18 year old white boy gets punched in the face by Kanye West, hopefully will get a nice fat settlement

Racist remarks sparked alleged Kanye West assault

These people are too dumb to be believed. An 18 year old boy screamed racial slurs at paparazzi who were stalking mudshark Kim Kardashian. Kim scolds boy for using said slurs, boy calls Kim a niggerlover, Kim dials up aforesaid beloved nigger, who shows up and punches 18 year old boy, who intends to press charges.

Awesome! So long as the charges stick and he gets a conviction, he’s got an automatic civil judgment and the only question is how much.

What gets me is that this rich celebrity Kardashian actually calls up her boyfriend to come beat up a kid! And the gold plated Negro actually does it! When you have millions of dollars, you’re not supposed to pay attention to the little people at all, much less order up their assault like ordering Dim Sum at the Chinese restaurant. My goodness, this kid can probably sue Kim Kardashian as well!

California’s ambulance chasers are trying to find out this kid’s name right now.


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22 Responses to 18 year old white boy gets punched in the face by Kanye West, hopefully will get a nice fat settlement

  1. Denise says:

    BlaWell the boy is right. Kardashian IS a Black Lover. I personally have not yet identified Kardashian’s species – but it’s still a Black Lover.

  2. LOL! Racemixers are soo petty and childish.

  3. aryangoddess says:

    Oh boy. I hope he gets some Jew ambulance chaser that gets a nice fat settlement. Nice work if you can get it. If the orcs can do staged auto collisions, then white boys can sue rappers.

    Has anyone noticed mudshark Kim is getting whiter? That’s weird though. Kanye hates white folks. If mudshark Kim continues to dye her hair, Kanye won’t wike her anymore.

  4. WhatCanWeDo? says:

    Wow. I am literally breathless from reading this stupidity. This is really unfathomable stupidity. it’s not even as funny as the black guy who crashed his car into the store to steal a single banana. I’m Kanye probably considers himself a “grown ass man yo” to boot. I heard he even tried to come out with his own currency. I honestly don’t know who is worse, him or this Kardashian whore. Sigh.

    • mindweapon says:

      He fails at the most basic level of noblesse oblige for someone with his millions. Remember when he grabbed the microphone away from Taylor Swift and said she shouldn’t have won? No class at all. And he didn’t grow up poor or anything.

      • Denise says:

        Why do you think a Black going to behave like a Human, Kievsky?

      • WhatCanWeDo? says:

        Absolutely dude. This whole situation is so insanely retarded that I am still blown away by it. And yes, I do remember when he got up on stage, in a bow tie no less, and said ‘dat Beyonce dazurb dat prize yo.’ Good grief, these boobs make Tommy Lee seem like an intellectual of staggering erudition.

  5. Snake says:

    Beautiful! I’m wondering what Wikileaks and the Snowden leaks will turn up on rappers. Hilary Clinton was instrumental in foisting Gaga on Europe. Maybe there were secret Kanye concerts at the brownhouse involving hilarious amounts of debauchery?

  6. WhatCanWeDo? says:

    Excellent comic relief, after this stupid Kanye nonsense:

  7. TabuLa Raza says:

    Just in! At long last, someone actually got a picture of “THE GOVERNMENT!”

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