White People Deserve to Have A Country Of Our Own

The mantra in a very neat graphic. Would be nice to put this on a sign for a street protest. Save it in case you might ever do such a thing.


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23 Responses to White People Deserve to Have A Country Of Our Own

  1. JustAnAnon says:

    WN 2.0 makes huge progress when we don’t have a negative message, attacking other races.

    If we are positive, asserting the right to existence of individual white European nations, and whites collectively, we will win!

    The villains are not the people from various nations coming to white European nations to achieve prosperity. They are simply pawns, and they are acting in their own rational self interest.

    Our predicament is due to globalist bankers and other billionaires who will, without hesitation, destroy white countries to make another billion dollars. They might be YKW/swej, or they might be non-YKW collaborators, but they are greedy and eager to make billions by selling out white Europeans everywhere.

    Thank you for this blog, MW. It’s a definite favorite!

    • mindweapon says:

      Thanks, JustAnAnon! This blog is all about the readers and commenters.

      Yes, the Mantra and the right to exist is a good, solid, positive message. The left works itself into a rage trying to twist that message into something sinister.

      But what we really really really need to be doing is practicing Niche Warfare. It becomes obvious once you look at it — we must fight to own the convenience stores and liquor stores and gas stations. We must become a Market Dominant Minority. The YKW’s invited in the Subcontinentals and Middle Easterners to take these niches from us; unfortunately Americans are not fighting for these Niches. WN 2.0 must be the vanguard that works quietly, earnestly patiently to take these niches.

      The last white owned liquor store in my town sold out to Hajji about a year ago. I was very disappointed. But Hajji doesn’t sponsor the local little league or do anything for the town but suck money out of it. So a civic minded store owner who kind of hints to the locals that he supports them and Hajji doesn’t, I think one could do very well this way — ideally, use nativism to drive Hajji out of business. Whites will vote for racial representation at the ballot and with thier dollar, if only they are given the opportunity.

      • JustAnAnon says:

        I completely agree with boycotting non-white local businesses, whenever possible. Another idea is obviously to boycott big banks.

        It’s very challenging to boycott all major businesses without going completely off the grid, since most large corporations are implicitly (by using cheap non-white labor) or explicitly (by using anti-white imagery in their ads, for example) ant-white.

  2. JustAnAnon says:

    On YKW, it goes without saying that a potential Mestizo-Sino-Hindu-Negro America will not defend or aid Jews anywhere. One would think that the message would reach Jerusalem and Tel Aviv that a white Euro-America is in Israel’s interests — it’s quite obvious.

    • justananon you’re right. But ykw hates us more than they love themselves. “I hope the Russians love their children too.” – Sting

      • mindweapon says:

        You know, I wonder at this too. They really seem to cut off their nose to spite their face in hating us so much.

      • JustAnAnon says:

        Apparently. It’s so frustrating that the Israel lobby could make their House and Senate puppets secure the border and cut legal immigration tomorrow, if they desired.

    • vikingbitch says:

      I don’t know why whites ever aided or defended the Hebes in the first place. These people are backstabbing snake.

      It’s in our best interests as White people never to mix or mingle with the Jews, just bad news. My kids know to stay away from the kikes.

      Just let the whole MF burn and let Die Versity go at it! Hang back whites and let the turds kill each other off. Kiss altruism good bye, that’s for suckers.

      • mindweapon says:

        Great rant, VB. It’s so good to hear white women scoff at outgroup altruism.

      • Denise says:

        There’s a story on Newslinks, about 3 little Niglets in IN getting blown up becsuse their landlord shut off their heat, and their space heater was rigged to a propane tank.

        I don’t care.

        ALL it means to me is less Welfare parasitism, less crime costs, less future victims of the Niglets when daze all growed up.

    • Denise says:

      Say “JEW”. It”s JEWS.

      They are devious, scheming, malicious, and evil to the DNA. Cunning – not rational. YOU are thinking White.

      You do not think like a Jew.

      1) Jews have 4x the genetic diseases of every other ethny, which most often result in lunacy, and cretinism.

      2) They live as PARASITES. They exist as PARASITES. They’ve gotten way with it, because there is always some new Host. There’s always been a Host. They bounce back and forth, after one Host boots them out -they move on to another. By the time the new Host boots ’em – they move back to the old Host, whose people have forgotten.

      3) Their ENTIRE cosmology revolves around their own racial superiority, and right to steal/trick/loot/plunder/abuse/kill the soul-less Goyim.

      4) They believe their own hype.

      5) They haven’t had to make anything for thousands of years. They trade, trick, spin stories, and parasite off the Host.

      6) They believe their own hype. They are not aggressive plunderers or destroyers – they’ve been “persecuted”.

      7) They believe their own hype. They believe that their fantasies and stories and lies are REAL. They’ve never ever been truly CHALLENGED on their BS.


      8) They attack Whites because Whites have been their chief Hosts. The White Race is the ONLY Race that has ever really held them in check. They do NOT understand that when White go away – so do they. There has always BEEN a White host.

      9) Here is the really critical element – if they get rid of Whites – then they get to be the White People.


  3. Jon says:

    A good Alinskyite (or one who had learned well from their successful tactics) would say “just” a code word… In you propaganda, allways ridicule, minimise and belittle your opponent whereever possible.

  4. great dictionary graphic, along with the bagpipes guy in the previous thread. Racist is just a derogatory term for white. The r-word.

  5. MOISHE says:

    thank Christ people are waking up to the nightmare of the jew – being jew-aware is like being in the heart of darkness – when you finally understand how the most venal, neurotic, physcopathic ethnic race/culture that only takes – and gives back monumental pain and suffering to the world – you become aware that something the fuck has to be done. my feeling is that us whites have to pull up the wagons and concentrate our resources and make the kids aware of this evil entity called Judaism – after visiting Palestine and seeing the horrors that that bastard entity (Israel) – has unleashed upon the Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians etc – I can safely say: WE ARE ALL PALESTINIANS NOW” – you poor people in the junited states are next to be bolshevised/gulaged/mass-murdered by this hateful ethnicity that is the enemy of the human race – period. stand and fight against this evil fucking group (jew among you included) – I will never forget what I saw over there in the middle-east – it will haunt me forever – the jew has got to be stopped – one way or another – or we are all fucked fucked fucked.

    • mindweapon says:


      If someone wants to be on our side without any pretense of being a leader or trying to tell us we shouldn’t be anti-Jewish, why bash him?

      I think the main criteria for any Jew who approaches us as an ally:

      1. He can’t be a leader, either physically or intellectually.

      2. He can’t tell us that we shouldn’t be anti-Jewish. He should understand and empathize with our anger at Jews.

      Jew among you passes this test; Nicholas Stix (for example) fails number 2.

      But even with Nicholas Stix, he is helping (in my opinion) to tear down the Berlin Wall of multiculturalism. Maybe other Jews and/or liberals are reading him and the seed of doubt is sewn.

      We are in a period where liberalism delenda est — liberalism must be destroyed. Anyone who contributes to this effort is helping.

      As far as rebuilding White community, that is where we have to make sure we only have Aryan fanatics with no ties to the Jewish community or any non-white community whatsoever.

  6. TabuLa Raza says:

    “. . .this evil entity called Judaism. . .” The problem is not an ism- it’s biological. We are in a RACE WAR.

  7. TabuLa Raza says:

    “They believe that their fantasies and stories and lies are REAL.”

    Christians also agree these jew lies and fantasies are real.

    • A.Ralston says:

      And so do far too many secular Whites. The mind worms have burrowed deep. This problem IMO vexes us more than any other…hence the focus (and title) of our forum.

  8. TabuLa Raza says:

    Yankee Doodle Dandy- born the fourth of JEW-LIE. . .

  9. TabuLa Raza says:

    Parasite Alien removed from Womans Brain.

  10. Sam says:

    Next time someone says we need more immigrants ask them why the immigrants don’t go to Africa since it has so much space. Nice. Apologies if I got this from here. Still good to reiterate though.

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