Poland: Men Band Together to Protect Women from Muslim Rape Gangs

There’s Muslims in Poland? WTF?


“NO insulting our religion and our culture…”

The English-language site for Radio Poland News is reporting on Jan. 15, 2014 that members of the nationalistic Polish Defence League are taking it upon themselves to escort Polish girls and women home after a hard night of clubbing, to ensure they don’t become victims to the epidemic of Muslim gang-rapes that’s sweeping Europe.

As seen in the video below, gangs of Muslim men throughout Europe, especially Scandinavia and Great Britain, have taken gang rape to such proportions that the rape-gang members themselves have nicknamed their sexual attacks “tournante,” French for “take your turn.”

Radio Poland notes that “patrols” in Warsaw, Poznan and Krakow will begin escorting women from “the ‘threats’ of getting involved with Muslim men.http://freepatriot.org/2014/01/16/video-poland-men-band-together-protect-women-muslim-rape-gangs/

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  1. WhyOhWhy says:

    What are Muslims doing in Poland? Who let them into Poland? Are they Tatars? Also, I have mixed feelings on wether or not women should necessarily be “escorted” after a night of decadence, after the fashion that the MTV culture promotes. It sends that “you-go-grrrl” message that “you can have it all” and there will never be consequences. Then again, I don’t want them to be raped, especially not by invaders. Quite the conundrum really.

    • mindweapon says:

      I was the thinking the wsame thing. why enocurage night club decadence. then again, it’s a way to get the reproductive age Polish women thinking nationalistically. If they get raped by Muzzies, they might think “they are the victors, just surrender to them” but if they get white knighted/protected by nationalists, at least maybe there’s a chance they’ll identify with nationailsts.

      • tteclod says:

        or perhaps we can get such women to think in terms of obtaining an escort

      • WhyOhWhy says:

        Great point. It is vexing and you sort of lose either way. These women are very much a problem and there is not pressure on them to be responsible as excuses can and will be made for them. Still, they should not be defiled. So they can prance around with their scantily clad (generally enormous) Polish tits jiggling in front of invaders while manly men risk their lives to protect them. And yet, I still don’t want them to be raped, especially not by the invaders. Perhaps if they have no agency, as many allege, then they should not have the right to do as (MTV dictates) they please? It’s tough.

      • Denise says:

        It’s a wonderful development. Natural healthy racial and sexual instincts are kicking in. Thank GOD.

        Never mind that DRECK about “Decadent Female GooGrrrls” Women have tried to become men, and failed BADLY, because MEN abandoned being men. White man were dazzled by all the marvelous tech toys they created, in the late 19th and 20th Centuries – and left their women to their own devices.

        Of course women will submit to a more dominant male – if he proves worthy. If not – she’ll take what’s at hand.

        Men whine and grip about gold-diggers – but it’s GAME. Female game. A female has a very short productive cycle. Men can produce offspring unto old age, biologically. Human children are VERY time and energy consuming. A woman must look for a mate that appears to be able to support her, and their offspring, until the child is “up an running” – which is around age . Human children are not in control of their motor skills until. That’s a or long time, in terms of biological self-sustinance, Really – for human children – it’s more like 8 or 10. In terms of a child being able to scrounge up it’s own food, and keep itself safe from peril.

        Every-one knows that White women are THE cream of the crop, in terms of desirabilty. As a Race. Almost ANY non-White will take a crack at getting a White woman – because getting and keeping another man’s woman is THE signal that the conqueror has conquered.

        White men let the Other in. White men have been too busy with trains and planes and cars and technology and porn. Porn porn porn.

        Who CARES if the Polish girls go out clubbing? THAT is where we are, right now. The Polish men are going to GET THEIR WOMEN – and keep the predators off.

        This shows the women that the men care. Even if the girls think it’s silly/absurd/retrograde – wait til something happens, and a Polish Hero has a face.

        When the Polish men escort the Polish women home – Polish babies will occur.

      • VRW says:

        I believe in magnanimity and I absolutely applaud Polish men escorting Polish women home from the night club. However…

        You do not have to go to the club to have fun. You do not have to go to the club to dance. You do not have to go to the club to listen to music. You do not have to go to the club to meet your friends. You do not have to go to the club to meet new people. You do not have to go to the club to have a few drinks.

        You can do all of these things at your own house, a friends house, or a friend of a friends house. You will save money, you will be able to pick your own music, and it will be altogether more safe and wholesome.

  2. Henry H. Pinkham says:

    What are Muslims and blacks doing in Europe anyway? Send them home. They are an ill wind that blows nobody good!

  3. fnn says:

    Poland is part of the EU-so they can’t legally keep them out. I guess that’s the answer.

  4. New England Millenial says:

    Unrelated but I just heard a Kraft Velveeta and a Sear’s commercial on Don Black’s Stormfront radio show right now.

    • New England Millenial says:

      From the group’s fb:

      BRAAAAAWO i będzie coraz głośniej razem z Rosjanami powinniśmy być dla Europy i świata przykładem jak należy bronić wartości i kultury NASZEJ SŁOWIAŃSKIEJ CYWILIZACJI…

      ==> Bravo, and it will be louder with the Russians[!] [W]e should be for Europe and for the world an example of how to defend the values and culture of OUR SLAVIC CIVILIZATION…

      The positive to this is that these young nationalist men seem to be at least willing to put aside historical differences to form an alliance with Russian nationalists, It didn’t seem that way with the Svoboda people in Ukraine. The vast majority of Poland’s population is pro-EU anti-Russia (like the vandalism on Russia’s embassy during last year’s 11-11 memorial) but if Putin and Aleksander Dugin made contact with this group like they did the Golden Dawn, maybe they could start the process of trying to “flip” Poland.

      Then again, whose side is Putin on?

  5. zek says:

    PDL is stupid to be white knighting for a bunch of drunken whores. Women, especially Polish women, LOVE LOVE LOVE the swarthy cock, and will have probably sucked on several in the club restroom the same night they are escorted home.

    Women will always follow the alpha. They don’t want the beta to protect them from the alpha. Better to crack a few muzzie skulls, if possible, with the women around to watch.

  6. Ryu says:

    Rooshie was in Poland. He’s a muzz.

    Their mind is in the right place, which is appearing in public in large groups. I do not agree with protecting women who do not hold our values. They should be thinking about taking back the streets.

    How to do it is another matter. Obviously the system fights back at some point. We hear little from Golden Dawn anymore since the gov crackdown. Any serious wn organization has to expect the assasinations to come eventually. Playing by their rules down not work.

    • Denise says:

      I can’t believe this.

      What “values”?


      No one else has bothered, have they?

      • Cyprian Korzeniowski says:

        How is enabling bad behavior (club ratting) defending Polish values?

        I don’t know about Poland but I see very little in the way of interracial relationships, and even then it’s usually between an East Asian and a Russian. If I ever see a Russian girl with a Central Asian, it’s usually in one of the worse parts of town.

      • Denise says:

        Cyprian – this thread does not allow me to reply to you – but the idea that Polish me nare going in and beginning to take care of the women will teach women thatthere are better ways of living.

        Don’t you understand this?

        Leaving them to their own devices is what creates the bad environment.

  7. JB says:

    Iraqi nationals rape woman in Colorado. She is a typical brainwashed Kwan who treated these Iraqis as if they were white.

    • zek says:

      White people, even the most conservative ones, always take the feminist line on rape — “we have to protect our precious snowflake females from the evil bad males who would soil their perfection, and lock up rapists for decades, or maybe even kill them!”

      Imagine you are a man, getting raped by 5 hot Scandinavian women. OK, maybe I wouldn’t be in the mood at the time; maybe I’d be embarrassed that I got overpowered by a bunch of women; maybe I’d worry about STDs; but, you know, I think I’d get over it.

      Now imagine being this woman. She’s 50-something, probably single with cats, she’s never been fucked like that in her whole life. She’s never experienced a REAL ALPHA MALE who takes what he wants, let alone five of them at once. Let’s be honest; she probably orgasmed multiple times. And I’m sure she was a sobbing mess afterwards — tears of overwhelming emotion (mostly pleasure). She will be thinking about this every hour of every day for the rest of her life. Whenever she rubs herself to get off, it will be to thoughts of this.

      The rapists and the victim in this scenario are behaving as they are biologically impelled. It’s only the de-balled white males who have failed their biological and moral imperative: to hunt down and brutally murder these scum in retaliation, in order to remind the white wimminz, and everyone else, who’s boss.

      • zek says:

        I should make it clear that I don’t advocate violence. I’m a lover, not a fighter. We should join hands with our Muslim friends. Give peace a chance. Kumbaya, my lord, kumbaya. Move along, DHS, nothing to see here.

      • WhyOhWhy says:

        You have made several highly controversial points here dude. But I suspect more than a kernel of truth in them.

      • Scarlett says:

        Unfortunately, I think there may be some truth to this.

      • aryangoddess says:

        Are you saying 50 year old white woman gets aroused by the thought of five muzzies raping her? If you really think that you’re f’d in the head. MW, every single time you have these threads, the women haters come out.

      • I see with zek, here, we have another graduate of the Heartiste-Roissy School of Stud Muffins. So, tell us, zek, just how many panting women are beating down your door, just begging to be the love slave of such a masterful man like you?! Hmmm?

        Enquiring minds want to know. I’m sure that it must be at least … six …. surely you must be too busy or too exhausted to devote entire paragraphs about how certain women are so desperate that they would invite the attention of men who are too cowardly to make the attempt alone, so they attack in packs, like hyenas. Moreover men that are so socially inept that, in a fairly promiscuous culture, they would have to resort to rape at all.

        Thank you for your insights but feel free to stop sharing your wit and wisdom with us. Feel free to go back to your harem of love slaves, Rosie Palm and all five of her sisters.

      • mindweapon says:

        I learned Russian rather than bother with the nightclub scene or chase after modern American women.

      • oogenhand says:

        The alpha position is a double morality; children of Polish men and e.g. Chechen women are Polish, so Polish men should have access to Chechen women, but Chechen men should have no access to Polish women. The harsh reality is that if Chechen leaders can promise their Chechen activists Polish women, but Polish leaders cannot promise their Polish activists Chechen women, the Poles will always be less motivated than the Chechens.

        But there is Divine Grace: Israel recently legalized abortion, Saudi-Arabia is threatened by youth unemployment, Iran is weighed down by the elderly. Unless they give up their poisonous religions, they will face the eternal Wrath of Veles in the Afterlife…

        Slava Sventovit! Slava Sventovit! Slava Sventovit!

  8. PA says:

    I agree in the white knighting in principle. Maybe nationalists ought to focus on clubs as the problem.

    Questions though: what does the club scene in Poland typically look like — girls dancing mostly with local guys and muzz mostly just staring or bothering the girls? American girls will mudshark with a smooth foreign or US-born non-white but they will ignore the FOB Mexicans or creepy south Asians.

    The question centers on exactly how many, and how smooth any browns over there may be. Last time I was in Warsaw, which was two years ago and it was weekend night downtown, I didn’t see any foreigners. Roosh’s business model is centered on selling hope to browns and losers, so his tales may be exaggerated.

    • mindweapon says:

      THe white guys should be IN the nightclubs, AMOG-ging the muds, or selling drugs to them, preferably heroin..

      • oogaboogaman says:

        I totally agree with you MW they should be in the clubs running game, but at the same time you have to have the sober and serious contingent to back you up.

        At PA I think the club scene is the main place for young people to dance and drink in continental europe, unlike the anglosphere which is more bar oriented. In terms of polish women the ones that I’ve been with are hot as fuck yet down to earth and family oriented, yeah they like to drink, yet they’re worth defending.

      • Trainspotter says:

        First things first: if the muds aren’t afraid to be inside the nightclubs in the first place, Poland has a problem.

        I remember back in the 90’s when race mixing began occurring inside the nightclubs around here. Initially, I was astonished. I was talking to an elderly uncle of mine (since passed away) who was very much a blue collar guy, working at the same factory for almost 50 years until retirement. I said something to the effect that, surely, these things weren’t happening when he was coming up. His answer was simple:

        “Hell no!! They wouldn’t have made it past the front door.”

        It comes down to territory. The anti-white system demands that the muds be let in the front door, and propagandizes the white females to believe that they are bad people if they refuse to mate with the muds. All of this is designed to emasculate the white male by denying him the right to defend his territory, which he is wired to do.

        Nightclubbing may be degenerate, but that’s not the point. It’s about territory and manhood. I don’t know what the situation is in Poland at the street level, but if possible, the Polish men should start making the muds very uncomfortable to even be inside the nightclub at all. Muds should feel unwelcome there. Then the only problem is the walk home, so the escorting is vital. This protects the white female, protects the gene pool, and trains the Polish men to exercise their true nature as protectors, something that American men are largely (though not entirely) unable to do.

        If they instead sit back, they are going to become like a huge portion of American men, which is to say emasculated, degenerate wastes of oxygen. Losers who have rationalized their cuckoldry, and in many ways have even embraced it. Poland, do not go down that path!

      • WhyOhWhy says:


        First off I love your name, great choice. As far as running game, that is a personal solution, this problem is on a massive scale. Are millions upon millions of guys going to rise up as one man and run game at these clubs? If they were to do so, why not just take over the whole country and impose proper rules over the population. Should guys spend all of their time preoccupied with game, as would be need in this scenario? When will they have time to do what whitey does?

      • clytemnestra57 says:

        White guys should invest in dance lessons. Dancing is not only great exercise, but it speeds up the process of making a connection. First and foremost, if the guy is a great dancer, he is showing off two things that are attractive to women.

        Men still take the lead in dance. A woman has to do everything backwards and in heels which puts her in a more vulnerable position. If he is adept at not stepping all over her feet and protects her from backing into any thing or any one, he is demonstrating competence. If he has great rhythm, well that translates to other things.

        Dance is a contact sport. It enables a man to put his hands on a woman’s waist. It enables a woman to touch him. Slower dancing means more body contact. Just because a guy is getting happy with the idea of a pretty woman in his arms, does not mean that she is not thrilled to have a buff young guy with his arms around her.

        One of the saddest things about America is that men don’t dance anymore. Why is that? II have to go to Eastern European sites to catch gorgeous men strutting their stuff. What a pity.

    • Rita Rabbit says:

      The girls are in clubs because their fathers havent taught them proper values and/or protected them properly. I also highly doubt that a Polish girl who spends the night mixing with Muds is going to get (or even want) an escort.

  9. PA says:

    “They should be selling heroin / they should be amoging / they should braking muds uncomfortable in clubs.”

    I hear you guys, and the tough talk, but none of this happened in America, UK, Sweden, Germany or Finland. But whatever mechanism of globalist imperatives, no effective street resistance happened anywhere.

    Is Poland different, or facing different circumstances?

    • Trainspotter says:

      You’re right, PA, it didn’t happen here. Eastern Europe needs to learn from our failure.

      PA “Is Poland different, or facing different circumstances?”

      Matters reached an advanced stage of decay in the West prior to widespread use of the internet. I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but it was hard to get information (or distribute it), and the system media was able to successfully squelch access to serious thinkers and meaningful insights. For example, I read a lot of very talented writers and thinkers, virtually none of which I would have ever heard of save for the internet.

      By the time a significant number of whites understood what was going on, the decay had already massively infested our entire society. Now we consider ourselves to be quite ambitious simply to secure a portion of our nation, saving a mere remnant of our people. And while I would disagree strongly, there are plenty who claim that we can’t even accomplish that much.

      We have also learned that conventional political organization is not enough, as it expects the system to honor its own rules – which is expecting too much. But networks, both formal and informal, can accomplish much. Especially in places like Poland where the infestation, presumably, is still small. Alone, a man can’t do much. With a team, the dynamics change. The Poles should be able to understand that the system will try to isolate and marginalize them. Start forming networks now, while you still have the social capital to do so.

      The Poles, and other eastern Europeans, have the internet now, today, while the infestation is still in the early stages. They also have our cautionary tale as an example to learn from, with the internet providing both information about the problem and the means to disseminate more.

      The Polish nationalists should be able to understand how the colonization and subjugation process works. The muds now creeping into places like Poland may play nice for awhile, and assume the role of victim, but as we know from personal experience, that changes soon enough. The system media will portray the initial wave of invaders as harmless. They will assure the indigenous population that “nothing will change,” and that any who oppose the invasion are mean, crazy, cruel, and most importantly of low status. Some Poles will spout the system line in order to score status points against nationalist whites. Traitors are demoralizing, but you must be able to shake it off.

      Of course, as we know all too well, the system message changes as the invaders grow in number and strength. Soon enough, the muds are the “future” and the only hope for Poland to continue existing at all. The indigenous population is yesterday, the past. Eventually Polish men will be actively denigrated as unattractive losers, and white women mating with muds will not merely be tolerated, but actively celebrated. Anyone who opposes this process of replacement is evil, or at best a silly loser. Muds will be portrayed as masculine, vibrant and strong, while Polish men will be weak and cowardly Pajama Boys. Then on to ever more blatant forms of denigration and subjugation, in the slide to eventual extinction.

      Poland, learn!!!!!!! Network, network, network.

      • mindweapon says:

        Absolutely! Great post, Trainspotter.

        Had a chat with a local YKW precious metals dealer yesterday. YKW’s are generally invested in the status quo and don’t want a collapse or reset. This guy, however, believes in it. I told him I thought that Fort Knox doesn’t have gold, and he nodded and said that he thinks the COMEX doesn’t have gold either. He knew all about China and India hoarding gold, and, in his words, “1 trillion a year in printing money is going to have terrible consequences.” Of course, one could say he’s just parroting goldbug propaganda in order to sell more shiny metal. Fair enough.

        Also reading this book:

        Survive the Economic Collapse.

        Published by Richard Spencer’s Washington Summit Publishing company. You’ll notice a surprising name at that website if you poke around enough. I’m reading Survive right now — it’s very good reading. Piero was a high flying tech boom startup guy back in the 1990’s, and his journey to writing Survive is fascinating.

        At any rate, the fun is going to be over, and that might settle a recent boys v girls dispute going on. The girls are saying we need to go dance at clubs, the boys say we need a more serious society. I don’t want to get too much into it, but I always found nightclubs very boring and futile. I think that being men – providing and fighting, is enough without having to go “nightclub dancing.” These things are going to be frivolous soon enough.

        If you’re up for it, more power to you. I’m not. I work in that scene and don’t have much sympathy for it. I’ll be glad when it’s over.

        After the reset, we’ll create spaces where boys and girls get together, but it will only be for WHITE boys and girls.

  10. WhyOhWhy says:

    Apologies in advance to Mind Weapon for any headaches I will cause.

    People, I’m going to gently suggest something here. I will try to be a niceguy about it. I don’t wish to upset anyone least of all the 2-3 women who comment here, but consider the following:
    If these girls are in clubs doing nothing positive for their people on their own without needing to be subliminally coaxed- should they be ‘free?’
    If these girls know only to abuse ‘freedom’ and can only be foolish with it- should they have?
    If they are ‘free,’ but refuse direction from their parents, good society or men and feel ‘free’ to obey the MTV culture- should they be taken seriously as adults.
    If as most of us believe, women should not be held accountable or responsible for anything- why should not whitey just revoke this privilege forbid these girls from doing “what they want” (obeying MTV) and just impose open, solid rules instead of sending each individual male out their to work on subliminal tactics and try to create an ‘implicit’ dominance? Does ‘dominance’ need to be implicit?
    If they have no agency- do they need ‘rights?’ What have they done with said ‘rights’ thus far?
    In being ‘sexy’ to compete with the Muslims, are the Poles going to be better Browns than the Browns?
    Should the choices of these Polish women be respected and honored?

    I hope you all will consider these points and take them seriously. Please think and don’t become instantly enraged. These are important questions that we need to start getting comfortable with. The only ‘alpha’ than can work on a large scale is the structural kind.

    • Stubbs says:

      No compromise with the feminists. Their ideas didn’t make sense in theory and completely failed in practice.

      But we’re not in charge. Our rules only matter insofar as women need to associate with us.

      I’d try and base the patrols on the club. Patrons of clubs friendly to us should be protected, if the club is a multiracial cesspool let them handle it themselves. Hopefully the Poles have an idea of which is which.

      • WhyOhWhy says:

        Good point Stubbs. Also, help from the men should come with conditions of allegiance attached, not just babysitting. If you want protection then you owe allegiance to the protector- simple as that.

  11. TabuLa Raza says:

    What are Muslims and blacks doing in Europe anyway?

    Nothing. . .

  12. TabuLa Raza says:

    jew comes out against fellow jews, sez they should be put into camps

  13. I was debating whether to say anything, but I see my fellow white men have already pointed out the damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t nature of this particular conundrum. Polish men have to keep their women from being raped by Muslim invaders, but the Polish women demand the right to slut it up with those very same Muslim invaders.

    • WhyOhWhy says:

      Hence my suggestion of disregarding their demands and simply reading them the riot act.

    • Denise says:

      WHY do you automatically assume the Polish women WANT to slut it up with Muslim invaders?

      YOU are damning THEM, of hand.

      The Polish guys obviously think what they are doing is worth the effort. That’s all I need to know.

      • WhyOhWhy says:

        It’s not that they are necessarily slutting up with the invaders, it is simply a question of wether they should waste their nobility helping be silly- invader or not.

  14. PA says:

    Even if aspects of this white knighting are misguided, there is activity in Poland. THS VIDEO shows Polish nationalists take over city center.

    The first two or three minutes is anti-racist antifas (with professionally printed placards). By 3:00, you see the nationalists squaring off with the police.

    Trainspotter is right. Poland is getting globalized in the age if the internet. Eastern European nationalists (and non-traitor elites) are expected to understand the program. Based on my reading of comments under Polish articles, they do.

    Still, in my visits to Poland I see close to zero non-whites in cities. Most people there undertand the multiculti deluge in concept, but have never felt it personally — except the many Poles who worked in London.

    • Trainspotter says:

      I hope that’s the case, PA. It certainly should be. Next time you visit Poland, I hope you’ll give us an extensive report of the situation there.

      The Poles need to learn from our mistakes. They need to form resilient networks, networks that endure beyond any particular political success or setback. And they need to do these things NOW. It is unlikely that their ultimate success or failure will hinge on conventional political rules, but whether real Poles can form networks of trust and cooperation with one another.

      Polish nationalists also need to understand that while making muds uncomfortable is valuable and necessary (Oops! Sorry about the drink spilled all over you, Akbar! Maybe me and my three friends can get your dry cleaning done!), they also need to make the Polish traitors even more uncomfortable. The traitor is the source of the problem (to the extent it’s not YKW), the mud only the symptom.

      But so long as they are in the EU, and the muds have a legal right to enter, it is essential that the invaders be made to feel uncomfortable and unwelcome, particularly where Polish women are concerned.

    • mindweapon says:

      Great find, PA. The kwaps were protecting the antifa scum, the nationalists outnumbered and out-testoseroned them and were trying to get through the kwaps to smash them.

      • WhyOhWhy says:

        Wow, even in Poland! I didn’t know that. Good God! These antifa have way to many connections to be still claiming grassroots. By the way, the neologism “kwaps” is hilarious. I heard it before but forgot it. This site is great for recycling awesome funny words.

  15. All you backseat drivers need to take a chill pill. Polish men know how to handle Polish women AND Muslims.

    Have you forgotten who saved Europe, which was on the verge of going out, at the Siege of Vienna? Polish men! Do you know who demonstrated The Fine Art of Kicking Muslim Ass to the Greeks which inspired Golden Dawn? Polish men! And the Polish women know it.

    Denise is absolutely right; the chances of some Polish “white knight” Dude getting his game on with some Polish broad (and yes they are busty. I am half Polish and, in my younger, perkier days, all my acquaintances told me they could see me coming before I turned the corner – HA!) are far greater than pick-up artist throwing down a bunch of lame lines and copping an attitude.

    Only an idiot like Roissy would put down the White Knight. Or have you gentlemen ever asked why most women consider men who are in the firefighting occupation hawt?! Take it from THIS firefighter groupie, any man who literally pulls MY chestnuts out of the fire is a freakin’ ADONIS AFAIC.

    • WhyOhWhy says:

      The guys were simply questioning wether men should be escorting potential drunken slatterns to and fro that’s all. I don;t know the club scene in Poland, so I can only assume it is like the one in America. If it is indeed that way there as well then they should not be helped, unless ‘help’ comes with conditions. I like Polish people very much, and am glad to here you were a busty Polish girl in your youth, but if they’re acting like American chicks, it makes it a problem.

      • Denise says:

        Why do you assume they are all slatterns?

        FYI – I used to go clubbing, in my wanton youth. I went to DANCE. An to socialize. And wear pretty clothes. See, and be seen.

        I am not a boozehound. I used to have 1 or 2 drinks a night. I mostly drank water – because if I got drunk and sloppy – I COULDN’T DANCE. None of my pals, male or female, would get hammered. We wanted to enjoy the night, the music, each other, and dancing.

        Why do you assume the Polish gals are behaving like trash?

        I went out to dance.

      • clytemnestra57 says:

        I went clubbing back in the day. I’d get dolled up, dance with nice-looking men, and have a couple of drinks with my friends. I would politely decline to dance with any Non-White man who asked. It was an unspoken understanding that any White girl who accepted a dance offer from a Non-White man – even one – would not get asked to dance by a White man, no matter how attractive she was. I was average looking. I always went back to my bed alone. I had too much respect for myself to engage in one night stands, much less sex in the bathroom with a stranger.

        If I found a White guy who interested me, I gave him my phone number for an old-fashioned date a few days later, which would involve quiet conservation in a more intimate public setting. I never dated outside my race, because I have always thought it was hard enough to manage the Battle of the Sexes without adding the Racial Component. How do you know that many of those “Polish slatterns” don’t do the same? You don’t, so stop being ignorant AND judgmental.

        Mind you, the era I am talking about was the late seventies-early eighties. I am not saying that there weren’t any promiscuous young women. I knew a couple of girls whose sole method of birth control was abortion. I also knew a few girls who were virgins until their wedding night. I knew some girls who were abuse-sucking trolls (no doubt inspiring that idiot, Roissy) and I knew other women who were ball-busting bitches. I consider myself one of those women who believe that courtesy begets courtesy. If some man holds open the door for me, I smile broadly and sincerely thank him, for example, but if I see some man at the door with his hands full, then I open the door for him.

        My point is, that even today, most women are not monolithic, but individuals who make unique choices based on their own personal circumstances. The facts are these; for all the relentless pressure on White women to race-mix, less than two percent of White women race-mix and fewer White women race-mix than White men!

        This should give us much more hope for the future. I once had a “Keeping It Real” discussion with a Black woman about race-mixing back in the eighties about BM-WF and WM-AF pairings. She said that she didn’t know the WM-AF outcome, but could predict that the BM-WF pairings would fizzle out after a generation once “White women with Mandingo Syndrome discover how Black men really are.”

        Well, in a quietly buried article about race-mixing that I read several months ago, it appears that White Millennial Women are far less likely to race mix than their mothers and older sisters. I guess a number of them have seen, among their older sisters, the number of unofficially ostracized, economically marginalized single White mothers pushing Mulatto offspring in baby carriages if they survive the relationship at all.

        I see virtually no unofficially ostracized or economically marginalized White male race mixers. I mean, it’s interesting how many WN males can attend an American Renaissance Conference which is supposed to be putatively about preserving the White race with many of the Asian and Mestiza wives of the attendees in tow and not only not leave in disgust, but see no irony in it whatsoever.

        I see more White men dating Asians and Mestizas now than ever. When I stare at a White male with Yellow Fever, he has a tendency to sneer disdainfully at me, like I am not up to his standards of womanhood. Whatever. Little does he know that I am not eating my heart out over him; I know that he has such issues with real women that he will even sacrifice his future posterity of having White children rather than deal with them, period. I am wondering how long after she gets her green card will it take for his little Lotus Blossom or Spicy Tamale to educate him that ALL women are sisters under the skin?

        In any case, Poland has been dealing with invasions, White and Non-White for centuries. They are very quiet about it but the stubborn, tenacious men of Poland are very adept at: hanging in there while the going is tough, seizing on any opportunity to cock-block invaders and undermine them at every turn, and then tossing them of the country the moment they can.

        You are all castigating a very subtle but shrewd strategy. Muslims and Negros can be relied on to sooner or later “just be themselves” and harm any woman stupid or naïve enough to go near them. If she is carrying on like an idiot at the club then gets assaulted on the way home, her fate is its own cautionary tale and becomes a potent propaganda weapon. Unlike American men, Polish men don’t pile on by calling her names. Not that I think they would date her or marry her. They just make her an innocent martyr of multiculturalism and capitalize on her victimhood by gallantly stepping in to protect the remaining Polish women who are worth saving. And yes, I’d bet dollars to donuts that they get phone numbers at the very least or even asked in to apartments for the proverbial cup of coffee.

      • M9 says:

        “in a quietly buried article about race-mixing that I read several months ago, it appears that White Millennial Women are far less likely to race mix than their mothers and older sisters.”

        If you have a link, I’d love to see it. Otherwise, I think I will take the above with a grain of salt.

      • M9, sorry I did not see this post earlier and sorry for my brain fugue.

        It was based on data according to OKCupid, the only site that reports its tallies of interracial communications.

        According to them, White men are still the group that gets both contacted and responded to by both races. Black women compose the group that gets contacts and responses the least. Asian men also have difficulties.

        White guys are more willing to sample the diverse goodies offered to them more so than White women though you’d never believe it by all the accusations of White women hankering after dark meat you see on WN boards.

        The majority of White women who race mix per OKCupid trend middle aged (the tail end of the Baby Boom through Gen X). It tapers off as the women get younger. I’m mainly talking about White women in the throes of Mandingo Syndrome. Asian men still don’t continue to interest White women that much even though Congress is bringing them in by the boatload with the H1B visas.

        Here is where I insert a cautionary note. The most interracial mixing for both White men and White women is done with Mestizos, especially in those areas with large populations of them. You’d never guess that with the way the media has been pushing for Black-White pairings, but that’s where the vulnerability is. Most White race realists scoffed when the media portrayed George Zimmerman as a “White Hispanic,” but a lot of unawakened Whites see Mestizos as a dark Caucasion subgroup like Greeks or Italians.

        I have lived in areas with large Mestizo demographics and both the men and the women, if they can, actively seek out White partners, because the mantra of Mexico and other Latin American cultures is “we are all Mestizo,” but the higher castes are light-skinned. They all talk about how they want children with “colored eyes.” They treat their whiter looking children like princelings and princesses.

        Now here is an interesting theory a friend of mine posited with me that plays into this He feels that the White elite is pushing race-mixing on the lower White orders, because they ultimately know that there will be a premium put on Whiteness in the future. According to him, they are such zero sum game people who put such a premium themselves on Whiteness that it does not occur to them that Whites suffer the same if not more oppression when they become a racial minority. They think they will remain safe in their gated communities ruling over the polyglot masses of asses. So when some White liberal is grumbling that an area has too many White people in it, he means it, but not in the way you may think. With more White people around, there is less “White Privilege” for him.

    • banned56 says:

      Ladies, somebody explain to me, how is this thing about Polish girls panting after Muslims even a topic of concern? I mean, how is it even *possible* that a lovely Polish lady lust after a greasy Arab?
      Because, me, even the thought of being in proximity to one of these revolting ragheads enough to even *smell* him, never mind physical contact, makes me throw up a little in my mouth.
      Yuck, yuck, ick.
      “Alpha”, “beta”, blah blah blah. These girls are just BRAINWASHED.

      • Denise says:

        These guys don’t understand women at all.

        Barb – I don’t think non=White men are Human. The further away they are form White – the less they are Human.

        I’m not talking science/biology/etc – to me it’s pure gut instinct. A visceral reaction.

    • Denise says:

      Thank you, Cly. These guys do not understand women at all.

      It’s skeery.

      God bless those Polish White MEN!!!

      • Trainspotter says:

        “These guys do not understand women at all.”

        I’ll appeal to high authority on this one. It’s been a while, but quite a few cheerleaders would disagree!

  16. X says:

    ‘White Knighting’ is a start. Ideally the Poles should be ‘persuading’ the club owners to close down their businesses while starting up their own and then taking over all those little ‘extra curricular’ activities that ‘browns’ run. The ‘browns’ are not ‘Alphas’, not even by the idiotic PUA (Jew babble) definition, they are little more than ‘Beta minuses’ who have filled the void, often by official consent.

    If these Poles are trying to reclaim their land, good for them, let the ‘Alphas’ lurk on forums telling each other (grossly exaggerated) tales of how they picked up a ‘ten’ (drunk slut viewed through beer goggles?) in a seedy bar. Perhaps the more nationalistic minded will pontificate to their ‘Beta’ bretheren about how to go about things, all the while they themselves do no use their ‘game’ to secure themselves the finest available future mother for the six children they should be excellent fathers to (real Alpha behaviour).

    • Denise says:

      Wah wah weah.


      Sorry boys – but it’s on YOU. WHITE MEN abandoned their role as husbands, fathers, and law-givers about a hundred years ago, to run off and play with their brand new toys. One of those toys is young women. White men allowed Jew porn to take over. Attractive young women, who WANTED family and children, were dismissed or abandoned for the fancy sluts. Young women have been REWARDED for being sluts, for what? 60 years on?

      Since White men handed off everything to Jews and their Darkliings – the Whites girls are in the clubs, and the malls, and anywhere that seems like FUN.
      YOU have to go to THEM.

      And you’d better know know how to have FUN. If you are NOT fun – then you are DOA. To bad. That’s where things stand.

      How bad do you want a White Nation BACK?

      How many kids do you have? Do you even have a girlfriend? Why aren’t you out there making babies?

      Those Polish guys will. be doing that.

      • WhyOhWhy says:

        They didn’t abandon their role, it was usurped from them. And since women are more concerned with ‘shakin’ what ya mama gave ya’ then why should they be accorded the lead role in society? First things first? I guess not, cuz all she wants to do is dance, dance!

      • Denise says:

        No it wasn’t. White men handed over their civilization with BOTH hands. For money, and toys.

        How can things be usurped if you don’t LET things be usurped?

      • X says:

        I have eight children, five boys and three girls: all of them racially aware. Twenty-two years as a Royal Marine, I have no time for the PUA bullshit and all the pseudo-men and pseudo-shieldmaidens that bash away on their QWERTYs.

        How many kids do you have? Could you even defend them if you had to? I didn’t think so. YAWN away, idiot.

  17. Attila says:

    Interesting development- but I would risk one hair on my beard to help out one of these ungrateful and demanding creatures under any circumstances. At the rate we’re going – men are going to have to gang up to defend themselves FROM violent female gangs. Muslims wouldn’t even be trying this if they felt the Polish men were as “bad” as they are – they obviously smell the weakness in the wind.

    • FN says:

      Peace unto you brother,
      Whether they are Muslims from Pakistan or Christians from Mexico or Hindus from India or Catholics from the Philippines or good old Baptist negroes from Alabama the problem is not their theology but their biology.
      I do not think the religion of Muhammad should be judged by conduct of those who call themselves “Muslim” any more than should the religion of Christ be judged by the Cannibals in the Central African Empire who call themselves “Christians.”
      Video shows cannibal ‘Mad Dog’ eating the leg of Muslim man in Central African Republic
      ‘I ate the whole thing down to the bone’: Central African Republic cannibal drags Muslim off bus and eats his leg…

      The victim was attacked by a militia of around 20 machete-wielding men
      Ouandja Magloire – also known as Mad Dog – reportedly ate part of the man
      Witnesses did not intervene but filmed the attack on their mobile phones
      ‘The scene made many people vomit and cry out in horror,’ one witness said
      Sectarian violence has been rife recently in the Central African Republic

  18. Attila says:

    And FYI – Muslim does not equal Arab. Some of the most violent gangs are in Europe are from Pakistan and Somalia – NOT North Africans or Turkish/Kurdish.

    • banned56 says:

      Right. Which is why I made a point in my post above to use as a synonym for Muslim, greasy Arab. Because “Muslims” is only that, a euphemism — useful, because so many of them are Muslim, but euphemism, nonetheless — for “greasy Arab.”

      But that raises a question. Why IS it that so many greasy Arabs subscribe to Mohammedism? Answer: a) because Mohammad was a greasy Arab, so there’s the fellow-feeling there, and b) greasy Arabs, being not fully human, enjoy and desire a religion that lets them chop off heads.

      The sad thing is, MTV etc has deliberately miseducated Polish, and American, and Swedish, etc etc etc, young women to dull them to the fact that greasy Arabs are not fully human and therefore not suitable mates.

  19. WhyOhWhy says:


    I don’t know they are all slatterns. I am saying “if” and that is all. I have experience with this scene in America and yes, even nice girls will behave this way when out in the club scene. I shouldn’t have said anything at all. You say we don’t understand you, but I think that chicks just don’t understand us. And I can tell you for certain that guys spend (waste really) colossal amounts of time trying to understand girls. I don’t think the revers is true at all. But I could be wrong. That’s why I said “please” try and understand, not that it is absolutely this way or that, but if they are behaving as instructed by MTV then no, they should not be helped. They should earn the men if that is the case.

    Denise, you’re a nice lady, I’ve seen your comments everywhere, I don’t wish to insult you. But it is basically hopeless. There will be no understanding. For the rest of you, please consider thinking outside the box on this one. Apologies in advance for any headaches, sorry MW.

  20. aryangoddess says:

    Thank god the Polish men have a pair. I think its wonderful they’re escorting these ladies home.

    Late 70’s and early 80’s before I got married, disco was king. Every weekend I was on the dance floor. Danced for hours. Sweaty mess when I got home. MAYBE drank two drinks. Sweated all the booze out. I went to clubs to dance, wear my pretty disco dresses and talk to cute guys. We went in groups. On the rare occasion I had to drive there alone, I had a bouncer or friends walk me to the car. It was customary to do so.

    I don’t get the gals who like to dance and go to clubs being called sluts. There are sluts in church. Young women like to dance. Young men need to take west coast swing dance. A white man who knows how to dance can just about get any woman he wants.

    Polish men, if you’re reading mind weapons, keep on keeping, you’re doing the job american men won’t do.

    • WhyOhWhy says:

      Very well Goddess. But consider this. Since such a small % of the world’s population is white girls of child-bearing age, is there necessarily time for the men to spend, in addition to their dwindling jobs, time learning to dance and do silly things in order to tickle the fancy of, let’s face it, giggly girlies whose primary interest is entertainment? Would it not be better and more urgent to simply override the (endless) ‘wants’ and ‘desires’ of the dance-crazed damsels and just dictate to them what to do, when to do it, etc, in an official way, without subliminal mind tricks? Is the situation in the West not seeming that dire to you perhaps? Young women like to dance- fine. Is this of such overarching importance that my above written post is to be left with consideration. Instead of rushing to take offense, please consider this Goddess.

      • aryangoddess says:

        Uh no. Women aren’t servants to be ordered around like the negroes in the south.

        Women first have to meet men. Dancing and dating is part of the courtship. No young woman is going to want to be hogtied and used as a baby machine. Young women and men want to have fun.

        WN are WAY too serious and brooding. Too many WN fit the stereotype. Out of shape keyboard warriors.

        Once the woman is married and pregnant, that’s the time for serious business. But after the kids are born and you have a brood of them, Momma and Daddy need the energy to manage the kidlets. All that time dancing and going to the gym will pay off in this instance.

        I’m all about what works. Having fun, having a good sense of humor is important. My hubby makes me laugh. At times he’s an insufferable ass, he still makes me laugh.

        There is plenty of time for doom and gloom at the night patrols in rahowa.

      • Denise says:

        Yes. The answer is YES.

        Now start dancing.

    • VRW says:

      Why go to the club to dance when you can dance right in your own living room for free and pick all your own music?

    • clytemnestra57 says:

      All I know is that like me and my group, most club-goers didn’t go home and hit the sheets together. They not only needed to sober up, but all that dancing made them hungry! So they would hit IHOP or some other place and have breakfast together. If there was any place that guys and girls ended up leaving paired up, it would be after breakfast. Often , it was there that we exchanged phone numbers and made plans for real dates.

      Recently I attended a late show and some friends and I went to breakfast and, sure enough, shortly after 2:00 am, the place began to fill up with young men and women who had just gone clubbing. So things haven’t changed that much.

      I just have to wonder what kind of clubs these guys frequent? Strip clubs? Moreover, what kind of guys these are? They strike me as low-investment men who just want to get laid for as little effort as possible. Even back when I was doing the scene, there were guys who spent the whole night just leaning against the bar and drinking. They didn’t ask a single woman to dance. They never went out to breakfast even in a group. They’d just wait for the girls to get prettier at closing time and try to pick them up then.

      • WhyOhWhy says:

        The 70’s are over, things are a bit different now and the decline that was set into motion then has metastasized since. The ‘good’ from the not so good are not marked with special tape, these guys are just drawing reasonable conclusion based upon broad generalizations, which is all one can do in this scenario. But whatever, it was a mistake to take serious talk to the ladies, I usually don’t do that, after all, all she wants to do is dance.

        That said, I think I might hit the club!

    • banned56 says:

      What Cly said.

      WhyOhWhy, and other fellas here, while I certainly can empathize with your outrage, and I *get* what you’re saying about, it’s cosmic justice served to allow these girls to suffer the consequences of their own foolheaded behavior (of getting stone drunk and flirting with greasy Arabs) by being raped, please do consider:

      The ONLY people capable of gestating White babies are White women under the age of 40. These young gals, fools staggering home drunk though they are, are an IRREPLACEABLE resource. If knocked up by Muslim rapists, that means even MORE muds in White countries.
      They MUST be kept undefiled so they can bear the white babies.
      Thank you, Polish men, for doing right by White people.

      • WhyOhWhy says:

        That was why I was ambivalent about it. If you see my original comment I made it clear about the rape thing. That was before the other ladies on here turned hysterical.

      • oogenhand says:

        Talking about pregnancy after rape, turn the tables against the Muslim, and ask why Islam allows Muslim women abortion after rape. Remind them of the eternity of Hell.

        The best way to increase Polish birth rates isn’t to protect at any cost women who are not interested in having a lot of Polish babies anyway, but to point out that if you prevent babies by Natural Family Planning (allowed by Polish Catholicism), you will need euthanasia(NOT allowed by Polish Catholicism). NFP without euthanasia is the moral equivalent of MURDER!!! Roman Catholic moral theology is even more flawed than Atheist ethics. Most Atheists don’t have issues with euthanasia, only they put too little effort in legalizing it. Again, remind the average Polish Catholic that Hell is eternal.

        Finally, given the fact that this planet has seven billion inhabitants, maybe we should put more effort in lowering enemy birthrates than increasing our own. WNs calling for a ban on abortion in Poland or Russia are easy targets for Liberals (“War on women! War on women!”) but WNs calling for expanding legal abortion in Israel, or legalizing abortion in Saudi-Arabia, a country even more hypocritical on immigration than Israel, would mindf… the Liberals.

      • Mosin Nagant says:

        ‘remind the average Polish Catholic that Hell is eternal’

        That wouldn’t make any impression. Oogenhand, did you forget all about ‘Purgatory’? With enough time, or enough money to buy enough prayers to ‘the Mother of God’ and the ‘saints’, a member of the Roman cult believes they can escape eternal punishment for almost anything.

  21. aryangoddess says:

    BTW, comment from my hubby. Women figure if a hot man can dance all night, then he has the energy to boink all night♥.

  22. WhyOhWhy says:


    Lady, perhaps you broads don’t take it seriously at all. Perhaps you simply can’t. Whatever. Why do you all get bent out of shape when a guy assumes sluttiness, while you assume “out of shape keyboard warriors?” Honey, I have the strength, the abs, the veins popping, etc. I am noticeably muscular, yes. So what? I can dance, prance, chance, romance, parlance, and talk all the shit broads wanna hear. So what? I do over 1,000 push ups a day for fun. So what? We’re are talking about serious business here. We are not talking about applying individual solutions to systemic problems. This is a systemic problem lady, please try and understand that. The solutions I posted above, though not fun (oh heavens no!), are systemic solutions that would, if applied en masse, attain results quickly, openly and without silly tricks used for masking success. Why can’t you see that? Or, why won’t you?

    • aryangoddess says:

      If anyone doesn’t get it, it’s you. This thread was started because Polish white men were escorting Polish white women from the clubs. Young Polish women want to have fun. You and others are chastising white women for going to clubs. Your solution is to club them and drag them by the hair of the head to your man cave.

      Ain’t going to happen.

      WN will fail if white men continue to pick on white women. Do you want to be right or be effective.

      I don’t care about your solution. Your solution stinks.

      • Denise says:

        Exactly. The responses by the “dedicated” males are completely incomprehensible. Thick as BRICKS they are.

        This story really isn’t about the women. It’s about the MEN.

        Polish – and that means WHITE – men are doing something. They are tacking EFFECTIVE action – on the battlefield – and these…..I will refrain from using the words I would normally deploy – are carping and pooh-poohing, and negating something that is WORKING.

        Talk about pre-ordained self defeat.


      • WhyOhWhy says:

        MmmHmm. If whitey decides to make it so, it will happen and there will be nothing you would be able to do about it. No need to get all butthurt hunnybunny, we can still dance the night away, I’m diggin the dancin’ queen!

    • clytemnestra57 says:

      WhyohWhy, try being objective the next time you go to a bar and you will see lots of guys who spend all night leaning against the bar, drinking, without saying so much as a single word to any woman there until closing time. Clearly, the goal is to get laid for as little effort as possible. I think “game” is the internet version of perfecting this art. JMO.

      Now, if you have not been totally brainwashed by that idiot Roissy and his ilk, try to remember how incredibly sexy a PROTECTOR is to women. Let me illustrate:

      Turn back the clock. I’m in my twenties again (I wish). I have a friend, let’s call her Crystal. Crystal was chubby and lost a lot of weight. The moth turned into the proverbial butterfly. She is getting all kinds of attention by men who ignored her and she is not only reveling in it, her appetite for masculine attention – any kind of masculine attention – has only been whetted. She flirts with anything in pants and she does not discriminate.

      Because we are in an area that has been enriched by Vibrant Diversity, my friend receives the wrong kind of masculine attention and is on the horn to all her girlfriends who duly tut-tut and sympathize … even though we have long discussed her loose behavior behind her back, feeling for a long time that she should have dialed it back … a lot. Still, we have been indoctrinated in the idea that rape is all about aggression and hostility and control with no sexual component whatsoever. It would have happened if Crystal had been a 90 year old Amish woman.

      Here are two possible scenarios:

      WhyohWhy: I heard about that mudsharking slut, Crystal being raped by that mud. Clearly she was asking for it with the way she was carrying on.

      Clytemnestra: You sexist, insensitive pig. How dare you call Crystal a slut, you whore-mongering bastard? If ignorance was bliss, you’d be the happiest man on earth. Clearly rape is something you don’t have to worry about. Why should poor Crystal be held accountable for some idiot’s lack of self-control. (Insert more outrage and diatribe in shrill, accusing tones – which means, sorry, Buddy, you will not be knowing bliss with Clytemnestra and her twins – not now, not ever).


      WhyohWhy: I’m so sorry to hear about what happened to Crystal. How is she doing?

      Clytemnestra: About as well as can be expected. She’s holding up, but she’s still scared. We’re all trying to be a little more careful.

      WhyohWhy: Is that guy in jail yet?

      Clytemnestra: No, not yet. He’s out on bail.

      WhyohWhy: That’s not good. He may still be hanging around. Mind if I walk you home?

      Clytemnestra: Not at all. Thank you.

      While continuing to talk about poor Crystal, Clytemnestra walks down the street with a tall, good-looking buff guy on her arm. The scarier it is outside, the hotter WhyohWhy gets. She makes conversation with him while secretly checking him out. What a great head of hair! What magnificent shoulders! Love those biceps and those long legs of his. Makes her feel dainty and feminine. Now can she get a back view? Discreetly stumbles a little to fall slightly behind. Yes! He fills out those jeans quite nicely.

      They finally get to her apartment. It seems so rude to just thank him and send him on his way. Clytemnestra has some delicious Sara Lee coffee cake she can pop into the oven.

      Clytemnestra to WhyohWhy: Unless you are in a hurry to leave, I can put on some coffee cake if you are a little hungry. I have some beverages, too … (thinking Coffee, Tea or ME?)


      • WhyOhWhy says:

        I’m supposed to meet some folks at a local bar in a few so I’ll pay attention for that, thanks. Now, I don’t wanna be mean to you, especially since you had nice big tits back in the 70’s and all (seriously), but instead of concocting scenarios hypothetical scenarios and having yourself say things you know you wouldn’t, please listen (I’m foolishly being niceguy again here) to me; I don’t want for any rapes to occur at all- to anyone. Ever. As far as it being rude to invite me up, chicks have no problem being rude and no problem with not reciprocating. I’ve been in that situation many times where it lead to nothing and I’ve been in situations totally unlike that one that lead to something. I’ve had the chicks fondling and carrying on about how muscular and handsome and whatever and then wound up at 3am with bullshit. And again, with no fondling or checking out, would up with tail. I’ve been in all the scenarios OK. Escorting, or any sort of “helping” activities: usually bupkiss. I don’t explain you people (nor do I expect anything from you) I just know what types of behaviors you engage in. You’re chicks and you do chick stuff. Whatever. But my original comment was not so callous. And my suggestions were simply for mulling, it’s policy for future state control. You guys have proven to be a lot of trouble and can’t seem to get it together. That is all. I don’t hate any of you though you hate me. I don’t get easily offended though you do.

  23. WhyOhWhy says:

    Hey guys, with all of these ladies so concerned with nothin’ but a good time (good Poison song by the way), it reminded me of a pretty cool song about all this bad stuff going on all around us, but chicks don’t care and just want to shake their asses, cuz what else is there? amirite!

    So hunnybunnies, this song is dedicated to y’all:

  24. White men failed when they gave women the vote and stopped spanking them.

    • Denise says:

      I’m not disagreeing…….capiche?

    • banned56 says:

      Ah, man, why did you have to go *there*?
      Now I have to post my 10,000 word essay on why our current mess is not due to giving White women the vote, but was caused by giving White (un-propertied) MEN, and black men, the vote.
      Do you really want me to do this? Or will you just save us all time and admit you’re just having fun trolling?

  25. JAWSH says:

    Oh boy, more infighting among Whites/Euros! Just what we need! Both antipodes in this debate/thread go a little too far in the extremes and animosity. Can someone here, male and/or female, step in and do a Hegelian type synthesis? For God’s sake, No More Brothers’ Wars–AND No More Brothers’ and Sisters’ Wars EITHER!!!

    • WhyOhWhy says:

      I can’t help but agree with you dude. Yes, this is in large measure my fault. Not that I am incorrect in anything I’ve written, but in un-wittingly starting a shitstorm on MW’s comment section. I kind feel bad, but I did try to be nice to these tarts and old bags. They are just too easily butthurt and overly argumentative I guess. I wish it were not so, for their sake more than anyone’s. I apologize to you Jawish, for any demoralization.

      • mindweapon says:

        I don’t appreciate the name calling of my female commenters, WhyOhWhy. I let the debate go on, that’s fine, but the “tarts and old bags” remark is out of bounds.

        Why don’t we put this debate to rest for now.

      • WhyOhWhy says:

        As you wish sir, very well.

  26. WhyOhWhy says:

    Update the song for 2014,
    They’re pickin’ up the Muzzies n’ puttin’ em in Po-land/ and all she wants to do is dance, dance
    Anya don’t care though, it’s a problem for the men/ and all she wants to do is dance
    She goes the club, to twerk and drink/ and all she wants to do is dance, dance
    She can upchuck it later, in the stall or sink/ and all she wants to do is dance
    Crazy muzzes walking ’round with blood in their eyes/ and all she wants to do is dance, dance
    Wild-eye saber rattlers, that’s problem for the guys/ cuz all she wants to do is, all she wants to do is dance

    • Stubbs says:

      Well either you’re going to care about convincing women of things or you’re going to tell them how it is. No point trying to convince them of your right to tell them what’s right; that’s confusing. At some point the answer’s just going to be “because I’m the man and I said so”.

      In any case, throw all the feminism away and we’re still constrained by resources. Kidnapping women in burlap sacks no doubt has all sorts of logistical difficulties associated with it, and we simply don’t have the masses required to be doing things en masse.

      Also, young men and women do need to meet each other somewhere; don’t forget how badly coordinated our society is in this regard. Our best bet is to turn some of the clubs into our turf, following our rules. (They can dance if they want to, if they leave the muds behind.)

      • Denise says:

        Bless you. The Polish guys seem to be in the process of turning the clubs into their turf. That means the women inside become de facto turf/ Of the Polish men.


      • WhyOhWhy says:

        That last line was hilarious! Kudos dude, I love funny shit. “because I’m the man and I said so” yeah, that’s about it, that was my point. What I was meaning was full state control, just something for guys to think about is all. Coordination is a problem and needs to be better organized, yes they do need to meet and in a few moments I am on my way out, and will go to a bar or club. But let’s face it, guys should not escort them unless they are subject to rules.

  27. banned56 says:

    “Would it not be better and more urgent to simply override the (endless) ‘wants’ and ‘desires’ of the dance-crazed damsels and just dictate to them what to do, when to do it, etc, in an official way, without subliminal mind tricks? Is the situation in the West not seeming that dire to you perhaps? Young women like to dance- fine. Is this of such overarching importance that my above written post is to be left with consideration.”

    Why IS it that young White men today so absolutely hate dancing? Every Officer and Gentleman since Britannia ruled the waves has danced. But today’s WN men think learning to dance is “not serious business”, that it’s an annoying, girlish demand put upon them, and a foolish distraction from war to save the White race.

    *I* say getting young White men and women dancing together is one of the core REQUIREMENTS of saving the White race.

    Why is dancing important?

    Here’s why. Because it promotes pair bonding. The social gathering of the dance lets young people meet, the music makes the heart swell, and the two bodies moving in synchrony gets the love-hormones flowing so the brain thinks, we two belong together. We are in love. We are a unit.
    And those are the emotions required to forge the bonds to last a lifetime.
    And THAT pair bonding is utterly fundamental for the proper rearing of WHite children.
    It is, at base, the Improper rearing of White children, the sociopathy caused by divorce and feminism and public schooling of children by anti-Whites while mothers work, that has brought our race here, to the brink.
    The current epidemic of IMproper rearing of White children by insufficiently pair-bonded parents is the fundamental reason this website is even required to exist.
    Guys, turn off the football game and learn to dance. Winning your lovely lady will be so much easier.

    • Denise says:

      The social ineptitude of White Nationalist males is mind-boggling.

    • WhyOhWhy says:


      OK, here it is. First, please stop assuming that guys are just watching football/porn/drinking/jerking etc. If I make even a slight assumption about y’all, you see what happens. I don’t watch no fuckin’ ball games and am in significantly better shape than you, period. Now, moving right along.

      I am not against dancing, I can dance just fine. No I don’t take it all that seriously, that just how it is. Lots of things promote pair-bonding, but a lot of women can’t bond due to having been over-boinked- largely from multiple dudes from the dance clubs. I have seen it and been on of those dudes. I know this. Dancing going to cause the lifelong bond?? The question is, why are y’all so obsessed with this activity? A dude that is not a good fit for a broad can be a great dancer, but then years later she breaks up the family because she ‘made a mistake.’

      Whitey has taken nothing but flak forever, but it’s still ” oh you haven’t lead us” but are you willing to be lead? “Oh you need to dance more, you need to make my snatch moist more, need to” blah, blah, blah. Do you have shit you “need” to do? No, just cry and be hysterical and it is all over. I don’t think this is unnatural, but its dilemma can be settled by the state approach I mentioned above.

      This site promotes intellectualism and learning. But learning makes snappers go dry, cuz all she wants to do is dance.

  28. I like to bitch about women as much as the next guy, but let’s keep this nightclub thing in perspective. It’s just dancing. I’m not really ragging on Polish women in particular or women generally. I happen to like drunken slatterns very much. I think some men here are giving them a bad rap. And yeah, I have never met a white woman with a fetish for Arabs. Unless it’s some sort of Muslim thing, but that’s just the 1950s Household kink. It’s purely the fault of white men if a woman has to go muzzie to get that fantasy.

    We’re not all choir boys here.

    • Denise says:

      Thank you for you amusing post.

      Wry Hipster wit is always a plus!

    • WhyOhWhy says:


      One more. Dude, I am keeping it in perspective, but because I was foolish enough to engage ladies in something other than silly talk the perspective was lost. Yes, I nail drunken slatterns too, but they are one their way to catladydom. And the numbers dwindle. Their clubbing activity is not serious enough to merit escorts, unless the escorted are willing to be subject to rules. Why is that so bad? Oh, no rule sladies do what you will and you’ll be protected just the same. That was the point I made, but there is not time to understand points, there is time only to get horny and dance. Whatever. Later dude.

      • clytemnestra57 says:

        You know what, WhyohWhy? I take back everything I ever suggested. I made the mistake of assuming you actually wanted to pair off with some woman instead of having other goals. My bad. Don’t change a thing. Don’t learn any new dance steps; if you’ve learned any dance steps, unlearn them. Whatever you do, don’t acquire a sense of humor. Don’t try to be witty and charming. Don’t make conversation with women. They aren’t worth it. But if you must, be sure to cop a hostile attitude and be as condescending and judgmental as possible. Be sure to lecture the women whose pants you try to get into on their morals. Just keep on doing what you’re doing. Because what you’re doing is in an odd way for the betterment of the race if only because it could use a little more culling. Peace out.

      • Denise says:

        Joo keep SAYING joo are going to go away, but joo don’t.

        Shouldn’t joo be in Man’s Country about now, in the back room, knee pads on, ready and waiting?

  29. banned56 says:

    “That was why I was ambivalent about it. If you see my original comment I made it clear about the rape thing. That was before the other ladies on here turned hysterical.”

    OK, but you should have NO ambivalence about White women being raped by invaders. And, in fact, you should have no ambivalence about White women being raped by non-invaders, either. (That you do is evidenced by your addition, multiple times, of “*especially* by invaders,” which implies that rape by White men might be erm ok maybe.)
    You should not be ambivalent about White women being raped IF you care about White people (and not just White men, which I have a hunch is where you are *really* coming from). Here’s why: good mothering requires the mother be bonded to her child, which, evolutionary psychology being what it is, requires that the sire of the babe be someone who her genes sees as desirable.

    The fact that you carry any ambivalence at all about White women being raped is telling that your most fundamental motives are about your own self and your own anger and wish for revenge on White women, far more than they are about preserving the White race, which, after all, requires us White women birth babies sired by White men–and in order for those babies to grow up to be quality White people who don’t slut around, etc etc, requires those babies be raised by their married bioparents who love them.

    I’ve had this nearly exact same argument with MRAs before enough times to recognize the syndrome.

    Our host, otoh, IS a White man who truly cares to the White race continue. As evidence, he has many times stated that a White man who cheats on his wife is betraying his CHILDREN.

    YOU, with you nailing drunken slatterns, are as much of the problem as they are.

    If the slatterns doing nothing for their race means therefore should have no rights, then neither should you, because you are harming the Race also with YOUR promiscuity. (For example, spreading chlamydia which you could well have and not know it and causing infertility in the White gals you’ve nailed, such that she may find herself in the future barren as a direct result of YOUR ejac.)

    As far as ladies and debating goes, I can think and write circles around you, Dude.

    And, no, the other ladies didn’t turn hysterical.

    • WhyOhWhy says:

      I think you need to re-read my original comment honey. No I don’t spread disease nor d oI condone cheating. Many a cheating white chick has approached me to cheat on their husbands, it is women who initiate cheating. Whatever.

      • banned56 says:

        “No I don’t spread disease nor d oI condone cheating”

        If you are banging barsluts, as you SAID you did above, unless you are being tested for chlamydia with EVERY new sex partner, you may very well be, in fact it’s LIKELY that you are, spreading disease, a disease that destroys fertility and destroys the possibility of making more (as in more White babies) of the very thing you profess to value — White people.
        AND, by being ambivalent about whether drunken Polish gals ought to be raped, again, you are, again, endangering (because of the spread of chlamydia -destroying fertility and the conceiving of mixed babies) the very thing you profess to love. There should be no ambivalence here at all, not by WNs who CLAIM they want a future for White children. Well, those White children can’t have a future, by definition, unless they get conceived. Which requires healthy, fertile White wombs unscarred by STDs and unsoiled by the jizz of non-Whites.

        Also, since you banged barsluts, you HAVE cheated — on your future spouse.
        This whole idea that young folks ought to sleep around until they finally get around to getting married is revolting.
        BTW, I *don’t* believe in the double standard. And it’s not because I’m a feminist. *I* say nobody, men OR women, ought to sleep around. If GUYS had adhered to the very same standard they want from girls, chastity until marriage, fidelity after, instead of having embraced porn (Playboy came out in the “repressed” 50s) the phenomenon we’re discussing here probably would not be occurring.

        You just got caught in your own hypocrisies and contradictions here.

        GAWD I want to choke the MRA leadership who’ve so woefully misled young guys like you.

        Dance, sure. It’s a GREAT way to “be Alpha” and attract a nice, pretty girl.

        Get to know each other, fall in love, get married, have sex and make babies, stay together to raise those babies. In that order.
        That’s the only effective prescription to save the White race.

        OH, you say some gal screwed you over and you’re pissed off? I *am* sorry. But that doesn’t give YOU the right to go and then screw over someone else.

      • WhyOhWhy says:


        Wow, that’s quite a comment. As I stated before, the ideas I posted above are just some food for thought. I am talking about systemic problems and systemic solutions. I never got into my own individual existence as the lens through which all is view. Stop seeing the world through the prism of your slit and try and understand concepts for a change. I’m talking about domestic and social policy, dancing is not a political solution to anything. I was not screwed over nor an I hurting anyone else. You seem to have some anger issues; I suggest you take minute to dance it off.

    • Denise says:

      Barb – don’t take the Kike Fag seriously.

  30. WhyOhWhy says:

    “You know what, WhyohWhy? I take back everything I ever suggested. I made the mistake of assuming you actually wanted to pair off with some woman instead of having other goals.”

    -My points made here had nothing to do with pairing off, they were about politics, the future state and public policy. I never solicited dating advice from anyone.

    My bad. Don’t change a thing. Don’t learn any new dance steps; if you’ve learned any dance steps, unlearn them. Whatever you do, don’t acquire a sense of humor.”

    -Again with the dancing. I already addressed that. Not an issue. And I am known among those who know me to be quite comical.

    “Don’t try to be witty and charming. Don’t make conversation with women. They aren’t worth it.”

    -I was commenting politically here, originally to MW, so no I wasn’t here to hit on anyone. And you should take that advice yourself, instead of being easily butthurt and rude. Banter baby, banter!

    “But if you must, be sure to cop a hostile attitude and be as condescending and judgmental as possible. Be sure to lecture the women whose pants you try to get into on their morals. Just keep on doing what you’re doing. Because what you’re doing is in an odd way for the betterment of the race if only because it could use a little more culling. Peace out.”

    -Yes no one should ever comment on the ill behavior of chicks, how dare anyone, nothing is their responsibility, all she wants to do is dance. There will be plenty of culling and it will be more on the ladies rather than the men, but hey, you’re obviously uptight- go dance it off. By the way, one gets up skirts a lot easier by being rude then by telling broads what they wanna hear. That is just plain fact. You may have a great rack, but not a whole lot going on upstairs.

    • @WhyohWhy:

      Thank you for your insights and you have certainly give me a lot to think about. I really appreciate you for expanding my itty-bitty consciousness.

      I now know that anything and everything that goes wrong in America, at least, is obviously women’s fault. I was wrong in thinking that American men are responsible or should be held responsible for … anything. I made the mistake of assuming that since American men hold over ninety percent of positions of power in America that they were in some way to blame, but clearly they are nothing more than figureheads for the real power – their wives and mistresses – running things behind the scenes. Obviously American men – all American men – are just emasculated victims here. Thank you for setting the record straight.

      To any Polish men that might be reading this site, kudos for still being intelligent, proactive leaders who still take personal responsibility for the well-being of their own people. Moreover, congratulations on the creative way you have found to cock-block the colonizers the EU has set loose in your country.

      I agree with Kievsky, in the long term, that the goal is for Polish Nationalists to control these clubs through ownership. However, I have to wonder if EU Membership imposes the same loss of the right to refuse service to undesirable customers that the Snivel Rights legislation passed by American men – whoops! the cabal of American women behind the scenes – unleashed on American businesses.

      In the short-term, I hope that the Polish men are all great dancers, because it isn’t rocket science or brain surgery to deduce that any woman who is not dancing with you might be dancing with someone else. You can claim victory when the foreigners, Negros and Muslims in Poland have to resort to going to sites like Roissy and Heartiste to learn game.

      • Denise says:


        “In the short-term, I hope that the Polish men are all great dancers, because it isn’t rocket science or brain surgery to deduce that any woman who is not dancing with you might be dancing with someone else. ”

        Apparently it is……..

        Love the high end snark. Well done!

      • WhyOhWhy says:


        Again with the dancing? You have more boobs than brains I’m afraid. I am fine with dancing, dance the night and day away honeybaby. My observations are pre-Roissy, pre-blog and pre-MW. It just is what it is. My ideas have nothing to do with me but with all of us. But you bring it back to dating advice, which I did not mention, solicit, and if I did I wouldn’t ask a woman anyway- just look at your white knight scenario above, any guy can see which one leads to what. If you disagree with the domestic policy points I listed then do so, but I don’t see why you can’t agree to disagree without getting butthurt. It must be the hormones, I recommend dancing it off.

      • clytemnestra57 says:

        WhyohWhy, I thought we were done. Didn’t we agree that everything that sucks in your life is the fault of the secret cabal of evil women that actually run the American government? You made your point, but you are still here. WhyohWhy? If I were a few decades younger, I’d suspect I’m being subjected to some crazy Roissy Seduction Strategy. Naww … it must be something else.

        You remain in high dudgeon over dancing. WhyohWhy? Maybe it’s a religious thing? I forgot there are some sects out there that regard gambling, drinking and dancing and any other forms of merriment as demonic. Did I offend them? Enquiring minds want to know … not really … I don’t care, actually. I like what I like. You obviously like …. hell if I know. Hell if I care. I only care about what I like.

        All this talk about men dancing made me visit Youtube to check out men dancing and put me in hog heaven. What beauty, grace, strength and stamina! These guys don’t have to wear helmets and shoulder pads. Watching these “Lords-a-Leaping” made me think that dance is even more designed for the aerodynamics of the male body than the female’s.

        Men, feel free to visit Heartiste or Roissy. Women, this eye candy is for YOU!

      • mindweapon says:

        This kind of dancing I’m on board with. I did the Russian Cossack dancing in college — choreographed, staged. It was really cool. I actually did the jumping splits in the baggy pants. I wish I could find that VHS tape I had of it, I would put it up here.

        Ballroom dancing, salsa — that stuff is all good. The unchoreographed twitching and jerking just never made sense to me.

      • clytemnestra57 says:

        Kievsky, you learned Russian Cossack dancing?! Who says that White men can’t jump?! I imagine it was one helluva work out. I’d give my eye teeth to see that video.

        My hey-day, if you will, was the short-lived disco era. I liked it, because both the girls and the guys got dressed up and the dance was getting a little more formalized before whatever PTB decided to pull the plug on it and allowed cRAP and the more Africanized gymnastics to take over. I couldn’t call that dancing.

        After that happened, I started frequenting country-western places and learned the two-step and line dancing. It took me a while to learn to like the “tear in my beer” songs, but I liked the way western attire (western shirt, jeans, and boots) accentuated the best assets of any man who was in shape.

      • clytemnestra57 says:

        Oh, Kievsky, I forgot to mention More Hope For The Future.

        A junior high drama teacher I know put on A Christmas Carol and one of her scenes called for her actors to waltz so, with great trepidation, she got her students to learn how to waltz. She expected griping and groaning, especially from the boys, but the kids – boys and girls – absolutely loved it and practiced diligently!

        Evidently, the kids were so enthused that they told all their friends and relatives. The auditorium was packed and the teacher ended up tripling her profits from ticket sales after expenses were taken out. The only complaint from the audience is that the waltz didn’t go fifteen minutes longer.

        I don’t know about you, but that tells me that there is a palpable hunger growing in America for European culture. Look at the popularity of Renaissance Fairs. I just wish we could get some White billionaire to get behind bringing European culture back to America.

      • mindweapon says:

        Yeah, good point Cly.

      • Denise says:

        Cly – the thread structure on this site makes direct replay, to specific posts, impossible.

        The tone deafness, and sheer social ineptitude of men allegedly trying to “save the White Race” is astonishing. No wonder the “movement” isn’t going anywhere.

        Basic social interaction terrifies them,. and they get NASTY. And hysterical. In a bad way.

        You’ve written terrific stuff, on this thread, as has Barb, and a few of the well known guys.

        The others need to go away. And will, soon enough.

      • @Denise:

        The tone deafness, and sheer social ineptitude of men allegedly trying to “save the White Race” is astonishing. No wonder the “movement” isn’t going anywhere.

        It is strange. I presume that these guys believe that a race war is coming and that they are still taking time out from their busy schedules arming themselves, learning how to shoot and learning how to fight (thus the popularity of MMA). But learn to dance?!!! The horror! That’s just asking too damned much. Forgetaboutit.

        So, learning how to dance is not worth it, because White “slatterns” are not worth it. But … if Mr. PUA is not dancing with her, then that means she ends up dancing with someone else, possibly from some other race, resulting in miscegenation. So if none of the women are worth dancing with, much less marrying and procreating with them, then why is preparing for a race war even necessary? What the hell will he be fighting for?

        Basic social interaction terrifies them,. and they get NASTY. And hysterical. In a bad way.

        You mean you never particularly found the thought of being approached for “banter” by a guy who is seething with hostility and resentment a big turn-on either? Who’d a thunk it? I thought I was the only one!

        I remember those guys who used to go to the clubs and just lean against the bar all night, just watching the action, and drinking all night. They never asked a single woman to dance. They never had a single interaction with a woman … until closing time. They obviously just wanted to get laid but were too cheap to hire a prostitute. At least that was the strategy before the internet and its PUA sites. I think they would have greater success if they just went back to silently propping up bar counters until closing time.

    • Denise says:

      Why haven’t you answered the question about your romantic status? How many White children do you have?

      How was synagogue on Friday?

      • WhyOhWhy says:

        My status is as I described it above, can you read? My status had nothing to do with the social/political suggestions I posted above. Unlike broads, men’s individual situations don’t determine our thoughts on foreign and domestic policy. But I’m sure dancing is the way forward, I’ll be sure to included a dancing bill in the political program, just ot make sure your clam is moist at all times. Synagogue? Funny. The whole go-to-the-club and shake it thing is MTV culture courtesy of YKW? When you were twerkin’ at the club (and definitely not skankin’ it) back in the day, whose agenda were you serving? The music you were kickin’ it to was what? Clubs play jungle rythms ya sexy thang ya!

  31. Denise says:

    No woman has turned “hysterial” on this tread, What oh WHAT. That is classic Marxist Jew ant-White boilerplate.

    Who and What is the What Oh What?

    My Rotten Gefelte Fish Detector is starting to go off.

    • WhyOhWhy says:

      Your rotten fish is down below honey, see a doctor. Then dance it off.

      • Denise says:

        You are confusing me with Yo Mamma. Run along now – it’s bath time. You know how angry she gets when she wants her back scrubbed, and you’re late, bubbela.

      • WhyOhWhy says:

        “You are confusing me with Yo Mamma. Run along now – it’s bath time. You know how angry she gets when she wants her back scrubbed, and you’re late, bubbela.”

        Haha! My mama was a virgin bride; were you?

  32. banned56 says:

    . “I’m talking about domestic and social policy, dancing is not a political solution to anything”
    Of COURSE it is, ijit. Dancing that leads to marriage and the BIRTH OF WHITE BABIES is exactly the political solution to everything.
    Me thinking with my slit? No, it’s YOU thinking with your strange little head and your weird cuckold fantasy imagining 50 year old broads rubbing off to memories of gang rape that is NOT addressing needed social and domestic policies.
    …ah, crap. I took the bait. I was NOT going to allow myself to get down in the sewer with you.
    …ah, well, I was HOPING that maybe you were a salvageable White guy who might do something good for our race by listening and finding a nice gal to marry and make some babies.
    Guess not. Too bad.

    • WhyOhWhy says:

      Alas baby girl, it is I who has been dragged down by foolishly engaging the likes of you. Like I said, we’ll modify the law to include a mandatory dancing bill. We’ll need proof-of-danceability documentation before copulation of course. As far as babies and marriage, admit it honey chile; you just don’t like me. You are butthurt over my suggested policy, you don’t like my tone and hence are hurling invectives at me. I could have 20 kids and the best white chick wife imaginable; and you’d still hate me.

      • clytemnestra57 says:

        No one hates you. The White race is saved! Thank you, WhyohWhy. Remind us to erect a statue to you.

        Here is the Scottish sword dance. The guy here is stockier, but he still displays great stamina and coordination. Even though they wore kilts, the Scotts were so formidable that the Romans had to build Hadrian’s Wall to keep them out of England. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think their ability to dance had a lot to do with it.

        Here’s some fine Irish step-dancers for you, Denise:

      • Denise says:

        What What What re: yo “virgin bride Mamma” – I always wondered what the offspring of Bacalou and a month old She Goats would sound like.

        Now I know.

    • Denise says:

      Barb – we have an official Jew Kike mostly likely FAG troll on the Site.

      Kievsky – don’t let this Kike do what Dalton the Jew did to the OD.

      • WhyOhWhy says:

        Well Clytemnestra, I never said any of that but whatever, you are hearing what you want. In deference to MW I will not respond to yours or Denise’s juvenile invectives. I just watched the Piero San Giorgio video MW posted, good luck with these dancing girls fellas!

      • Mosin Nagant says:

        Denise is referring to the regular commenter who recounts his ‘trace’ of Talmudic heritage (the ‘family secret’) and says genetics DON’T determine behaviour (but only individual choices) and insists that Denise’s concerns are way overblown, because ‘even if all Talmudists disappeared we would still have the same problems’.

    • Denise says:

      Cly -thanks for the videos! They’re great!

      • clytemnestra57 says:

        You’re welcome, Denise. These men are magnificent, aren’t they?

        I’m a little reminded of the animal kingdom where the male is the more ornamental of the species. The male birds have brighter, more glorious plumage, the lion has his mane and the females are a little drab, but that doesn’t stop the males from strutting their stuff and even fighting to win them.

        I guess my emphasis on the importance of young men learning how to dance strikes most men here as odd, but until the stage is reached for hot lead and cold steel, I believe that the dance floor is the unofficial battle field of Western men based on a conversation I had with a female race-mixer several years ago.

        As you can imagine, I asked WHY?! Did she suffer from Mandingo Syndrome? I mean where does a little White girl even imagine that one day she is going to be messing around with a Non-White male? Well, no, she wasn’t always interested in Non-Whites, but it seemed that she couldn’t seem to attract White men, only Non-Whites.

        Remembering this conversation made me think that if White men made it a point to learn how to dance, just made the rounds and danced with every White woman in a club, before ultimately deciding on the woman they want, that this would give the wallflowers some encouragement and they wouldn’t even look at a Non-White. Instead of becoming demoralized and losing themselves to despair and ultimately deciding to look elsewhere for male companionship, they’d do more to make themselves more attractive to White men. Positive reinforcement, if you will.

      • Mosin Nagant says:

        Muslim wedding, with dancing:

      • Mosin Nagant says:

        More of the Muslim wedding dancing:

      • mindweapon says:

        That’s very Russian style.

      • Mosin Nagant says:

        This one is MY ethnic style, and the message of the words is perfect, which makes ME dance when I hear it:

        A Welsh group we like does it even better, with Welsh pipes and all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBlpRa1tMt4

      • clytemnestra57 says:

        Thanks for these videos Moisin. I got one with a Chechen pair where the woman looks like she is gliding around the room. You notice that, in this videos, the men are doing all the strutting? The women simply circle and orbit the men like the moon around the earth.

      • Mosin Nagant says:

        Clytemnestra, they’re mostly white (literally Caucasian) Muslims. How about the wild driving? But I don’t like their music and would never be at home there. I’m very ‘narrow’ in all my tastes, including a ‘bland’ traditional British-Germanic-style diet. The point of the Muslim videos is that I think dancing can be done at weddings, and that weddings (and dances) should take place (and they do, traditionally) after the growing season and harvest is finished.

      • banned56 says:

        AYE! many thanks Cly.

  33. Trainspotter says:

    We live in low times, where low behavior is celebrated. Sure, it would be preferable to live in an updated version of a Jane Austen novel, but we don’t. For now our reality is animalistic, and that means it’s about turf. The Poles should, and appear to be, embracing that reality. No mud should feel secure in laying a hand on a Polish girl, however ridiculous she may be, and no matter that all she wants to do is dance. The only white females that the Polish nationalists should give up on are the ones they attempt to drive out of Poland itself.

    This is not to say that a known, confirmed mudshark (and not all sluts are mudsharks, by any means) deserves our respect. She doesn’t, and if nationalist groups can develop methods of effective shaming, then great. If she can be driven out of the country itself, then great. Make Poland so uncomfortable for muds and mudsharks that they want to leave. Drain the swamp. But so long as she is in Poland, no mud should be able to touch her. Only then is Poland meaningfully Polish territory, as opposed to a white meat market for muds.

    As to sluts in general, as opposed to the subset of mudsharks? It’s a shame that they are so common, and we can do better in times yet to come. But we can only do better in the future if we exist in that future. For now, it is what it is, and they are our sluts. It is an affront to all of us to have a mud with one of them. Frankly, it is an affront even to non-mudshark sluts.

    In the United States things are so far gone that we will probably have to write off large portions of our white population, including a great share of silly and ridiculous women. I believe we will ultimately triumph and achieve our ethnostate, but even that is seen as incredibly ambitious and, by many, fantasist. Let that sink in: the best we can hope for here is, in effect, amputation. Giving up some of our limbs…and that’s for the optimists like myself.

    Our fate was sealed when white men stopped expressing a proprietary interest in white women, and stood aside as the race mixing took place. That was when a very important form of white unity and solidarity palpably evaporated. I am of an age to have seen this happen with my own eyes, as I was on the bar scene a lot in the 90’s. I saw white resistance (bar fights, for example), and I gradually saw the propaganda undermine that resistance, and then I saw whites subdued and psychologically broken. White men have fallen lower than white women, and the fault is fundamentally with us. It was our failure, the slut only operates in the ruins. Before our failure, white women were perfectly happy with us, and very few would have even considered mudsharking. Even today, most white women don’t mudshark, despite enormous pressure to do so. Frankly, they have given us more loyalty than we probably deserve, given our failure to smash our enemies and mark our territory, as nature dictates.

    Polish white nationalists would be insane to follow our example. Choke off the problem before it gets out of hand, and they have a reasonable chance of securing their entire nation. Network, network, network. If you can get a Golden Dawn going, great, but don’t rely on conventional politics. Create networks that endure regardless of particular political victories or setbacks. You don’t need political parties to clean out the bars, or identify the traitors that create the problems. You need networks, teams, cohesion. Do this while you still have the social capital and trust, for this too will evaporate over time. It’s all part of the program that the anti-whites seek to impose.

    Whites can improve the broader culture later, as time and circumstances allow. But for now, it means making any Polish girl, whatever reservations we may have about her character, off limits to muds.

    Our sluts are our sluts.

    Take back the bars, take back the night!

  34. WhyOhWhy says:

    Oh well, apologies MW, it certainly won’t happen again.

  35. Stubbs says:

    the BIRTH OF WHITE BABIES is exactly the political solution to everything

    I disagree; politik uber alles. We had an overwhelming White majority in the United States, with widespread support for segregation; it counted for nothing because we didn’t have a hardened ideological skeleton and we didn’t keep our institutions pure.

    Better for our race to be small, concentrated, and organized than large, sprawling, and atomized. The nation grows from the gang, like Hipster says. Feminism must be expunged from such a gang completely, or the nation will be deformed from the beginning.

    • Trainspotter says:

      There is truth in what you say, but a new, militant white community cannot emerge unless white men assert themselves in the ways remaining to us, through the use of networks. The muds and mudsharks must leave our territories, not be wombs for the invaders. As whites assert themselves, the swamp will slowly be drained, and the mudsharks will filter out into other territories, lands that we don’t lay claim to. That is one way that our race will evolve, as we shed the flotsam and jetsam over time. People tend to sort themselves out, and assertive white communities can assist the Great Sort.

      The concept of terraforming is important here, and eventually we must revisit the idea of exile: “You can be a mudshark if you want, but you can’t do it here.” Until whites can start getting that message across, we are geldings. Maybe Eastern Europeans can avoid that fate.

      One of the key failures of the earlier white community was that it wasn’t territorial enough. The verdict of history is in: you can’t allow an invasive species into your habitat, no matter how subservient it appears at first. You must drive it out, and under no circumstances give it free reign over your women, including the silliest.

      We’re nowhere near being able to pull that off in America, but the Poles and other Eastern Europeans can learn from our mistakes. Twenty, thirty years ago, most whites didn’t believe things could get “that bad.” Oh yes, they can, and the Poles should be able to see that.

      • Stubbs says:

        Agreed on the banishment. That’s a good reason to start working with a limited space as well. A nightclub lends itself well to such an endeavor since they tend to be the hub of a particular social scene and always have mechanisms in place to exclude undesirables.

      • Mosin Nagant says:

        I’m coming in on the end of a very long thread, and I’ve read only a few comments, so I’m really commenting on only the article itself:

        These ‘Polish’ people, and the Muslims, are all ‘city people’ — who love their cities for the excitement (the entertainments and the convenience of vice) and for the LESS WORK required to ‘earn a living’ (or ‘win bread’ rather than grow it) there, which allows more time for fun (the urban notion of fun). But the traditional ethnic folk barn dances that country people do at their weddings and a few other special gatherings that take place AFTER THE GROWING SEASON IS OVER (late fall and winter) belong to a much MORE satisfying, challenging, interesting, truly ethnic way of life that these city people will probably never know. The world is much too crowded now.

    • WhyOhWhy says:

      Amen dude. Politik uber alles can’t be put to a beat though. Then again, maybe it can.

    • vikingbitch says:

      Agreed. Amurkistan never had a true white national identity and that omission was engineered on purpose.

      • Mosin Nagant says:

        ‘Amurkistan never had a true white national identity’

        I think most of the thirteen colonies DID have clear ethnonational and religious identities in the beginning, but the importation of African slaves and Roman Catholic Irish cheap labour began the confusion.

  36. Denise says:

    Why oh Why is a FAG on this site?

  37. TabuLa Raza says:

    The Naturalization Act of 1790 said the country is open to FREE WHITE PERSONS.

    United States Congress, “An act to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization” (March 26, 1790).

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That any Alien being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof on application to any common law Court of record in any one of the States wherein he shall have resided for the term of one year at least, and making proof to the satisfaction of such Court that he is a person of good character, and taking the oath or affirmation prescribed by law to support the Constitution of the United States, which Oath or Affirmation such Court shall administer, and the Clerk of such Court shall record such Application, and the proceedings thereon; and thereupon such person shall be considered as a Citizen of the United States. And the children of such person so naturalized, dwelling within the United States, being under the age of twenty one years at the time of such naturalization, shall also be considered as citizens of the United States. And the children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond Sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born Citizens: Provided, that the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States: Provided also, that no person heretofore proscribed by any States, shall be admitted a citizen as aforesaid, except by an Act of the Legislature of the State in which such person was proscribed.

    Nothing ambiguous there. Perhaps the Act is not strong enough, and should have been in a Founding Document.

    • Trainspotter says:

      “Perhaps the Act is not strong enough, and should have been in a Founding Document.”

      It certainly should have been in the founding document. Not only that, it didn’t help that many of these same Founders were babbling about “all men are created equal” and other such nonsense, while making money off of the slaves that they owned. The long American tradition of saying one thing and doing another got an early start. Even though we know what they *meant*, injecting universalist abstractions into a Founding event did not bode well for a true nation built on blood and soil, and the continuity of its people.

      The contradictions that would destroy the United States were present from the beginning. We must do better next time.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        The confusion is between “men” and “male things of human shape”, which is a far broader category.

  38. Mosin Nagant says:

    ‘Free white persons’ was much too broad, TabuLa. Inter-ethnic intra-racial mixing is the first step downslope toward full interracial mixing. The thirteen colonies and sovereign states were intended for Anglo-Celtic Protestants primarily, and Northwest Europeans at the extreme.

  39. Denise says:

    Meanwhile – tons of folks are FLOCKING to this White Man’s fun fun shows.

    Most of you couldn’t afford to take a gal to one of his shows.

  40. This thread, condensed:

    The women: “oh, how romantic! Some handsome Polish man is escorting a Polish woman home, and fighting off the greasy Arab rape gangs. If a handsome Polish man walked me home, I’d sure show him my appreciation!”

    The men: “Oh great, I have to walk this drunk slut home now after she’s bedded a multicultural cast of club losers and don’t even get a blowjob out of it?”


    • clytemnestra57 says:

      Kievsky, I move that we force Hipster Racist to put up spew alerts before he posts anything from now on. I nearly ruined my lap top with some hot tea this morning.

      Hipster Racist, BEHAVE YOURSELF, SIR!

    • Tina is a well known crazy troll that’s stalked me on four different blogs now. I don’t even think she’s white, she’s supposedly Indian.

      She’s obsessed with me, as you can see. I write all that BDSM stuff and they come out of the woodwork.

      Tina, you can flirt with me on my blog, don’t come here.

  41. Attila says:

    GREAT DANCING — very graceful and uplifting CHECHEN dancing. Love the high-spirited melodies and wild rhythms. No jungle bunny jumping! We have much to learn from them.

    • Attila says:

      Best weddings I’ve been in were : Armenian, Greek, Turkish, Moroccan, Hassidic Jewish and Iranian- and Kurdish. VERY high energy- and beautiful, refined people.

  42. Attila says:

    A traditional wedding dance from Iran:

  43. Craig says:

    Weird, I met my wife on the dance floor, I do remember non-whites eyeing her off, and I cut my mates grass. Oh well, that’s the city for you, in a diversifying neighbourhood too. My wife use to be rather Liberal, after kids that slowly changes, natural instincts I guess.

    Oh wait I have text game here, me cutting my mates grass…

    Text to mate from now wife : VVRROOMMM nice car.

    Text to me now my wife : Wish you could of stayed the night.

    Wifey texted us almost simultaneously on the way back to base. I thought it was funny at the time, I kept quiet on my text though. haha

    We don’t call it AMOGing here, it’s generally a wing man who helps.

    You guys would freak at Northern Australia clubbing scene the room literally self segregates into white and black, it’s like a natural apartheid. I was a glassy and use to love hitting on European back packers, and white Aussie chicks ect… very easy when you get to chat, free drinks all that. Most uptight ass chicks are French Canadian, generally because I think they’re French. LOL

    The Aboriginal, non-white side I literally ran through trying not to have my ass pinched. One comment I remember with Abo lady voice, “Hey, you can come over and pick up my bottles and clean my my table any time.”. I even remember walking rather briskly to out pace a drunken Abo woman on the way home once.

    Most fun times though was industry night, Monday night, the only place I been to that can have spontaneous raves any where on 80 mile Cable beach. 50000 tourists changing every day in the season, it’s like Europe comes to you. ;-D The raves were very bohemian European and Aussie night club/pub staff and friends. Find all sorts of people, a white NZer giving the Maori war chant around the fire, eccy head Europeans spinning fire sticks and chains around, to biologists chatting on how to genetically manipulate mother of pearl onto tiles and plates.

    Young and working two jobs, while burning the candle at both ends.

  44. Luc says:

    A shame these Polish ‘white knights’ weren’t around when this West African sex predator (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Mol) was waging biological warfare against Polish women (even if they were willing to sleep with this primitive proto-human, demonstrating severe mental disability, still pretty sick)

  45. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  46. Hereward Saxon says:

    Last word on this:

    What would Vlad do?

  47. Pingback: Saudis white knighting sluts: the Rape of Bosnia | oogenhand

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