Nightclub dancing and mate selection; a personal life history

Yes, I decided to go there again. I ask commenters to refrain from name calling and hurling insults and obscenities from here on in. Posts that attack other commenters personally will simply be deleted.

I remember in my late teens and early 20’s being told that I need to go nightclub dancing in order to find a girlfriend. Nightclub dancing was pure torture and boredom to me. I could not tolerate it for five minutes, and frankly, I didn’t need to. Imagine if I got a girlfriend from one of these godawful places! What could I look forward to? More nightclub dancing? Perhaps jealousy games? A girlfriend who was all about excitement and going out, rather than the serious business of family formation and child raising.

At the same time, I wanted a wife who would be smart and spoke at least a second language and would help me raise kids that were high academic achievers. American girls wrinkled their noses at such efforts. OK, so we are even — I don’t like nightclubs, you don’t speak a second language and have no interest in raising high achieving children.

I have always been a savvy decision maker. I got a second language out of college, and very little student debt. I saw that the American women I knew, like big student loans, were simply not a good deal. So I did college on the cheap, and learned Russian.

Russian women did not require me to go nightclub dancing, and they shared my “tiger mom” values of child raising. I’ve been married for 17 years now.

I didn’t miss out on those nightclub girls; they missed out on me.

Sometimes I wondered if I did the wrong thing in not forcing myself to spend hours at nightclubs. But this recent debate made me realize — no, that was the right thing. Even if the nightclub girls weren’t sluts or anything, they also weren’t the type who would want to get up early on a Saturday or Sunday morning and do yoga and go rollerblading or bicycling or hiking. The nightclub girls are sleeping in until noon or later. The kind of woman I wanted would spend a Friday evening watching a movie perhaps, and going to bed by 11 and getting up the next morning by 7 or 8 and doing physically and intellectually engaging activities all day.

If I could go back, I would do some things differently. I would have swallowed my idealism and morality and been a linguist for an alphabet ZOG agency so I could be a sole provide for my family and have had more children. Russian women (very recent immigrants, not Americanized) are happy to be stay at home moms, and if you tell them, “learn wing chun kung fu so you can teach it to our babies” they will. If you tell them, “learn calculus and freshman physics and general chemistry in English so you can tutor our kids” they’ll do it, as long as you’re providing, as long as you обеспечивать.

But yeah, guys, you don’t need to do nightclub dancing. If you don’t have the inclination for that sort of thing, it probably reflects positively on you. The ballroom dancing or salsa is fine, and I’d encourage it. You’ll probably meet a better sort of woman at those places anyway. We can’t save all the women. There’s plenty of good White women who aren’t into nightclub dancing, like religious girls and the higher class of educated yet traditional minded Eastern European women. Or some women who might have done some nightclub dancing because their friends did it, but drop it like a hot potato when they meet a man who would rather watch a movie and go to bed at 11 and get up the next morning to do yoga and hike up a mountain. If she is your girlfriend but still wants to go nightclub dancing, it’s because she wants to go show herself off to other guys and sleep until 3 in the afternoon. Yecch.

The decent women are out there, and you can find them, and leave the nightclub dancing girls sleeping until 3 in the afternoon to the sort of man who is suited to them. Water finds its own level.

One more story — I remember when I lived in the Boston area, the lady who cut my hair, a relatively attractive prole woman in her early 30’s, was complaining that she could not find any guys who would commit to her, settle down with her, and so on. I said to her, “Well, there’s a Linux convention coming up this weekend. You could go to that and meet all kinds of eligible single men who make a good income and are ready to settle down.”

She wrinkled her nose and said, “Yecch, nerds.” There you go. She didn’t even consider even looking there for one second. Whatever she ended up with, I’m sure she richly deserved it.


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  1. Ryu says:

    Truth. I just never enjoyed nightclubs.

    • mindweapon says:

      Glad to know I’m not the only one.

      There’s a price for everything. Nightclub girls end up cat ladies.

      • WhyOhWhy says:

        Bingo! That was my point and that is why I wrote what I did last time! Man, I swore I wasn’t going to comment here again, but I felt partially vindicated by this post.

      • WhyOhWhy says:

        And yes, I never cared for club music and atmosphere either, although I generally was numbed to it and ho-hum about it. Wasted plenty of time in clubs.

      • Denise says:

        No they don’t. Just because you can’t dance – don’t hate on those that can! Jealousy is not becoming.

      • Adit says:

        “There’s a price for everything…..”
        The unfortunate thing about this is is that they are not the only one’s paying the price. How many decent men or women end up alone and without families because of this depraved behavior? No descent man wants to marry the ‘town pump’ and no descent woman would want to marry a man who’s had it in every hole in town. So, there has to be a certain percentage of people that end up alone rather than marrying one of these depraved individuals or is just so put off be the whole state of affairs that they walk away and figure devoting their lives to their career, religion, etc. is a better bet. These people are not just hurting themselves;If that were only the case.

      • mindweapon says:

        Actually, women are more likely to go for the man who’s been with 100 or 1000 women already. It’s called preselection. Woman despise a male virgin Linux engineer type.

    • Denise says:

      I did. I had wonderful times.

      • WhyOhWhy says:

        What did you do? Besides become a shrill catlady I mean?

      • mindweapon says:


        Ground rules here — no attacking other commenters. This is your only warning.

      • WhyOhWhy says:


        Fine, sorry. I was on my way anyway.

      • MOISHE says:

        Being a lone-wolf/ white-celebrationist has its benefits for sure. charisma is a huge turnon to women (as we all know) – having to howl at the moon sometimes and live off the wasteland turns you into a very attractive muvvafucker to women. the clint-eastwood ‘pale-rider’ meme really turns women on and i find that women do 70 percent of the chasing – whilst i complete the remaing 30 percent. women still love the bad-arse lone wolf who is smart enough to slip under the radar, who valiantly rebels against the social controls of zog society – the higher eq women are drawn towards the maverick genius who has the balls to do things their own way. quality (white) women instincitively know quality white men/sperm when it orbits them – and they cant get enough of it!!!! ah ha ha ha ha ha (thriller laugh)

  2. eurybates says:

    Clubs are about the worst place to look for a wife. “You can take the girl out of the club but you can’t take the club out of the girl.”

    • WhyOhWhy says:

      Very true, but ‘everybody’ goes to clubs. And so all the chicks gotta go there too. And so that is where everybody ends up going. Otherwise you have too few women to pick from and too few places to do it in, you’ll end up with significantly more guys than girls. And that takes us back to the club. It ain’t as horrible as it may have just sounded, but it is sub-optimal and that is the point.

  3. Hereward Saxon says:

    ‘that is where everybody ends up going (…) but it is sub-optimal’

    Where are the independent local ethnic churches? Don’t settle for less.

    • Craig says:

      Only old people and single mums with 3 or 4 kids go to the local churches here. I have a mate that’s a teacher and he won’t have a bar of the single mothers. He feels he does his part by being one of the few men in teaching nowadays.

      • Mosin Nagant says:

        @Craig: But I suppose those are all liberal or mainstream, IRS Code 501c3 church corpses, all dying institutions — as they should be, though I hate to see the good old buildings deteriorate or be demolished. He/you would need a local church community that is RADICALLY traditional, independent (autonomous and non-501c3) and narrowly ethnic (belonging to and conserving his/your own heritage).

        Back on topic, the dawn of serious clubbing and feminine demoralisation:–1v8

      • Craig says:

        @ Mosin, It would be nice if they were kin and kith traditional, unfortunately they have the universal brotherhood disease of the red lodge… Much like I suspect the liberal or mainstream denominations also have. It’s a majority baby boomer thing from what I can see as they make up the leadership roles.

        Being they are Liberal they don’t connect to the young who are screaming out for familiar spirituality.

  4. Stary Wylk says:

    There are other places to dance and other types of dancing. At the local square dancing club, some of the women have to dance with each other. Courting age guys and girls are about equally common.

  5. Hereward Saxon says:

    There is a huge gathering of farm families around here, every year in the dead of winter in an old school gymnasium. Hundreds come out to meet and eat — and do some old-fashioned square dancing. Some very old farmers and farm wives are still very good at it. They don’t dance every week, only once or twice a year on average, and NEVER when they could be working!

  6. Dan Poole says:

    A question for you, Mindweapon: What do you think of the following statement?

    “European women grow up way faster than American women and do not date a bad boy. European women just want to get an education and find nice men instead of being in a rocky relationship with a bad boy. American women find out when it is too late that the nice guy has given up, but the European women can see through the niceness and see the roaring sex.”

    I found that website when I decided to search Google Images for “American women European women.” This was after reading an article by Steve Sailer in which he claimed that if you look close enough, White Americans and White Europeans don’t look very similar. (The only obvious difference I’ve noticed is that White Americans are heavier whereas Europeans are more fit, which makes sense when you consider the contrasting lifestyles, but that’s a different topic).

    Anyway, it’s been my impression ever since I started consuming information from the Manosphere (CH in particular) that White women shun the nice guys because they aren’t confident and aggressive like the bad boys are. Between the above link and your personal story, I’m beginning to think this is only true of White American women.

    • mindweapon says:

      Well, I don’t know about Western European women. I went as far East as possible while still staying white. So yeah, in Russia and Ukraine the badboys don’t have the cachet that they do here, unless they also have lots of money and/or connections. they have to bring something to the table besides badboyness. Chechens and Georgians are the ethnic badboys over there, and their advatnage is that they are part of a cohesive community. But it’s not so easy for them in Russia — the Russians iwll kick their asses. They aren’t as protected as blacks and all other non-whites are here.

  7. FN says:

    If you look at the profiles of girls they will often say “looking for fun
    That is a WARNING SIGN.
    These are mentally challenged creatures in adult bodies. This is why there is rampant divorce, adultery, and so forth. The whole machine that was put in place by the YKW was designed to break down the character of the women, the White women. The enemy has, by and large, succeeded.
    And was noted: The world is soft and beautiful like a snake but there is a fatal poison hidden inside.
    And so all that glitters is not gold, as Tolkien put it. The women, and all too many of the males, are CONSUMERS, and they follow the televitz and all the rest of the media to their doom, to their eternal doom. You, MW, were wise, God was watching…

    Our youth are in a materialistic world
    In a time of turmoil
    They dont know what to do,
    They need to understand spirituality,
    They need to get back to spirituality,
    But they don’t know how,
    It‘s been two centuries since the west has destroyed cultures,
    But our nation wants to regain that spirituality back.

    • Mosin Nagant says:

      Speaking of Tolkien, I always thought his characterisation of the Ents was profound. Note that the Ents had lost all their Ent-WIVES, and didn’t know where they went. They were a noble but doomed race.

      • Denise says:

        Yes. The Ent wives went clubbing. They got BORED.
        Just think – if the Ents went out once in a while ,and had some fun – they’d still have their wives.

        Stupid doomed Ents.

    • Denise says:

      The Elves danced and sang. There is an entire sub-race of Elves, that specialize in song. Song is all through-out Tolkien’s works.So is merry making.

      Having a good time, via singing and dancing, is all over our People’s world, through out all time.

      Wahabbi Muslims hate and abjure music,.

      Hating music is a real red flare signal, that something is deeply, biologically impaired. And truly EVIL.

      Oh – Tolkien deeply loved his White wife.

      • Mosin Nagant says:

        Tolkien doesn’t tell us why the Ent-wives disappeared.

      • A.Ralston says:

        The Hobbits were a merry folk too, always partying, dancing, feasting, and imbibing their own brews…often enough a bit too much. That said, however, they were not prone to violent, hostile, or morose drunkeness. Also, they were fond of eating two or three breakfasts in the morning.

        From a certain angle, could we say that the Hobbits represent that aspect of the Aryan psyche which longs for the simple, earthy life among family and neighbors?

        And maybe we could see the Elves as illustrating Aryan yearning for high culture, refined beauty, and esoteric knowledge.

        And how about the tragicomical predicament of the sturdy, loyal Ents? Was Tolkien hinting at the psycho-sexual chasm which White men and White woman – to a greater or lesser extent and not entirely of their own doing – have failed to bridge?

        Or…since Tolkien reportedly wrote the trilogy for the pleasure of his son stationed abroad, it is quite possible that he intended no particular symbolism at all – just a good story. In any case, whatever his tack, the man had a beautiful mind.

  8. Paladin Justice says:

    When I worked as a professor, and long before I noticed the importance of race and character, I had a couple of white students in my classes who were getting married. She f&*ked a black male that she met in a club a few weeks before the wedding. Her fiance was devasted that she went black and wanted to call off the wedding. I advised him to go ahead on the basis that she said she loved him. After all, she had taken a lot of d*ck already, so what’s another one? WRONG!!! I’ve learned the hard way that when a woman says she loves you, she means that she is emotional about you here and now, but next year or even next week it could all be different. The marriage didn’t last and he would have been better off with another gal, one less inclined to cheat with muh dik. The words “I love you” spoken by a woman are often written on the wind.

    • Denise says:

      Jesus God.

      None of the gals I knew banged Nogs.

      Well – one did – but she went completely mental. We tried to intervene – but….she wandered away after awhile….

      I can attest to the fact that ALL of my pals would have told the guy to DUMP HER. Don’t even talk to her again.

    • clytemnestra57 says:

      You talked him INTO marrying her?! And with that rationale?! Are you serious?!

      I’m sorry, but I am and was always a proponent of everyone going with their gut instinct and if that gut instinct tells you to back out of the marriage and escape NOW before the marriage than run, don’t walk to the nearest exit. Even now, the fact that a Non-White was involved is irrelevant. The fact that this young woman had cheated with anyone after she had committed herself to monogamy with this man was a red flag too huge to be ignored. You did that young man and any children from that union no favors whatsoever; in fact, you guaranteed his children a Black stepdaddy. Shame on you.

      I am a child of divorce, a divorce so long, so bitter, so protracted that it and the continuing fall-out made me very gun-shy where marriage was concerned. Especially when I later had to sit and hand-hold my mother through the post-mortems and listen (screaming on the inside) to all the warning signs that she ignored along the way in the throes of romance.

      People select their employees with far more care than they do their prospective spouses. With employees, they check references, they pull drug tests and they even run background and credit checks. With prospective spouses, they take more of a crap shoot approach. That’s the damned problem in a nutshell.

  9. Craig says:

    I ended up with a good wife I got lucky, plus I’m a good trainer in many things I guess, a good tip which is weird indeed, if a woman reminds you of the qualities of your mother(my mum is very old fashioned)or what you believe to be motherly qualities, then odds on she will probably be a good mother. Plus once I started courting my now wife, we spent most nights trying to out cook each other, I taught her Italian cuisine. Now she can cook her way to my heart, she’s a great cook anyway.

    I’ll give examples of bad ones. My step sisters, they are from an upper class family, due to the old man’s pay check. I grew up not dirt poor probably more lower to lower middle class, which gives you a good appreciation of life and what you have IMO.

    One step sister has one child that the grandparents look after, she won’t have any more children, as she lost her ovaries when her pelvis was crushed in a high speed car accident. Her De-facto, meth head father of her child tried to suicide and attempted to take my step sister, and his two cousins with him, by aiming his twin turbo Skyline at an electric pole at 180km/hr. That meth head bad boy has knocked up two other white women now as well, what a waste, as they’re now addicted to meth too, plus the meth head father of 3 is back in jail.

    Another step sister loves bad boys, her current AFL ex-football star (The vast majority of AFL players are white by the way) boyfriend is in jail, for assaulting a Police officer, and she’s getting nookie on the side from one of his footie mates. I can see that ending in a DVO(Domestic Violence Order) when her boyfriend gets out. The likely hoods of her having babies is zero, or if she wakes up maybe replacement level IMO.

    To be honest the only thing my step sisters really care about is money, fucking and clubbing in that order. So if that’s not sluts I don’t know what is. As their Noona’s some who were given medals from Mussolini for having large broods, turn in their graves saying, “Bultana disgracious”, Calabrian dialect.

    There’s many horrible places to club, like nignog clubs, leave those ones be, pretty obvious. The techno rave scene as much as I use to hate that shit music, it grows on you, for some reason many intelligent and artistic white women enjoy them, plus the eccies. Then there are high class clubs with soft music, conversation and high end gay cocktail drinks, sure some chicks will be in the toilets sniffing coke, upper class women are attracted to those things in the club scene nowadays. You’d be surprised how many white artistic advertising IT and even low to middle level state bureaucrat women fantasise about going bush, and popping out 3 to 4 blue eyed blond kids and home-schooling them. Since being married I’ve met some like that to a tee, on the net, one was racialist too and others just in ordinary life. Amazing how much your desirability goes up when your taken off the market.

  10. Landsknecht says:

    Ethnic folk dance groups are excellent on many levels—from kinship to exercise, and of course for meeting quality members of the fair sex. More often than not the girls will outnumber the guys by a good margin!

    Poles, Slovaks, Ukrainians, Hungarians, etc all have enjoyable folk dances with unique music. Here is a Hungarian Folk ensemble from Cleveland performing a Czardas dance:

    • Craig says:

      That’s why I have an aim with some friends to move closer to a satellite city were we have numbers for our folkish activities, plus the coast is greener and better climes. My daughters will learn the highland fling along with other dancing and the boy the bag pipes, he may learn to prance when he’s older and more interested… 😀

      You know we had disco’s in the late 80’s and 90’s till some fuck wit kids burnt down the local shops after said disco, plus we had them at school till we we’re 12… Those were the care free days.

  11. Thank you for trying to keep the tone non-abusive, Kievsky. When I saw the title, I was ready to drive on in disgust. The prequel, which dealt with a constructive Polish idea to encourage racial solidarity between White men and White women pretty much brought the misogynists out of the woodwork with guns a-blazing. Since this sequel deals with the club scene itself, hopefully we can have a simple debate rather than a firefight.

    I have a whole lot more respect for men who don’t go clubbing at all than those who prop up the bar all night long and don’t speak to a woman (at least until closing time) much less dance.

    Women, even those you find in clubs, are not monolithic. Some love it. Still others loathe it, but show up anyway and suffer through it, hoping to meet “Mr. Right.” If you look at the median age of club-goers, it’s highly doubtful you will find that many women in their late twenties or early thirties. Their excuse is that they’re married and settled down, but we all know that doesn’t stop the hardcore party girls. The average woman goes to clubs with friends, male and female. They drink, dance, and breakfast together. I still saw that aspect recently late one evening when I was leaving one of those late night restaurants. The young college kids and professionals were coming in together as we left. It was obvious that they had been out clubbing.

    For better or worse, in this secular age, if you don’t want to wade through the internet personals and roll the dice with anonymous strangers, then the club scene is one of the few “safer” venues left for singles to mingle. Particularly young singles who are just trying to figure out who they are themselves, much less anybody else. It’s not like church socials are that common anymore; they weren’t when I had come of age. For better or worse, the guy who wrote “Bowling Alone” pretty much sums up how isolated most people, especially young singles, are.

    It is really a shame that the club scene has tarnished dancing. In a more innocent and Whiter age, men knew how to dance. The idea of a bachelor showing up at a dance function and not dancing was remarkable. Of course, it was a customary courtesy for said bachelor to dance with all the single women at every dance until he had settled on the woman with whom he wanted to get serious. No little White girl grows up thinking, “Gee when I grow up, I want to end up with a Black guy! It seems to me that if racially conscious White men just made a point of following the custom and made the rounds dancing that White wallflowers would be encouraged to keep trying to do whatever it took to secure the interest of White men instead of losing heart and settling for Non-Whites.

    I point this out, because we don’t pick our battlefields. We either seize territory from or cede territory to the enemy. To my way of thinking, until the day Whites (if any remain) see warfare involving hot lead and cold steel, the club scene is a battlefield for racially conscious White men to either secure or abandon as they see fit. Again, it is not rocket science or brain surgery to deduce that any woman who cannot dance with you might look to someone else. And it’s not like a wordly man cannot expand a young woman’s interests beyond the club scene. Yet the same guys who see the need to learn how to shoot and engage in MMA react to a perfectly legal, effective way to cut out Non-Whites socially, like “Dance?! With girls?!!! Ewwww!”

    Whatever. Some here predict that women clubbers will end up becoming “cat ladies.” I’m of the age to observe that, in my age demographic, men whose only aspiration in going clubbing was to end up being a ride on some White woman’s carousel will ultimately end up going to Asia to find “a traditional woman” once their youthful glory fades, no longer obscuring the resentment and hostility with which they approach their quarry and their targeted White prey demographic will no longer give them a second glance. Which makes me wonder what the hell these guys think they are fighting for? It seems to me, and I thank God I won’t live long enough to see it, that the only RAHOWA waged in the future will be between the Hapas and Mulattos.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yeah, well it wasn’t my battle. I was able to find a good woman without any clubbing at all, and American women are divorce happy.

      The truth is, men are in the driver’s seat. We only need to realize this. We shouldn’t be trying to “make ourselves attractive to women,” who will pass their sell by date at 35, but rather only going for a woman who will do yoga and wing chun and go rollerblading and hiking and bicycling and study math so she can stay in shape, and teach math and wing chun to the kids. If a woman won’t do that, the men should have no use for her.

      I was able to set my terms, rather than let a woman dictate her terms. And as another commenter said, a woman who is looking for “fun” is bad news. She’s going to be looking for fun after the wedding too, and the husband will be the epitome of anti-fun.

    • Denise says:

      This is why the Movement is in the pits.

      White men can’t handle dancing,. So how can they handle the Savage Dark Barbarians Hordes?

      Tsk tsk….

  12. aryangoddess says:

    Well MW, I was past my sell date when I married my second husband, unless being widowed young gives one a pass. Many times in this so called WN movement there is a parting of the ways. So this sell past date boomer will be moving on. Good luck to you and yours in your blog and other endeavors.

      • WhyOhWhy says:

        I can’t help but feel somewhat responsible for alienating your regular readers, as I am only occasional. I really didn’t think this was going to create such a rift in an already rift-laden group. I must part as well then. You have my sincerest apologies everyone, wether you’ve been offended by me or not.

      • Mission accomplished, WhyohWhy. Congratulations on your success. Well done.

      • mindweapon says:


        If Aryan Goddess wants to delurk for a moment to be offended and threaten leaving, that’s up to her. WhyOhWhy may have had dishonest motives, but for me it was an honest discussion from the heart.

        This discussion brought back memories of my youth and the whole “club scene,” which I mostly avoided. I remember people telling me, “you have to go to a club (and dance like Negroes) to get a girlfriend.” I said, “fuck that, I’ll learn Russian instead.”

        For a lot of people, learning Russian is like pulling teeth. I saw it at the Defenese Language Institute. I saw people fail out, crying, as I tried to tutor them on motion verbs and noun declensions. Being at a nightclub was the same sort of torture for me. It was much easier to learn Russian.

      • Mindweapons,

        You have been involved with WN a whole lot longer than I have, but I strongly suggest you to go back to the previous thread and carefully reread the posts there to see if there wasn’t anything designed to antagonize females.

        Start with the one with the woman who should cherish her gang-rape. Peruse the ones where the poster feels compelled to throw in gratuitous insults where they have to talk about women’s sex organs in vulgar cant. I think you will find a common denominator.

        There is a lot of useful information on your site, but I now know which topics that I will think twice about reading much less post in, because they are very discouraging at a time when we need optimism and unity more than ever.

      • mindweapon says:

        Yes, I told WhyOhWhy to move along, and he has done so. THre’s no need for these vulgar personal attacks.

    • Denise says:

      Goddess – Kievsky is simply making excuses for being a graceless klutz. It’s OK. He can do lots of other things.

      He’ll draw in the Nerds. I like Nerds. We”l draw in the Fun Folks. They do even MORE.

  13. Ryu says:

    No problemo, WOW. The rift was already there. Those who want to accept the PUA truths and those who refuse to see them. The whole race thing is only one part of the picture. We’d still be in trouble with feminism if the world were 100% white.

    • WhyOhWhy says:

      Thanks for understanding.

    • Denise says:

      If the world was 100% White – there would be no “feminism”.

      Feminism is a Jew thing.

      So is Porn.

      Feminism followed in the wake of mass acceptance of overt porn, by a good 20 years.

      Stop blaming the symptoms, instead of the cause.

      • banned56 says:

        What Denise said.
        You guys ready for my 10,000 word essay? I will have to re-construct it as my hard drive crashed awhile back and don’t have it on this comp. But I will do so if you guys will read and consider.
        No hysterics in it, just facts, statistics and logical conclusions.

  14. Denise says:

    The Polish Club Men story is not reven aobut dancing in clubs.

    It’s about taking back TURF.

    Asperger Syndrome runs high and wide and deep in the WN crowd.

  15. Denise says:

    White People. Dancing

  16. Denise says:

    Ge whix – when I was out dancing in my glorious youth, I guess I didn’t pay enough attention to the silent throng along the back walls.

    I was too busy dancing.

    Now I know what happened to the ones who….couldn’t….

    • mindweapon says:

      That’s fine Denise. But to say that men have to go dancing to find a girlfriend or a wife is rather narrow, isn’t it? There are other kinds of people, men and women, whose idea of a good time on a Friday or Saturday night is to watch a movie and turn in at 11pm and then spend the daylight hours on Saturday and Sunday doing things rather than sleeping.

      I want alienated “nerds” like myself to know that they don’t have to accomodate the nightclub dancing set, that they can find a girlfriend or a wife with no interest in that sort of thing, and prefer the sort of lifestyle that I describe.

      And, as I said, those girls in the nightclubs are unlikely to want to study martial arts and math in order to teach it to their future children. They would wrinkle their nose at this. But there are women who would go for this, one just has to find them. Try the math or physics or chemistry department at the local state university.

      You ignored my anecdote about the hairdresser who complained about not finding a guy who would commit to her, but disdained the idea of going to a Linux convention. I’d say she’s fairly representative of the nightclub girl type — disdainful of “nerds,” and in search of a combination of “exciting badboy” who will somehow commit to her and her alone.

      I don’t think it’s necessary to accomodate women who disdain us nerds in favor of “exciting badboys.” Go to a nightclub and be disdained as a nerd? LOL, no. I’m pretty sure I have and many other nerds have won the long game, relative to these women who were “hot” in 1995. The “exciting badboys” now have 48 inch waists and clogged arteries and the “hot girls” are divorcees who destroyed their family’s accumulated wealth in divorce and drama.

      • Denise says:

        Take you own advice my dear. I’m, not slamming Nerds. Nerds made the Net possible.

        A war is fought on MANY battlefields. Including dance floors, in Poland.

        Don’t knock success is ALL I’m saying.

      • mindweapon says:

        OK. I hope it is success. At any rate, a lot of these things find their own balance.

    • VRW says:

      “glorious youth”

  17. Denise says:

    Oh LOOK! Even old guys can dance. Look at all the White People! An orchestra, in a concert venue. The gowns, the clothing, the musicians – the audience.

    High end stuff. The gowns alone cost FORTUNE.

    All those wealthy folks, in the audience,

    How many people do we draw? A hundred and fifty, at a WN event ,is considered a blazing success.

    • A.Ralston says:

      Great find, Denise. A passionate tango electrifies both the dancer and the observer.

      It pleases me to see a guy about my age who, despite his heft, shows extraordinary balance, grace, coordination, and artistry. He (and his partner) elevate the tango, which originated in the bordello districts of late 19th century Buenos Aires, to the classical level, a form to which the vast majority of us men cannot realistically aspire.

      Nonetheless, since my wife and I started learning ballroom dancing, we have been getting plenty of both mental and physical exercise, plus a bit more socializing than my extreme N (on the Myers Briggs axis) temperament would ordinarily tolerate.

      Also, acquiring the muscle memory for the basic patterns in the rhumba, waltz, foxtrot, samba, cha cha, etc , maintaing the correct posture and frame, and then frimly leading my partner from one pattern to the next, all while negotiating fast traffic on a crowded ballroom and maybe even simultaneously carrying on a casual conversation requires – at least for me – a high level of focus, constant propioception, situational awareness, stamina, patience, perfectionism, and release of perfectionism.

      Also, I haven’t yet mastered the art of tactfully rejecting incoming requests from other women. Because of past surgeries my wife needs to be careful with her feet and knees and so she takes intermittent rests. Some such approaches come from women who are younger, single, and more advanced than I, and I am never quite sure how sincere my wife is when she encourages me to dance with the unattached women.

      And so it goes.

      • Denise says:

        I posted this Tango video for very specific reasons, Mr Ralston. The very ones your cited, in such an elegant fashion.

        Carlos Gavito was “The Fred Astaire of the Tango”. He has since passed on (one day we will dance on the finest floor in Heaven!) I posted this because he was nearing the end of his time in this world, when this was filmed. He was older, and hat a bit of a pot – but his moves! Thrilling! He was born with what he had. His grace and artistry were innate gifts. You can see how well he moved…you can SEE it. The placement of every inch of his body. The sensibility. The control….dazzling. He did it for LOVE.

        People tend to naturally focus on the sensuous grace of a beautiful woman – but if you study the tango – the woman is NOTHING without the man. She needs him to lead, guide, and support her beautiful moves.

        Thank you for “seeing”.

        Re: the invitations from Hopeful Ladies – PLEASE take them up on it! I’m certain that your wife is sincere in her gracious willingness to lend you out. I’m sure she would enjoy immense pleasure in watching you dance. Those of us who love to dance UNDERSTAND each other. We are open hearted and generous. Those other ladies aren’t trying to cut in on your marital arrangement! A straight man, who can dance in a passably decent fashion – well – gals like me consider gents like you to be THE MOST valuable resource on Earth. More important the platinum! Introduce the other ladies to your wife! You can take turns….there are always more ladies than men, who love ballroom dancing. They can sit with your wife, and chat, while you are the Sheik of Ballroom!

      • Denise says:

        Here is another one, just for you, Mr Ralston:

        The female, Natacha, is more of a morena – but watch Jesus. You can see just how critical the man is, in the tango. Watch how he leads. I adore their elegant moves, and the way they move as one.


    • Craig says:

      They even need nerds with violins at those things. 😀 I’m still a nerd MW, just a jock nerd. 😛 I helped many nerd mates when I was at school. Glasses really do fool bully type people though, I enjoyed that in the Army, particularly on the sporting grounds in contact sports when we were all equal on the field, “Crag mad, Crag smash.”. I use to fly off the handle too, when provoked enough.

  18. Denise says:

    Music song and dancing will ALWAYS win.


    NO contest.

    Whose music and song will win, though? Which dancers will be left floor?

  19. Mosin Nagant says:

    More and more ‘liturgical’ dancing is occurring in apostate ‘Christianity’. Dancing and related entertainments went on behind the closed doors of the hierarchy for centuries, but in the last thirty years or so, it’s begun to come out in the open.

    ‘Tango mass’:

    Dance catechism:
    Priest ballet:
    Vatican rockettes (this one goes back to the beginning of the change):
    Dancing on the altar:

  20. New England Millenial says:

    Here’s what I can say as a 24-year-old. First, most young people don’t know how to dance, guy or girl. What you see is either “wiggle” dancing or grinding/dry-humping (which I guess they now call twerking). It’s kind of silly and quite obscene, but if you want to have a one-night stand or a phone-number this way, more importantly you have to be physically fit first i.e. big arms, big upper-body, so lift those weights!

    When it comes to real dancing, most white women I’ve asked will say their favorite is salsa or mambo. Any quick dance with a lot of touching. Swing dancing is fast and I guess is more “European”, remember there are two forms, East and West Coast. In bigger cities they sometimes put on “swing-dance” nights where people dress up in 30’s style clothing and dance and have burlesque shows on stage. Crazy stuff, it’s almost like time travel, but you would already have a partner to go with if you were to do that.

    Waltz and tango are slower dances but people, especially girls, don’t find them as exciting. If anybody here knows more about dancing, recommend a style in which just the man needs to know the techniques and can then “lead” the woman. I don’t think there is one, but I could be mistaken. That way you can go to a wedding or a club and pick someone you like and dance with them, regardless of their knowledge.

    • clytemnestra57 says:

      Hi New England Millennial and welcome. What you are describing is obviously waaay after my time. The first time I became aware of “twerking,” it was the Miley Cyrus obscenity with the hacked up hair, the skimpy outfits and the lolling tongue. She looked like she could use a big dash of holy water and an exorcism. Yuck.

      My elementary school taught square dancing, which I found to be a lot of fun and my time was more the disco era which was a looser form of dancing that was becoming a little more stylized before tastes “changed” to more Africanized music and dancing.

      The participation of my crowd dwindled as the responsibilities of marriage and children grew. But on those rare occasions when we do go out, everyone is already coupled off, even with a platonic friend, and we go to the country western establishments with more traditional dancing.

      I don’t know if there are any western style dance halls in New England, but if you are looking for something basic and easy to lead a woman around the floor, then country western is the place to visit and then the two-step is the way to go. These bars also play classic rock between sets so any couples who know how to jitterbug can strut their stuff. But at our age and physical condition, even the jitterbug is not as wild as it used to be, LOL.

    • mindweapon says:

      Did you see the post in honor of you, NEM? About the state drug lab “chemists?” You should apply for those jobs now that the incompetents have been exposed. But don’t tell us about it if you do.

    • Craig says:

      LOL the wiggle and the grinding were there back in my day, thankfully not the twerking. Though popular TV and all that crap are promoting it at present, particularly, think you can dance carpola.

  21. Stubbs says:

    Somehow criticism of the nightclub drinking/twerking/listening to Kanye West scene turned into an assault on folk dancing and “having fun”…

    Maybe Polish nightclubs don’t suck, I haven’t been to any, but let’s not talk up American night clubs just because of fond personal memories. They’re trash, at best they squeak by simply because they’re the place everyone meets at, more often they’re a cesspool of drunks and Lady Gaga.

    As far as dancing in general is concerned, if you’re in possession of a martial arts studio you’re in possession of a dance studio, aren’t you? I’m sure people who are both trained martial artists and trained musicians can expand into formal dances without much difficulty.

    • mindweapon says:

      Somehow criticism of the nightclub drinking/twerking/listening to Kanye West scene turned into an assault on folk dancing and “having fun”…

      Yes, that was an interesting little twisting of the original post, wasn’t it? I didn’t point it out because it was too boring to bother.

      But the real point is that we need not and should not go out of our way to accomodate the sort of whimsical females who go nightclub dancing and sleep until 3 in the afternoon. We should lead, and select women who are suited to us, rather than trying to distort ourselves and make ourselves suited to them. Even if we succeed in getting those nightclub types, that’s not the sort we’re going to want to keep.

      • Mosin Nagant says:

        Dancing, and weddings and other kinfolk events (except funerals, obviously) should be limited to winter months after all the crops are in. But it’s alright to dance a little bit in the barn or back porch OUT of ‘wedding season’, because it just comes naturally, whenever you hear good music like this:

      • mindweapon says:

        That’s a beautiful video, Mosin! That world is coming back, I assure you. When oil is 200 a barrel, that’ll be back.

        You should read James Howard Kunstler’s World Made by Hand books.

      • clytemnestra57 says:

        These two threads got me into a discussion about the club scene with another woman who never liked night-clubbing but suffered through it until she found her fellow.

        She mentioned that, thanks to the internet, many cities have a “Meet Up” section where people with common interests can make a connection. So if someone is new in the area and more into team sports or book clubs than the night club scene, they can sign up.

      • Craig says:


        Amazing how the net is connecting like minds, would of been good years ago, I’m still glad I grew up without social networks on the net…

        Really I didn’t like the club scene much at all, I use to play shit load of sports, mixed as well like netball to try and find someone. It’s like someone else mentioned, majority seem to club so we all get sucked in at some point. Alcohol culture, advertising all that crap is part of it to.

  22. Mosin Nagant says:

    Liturgical dancing is so evil and fake. Worst of all is ‘pole dancing for Jesus’.

  23. Never fall in love with a party girl.


  24. It’s my fault. I’m a handsome bad boy, a total cad, and I’ve had sex with 100 women. I’m the guy that ruined all your daughters. Seriously. It started at 16, girls would throw themselves at me. I used to fall in love when they had sex with me.

    I dumped the first virgin I deflowered because she cheated on me, and I could do a lot better anyway. I dumped my second serious girlfriend – a slut – because she got bitchy, wouldn’t submit, work, or stop partying. She did cook for me though. Not well, but she tried, so I’ll give her that. Honestly, most of her appeal to me was that she was super hot and fucked like a champ. What can I say?

    The third I dumped for trivial reasons, I was kind of a dick about it, but she had done something relatively minor that made me question her character quite a bit.

    Then I fell in love with a crazy, insane, whacked out freak nightclub chick for reasons I still don’t fully comprehend. She dumped me the second I stopped screwing other women.

    Then I started having sex with college girls who have only gotten easier as time goes on.

    You gals are weird. You really should never have sex with guys like me, we’re trouble. Abusive, controlling, an angry drunk who gets off on violence against women. Is this really what you want?

    Evidently, it is. Women Love Evil.

    It’s been a hell of a ride. Thanks ladies, come again!

    • Hipster Racist, I developed a cyber-crush on you the moment I saw your Maxwell Smart icon. If you are as funny in person as on the net, well … look out, ladies.

      I strongly suspect that you are being way too modest here. You overrate the superficial and waay underrate the secret of your real success with women. Your playfulness and intelligence that gives you a wit and snarky style that I think would be irresistible to them.

      Thanks to my front row seat to my Mini-Hef father’s antics, I entered the singles scenes of the opinion that husbands and fathers could not be trusted, so women might as well fend for themselves. During the “be such an asshole that she will leave me” phase, I saw my mother swallow a lot of nonsense. Because she was desperate to hold the family together, she put up with it. I told him that If were a man whose paternal grandfather had been chased up the tree with an axe by his fed up spouse, I would have the sense to tread more carefully.

      Naturally, nature and nurture made me ripe for feminism and compelled me to be a borderline ball-breaking bitch ever on the alert for any bullshit. I suspect it was only my overabundance of blessings in a certain area that kept my dance card full. In any case, I never found men who approached me just seething with resentment and hostility particularly appealing. Creepy, yes. Irresistible, no. The dumber ones were shot down pretty quickly. The smarter ones sized me up and moved right along.

      I will say that the only guys who ever had a long-term shot with me had a great sense of humor and could make me laugh … even at myself, especially at myself. God bless those guys, because I needed that approach. Until now, I didn’t realize how pissed off I was that my own Cinderella Dreams of a big White wedding and life in a rose-covered cottage with Prince Charming were pretty much shat upon by what I only dimly understood was the increasing pornification of White women since 1952 the year of the Playboy launch. What you have is a gift, HR, and I hope you never lose it.

      • mindweapon says:

        OMG Cly, you just threw all your Roissy hating sisters under the bus! You gave away the store, in intel speak! You are the Edward Snowden of the sisterhood!

        Well, I’m never going to tell Hipster to tone it down ever again, and I apologize for when I did that about a year ago and HR went on commenting strike for a while. He was right, I was wrong.

      • clytemnestra57 says:

        No, Hipster Racist should never tone it down, but I am still demanding that you make him post SPEW ALERTS whenever he says something particularly funny. I still trying to train myself to check for his handle and make sure that I am not eating or drinking something at the moment.

    • clytemnestra57 says:

      Whoops! Sorry about that, my sisters! I guess I’ve mellowed out a lot in my old age.

      Nope, it started when I was totally disarmed by a six month old White male. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that he is the first White man I fell head over heels in love with. He is a grown man now but I remain his proud guardian and devoted slave. If he asks me for anything, it’s just a formality. And yes, he read my book early on. He figured that the quickest way to get out of trouble was make me laugh. He definitely drafted me, kicking and screaming (and laughing) into The Boys Will Be Boys School of Double Standards.

      If not for him (here we pause for a moment of silence to mourn Clytemnestra’s glorious battle axe days), I’d no doubt have advanced to my ultimate goal of Harridan Status by now. Or driven some poor unsuspecting fool up a tree by now. And we have chainsaws now, baby.

    • Denise says:

      But can you Fox trot?

  25. ben tillman says:

    Wow – it’s amazing how different things are in different parts of the country. In Texas every woman wants to stay home with the kids.

    • mindweapon says:

      Really? Good for them!

    • clytemnestra57 says:

      It is amazing how much power and influence the media has if men honestly believe that a new mother wants to leave her infant in the dubious care of a stranger. I had my own experiences with childcare mishaps after a certain six month old White male drafted me onto Team Man. Luckily none of them were horrendous, but there were some scary moments that make me shake just remembering them.

      The time I stayed home was glorious. There is nothing like a child snuggling in your arms, reveling in the softness of your body and looking up at you with all the trust in the world like you were a goddess to give you the real purpose of being a woman. No feeling like it. Absolutely heavenly.

  26. In the other thread, banned56 said that premarital sex is cheating on your future spouse. I agree with this, and it’s at the core of all of these man/woman issues. What these older women refuse to acknowledge is that most white girls “cheat on their future spouse” starting in high school. You can say, sure, blame the men. Go right ahead, blame the men. But the good white men look around and realize they aren’t getting virgins. They are signing up for preemptive cheating.

    Of course, for any man to object to this – the women will immediately start with the abuse. “You’re just insecure. You’re can’t get laid. You don’t know anything about women. Her past is none of your business.” Women know perfectly well what they are doing – they are sexing up certain guys, while “saving other guys for marriage.” They know they are doing this, and they get very angry when they are called on it. The women today are doing this, and most of these older women did it too. Ever since birth control.

    American women, in general, aren’t interested in getting married as a virgin, they are repulsed at the idea of marrying a virgin man, they aren’t interested in having children early, they aren’t interested in the traditional role of a wife.

    So, the men are responding. The women throw a fit. They are allowed to have standards, men are not. They can tell us to “man up” but we can’t tell them to “woman up.” Women are allowed to judge men, but men aren’t allowed to judge women. Every women speaks for all women, of course. Disagreeing with one woman is misogyny against all women.

    Notice how horrifically disrespectful these women are to you, men. They have been getting away with it for so long they think it’s normal. They are terrified of men refusing to “beta bucks” them after they spent their teens and twenties sexing up sleazy hipsters.

    They will give you some glittering generalities about love, but it’s always one way. Men have to cater to women. Women are the prize. Lots of men on the internet have been looking around and saying, “these are the prizes?”

    New England Millennial, these women’s words can be sweet as honey but full of poison.

    • mindweapon says:

      I said exactly the same thing 25 years ago when I started learning Russian. I was supposed to jump through all these hoops for these women — work hard at some job in order to make a lot of money, drive a nice car, dress fancy, go to clubs. For what?

      I try to tell guys to learn Russian and go for Russian women instead of dragon ladies. With the dragon ladies, your kids won’t be able to get bone marrow donations. They’ll be too mixed up, genetically speaking. But I can understand not wanting anything to do with corrupted Americans.

      • clytemnestra57 says:

        Mindweapons, thank you for bringing up learning Russian again. I keep wanting to ask you something but get distracted by something else.

        I imagine learning how to speak Russian is one thing, but how hard was it to learn how to read Russian? When I see the Cyrillic alphabet, I feel like I know what someone suffering dyslexia must feel like. I recently talked to a Russian guy who lived in the States for some time and he said that getting used to the Latin alphabet was somewhat of an adjustment but, because he was so young, it was probably easier then than it would be now.

        In any case, I wouldn’t mind if you went into more detail about it. I am not verbally fluent in any other language, but I retained enough French from high school that I can understand what I read of the other Romance languages.


      • mindweapon says:

        Nah, learning Cyrillic was the easiest part. Overall it wasn’t difficult for me, but as I found out at the Defense Language Institute, I’m a natural at learning languages compared to the general population. It was the one thing I was really really good at. Too bad I was too idealistic to make a career out of it in a ZOG alphabet agency. They needed linguists real bad.

        If I could go back to 1990 I’d have learned Russian, Chinese (Mandarin AND Cantonese) and Spanish and went to work for the NYPD in the Little Odessa precinct and studied wing chun from Chinese masters. There was/is a huge demand for loyal Americans who know the languages of organized crime.

    • clytemnestra57 says:

      Hipster Racist,

      I am my father’s oldest LEGITIMATE child.

      I think a lot of the bitterness from certain men right now is that, thanks to birth control, they cannot be like Grandpa and despoil virgins yet still marry one.

      • mindweapon says:

        Perhaps certain men. My big regret was that I didn’t know about Roissy in 1985. My life would have been a LOT different. Wow, way way way different. Roissy has changed the course of history with his blog. For me, he’s the most important man of the 21st century so far.

    • clytemnestra57 says:

      Mindweapons, what language programs would you recommend?

      I saw an article that being bilingual actually protects older people from Alzheimers. I am loath to admit it but I am at the age where I have to write everything down. I also try to take supplements, but I suspect that learning something is the only way to exercise the brain.

      • mindweapon says:

        Pimsleur. And you need regular access to native speakers. I learned Russian from recent immigrants. You need to hang out with native speakers for hours a day, or go to the country. Otherwise, any effort to master a language will fail.

  27. Attila says:

    It seems that whenever the number of females in a given blog reaches critical mass- then they start trying to police language-which further antagonizes the males who feel that they can’t speak openly – who then become more antagonistic and exclusionary. I see that tendency everywhere in my daily interactions and am sick of it. Let’s face it – men and women have distinctly different thought processes and conversational styles and always will. And if some woman doesn’t like they way I express myself- I don’t care- since I am not preventing anyone from doing the same thing. I find American women (Anglos and Jewish) to be the most PC- and Latin American/ Eastern European women to be the least.

  28. banned56 says:

    “Perhaps certain men. My big regret was that I didn’t know about Roissy in 1985. My life would have been a LOT different. Wow, way way way different. Roissy has changed the course of history with his blog. For me, he’s the most important man of the 21st century so far.”

    Ok, MW, I’m confused now. You know I have a lot of respect for you. But that respect is based on your love of our people — which in the final analysis is the love of your child.

    But that child is the product of you and your Russian wife. Who you found BECAUSE you stayed out of bars — and learned Russian instead.

    Do you *really* wish you’d found Roissy 30 years ago? Because if so, would you have learned Russian in order to find the mother of your child? If, as I suspect, not, then your child would not exist.
    Had you played around with “game” as Roissy advocates, (which translates to promiscuous banging of barsluts with its attendant increase in cynicism about women) you would most probably be a (never married, or divorced) bachelor with no children.
    Roissy? REALLY?

    • mindweapon says:

      Knowing the truths that Roissy gives doesn’t necessarily mean banging bar sluts.

      No, it would have meant sticking up for myself at college. I would have done a better job fighting political correctness. I would have done a better job dealing with politically correct feminists, and set an example for the other men.

      • banned56 says:

        Hey, I agree that knowing Roissy’s truths doesnt *necessarily* mean banging barsluts.

        But consider how much time on his blog is devoted to encouraging just such banging, for impressionable young men it is entirely *likely* that knowing Roissy’s truths means banging bar sluts.
        HR is Exhibit Number One.
        “Game” IS about banging barsluts.

        Understanding Human Biodiversity, as taught by our Prophet Steve Sailer, is about how to shut up politically correct feminists — or at least (which is a more-desirable outcome, anyway) how to encourage and set an example for bystanders. Because it really isn’t about converting the harridans. It IS about giving normal White men permission to be men.
        But part of BEING a man is being a father and head of a household — not playing a Game of seeing who can rack up the most “notches” bedding silly girls who ought to be at Ball Room Dance class but, lacking a daddy, don’t know this.

    • You women are *full of shit* and you know it. Can’t fool me, sweethearts.

      You hate Roissy because he’s spilling your secrets. If you women were serious about monogamy, the 14 words, and all the rest, you would be counseling the younger women to avoid bad boys, to keep chaste, to marry young and have children young.

      Not a single one of you older women do that. Instead, you are trying to tame the bad boys.

      “Stop reading Roissy! Stop having sex with bar sluts! Have sex with me! I’m not a bar slut, I just like to dance and of course I’m not a virgin but neither are you. Stopping gaming women, let us game you!”


      • Sam Barber says:

        “You hate Roissy because he’s spilling your secrets.” – I’ve shown the 16 commandments to some girls and they all agree that they are correct, but they hate to admit it. Women cackle and howl when they find out that we know how to manage them, I tune them out and continue to do what’s best for both us.

        The Heartiste has truly spilled the beans and some us are fortunate enough to have found this information and used it to our advantage ( and by ‘our’ I mean both sexes of our race).

      • banned56 says:

        Hi, HR —
        ” the 14 words, and all the rest, you would be counseling the younger women to avoid bad boys, to keep chaste, to marry young and have children young. ”

        That is EXACTLY what I do. I tell my daughter and all her friends. My daughter is a 22 y old virgin to the best of my knowledge.
        I *also*, being an old La Leche League Leader spent many years counseling new mothers how to nurse their babies. I’ve done as much for White babies to get to grow up in intact families (the MOST pro-White activity I can think of) as anyone here.

        At 50, (and happily married 25 years) the idea that I want to have sex with you, young man, is just silly.

  29. But part of BEING a man is being a father and head of a household

    Well, you need a mother to be a father, and you need a wife to be a head of household.

    Not a single one of you says one damn word to women about being mothers and being wives.

    It’s all lecturing the bad men about how we need to change.

    What about all the “beta men” – the linux engineers that can’t dance and aren’t good with women? Are any of you Second Wavers telling the younger women, “go for the awkward guys. Find a shy guy who’s not so handsome. Sex him up and he’ll be in love with you forever.”

    Nope. Not a word. Instead, it’s “all you guys that are good with women, stop banging bar sluts! All you alphas, settle down!”

    LOL. Transparent as hell.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yeah, no one picked up on the Linux engineers story — NO ONE, except you, HR. They aren’t even a consideration, and those Linux engineers should be husbands and fathers.

      I guess they aren’t exciting enough.

      • banned56 says:

        I don’t feel comfortable giving too much personal information away, since it’s impossible to know who on the internet may be criminal.
        But, I *did* read the part about the Linux engineers — and that is EXACTLY the sort of fellow my daughter is interested in. Much to my amazement, however, I am seeing an odd phenomenon that these engineers, having dated my daughter, a solid 6+, maybe 7 depending on acne breakouts, once or twice (and not getting any) seem to think that now they can do even better.
        I do not doubt, though, that eventually she will meet The One.

      • mindweapon says:

        I’m glad your daughter is going for those kinds of guys. Sorry to hear about the results. They are young fools to be engaging in hypergamy when they meet a nice girl. I did the same thing in my 20’s though — didn’t get sex, moved on. I (wrongly) assumed that if a girl didn’t have sex with me, she wasn’t really interested in me. And of course if she did, I was like, “yechh, she had sex with me, what the hell is wrong with her?” This was in my 20’s.

        I went through my teen years without a girlfriend because I didn’t know the Roissy stuff. Had I had a steady gf at age 15, where we progressed slowly and romantically, I’d have had a much healthier attitude towards females. But because what I thought I knew about females was exactly, 180 degrees wrong, I went through my high school years socially awkward and lonely. Then in my college years I was in teh Army Reserves and got some American girls who went for the military guys and I inadvertently acted like a jerk and hated myeslf for it, and the more I acted like a jerk, the more girls would throw themselves at me, and the more I would act like even more of a jerk and hate myself even more, to the point where I considered going into a (Buddhist) monastery.

        Years later I read Roissy, and it all made sense.

        Now in retrospect, had I known Roissy, I would have done two things different:

        1. I would have had the high school sweetheart of my choice.

        2. I would have used Game to mess with the heads of the political correct liberal feminist womyn.

        I could see young men trained in Roissy and the Dark Enlightenment turning the tables on the college womyn by Gaming them — not saying having sex with them, but Gaming their minds so the womyn view the Dark Enlightenment college boyz as these unattainable g-ds, and thereby deprogramming the womyn from PC and back into normal, feminine, conservative women.

    • clytemnestra57 says:

      Here I have to date myself and Lord knows how much I hate dating myself. But I came of age in the late seventies before the curious Mankind stole microchip technology from the aliens who obviously crashed a couple of decades later. So, I wasn’t that interested in computer nerds, because computer technology was still at the Frankenstein Stage where it seems more bother to mess with it than conduct business the old-fashioned way.

      I think that now the computer nerds must be the “Satanic Mechanics” of the modern age. The reason why I’m making this analogy is that, like most women, I am a pragmatist. So, back in the day, I thought mechanics were hot. In fact, forget the dance scene, I met most of my men under the hood of a car!

      When I had mechanical trouble, I’d pull up the hood, get a purposeful, kind of inspired but clueless look on my face and act like I was going to rearrange something and sure enough all these guys would stop in order to rescue … the car! The nice thing about that time was all the shade tree mechanics back then.

      In fact, I suspect that the changes in cars today … where you have to have a computer to diagnose what’s wrong these days … might be a conspiracy on the part of all those computer nerds I overlooked in the past.

      • Craig says:

        A mechanic mate that taught me, could diagnose the car faster then the Holden diagnostic computer could. My old Turbo computer has red and green lights that flash codes to help me confirm which sensor was playing up, and I’d tweak it. A bit like working in a Lab with diagnostic instruments actually. New cars are becoming difficult, because you need more then a screw driver to change a bloody fuel filter, though the new fuel filters last longer, which is good.

        I want to play with wood gas now, WW2 tech to run tractors on wood, coal, straw or dried cow patties. Plus I want a new gennie.

        So nope your shade mechanics turned into nerds, or maybe computers did it to us. 😀

  30. Attila says:

    In my experience (and I live in an urban area) – American women love to send mixed messages by being extremely forward but at the same time – but clamping down hard when one takes them up on the offer. To me- it’s a classic bait and switch – come on, I am friendly (and I may need something from you) BUT don’t get too close because I am not going to give you anything. To me, they are just sluts waiting for the highest bidder. There may be exceptions- but exceptions they will be-the rest are usless as sives and mothers, from my point of view.

  31. it is entirely *likely* that knowing Roissy’s truths means banging bar sluts.

    HR is Exhibit Number One.

    Hey banned56, is it that every single woman I’ve had sex with was a bar slut, or just some of them? Since you are allowed to call my previous lovers barsluts, I suppose you aren’t going to get mad when the men start complaining about women being barsluts, right? Or is it only women that are allowed to call women barsluts?

    I should call up my ex-girlfriend and tell her, “banned56 said you’re a barslut.”

    Second of all, so what if I screw barsluts? Why do you care? They are just barsluts, right? They wouldn’t make good mothers anyway, right? Plus, I’m a barslut, so shouldn’t I be screwing barsluts and not messing around with the nice girls?

    So really, what’s the complaint? Oh, is it because I’m not having children? OK. Which woman wants my sperm? You offering? Got a daughter you’re trying to marry off? Why would you want her with me, anyway?

    You women are full of shit and you damn well know it. Hipster Racist screws 100 barsluts. Banned56 complains about Hipster Racist – but doesn’t make a peep about the 100 barsluts. They were all innocent victims of Hipster’s magical Roissy “game” right?

    Who makes the babies? That’s right. You women have zero room to complain about men. Nada, zip, zilch. Sure, complain if a man divorces his wife and abandons his family. I’ll join in the chorus denouncing him. But all the rest of this is just you women bitching because you’re not getting everything you want.

    There ain’t no shortage of White sperm. There is a shortage of White women having babies. Are white women having trouble getting sperm? LOL, no, white women are fucking experts at getting white sperm. But they don’t want to make babies with it.

    Seriously, men – these women have been getting away with this shocking disrespect towards White men for so long they think it’s normal.

    • banned56 says:

      I dunno if every woman you’ve had sex with is a barslut. By your own post, it would certainly seem so.

      Or have you forgotten, already, your post from above?


      “It’s my fault. I’m a handsome bad boy, a total cad, and I’ve had sex with 100 women. I’m the guy that ruined all your daughters. Seriously. It started at 16, girls would throw themselves at me. I used to fall in love when they had sex with me.

      I dumped the first virgin I deflowered because she cheated on me, and I could do a lot better anyway. I dumped my second serious girlfriend – a slut – because she got bitchy, wouldn’t submit, work, or stop partying. She did cook for me though. Not well, but she tried, so I’ll give her that. Honestly, most of her appeal to me was that she was super hot and fucked like a champ. What can I say?

      The third I dumped for trivial reasons, I was kind of a dick about it, but she had done something relatively minor that made me question her character quite a bit.

      Then I fell in love with a crazy, insane, whacked out freak nightclub chick for reasons I still don’t fully comprehend. She dumped me the second I stopped screwing other women.

      Then I started having sex with college girls who have only gotten easier as time goes on.

      You gals are weird. You really should never have sex with guys like me, we’re trouble. Abusive, controlling, an angry drunk who gets off on violence against women. Is this really what you want?

      Evidently, it is. Women Love Evil.

      It’s been a hell of a ride. Thanks ladies, come again!”

      —–Or are you just b.s. ing us?

      Do I want to marry my daughter off to you? No. You have ruined yourself with your promiscuity. MY hope is to save some of the young guys from doing to themselves what you’ve done by following Pied Piper Roissy — banged so many barsluts that you don’t believe good girls even exist.

      NOW, were you to clean up, get tested for STDs, maybe start going to church and take it seriously, or whatever it is you need to get your head straight, it’s possible you could reform sufficiently to deserve to marry a good girl and be a good father. After all, the facts are that men can recover from promiscuity better than women. The fact that it’s the chicks who get paid for whoring, is proof of that.

    • MOISHE says:

      very perceptive Racist!

  32. @MW

    OMG Cly, you just threw all your Roissy hating sisters under the bus!

    I’m not so sure, MW. Considering Cly’s extremely dry sense of humor, read her response again. It could very well be an insult, depending on how you read it. She’s a clever gal, no doubt. I’m still mulling it. I have been too chicken to respond yet. Hell, I admit it, I drafted three responses and but weren’t satisfied with any of them.

    I think Cly loves me because I remind her of dear old dad – evidentally, a right bastard. A bad boy. Just like me.

    Yeah, Cly, I am a charming devil in real life. I think you love me because you know I have the capacity to understand women – and despite that, still loving them 🙂

    But I’m still not sure if you’re insulting me or flattering me.

    I’m not joking about the 100 women. It’s somewhere around that number. Women love me 🙂 Handsome, charming, and I know how to make them laugh. Oh, some of them were “10s” and some of them were plain Janes. Some of them were smart – way smarter than me – some of them were dumb, most were average. Some were sweet, some were shrews. Some were feminist ball breakers, some were submissive sweethearts. Many were feminists ball breakers that really wanted to be a submissive sweetheart for the right guy. 🙂

    But yeah, 100 or thereabouts. So I must know something about women, right? LOL. They were not all barsluts, let me assure you.

    I dunno, it is what it is.

    • clytemnestra57 says:

      @Hipster Racist:

      I think Cly loves me because I remind her of dear old dad – evidently, a right bastard. A bad boy. Just like me.

      You might be onto something, but even now, from a daughter’s POV, it’s hard for me to see my father as a man rather than a Dad. Especially as a PUA. I didn’t find out that I wasn’t technically his firstborn until middle age.

      Though his natural advantages gave him plenty of opportunities My father was a health nut before it became fashionable, so he was in exceptional physical shape and though it does not compare to the glory of his prime, my father is still fortunate enough to have all his hair. But I equated my Dad on the same level as the balding, paunchy middle-aged men who were his contemporaries. He was DADDY, you know?

      And he was no slouch as a father when we were little. He was a very playful, humorous man who did all kinds of things with us kids at a time when Dads just went to work and if they had any interaction with their offspring it was to discipline them. We were the envy of our neighborhood.

      But your words make me recall the time when I was a teen and had gotten my driver’s permit and my poor father was trying to teach me how to drive. I was too focused on some music and ignored some instruction of his and sure enough, we were stopped by a police officer, but it was a lady officer. This caused Dad (who was in a high state of annoyance with yours truly) to abruptly switch gears – almost a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde transformation – and he basically charmed this lady out of issuing me my first traffic ticket. He had her blushing and stammering and batting her heretofore steely blues at him. I remember, as we drove away, he was no longer pissed off at me, but was just looking very smug and pleased with himself. I raised my eyebrows at him thinking Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and he just smirked at me like … Oh, God … like Maxwell Smart!

      It was only decades later, when I looked at his pictures that I realized how devastatingly handsome he was at least compared to his peers. But that still didn’t make me think oh, I could see why that police officer broad might go for THAT. It seems like blasphemy even now. Sorry if I seem like a prude. Maybe men with gorgeous mothers don’t have those type of blinders on.

      • Craig says:

        Interesting from a woman’s perspective, my wife still can’t talk about her father, she blocks it out mentally, and she grew up being a latch key kid. Her mum is more secular traditional like my mum.

        I grew up with three fathers, Dad, Step Dad and paternal Grand Father, so I didn’t do to bad learning from all their mistakes. Hopefully.

        My Pop, Mum’s Dad had a secret family, that Mum didn’t find out about till she was past 50 years. It was all kept a secret back them due to the shame.

        My old man I see him as a man most the time, but when my step mum has him screaming by the balls I look at him as silly dad, I guess. He stood up to her recently which spun me out.

    • banned56 says:

      “They were not all barsluts, let me assure you.” If they were NOT all barsluts, if some were sweet, then why aren’t you married? You really are messed up in the head, maybe?

  33. See it, MW? Cly’s topping from the bottom. She knows how this game is played.

    Game on, Cly you sweetheart 🙂 I heard you were stacked! I mean really smart oops 🙂

  34. clytemnestra57 says:

    LMAO. I was a tomboy growing up. Flat as a board until junior high and then puberty hit with a vengeance the summer I turned thirteen. Needless to say I was not happy with these changes and neither was my Dad, because I looked like I was in my twenties which leads me to another Dad memory. He had a function to attend and my mother was sick, so my parents thought it would be nice if I escorted him. I got dressed up in a pretty conservative fashion, but a contemporary of his approached us. Years later, I realized he was hitting on me. My Dad sent me off to get him a drink and I heard this guy call my Dad an old son of a gun. When I came back my Dad was looking annoyed and this guy looked rather abashed, because of the conclusions he had drawn.

    In any case, I was a “standout” until breast implants became popular and my crowd used to say they could see me coming before I turned the corner. It was kind of embarrassing back then, because youth is wasted on the young and if I knew then what I know now I would have been more like my best friend, who we will call Hipsterette. Because it’s plain dumb to have the power and not know how to use it.

    I don’t know if men like to choose their friends as foils, but women do. I struck up my friendship with Hipsterette when we were coworkers. I was a rather Irish looking, light-skinned blue-eyed Brunette and Hipsterette was a green-eyed, peach skinned Blonde who was a cup size or so smaller than me, but was blessed with a Jayne Mansfield type ribcage, so she enjoyed the best of both worlds from a guy’s perspective — big AND perky! And Hipsterette knew this. Which leads me to the very funny story of how she almost killed our supervisor.

    Let’s just say our supervisor was a guy who loved to study the scenery … a lot and also liked to make his comments. The office was having a party and Hipsterette was wearing a tee shirt and she accidentally spilled something on her shirt and said, “Oh, damn, I stained my shirt.” He smirks at her and leers, “You can always take your tee shirt off and just wear your bra. I don’t mind.” As he’s taking a swallow of his drink, Hipsterette smirks at him and says, “But I can’t do that, because I’m not wearing any!” The poor man almost choked to death.

  35. Denise says:

    OK – I’m dating myself , but when I went dancing there was NO grinding or squeezing of buttocks like a Ghetto Negress, or any of that.

    We DANCED.

    I hung out with a Theater crowd. Starting at age 14.

    Every-one know how to sing and dance. As in dancing lessons. I studied tap dancing, for awhile.Ballet when I was very little. I discoed like I was Ginger Rogers. Most of my college crowd were classically trained musicians. I waltzed, polka-ed, fox-trotted, and Frugged. I danced to everything. Country, punk, disco, Lawrence Welk . My UBER Fashionista Crowd would get ready for Saturday Night Al Night, by swinging a few cocktails,and spraying our hair into a solid mass, while we marveled at how TACKY and psychedelic the LW show was. And we loved it!. We could do any kind of step you could imagine.

    I could do it all – and so could my pals.

    I guess I was thinking of my Happy DANCING AS IN REAL DANCING Days.

    Not this ugly demonic crude hideous Twerking stuff.

    Many apologies for the misunderstanding.

  36. banned56 says:

    One more try. HR: See my above post. I do, indeed, tell young women to be chaste, and find a kinda-shy guy who will be a good provider, and get married.

    My own daughter is listening, and to her surprise, finding that the shy engineer-type guys she’s meeting, having dated her once or twice, now have over inflated opinions of themselves that, hey, if a 6 wants them, hey, it must mean they can bed a 9, so off they go. This same story has played out now 3 times, and she’s only 22.

    And, indeed, my 20 y old niece, who’s a solid 5, has never had a date. So, of course, she’s a virgin.

    Virginity, it would seem, is a very great turn-off to a lot of young guys nowadays. Too much work, I’m assuming, when there are plenty of easy barsluts to be gamed for instant gratification with no commitment, as Roissy has taught and HR has learned.

    Nonetheless, I tell her and my daughter, just like I’m telling you, HR, that Good Ones DO exist. You have to keep looking.

    “Second of all, so what if I screw barsluts? Why do you care? They are just barsluts, right?”

    Sigh. I explained this before. The problem with you screwing barsluts is, you are almost sure to pick up chlamydia, and since chlamydia often causes no noticeable symptoms, then pass it to the next barsluts you do. Who, in turn, then pass it to the next guys they do, who pass it on to the Good Girls those men eventually marry, destroying the fertility of the women who WOULD be good mothers.

    The state of American education makes me shake my head. Sex ed in the schools and MTV is all about how gay men deserve to be able to have fancy weddings to each other — meanwhile, the young folks are left ignorant of the dangers of promiscuity to catching STDs and destroying fertility.

    IMO it’s just more jewish pest-control measures intended to prevent White babies from being born.

    AND I’m about 90 percent sure ol Roissy is a member of the Tribe, teaching White guys how to bang barsluts towards furthering his tribe’s purpose that White men become cynical and never marry and have kids, and therefore never become a good dad to quality, well-reared, White kids.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      banned56, your daughter and niece sound like just the sort of girls I’m looking for.

      My problem is that too much time has passed, and I’m no longer the kind they’re looking for.

    • Sam says:

      “… I’m about 90 percent sure ol Roissy is a member of the Tribe…”
      Very perceptive. I never thought of that. I have noticed in other movements that the tribe has done similar things. The Dark Enlightenment makes good sense but they screw you when they tell you,” because of D.E. the only option is…”. Since some people aren’t so savvy we need Kings to run our affairs. Ha what lies.

  37. VRW says:

    The only answer is arranged marriage. Seriously. All of this nonsense is a bunch of nonsense. What a waste of time.

    • banned56 says:

      I think we need to bring back the cotillion, or something like it, where parents chaperone opportunities for young White people to meet. Not arranged marriage, per se, where the kids have no input into who they’re matched up with, but a planned social setting where the elders do have some control over who their kids get to choose from.

      But this free-for-all that goes on now, girls slutting it up because “everyone is doing it” so “follow the herd” and do the same, and guys learning “game” so as to maximize their predatory successes on those easy targets, is just a devolution back to the animalistic existence us White folks evolved out of.


      It’s just further example / evidence of Jews’ attempts at integrated pest-management of us.

      And they’ve executed their plan well: set a predator upon us annoying pestiferous White folks, by training our men to be sexual predators upon corrupt-society-created unpaid whores (all the while the guys congratulating themselves for racking up numbers like 100 partners) — as well as turning the good girls into unwitting incubators of fertility-killing disease, rather than incubators of cute White babies.

  38. Cly,

    That reminds me of one of my most embarrassing moments. So I’m with this friend of mine at a party, and she starts talking to this man and a woman. The man wanders off, and I start talking to this women. She’s really cute, funny, and I figured she was with this guy. So I’m chatting her up, she gets real flirtatious, and at some point I ask, “so, do you go to the local college here, yadda yadda?”

    She smiles and says, “oh no. I’m a high school junior. That’s my dad.”

    Oh lord I turned beet red, never been so embarrassed. Of course she was trying to catch my eye for the rest of the party and I just did my best to ignore her.

    You gals are crazy.


    You should talk to the guy from He’s essentially trying to hook up the young people in traditional marriages. He’s a good Christian guy. You should email him for advice.

  39. Landsknecht says:

    Hey guys, gals,

    Make club night enjoyable.

    Do the DJ thing. Grab a niche in the music scene.

    This is what we did with 1980’s electro-dance-industrial music here (in Vancouver BC) in the 1990’s.

    Back then, thanks to some dedicated folks, we got spaces (aka bars and clubs available on a given night) to have our fun. A certain “scene” so to speak.

    Hence, we created our own club nights. Lots of fun, and EVERYBODY danced, because we loved the music. And it was pretty much 100% White.

    This is of course past tense for yours truly, but I can say that there are couples who met back then, and are still married now.

    Of course, as time went on, big corporations and developers brought up land, spaces, and consolidated or demolished the seedy corner bars and “underground” (in some cases literally) bars and clubs where we were at, in order to replace them with Cactus Clubs and Sharks Sports Bars. Nowadays downtown looks not that different than any other big city jew-cash-infused downtown.

    And also, most of us grew up. But damn, it was fun!

    But this isn’t a post pining for “the good ol’ days”. Select your music. Get your space. Create a scene. Make it happen!

    The classic punk rock ethos was D.I.Y. Do It Yourself. I don’t like all punk bands, but give credit where credit is due.

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