There is hope for the future after all…

More evidence of a rising generation of White children who don’t hate themselves.


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  1. New England Millenial says:

    Let’s hope so. When I was a teenager in a minority-White school system (not too far away from Harriet Beecher Stowe’s house), I thought I was alone in my views, so I was one of those “alienated” Whites that kind of retreated into their shells and had basically very few “friends”, like Robert Putnam described. Fortunately, I came from a big family (which is why it’s important WN have 3-4 kids, so that the kids have a social circle where they can be politically incorrect and safe).

    Of course, now that I’m in my twenties that school system is completely non-White and it’s interesting that all the young Whites who are my age have decided not to start their households there, so it tells me that I actually was not alone in my views.

    But white-flight is not going to work anymore. That news story you posted a few days ago about the banana-thief shows that the Section-8 program is going strong and that these working-class white-flight communities like Bristol, Berlin, Plainville, Newington et al. will all eventually go down the same road.

    Here’s the inside scoop: There’s a place here called West Hartford which is one of the most wealthy towns in America and one of the “best places to live”. It embodies the worst stereotypes of SWPL/DWL-dom: rich doctors, lawyers, insurance people, who put up Obama-signs and love gay marriage and diversity etc. Anyway in the 2000s they built up the downtown area and called it “Blueback Square” and yeah it’s a nice walkable urban area with cafes, shops, Crate&Barrel and Whole Grains; but the super-leftie “Green” types hated it at the time because tax-payer money went to build this place up for these businesses so it was corporate welfare.

    What these people forget however is that Blueback square was built up because Hartford has been abandoned. It’s amazing, here’s this city that took centuries to built up (and where Mark Twain used to live) and now has streets of unused, boarded-up buildings because the Whites were too cowardly and politically correct and just decided to abandon the whole place and instead spend millions of tax money to build up West Hartford. I know I seem like I’m rambling, I’m just trying to point out the literal BILLIONS of dollars that have been spent and have been wasted to create a multiracial society and it’s all for nothing! And money is a store of the labor-hours + energy. Now all these problems that were papered over since the 1960s because of America’s economic dominance are coming to the fore because globalization is exposing this country to foreign competition. And it’s not that the Chinese, Indians, Russians, are any better than Americans, it’s just that those countries don’t spend BILLIONS of dollars destroying their own school-systems and cities.

    • What these people forget however is that Blueback square was built up because Hartford has been abandoned. It’s amazing, here’s this city that took centuries to built up (and where Mark Twain used to live) and now has streets of unused, boarded-up buildings because the Whites were too cowardly and politically correct and just decided to abandon the whole place and instead spend millions of tax money to build up West Hartford.

      They couldn’t abandon Manhattan so they just voted in Guiliani who all but openly pushed the diversity out. The YKW/SWPL/DWLs complained bitterly in public (i.e., “concern trolling”) while moving into the newly gentrified neighborhoods as fast as they could.

      Watch what they do, don’t listen to what they say. It’s not exactly brain surgery now is it?

      • Manhattan is ZOG central command.

      • On my visit there, I found that Austin, Texas has been one city that has gotten progressively Whiter. There is a certain irony in this, because it used to be a quiet university town that was always somewhat liberal. And it was also beginning to go to seed until ironically a bunch of “Progressives” from California decided it was the perfect refuge for them. They all transferred out to Austin, taking their California salaries with them. They had sold their overpriced California bungalows and cashed out the bigger homes, raising costs and pricing out the local Whites.

        Initially, there was a lot of hard feelings about this, but the results proved to be beneficial. Initially, the local Whites fled to outlying smaller towns, but the gas prices forced many others into the poorer areas, like East Austin. They fixed up these homes and stabilized those areas and then the Progressives realized these older homes were of better quality than some of the newer homes not to mention closer to the University. Developers started putting in new apartments. The kids who graduated bought up these homes and the Non-Whites are being pushed out to the outlying smaller towns forcing Whites who live there back into the city, albeit into other poorer areas which then get gentrified.

        There were some incidents of frolicking “youths” beating up on revelers in Austin’s downtown nightclub district. However, the city came up with a very lucrative way to put a stop to that according to someone I know who lives and works in the downtown area there. Like most cities, Austin had downtown metered parking that expired after 6:00 pm. Well, now it doesn’t. People have to pay for every minute they are parked downtown. And the city is very quick to ticket parked cars that have expired.

        IMO, there is a certain culling of Whites going on in that area, as well as other areas of America. What was and remains true is that a lot of folks end up with the boy/girl next door. The Whiter the area is, the more likely White kids are going to end up with other Whites. It’s only when the pool of datable Whites has been serious eroded that most Whites still left in that area go elsewhere, which is probably why there was such a ferocious push to integrate White neighborhoods.

        In Central Texas, most race-mixing appears to be White-Mestizo (both sexes). However, the pressure of Whites into East Austin, etc. were primarily in Mestizo areas, pushing them out to Del Valle (which used to be poor Mestizo) where they have created a very nice, stable middle class enclave which is curiously free of Blacks. Gentrification pushed the Blacks toward poor White towns like Elgin and Manor or any White towns that have been forced to accept Section 8. That’s where you see more of the gag-worthy BM-WF pairings. But those girls still end up as marginalized single moms with mulatto bastards to raise by themselves. Why they still go there remains a mystery.

        However, another reason for hope is that young Whites have gotten very creative about living as implicit Whites even if they have to spend more money and give up certain amenities their parents took for granted at that age. For example, there are very few of them living alone in one bedroom apartments anymore. They are leasing houses and three and four bedroom apartments together. Austin’s Roommate Services have taken off big time, where roommates each have their own lease on a bedroom and share the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room, so that if one flakes out, the others don’t face eviction or credit problems.

    • mindweapon says:

      West Hartford is YKW central.

  2. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Awesome! The Communists in the Former USA and in the E-USSR can jam the Holohoax and other Die-Versity training down the throats of young whites in public schools and by conducting witch hunts in homeschooling families, but they cannot change what IS. Mexico is a turd world nation because it is comprised of people that poop in public and create living conditions that are abhorrent due to having thirty kids in one brood by wge 26. Groids have higher incarcèration rates because they pillage, rape, and murder at higher rates than all the other races. Jews get kicked out of hundreds of countries because their religious dogma dictates that they are ‘chosen’ and they are therefore permitted lie, cheat, and steal from the Goy. Muslims are viewed as terrorists because their religion believes that everyone else is an infidel and therefore must be annihilated.

    White Christians just want to be left alone. They create nice, chill communities from which the various shades of Die-versity wish to parasitize and hence destroy.
    Repeating my sentiments from a prior reblog, good on this kids for a having a strong sense of identity and awareness that has made them immunized to the effects of forced Die-Versity and integration. This trend will continue and get stronger!

  3. Trainspotter says:

    There is definitely hope. On Christmas, I had an interesting conversation with a nephew of mine that is in high school. We talked about the racial and cultural situation at his school, and in some respects it was pretty bleak, in others quite encouraging. But what surprised and impressed me was when he said that those who were opposed to political correctness essentially employed their own “speakeasies.” His term, not mine. Again, I was impressed.

    It’s clear that a significant minority of young whites understand that the politically correct system is not their friend, and these are kids that have endured the full dose of system brainwashing. Still, the mind resists!

    Mentally, they are already withdrawing from the system. They understand, at least in part and on some basic level, that they will have to exist apart from and succeed in spite of it. This is a very different attitude than would have been prevalent just a decade or two ago.

    In contrast, the dumb and immoral will sink into the demographic mud. The culling is already underway, and as painful as it is to watch, such people are no great loss, assuming we can separate from them in time.

    But for those that have the mental resistance, forming their own networks of the future will seem perfectly natural. While it’s a big leap, I would argue that even the creation of an ethnostate will seem far more natural and normal to such whites, given that they are already accustomed to thinking outside of the system in a way that we weren’t.

    I don’t want to be too pollyannish about this, and there is no doubt that even the young whites that are mentally resisting have a load of misconceptions that are bouncing around in their brains. They have much, much to learn before they can become effective. But even this is an opportunity: who amongst us was not more fired up after learning how we had been lied to?

    Bottom line: the talent is going to be there in the next generation, the only question is how fast we can bring them up to speed and offer a viable path forward.

  4. Afterthought says:

    It’s natural to favor one’s own; I doubt there would be much “hate” if each people would have and stick to their own lands, save for a small percentage that had reason to travel internationally for discrete periods of time.

    As white genocide progresses, the remaining whites will be a stronger, more aggressive bunch; reversing the damage done to the gene pool by Christianity and Liberalism.

    • mindweapon says:

      We all sure hope you are right, Afterthought. That is generally my optimistic line too, and I’m glad to hear it from others. Still, I sure hope it’s true!

  5. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

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  6. Hypie says:

    Google “Trayvoning” for yung YTz showing what they think of St Trayvon of the Immaculate Skittles. At least some of our kids are “catching” on to the BS & using social media to ridicule it.
    A l’il ray of sunshine in the blackness of the storm….. H\ hypie out H\

  7. AnonZmous says:

    This item on the ‘quenelle’ appeared on British television news yesterday. Thought you might be interested.

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