Diversity hires in state crime labs invalidate thousands of prosecutions, eleven people in Oklahoma executed based on evidence of “expert” affirmative action chemist

One of my commenters, WhiteGenY, has a master’s degree in chemistry AND NO JOB! And these pieces of shit are getting hired instead!

h/t to Nicholas Stix at VDARE

In Boston on November 22, Trinidadian-born Annie Khan Dookhan [pictured above] pled guilty to 27 counts of “obstruction of justice, perjury, and tampering with evidence,” during the ten years that she was a Massachusetts state police chemist, and was sentenced by Suffolk County Superior Court Judge Carol S. Ball to three-to-five years in prison, and two years’ probation.
Judge Ball said:

“[T]he consequences of her behavior, which she ought to have foreseen, have been nothing short of catastrophic…. Innocent persons were incarcerated, guilty persons have been released to further endanger the public, millions and millions of public dollars are being expended to deal with the chaos Ms. Dookhan created, and the integrity of the criminal justice system has been shaken to the core.”

[Chemist who falsified drug tests in criminal cases goes to jail herself by Fabien Tepper, Christian Science Monitor, November 22, 2013.]
Dookhan’s misconduct-tainted cases involving over 40,000 defendants. So far, almost 350 convicted defendants have been released, and the state crime lab where Dookhan worked for ten years has been shuttered.

Dookhan lied in claiming to have a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Massachusetts. All Human Resources had to do was contact the school where she claimed to have earned it. But it would be “racist” to scrutinize a diversity applicant’s bona fides.

While Dookhan was working ever more rapidly, her colleagues’ work had slowed down, due to a Supreme Court decision requiring drug analysts to appear in court. Quality control should have caught what she was up to—except that she was the head of quality control! She also violated security, and deliberately contaminated thousands of samples.

Finally, Dookhan maliciously claimed that thousands of samples that she had not tested—that’s how she could “complete” her work so rapidly—had tested positive for narcotics, and on top of that, lied about their weights, so as to turn offenses into higher-level crimes entailing longer sentences.


Gilchrist [above] was a legendary, black Oklahoma City Police Department forensic chemist whose (initially non-ironic) nickname was “Black Magic,” because for 21 years she was the consummate expert witness, her credibility unchallenged—until 2001:

“Oklahoma City Police Chief M.T. Berry on Tuesday fired forensic chemist Joyce Gilchrist, whose lab techniques and testimony have been under scrutiny by federal, state and local investigators for several months.

“Gilchrist, 53, was fired for a variety of reasons, including “laboratory mismanagement, criticism from court challenges and flawed casework analysis,” according to a police statement.

[Police chief fires chemist after review by Ken Raymond, The Oklahoman, September 26, 2001.]
As I wrote in 2003 for Middle American News,

For years, Gilchrist’s critics claimed she had falsified evidence and given false testimony, which caused 23 men to be sentenced to death, eleven of whom were executed.

[NBC’s Law & Order: Entertainment Serving the Elite by Nicholas Stix, Middle American News, September, 2003]
Gilchrist has steadfastly insisted that she is innocent of any wrongdoing. She has never been criminally charged.

Law and Order made a show about Madame Gilchrist:

See the resemblance? No? You need your Jewish anti-racist glasses!

Millions of Americans learned about the Gilchrist scandal, when it was dramatized in 2001, in a “ripped from “Lisa Russo”, played by Diana Scarwidthe headlines” episode of the popular TV series, Law & Order, “Myth of Fingerprints.”

But, following the m.o. of liberal producer Dick Wolf’s show, his scriptwriters changed the rogue, black police chemist into a blonde, white woman. [“Lisa Russo”, played by Diana Scarwid, right ].

Also unlike reality, the fictionalized chemist was prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned.

No picture available of Jonathan Salvador.

Jonathan Salvador
Everyone who worked with Jonathan Salvador in Houston described him as a friendly, hard-working young man, who wanted to improve his work. Unfortunately, as he later admitted, he was in hopelessly over his head. Although he was a police chemist at a Texas Department of Public Safety lab, he did not understand chemistry.

Nevertheless, Salvador’s superiors were pleased with him, and he failed his way up the ladder. He was only caught when he substituted the drug lab results from one court case on an unrelated case. Suspended in February 2012, Salvador was either fired or quit in August, 2012 (reports conflict):

“[A]fter falsifying evidence, and acting ‘with total disregard for policy and procedure,’ according to an inspector general’s report.”

[Area prosecutors interpret duties to justice differently by Lisa Falkenberg, Houston Chronicle, March 19, 2013.]
And now, the verdicts in some 4,900 narcotics cases are in jeopardy. So far, 18 convictions have been overturned on which Salvador did lab work—for example, this one.

A grand jury heard testimony on Salvador’s case last year, but did not indict him.

“A Texas state police crime lab scientist whose shoddy work may have tainted thousands of drug cases had been promoted despite a history of problems doing accurate and timely work, according a review by the Texas Forensic Science Commission.

“A commission report adopted Friday found that Houston crime lab worker Jonathan Salvador struggled with chemistry, was told to correct his work in about a third of his cases and, according to his supervisors, routinely scrambled to keep up with monthly work expectations.

[Texas crime lab worker had history of poor work; Review: despite shoddy work, worker moved up the ladder, WPRC News, April 5, 2013.]


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12 Responses to Diversity hires in state crime labs invalidate thousands of prosecutions, eleven people in Oklahoma executed based on evidence of “expert” affirmative action chemist

  1. Robot Sam says:

    These non white shitheads don’t have the combined brain power to maintain a sewer facility, by the lib fags and jewish scum here in america who hate white men put them to the front of the line over us. Its no wonder why I have hated corp america and thus america. Every single job save 1 I have had there are incompetent women, homos and turds in power over me and want to keep it and I’m the bad guy for giving proof they are incompetent.

  2. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:

  3. aryangoddess says:

    All the lives lost and shattered by these affirmative action fuckups. They should all be hung. People died because of these single celled amoebas.

    When I worked in forensic accounting for many years, I cannot begin to explain how many nonwhite thieves stole companies blind. When I pointed it out? My new truck was then keyed, or I was told by the agency I was no longer needed.

    When I worked in payroll HR shitskins would lie out their ass and falsify time sheets, etc. Then if their documents didn’t go through E-Verify I was the racistnaziwhowantedtokillsixmillionjews.

    This article as you can tell really struck a nerve with me. Damn all these invaders to hell.

    • Anon says:

      I love the law and order reference, which non-white criminal did they turn into a blue-eyed blonde this week.

      Also Disparate impact: “Such scandals could have easily been prevented by exercising the hard-won knowledge that has grown out of generations of the development of tools such as college admissions and professional tests. But such tests had been ruled “racist” because blacks, Hispanics, and many other non-white groups did not do as well, on average, as whites”

  4. TabuLa Raza says:

    They are symptom- damn this to hell-

  5. aryangoddess says:

    Tabula, I know kikes are the problem, but they still hire these greasy pigs. Non whites and kikes are the problem.

  6. Brandon says:

    Poetic justice is right! Wonderful! More to come in other areas near you!

  7. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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