Don’t buy food from China! Grown in sewage, or in the case of tilapia, fed sewage.


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  1. Rita Rabbit says:

    WHO will be held accountable for murdering us with food?

  2. Anon41 says:

    “Held accountable” for achieving the desired goal? Perhaps “rewarded” would be more appropriate.

  3. Mr. Rational says:

    This is news?  I have stopped buying smoked oysters because they are all canned in China.  The melamine baby formula incident was enough to make me avoid all things Chinese.  Yes, even Chinese restaurants; I used to eat at them all the time.

  4. Thrasymachus says:

    The elite is heavily invested in China trade. Furthermore, it would be racist! RAAAAACCCCIIIIST to keep out any Chinese imports. So the normal processes that are supposed to protect us, customs and the USDA and FDA, are made ineffective, more or less deliberately.

  5. Mosin Nagant says:

    Several years ago I ran Chinese to English translation on an official Chinese agricultural website to check their growing instructions for garlic. It specifies ‘human waste liquid’ for fertiliser. China is the world’s largest garlic producer, source of most of the garlic in all forms used in America. China is also the world’s largest apple producer, source of most of the boatloads of blue barrels of apple juice concentrate ‘real fruit juice’ filler used in juice drinks.

    • mindweapon says:

      wow, that’s very resourceful, Mosin! Human waste on root crops, yechh. Would you be OK with putting “night soil” on fruit orchards?

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Without mined phosphate and potash and Haber-process nitrogen, recycling wastes is the only way to keep the land from going sterile from nutrient depletion.  China had no choice in the matter.

      • Mosin Nagant says:

        I think it would be alright if it is ‘natural’ (‘pure’) night soil from your own privy, and if you don’t have too low-hanging branches and don’t use the drops raw. We use all kinds of animal manures in the orchard, mostly composted though.

        I’ve read how for more than a century immense amounts of ‘farmer’s treasure’ were hauled out of New York to fertilise farmlands surrounding the city, especially the intensive vegetable farms that fed the city before suburban sprawl and the rise of refrigerated railroad transportation brought the produce from distant areas.

  6. WhiteGenY says:

    China learned nothing from the industrial revolution of the west in the late 1800s. This is the exact same shit we dealt with in our past. Assume everything coming out of there is dirty, poor quality and easily breakable.

  7. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Ha! So much for the ‘high IQ ‘d Chinese’! I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t get some White Nationalists’ fetishization if everything Chinese. I stopped eating Chinese as did my family members years ago when there were reports coming out that these Chinese sociopaths ( or as some Asian poon fetish people would say, ‘those hard working smart Asians’) were using mashed up cardboard to put in their dumplings.

    The Chinese lack morality. They don’t care about where they shit, just look at their countryside! My god any aerial map will show you the huge ass pollution cloud that hovers over China and India.

    Puh- lease can we get over the stupid model minority stereotypes purported by the money grubbing ing, genocide of whites Multi cult?

    And no Chinese women aren’t hot. They have no asses and look line dudes from the back. Any dude that digs Asian poon must be on the DL and I’ve seen DL dudes a million times with Asian girls have their age that look line nine year olds.

  8. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  9. Anon says:

    Even 50-60 years ago no American would have believed that food safety was simply the natural state of things. How times have changed, and will change again.

  10. Craig says:

    Posted this at VB, so thought I’d post it here to.

    Remember the yellow tide is what crystallised the white Australia policy…At the moment the Chinese be buying up houses in Aus using loop holes as foreign investment. So the yellow tide not only suppresses wages, create dodgy Uni environments, they now also increase the price of land and housing for average white people. Ergo Pushing whites out of the cities and satellite cities is the corporate apartment building complexes moguls delight with this situation, as they are happy for us to live as sardines.

    Funny enough on the news when the housing market is said to be keeping the bubble growing, you see hoards of Chinese at the Auctions. One good thing the upper and middle classes see this, and I find talking racial reality on Chinese is easier with them as they are in direct competition with them. Even the real DWL are easy to talk to particularly the businesses that rely on imports, as the Chinese import administrators lie by omission to increase import charges.

  11. Oh yeah the Organic shops here stopped stocking Chinese food imports well over 2 years ago as people started testing and investigating the products privately, and it was deemed to have the corn GMO in it back then. This was also happening in America and Europe.

    A white importer rang up my friends in town as to why they wouldn’t buy his products and his response was, “Well if you don’t want to get on the wave of Organic profit, bye.”. Seems they have now had to change tactics.

  12. FN says:
    Radioactive cheese grater case shows lack of oversight
    Wed, 06/03/2009
    By ISAAC WOLF, Scripps Howard News Service
    Who is in charge of protecting Americans from products made from radioactively tainted metal?
    The answer: No one.
    The discovery late last summer of a radioactive EKCO cheese grater at a Flint, Mich., scrap plant. The Chinese-made grater was laced with the isotope Cobalt-60, and was giving off the equivalent to a chest X-ray every 36 hours.
    Estimated to have been in circulation for as long as a decade, the grater likely was four to five times more radioactive when it was made. EKCO’s parent company, World Kitchen, of Rosemont, Ill., described the incident as isolated and found no need to issue a recall, spokesman Bryan Glancy said.
    It was not the only grater found. NRC documents show that another Cobalt-60-tainted cheese grater had turned up in Jacksonville, Fla., in 2006.

    Also Vitamins:

    Being a health-conscious consumer, you’ve recently started reading labels more carefully and you’ve gone through your kitchen and ruthlessly thrown away every food item from China into the garbage, and you’ve stricken them off your shopping list. Or have you?
    You haven’t.
    You can’t, unless you eat a strict, non-processed, organic whole foods diet that excludes everything from China. You literally can’t.
    How is this so?
    It’s because the federal government mandates the “fortification” of flour with vitamins and minerals, and because many (probably most) of those vitamins and minerals are now manufactured in China. And so, as usual, the federal government is a part of the problem rather than the solution. In taking charge of your health you are on your own.
    And besides vitamins, many other food additives are also made in China. Much of the artificial flavoring, vanillin, found in many baked products, is made in factories in Zhejiang Province, China, from the petrochemical benzene. Much of our artificial butter flavoring, diacetyl, is likewise made in China, from the petrochemical “natural gas.” Much of our sorbic acid, a preservative also made from “natural gas,” is made in China. Much of our artificial colorings come from the oil refineries of the Yellow River Delta of China. Much of our aspartame, too, comes from China.
    If you are concerned with you eat, you will in any case try to avoid vanillin, diacetyl, sorbic acid, artificial coloring, aspartame, and other chemicals that don’t belong in our food. You can do it; I’ve done it for years. But you have to be very careful indeed to avoid the mother of all contaminants—artificial vitamins.
    This is because it is very hard to completely avoid white flour, which the federal government requires to be contaminated with vitamins and with iron. Of course, white flour is stripped of many of the nutrients in the whole grain kernal, and we shouldn’t eat as much of it as we do, but it’s pretty damned hard stuff to avoid. We’re talking about bread, pasta, pizza, hamburgers, pies, cakes, etc.– the average American eats almost 190 pounds a year of flour, and almost all of that is white flour “fortified” with vitamins. And most of those vitamins were probably made in China.

    Even many whole grains, which are not required by law to be “fortified” with artificial vitamins, are nonetheless contaminated with them. I’m talking about whole grain breakfast cereals, which the big manufacturers usually spray with artificial vitamins as a supposed benefit. I won’t name names, but check the labels. Luckily, there are a few uncontaminated brands.
    And vitamin pills? I used to take them by the handful, but not anymore. I’m going clean. I don’t want to be the next victim of bad Chinese quality control.

    Vitamin C is almost all made in China now. Vitamin C is made synthetically from glucose, by either fermentation or by chemical manipulation. If you want to take large doses of vitamin C, you have to go synthetic; otherwise, get your vitamin C from foods. Vitamin C added to drinks, cereals, vitamins, etc., is of course synthetic.
    Reduced iron comes mostly from China and India. Chinese iron could be contaminated with almost anything, and we have no way of knowing who, if anyone, checks it for contaminants.

    Thiamine (B1) is made in China, from petrochemicals. Riboflavin (B2) is made in China from fermentation of microorganisms in stews of various food products such as waste oils and other (no doubt waste) food products. The world’s largest B2 maker is located on the Yangtze River in China. Folic acid, which we push upon pregnant women too stupid to eat whole grains and greens, is made in Changzhou, China, from fermentation as well as from petrochemicals.

    Why are all these vitamins made in China? Because Chinese companies can make them more cheaply than can companies from other countries, and because cost is always the bottom line, even when it comes to our health. The consumer is too cheap and too ill-informed to demand high quality vitamins, flour mills are too worried about making an extra buck to worry about our health, and the government doesn’t give a damn. And so most of our vitamins are now made in China, and the United States government requires that these vitamins be put into white flour. And white flour is everywhere.
    But is there really any potential for harm to come from Chinese vitamins? Well, that’s the real question. And the answer is this: we won’t know for certain until a bad batch of vitamins makes its way into our vitamin pills or–God help us–into a batch of flour. Remember the tryptophan supplement scare of 1990? Tryptophan is an amino acid that was used in supplement form by thousands of people in the United States and elsewhere, for various reasons. In 1990 a Japanese manufacturer fermented up a bad batch of tryptophan causing a blood disease that sickened thousands of supplement users and killed 30.

    In 1998, another bad batch of tryptophan was discovered. Tryptophan is an amino acid rather than a vitamin, but I doubt that distinction is of much practical importance. Lucky for us, the federal government doesn’t mandate the fortification of white flour with tryptophan.

    Do you want to take a chance on Chinese vitamins? I know I don’t. But like the fluoride dumped into our water supplies, the artificial vitamins dumped into our flour supplies are very, very hard to avoid.

    • Mosin Nagant says:

      FN, thanks for that excellent comment! I have often wondered how many Chinese manufactures made of mixed recycled scrap metal are dangerously radioactive, especially since that case several years ago of an automobile found to have been built with radioactive imported parts.

      I still take vitamin supplements, but only those ‘made in the United States’. I realise they probably still contain some imported raw ingredients.

  13. TabuLa Raza says:

    I have heard that the chinks are worse than the swej. Never buy anything unless it is made by a White. Never use federal [wej] reserve notes. Never say never.

  14. Paladin Justice says:

    The criminally negligent Chinese were sending over poisoned dog food and dog treats. That alone is enough to make me buy as much as I can at thrift stores, when things were made in America. The Chinese pickles an such are a staple at dollar stores. Avoid the poisons. The life you save may be you or your dog’s.

  15. MOISHE says:

    i used to love tofu but after having lived and worked in that scary robot-factory called china – i know that tofu will literally kill your swimmers (sperm) – also, how the chinese government harvests human body organs from executed prisoners and market it on the international market with Joo know who…..china is one big autistic fart coming out of the arse of nihilstic materialism – no wonder they are ripe for the plunder once the jew parasites are done with the junited states.

  16. Mosin Nagant says:

    ‘Reduced iron comes mostly from China and India. Chinese iron could be contaminated with almost anything’

    Ferrous sulphate is one of the worst food adulterants, not punished but MANDATED by the Tyranny.

    • Craig says:

      You actually adsorb something like 1% of the standard industrial Iron sulphate supplements, pregnant women use to wonder why they were pooping out green ferrous like pellets…

  17. Cyprian Korzeniowski says:

    Chinese produced food is a big problem in Russia. In the Russian Far East at least, almost all fruits and vegetables are produced in China. I’ve heard rumors that dairy products from China are moved through Ussurisk so they’re technically “from” there.

  18. Cranberry says:

    I stopped buying any food grown or canned/;packaged in China a long time ago. Sadly, most of what is sold in stores like costco, etc. are products from China, especially the rice and dried fruits and other staples you’d want to keep in hand for the coming rainy days.

    I shop my local grocery store when I have to for staples, and since I enjoy baking bread I special order my wheat berries and other grains from Great River Organics, a company based in Idaho that has farmer co-ops in the USA and only the USA and will ship bulk quantities of organically grown grains and stone milled flours from same. They sell through Amazon. They also carry bulk quantities of non-arsenic tainted rice varieties grown in California. It’s pricey sometimes, but considering I’m buying once or twice a year depending on the commodity, it’s not a regular hit on the bank account. (Yes, I’m one of those bread nerds who grinds her own flour and has four different types of sourdough starters living in the fridge).

    Tilapia? I only ate it once, didn’t like it, then I read about it. It’s a bottom-feeding fish from some African lake that it used to clean the poop out of tanks on fish farms – literally, it eats the feces of other fish. Chinese or otherwise, NEVER eat tilapia. Pay more for wild caught fish, though locally farmed shellfish does not seem to present the toxin profile or nutrient deficiencies of farmed fish.

    MW, THIS POST IN ITS ENTIRETY is one of the most important arguments for being a locavore and supporting your local agricultural economy, and getting involved in your own way by planting a garden or joining your community garden, or starting one!

    Vox has been covering the issue of shifting Jewish loyalties. It seems that the golden goose of America is close to ceasing production, and the parasites are looking for a new, friendly host that would be a natural ally and supporter of Israel. this post and the one called “Learned Elders of Wye” goes into the matter in detail. I’m inclined to think Vox is correct when he says the Jews underestimate the willingness of the Han to exterminate any ethnic group that causes trouble for them; look what they did to millions of their own.

    • mindweapon says:

      Locavorism — I got to use that term!

      This is one of those areas where the hostile elites may be overreaching, IF, and it’s a big IF, — if it does stimulate locavorism.

      Some mass food poisonings might do the trick, and I think we can count on China to come through with that for us. Some melamine poisoning, maybe some heavy metals poisoning. An enterprising chemist should test the imported food from China.

      Locavorism would give us back a lot of our financial, cultural, and utlimately political sovereignty. People need to realize that the food supply is a public good that they need to support, protect, and even get involved in it;. This would create community, and community would lead to political formation.

      I am really liking the “Breaking Bad” model of underground food production and trade. with one Walter White type local kingpin buying from dozens of hobby gardeners, and selling to dozens of customers. It’s very efficient and everyone wins, except maybe the control freaks.

  19. Vegetarian Diet is no doubt very beneficial for one’s health but the adulterants that are mixed up in a very large amount with the origional food just to earn more profit have very bad consequences. The purpose of adulteration is just to earn money but its bad effects may lead to serious sickness or sometime death. We must use quality marked food products to avoid adulteration and its consequences.

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