YEP: Harry Reid Blocks Unemployment Benefits for 5 Million Americans to Protect Tax Credits for Illegal Aliens

I talked to some current serving mil guys recently who said that they weren’t sure about staying in for 20 years because Obama is talking about cutting military pensions. I said, “But he makes sure that illegal aliens get all the benefits they want” and the guys knew exactly what I was talking about and are very angry. Random white people on the street HATE the current administration and consider it anti-white and against the interests of the American citizens who play by the rules and do the right thing.


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Bowing to a flurry of cost-cutting amendments on a bill extending unemployment benefits, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he will allow votes on “reasonable” reforms. But he didn’t say when.

Reid’s shuffle comes after Republicans blasted the Nevada Democrat for unilaterally blocking amendments that could yield $70 billion in taxpayer savings. read more>>>

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14 Responses to YEP: Harry Reid Blocks Unemployment Benefits for 5 Million Americans to Protect Tax Credits for Illegal Aliens

  1. Interesting.

    I go to the George Carlin School of Thought and automatically presume the government is lying its ass off about virtually everything. If the government does admit to anything, multiply the ick factor at least five times for a more accurate representation of the truth.

    The last time I heard a government official guesstimate how many illegals were squatting here, he slipped up and said fifteen million (before the news drones went back to the 10-12 million figure). One news show slipped up and interviewed a Mexican still living in Mexico and said that half the people in his village were now living in the USA. So I figured the tally had to be more like 75 million from Mexico alone and probably about another 50 million from the rest of Latin America, Haiti, West Indies, etc., not to mention any other parts of the world where visitors had quietly outstayed their visas.

    That’s why I pretty much lose patience with Whites who want to come here and insist on doggedly going through an immigration system that is slanted against them anyway even though Whites like the South Africans are putting the lives of themselves and their families in jeopardy by being honorable. This is yet another reason why I remain highly skeptical about IQ tests. What good are book smarts if there are no street smarts? What good is being highly creative for Whites if they keep finding creative new ways to deny the evidence reeking right under their very noses? The USA and “White” governments all over the West no longer reward honesty but chicanery on every level imaginable. Get with the program.

    The good news from a Schadenfreuden Perspective is that, once the Hispanics reach majority demographics in ANY area they routinely vote out any non-Hispanic collaborators who made their demographics possible and put in their own people, as White Democrats like Harry Reid are going to discover very soon to their own chagrin. I have already made that point to my own misrepresentatives in the Senate and Congress. Furthermore, I have made it clear that if they vote for amnesty that I will not only be voting for their opponent, but I will be actively campaigning for their opponent if s/he is a Mestizo. If they want to race-replace me, I figure that turnabout is fair play. For some reason they don’t like that, LOL.

    • Anon says:

      The big disparity in the polls vs the election when Reid was last elected was largely due to the fact that the polls were in english. They own him, and his other “constituents” are apparently ok with this arrangement.

    • Denise says:

      I’ve been trolling on a mainstream “Conservatard” website. The article I’m trolling revolves around the fact that the VA wants vets to use Standardized forms, and computers. The Commenters are whining like little babies about these changes All they do is moan about how hard tt is to file claims.

      I’m demandIng to know what they’ve actually DONE to “serve America”. I’m not getting ANY ANSWERS.

      They are as bad as any EBT Ghetto Ape.

      • Rita Rabbit says:

        The acted in good faith having been deceived. Any White Vet should take anything they c.oming. to them in benefits. Better than letting the ghetto rats get it alll.

  2. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Yep. Our own government hates us. Before I got heavy into White Nationalism, I recall a friend if mine a fees back was looking for work. Both of us were experienced, advance degreed educators who had been laid off. Both into our fourth decade of life, we were considered expensive and expendable. Kind of like how the current US government views ALL American citizens. We would look through online applications and notice how all them had the questions regarding whether or not we were American citizens, did we hold work visas, etc. My friend pondered that if he did not answer the question for having US citizenship as ‘yes’ would be actually be interviewed. It seemed that these organizations were trying to weed out American citizens, to displace us.

    I’ll be frank in saying fuck it to this current America. I don’t do the good soldier, good girl thing anymore and I am not infected with the ‘eager to please disease’. I actually abandoned that in my early 30s. There is no loyalty out there anymore and really that value has been outdated for decades.

    It’s time everyday American give this excuse of a government and its lackey aliens et al the respect they deserve: NONE.
    Yeah no shyte this administration is anti White. It’s anti culture, its anti doing the right thing by people, its just anti American. They want to tree at this ‘nation’ as a multicultural temporary agency clusterfuck plantation, then what can I do except milk whatever I can out of it and let it burn when the whole thing blows up in their face.
    I hate minorities. I hate illegal aliens. I hate America. I hate our government.

    This feeling of hate will allow me and mine to survive. It’s what in have to do.

    This administration and its lackey congress people can kiss my white girl Azzzzzzzzzz!

  3. YKW has always hated us, no wonder they are elbowing us out of our own countries. They want to incorporate us all into a one world government where the standard of living for all goys will be just like the third world.
    Yeah, I know, no kidding.

    • mindweapon says:

      If that’s the case, it’s going to come back to bite them. Instead a big, healthy country where they can quietly and invisibly move, they will have gated cities like ancient Troy. Geez, what could possibly go wrong with that?

      • LOL! Well,I guess they figure now they have israel so they can live there while the rest of the world goes to hell.

      • mindweapon says:

        Israel? that would be nice. They don’t want to all be there. they want to be in the Diaspora, making money off the Gentiles.

      • I sometimes wonder why they are filling our countries up with negroes and muslims, maybe so they will be so dangerous and depressing the stubborn jews will finally move to israel.

      • Anon says:

        “LOL! Well,I guess they figure now they have israel so they can live there while the rest of the world goes to hell.” – that would work, provided that Israel had the strategic depth to weather any assault. Unfortunately they have to call up the golem every time the arabs lob a few homemade rockets into their territory.

  4. aryangoddess says:

    More whites need to hate. My sympathy meter is at zero for anyone who is not white. Recently south Florida had some serious flooding. We were spared. There was one thing I did notice. A white girl with a monster truck offered her truck to drive people back and forth in the deep waters. I’m sure she shuffled some ungrateful shitskin to their apartment. Let em walk! Do nothing for them.

    I owe these people jack squat. We are selling our Florida house. We needed labor to help with some cleanup. Hired the middle aged white man next door. He works hard, he’s a beaten down white man. We are kind to him. He makes some money, my husband and I don’t kill ourselves and we get out of south Florida even faster.

    Yep, only interacting with whites is the only way to go.

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