of the California Blonde or Surfer Dude, but on a most primal level, the JG Hybrids were so repulsed by Vibrancy that they took refuge in the same type of people (WASPS and Nordics) that intimidated/antagonized their parents or grandparents.

      The result of the Nordish genes they already had combining with the greater Nordish genes of the Nordics they married was that they had children who looked even more Nordish themselves. It is very hard not to be more sympathetic, even on an implicit level, with Nordicism if all your grandchildren look like little Vikings.

      So when they attacked the White Catholic enclaves of JG Hybrids in the North, TIIC inadvertently not only pushed them into the camp of but enlisted them into the army of Nordicism. IMO, the darker this country comes, the more White the folks who want to preserve their Whiteness will want to look. Mestizaje will result in racially conscious Whites seeking out Whites who have a more Nordic look to further differentiate their children from the Mestizo masses. Much the way it has happened in Latin America.

      I don’t know if the Nordic banner will be implicit or explicit, but the ironic unintended consequences will be that the Nordics will not only be the highest standard of Whiteness in places like Storm Front. It will be accepted as a given throughout the White culture. ,

      • vikingbitch says:

        Yes! Right on!

      • ContemplativeMorrigan says:

        This resonates pretty strongly with me. I guess I fit the bill of a JG Hybrid (German/Northern Italian/English/French Canadian/Scottish/who knows what else), and even though I had blue eyes and pale skin, I had a lot of blond hair envy as a little girl. I don’t mind being a brunette now, but I would be really excited if at least one of my kids wound up being blond, lol. It’s such an odd impulse; I find lots white people with dark hair and eyes attractive, and I have plenty of them in my family. Yet my instinctive response to blond or red hair and blue/green/grey eyes is “genetic jackpot!”

  7. TabuLa Raza says:

    mind control and power

  8. RiotsAgain says:

    Get ready for another London riot y’all! Cuz a sleepy London town just ain;t no place for a street fightin’ man!

    • HerewardMW says:

      Probably not. It’s not as cold as the US at the moment but there aren’t going to be mass riots in London in January. Might kick off on a small scale but nothing like 2011.

  9. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    After reviewing this article and the responses to it, I can state with a complete clear conscience that I am raising my children to be what libturds would call ‘racists’. I don’t see what I am teaching my kids as racism so much as self preservation.
    My parents are baby boomer idiots who bought into the idea that money and materials coupled with status are everything and that financial security is all that matters. My mom is especially clueless as she has purposely tries to distance herself from the truths taught to her in her blue collar steel town background. My dad is a former young adult libturd European who after working 20 plus years in Philadelphia was hardened to racial realities of Ameri-kwa.
    Strength of white relationships transcending class and stereotypes is what matters and it is the ONLY thing that will pull us through. Look to see increases of white teen gangs who are underground and fighting the good fight that the stupid boomer and many sell out Gen Xers should have fought. This kids will grow not only to hate other races, but the rich old and middle class old whites who sold their progeny and other white families’ progeny out to make a killing in the so called global market. Can’t say I would blame those kids because I in many ways hate the boomers and my mother for being a sell out on the truth and my kids’ future so she could buy another pair of Talbots espadrilles to forget from where she came.
    Due to my familial background being dichotomous in many ways, I can see the blue collar perspective on race coupled with elitist, aspirational, money and stuff equalizes opinions on race.

    I look at Eric Holder and I think that he is a pig. I write it and I say it. It doesn’t how much education or money that turd makes, or what position he holds, he is despicable, low class, lacks character, and thinks whites should be beaten to a pulp. Of course white kids are getting even and yep, they are smart about it BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE.

    I really don’t think that ANY libturds out there have been well intentioned with their social engineering. These fake people wanted the hopes and working ethic of the white middle class and its progeny because libturds at their core are hateful, envious, and insecure people who will never be anything more than empty suits who lack substance and whore themselves out. Additionally, I believe there are many Conservative Neo Con types who pretend to be concerned about the plights of whites in this country, yet they sleep easy at night in their mansions while working white people get assaulted, raped, beaten, and/or killed on the way home from working two jobs.

    If white working class people have taken on the welfare mentality via collecting SSI or getting freebies etc, then they are doing so out of self preservation, not because they lack morality. Look at the harassment, abuse, and physical and emotional degradation many working class whites endure at jobs that most prissy ass lawyers would never put up with. So of course they say ‘eff the system’ and go on the dole because after all, they paid into it and they will never see a dime if they ‘do the right thing’. Besides, what higher morality is there besides a white person preserving him or her self in a world where all races and including some rich whites want to genocide you because in their mind, how dare you be alive in the first place.
    Everyday I read the blogs such as CoCC and I see more reports of whites getting killed by blacks. I have reached the intellectual state where if someone effs with me, I will kill that person to defend my person and not blink an eye. I will not call the police. I’ll let the body drop then walk.
    Having relocated from DC/NOVA, I can tell you my son was almost jumped at a park by a teen-age black. I got in that black’s face and I yelled at that kid that I would fucking kill him. I meant it. Afterwards some negress stated that what I said was wrong. I told her to shut up and that I didn’t give a damn what she thought.
    Another time some ugly Chinese bitch with Coke bottle glasses and a white American husband the size of Mt Vesuvius came after me and my son at park. I told her in so many words that she was jealous because her American dream didn’t pan out the way she wanted it as she still had to work full time while boinking an obese man Ha Ha Ha! I told her to name and the place and we would go.

    I was taught to be polite and nice. I was raised middle to upper middle class, but being nice and polite doesn’t cut it in a war and that’s where we are at- hate to break it to people. The kids have figured it out and they are fighting fire with fire and I say good on ’em!

    • PA says:

      I told her to shut up and that I didn’t give a damn what she thought.

      “I don’t give a damn what you think” is a perfect response to the type of things blacks typically say in arguments with White strangers. It shuts them up.

      • Rita Rabbit says:

        Indeed and the proper response to Jew nonsense is, “I don’t believe you.” as you turn and walk away.

    • Denise says:

      You have to be prepared to fight to the DEATH the moment a Black, or some other Non-White challenges you. You have to mean it. They smell intent like an animal does.

      God bless you and your kids.

  10. TabuLa Raza says:

    v- bitch- don’t apply for job as philosopher.

  11. MOISHE says:

    I taught for a few years at ‘chav’ schools in england – mainly under-class white schools that are left behind due to helping the darkie ‘students’ at the expense of working class whites.
    my feeling was and still is , that working class whites are confused and almost become stolkhome syndromized by living in areas that are minority dominated – chavs are just like wiggers in the states – full of attitude, trousers/jeans hanging low over their calvin-cline underpants – its pathetic really – the number of times i had to instruct white people in my classroom to ‘speak english’ – instead of that disgusting phonic nig-nog speak was too many – most of them appreciated a full grown aussie male mentoring them on this – and most of the time – they respected me for it – they just needed some sort of apha mentoring to make them proud of who they are – thats my assessement – of course everyone has a differing assessement.

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