“Dr.” Tim Stanley attempts to trash the Dark Enlightenment, gets slammed in the comments

The ‘neo-fascist’ Dark Enlightenment is more sad than scary

Here’s the “doctor”

The money quote from the “Doctor Stanley.”

Racism and biological determinism are unscientific and immoral, and they have no place in a sane philosophy.

Then the commenters eat him alive — here’s a small sample of what is, at this writing, 944 comments! LOL commenters!

Martel • 2 hours ago
When I think of the media unanimously supporting mass-immigration and the European Union, and the damage it has done, it does convince me that democracy is an utter failure, especially since the left so successfully subverted the processes which supposed to lead to a fair representation of the people’s will.

No one wants more immigration, everyone can see races and ethnicities have not evolved equally and there is no place on earth where co-habitation of different ethnicities has not led to friction and conflict, but the Telegraph, the BBC, Skynews, and every other channel and newspaper out there are dedicated to shouting down anyone who opposes it.
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DaveHolden • 3 hours ago
Of course Zionism, which is racist, is just fine right? You must push for self-genocide or be called “racist”? No wonder the Dark Enlightenment movement is catching on and you are worried.
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Rebel_Alliance • 5 hours ago
Oh, and if there is no difference in IQ or such things between races, pray tell me why, since – if the ‘Out of Africa’ theory is in any way true – black Africans have had nigh on a million years head start on those hated white caucasians yet would still be living in the stone/dark ages were it not for European intervention?
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Monkey Fall Rebel_Alliance • 3 hours ago
Also if its such a ridiculous idea that is easy to disprove they would not worry about people talking about it.

When people know (really know and understand) the truth of a choice they will make the choice in their interest unless they are mentally disturbed or damaged in some way. If people are hiding information and silencing debate you know why. They fear the rational choices the public will make. The only way they can control the only thing that is meaningful, the will and spirit is to give people bad data. Truth is like salt to a slug to the “liberals”.
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Phelan Kell Monkey Fall • 3 hours ago
The American ‘Public’ hasn’t made a rational choice in my memory. And now they are too uneducated to even make decisions in their own self-interest at this point with good info/truth.
I am not sure where that leaves us, but I am sure it won’t end well.
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Monkey Fall Phelan Kell • 3 hours ago
Again if they knew the truth as in they were educated as to the facts and the consequences they would make a rational choice. This is why the left love controlling education so much. It removes the capacity for people to exercise control of their true self. We will just have to educate our self’s and people who are capable of comprehension of basic logic. We can only pity people so debilitated and degraded as to have lost the capacity for rational thought.
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Rebel_Alliance • 5 hours ago
You don’t need any ‘enlightenment’ at all, just a pair of open eyes, to realise that Leftism in all its forms is the worst evil to befall humanity in its history. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler, et al..all leftwing, all the biggest of mass murderers, torturers and enemies of humanity. And in the cultural sphere you have the poison of cultural marxism and it’s ‘PC’ creed. Truly sending us back into a dark age of repression, loss of basic human rights and the evil that is the Left. All it wants is to destroy Western Civilisation, just so it can rule unopposed…and unchecked.

Oh, but if you’re a spoilt inbred like Stanley you just won’t be able to grasp the simple realities of life.
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Monkey Fall • 8 hours ago
The Dark Enlightenment for dummies

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Julian Farmer • 9 hours ago
You are a fool Sir! A typical Leftist-“progressive” product of supposed high flown word smithery. Over a 1000 words simply to call a group “Nazis”.
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WS Warthog • 10 hours ago
“Racism and biological determinism are unscientific and immoral, and they have no place in a sane philosophy.”

You really are an expert at proclaiming proclamations. Meanwhile in the real world things like this are happening:
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bohemond • 10 hours ago
Bartlett is an ignorant twit, if he thinks “racial supremacy” is a particular Fascist doctrine. Rather, it was peculiar to the Nazis, a distinctively Teutonic shibboleth that Hitler’s crowd tacked onto the Fascist doctrines of Mussolini et al. You won’t find it in Benito’s writings, nor Franco or Peron (both of whom opened their borders to Jews fleeing Hitler).
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Rebel_Alliance bohemond • 5 hours ago
The anti-jew thing was a particular speciality of the Left.
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botti bohemond • 10 hours ago
Note “racial supremacy” whatever that means, is not necessarily the same as acknowledging human biological diversity – which any responsible policy maker should be aware of.

Lee Kuan Yew is one of the few leaders I can think of who is openly realistic in this respect. Commenting upon Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein’s The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life, (25) Lee Kuan Yew told his authorised biographers:

” These are realities that, if you do not accept, will lead to frustration because you will be spending money on wrong assumptions and the results cannot follow. ” (26)

–Lee Kuan Yew, former president of Singapore
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Martel botti • 2 hours ago
Nobel prize winner James Watson was forced into an earlier retirement for his acknowledgement that Africans have lower average IQ’s then Europeans, which he claimed should be taken into account when designing policies to reduce poverty in Africa. I agree.
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danstrom • 13 hours ago
Ah, yes, trotting out the accepted tropes of the day, I see, Father Tim. As a Priest of the Cult of Scientism (though only barely so, considering your area of study) I am sure you’re an expert on your Church’s dogma regarding what is “unscientific” and especially “immoral,” but though you hand down that declaration like a village priest decreeing unto his parishoners, your doctrine is fleeting, temporary, and ultimately arrogant because you fail to recognize that. The fact that you “happen” to espouse the status quo, the standard, politically correct wisdom, is no accident. To have passed through seminary and ordained into the ranks of the learned, you naturally would have had to believe that which you’re allowed.
Yeah, I’m laying it on thick because I am especially contemptuous of you. You offer more of what is acceptable as “learning,” or “insight,” or “scholarly,” and you expect us to respect it. It’s not scholarly; it’s quasi-authority, and it’s also plainly wrong. (The particulars, whys and wherefores, are not for this discussion.)
Your sermon from on high is an exercise in propaganda, and that is what makes YOUR belief system the MOST dangerous, yet the most sad, and sickening.
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DaveHolden danstrom • 3 hours ago
Nicely stated.
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NotYouNotSure • 15 hours ago
I wonder what Tim Stanley thinks of the fact that the main people that support him here is a guy called “FabianSocialist” and a guy from Pakistan ? He might mock those of the supposed dark enlightenment as sad, but I doubt his strange PC “conservatism” (its mostly just leftism) has more followers.
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fathersuperior NotYouNotSure • 9 hours ago
Tim Stanley is no “leftist”, not as such. He is just a wearisome, tedious, liberal progressive clone, from the same school (no, not Eton necessarily, but school of thought, of liberal progressive upbringing, education and socialisation), that David Cameron, Ed Miliband, I. D. Smith, George Osborne, and every other member of the Triumvirate (Liblabcon) that rules us, comes from.
His screeds, all so alike in essence that he must work from a basic template, are pure liberal progressive orthodoxy, even including his particularly liberal version of Catholicism.
Like all liberal progressives, he is even more unpleasant than an honest leftist, for the latter at least nails his colours to the mast, whilst the liberal progressives talk liberty whilst acting as fully paid up poodles in the service of corporatism, neoliberalism, and authoritarianism (and these three also come from the same stable).
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Floreat_domus • 16 hours ago
“an overelaborate experiment in trolling” nicely describes Tim’s piece.

Tim: you use the word “science” as if you had experience in the field. Do you? What exactly are your scientific credentials, to talk so glibly on the subject?

This article is full of words that are used in ways that are much too ambiguous. Perhaps if the author defined them clearly from his perspective we would understand the points he was trying to make. As it is, he seems incapable of making even the most elementary of distinctions that need to be made to get anywhere in such a discussion. The piece is also full of inconsistencies of thought that make one wonder about, well, never mind.

“some up trees with guns” ….. the man is having visions and perhaps needs medical attention.

In other words, a shallow piece of trollbait. The more I read of Tim’s work here on DT the more lightweight he comes across.
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tiddles • 17 hours ago
As the Catholic church embarks on ‘training’ more priests to practise exorcisms , endarkenment seems alive and well these days .
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you’re_no_daisy • 17 hours ago
Does anyone know why the comments section is closed on the ‘Mohammad cartoon’ column, above?
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martincastledine you’re_no_daisy • 17 hours ago
Because certain people are frightened by a comparison of mandated views on the Danish cartoonist, and mandated views on the “Tales of the Holohoax” comic
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beloved • 18 hours ago
That man in the picture looks like a trans-xual.
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SirTabby beloved • 11 hours ago
Which picture do you mean – centre or top right corner?
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beloved SirTabby • 9 hours ago
ROTFL! THE ONE IN THE CENTER! He looks like a girl.
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fathersuperior beloved • 9 hours ago
So he’s pretty. Stop being jealous.
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Allodium • 18 hours ago
“The ‘neo-fascist’ Dark Enlightenment is more sad than scary”

Really? Is that why this is the second article in two days on the matter from the Telegraph?

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Fluffybum • 19 hours ago
If you think then think big and if you are portraying a big thinker like our Dr Tim and the guy in the picture then “Big Hair” is a must. Keep on brushing (not mussing or russing or is that rousseausing) but not the wrong way it will keep the lights in or use the verb enlighten the big hair. Not a BHD
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Cobbett • 20 hours ago
While we’re on the subject of Fascism;

America now a Classic Fascist State
“We are not your enemy because we wish to be. We are your enemy because you have left us no choice…”

The United States – a Corporate Gulag controlled by an International Elite

Comment by US Citizen: This may well be one of the most “to the Point” presentations of how our government views us, and how we view them. Those in government are not part of “We The People”……. they have by their actions and words, declared us, the public, to be enemies of the fascists that have overthrown our Constitutional Republic.

Some points made in the video:
• America’s judiciary is corrupt
• America’s governments have caused revolutions to install puppet regimes worldwide
• American government’s corporate masters feed on the carcases of nations and install brutal dictators
• Thus making more profit for the military/industrial complex, commodity corporations and of course the governments’ gods are the bankers
• American governments have stolen trillions of dollars from the American people to bail out corrupt financiers and gamblers of Wall Street
• And trillions more of the people’s wealth has gone to domestic and foreign banks
• Closing industrial plants here and relocating overseas – our money paying for our people to be thrown out of work.

Mussolini the father of Corporatism said that Fascism should more properly be called Corporatism – the joining of corporate greed and government power over the people.

see more
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Arganath • 21 hours ago
I find it odd that the DT has devoted 2 Blogs in 2 days to a relatively obscure branch of Radical Right thought. I think the idea is to shine a light on what the ”evil ones” are up to but luckily for the DT the Dark Enlightenment don’t go into Jewish activities and their very deep and sinister involvement with the various strands of Marxism that have inflicted such damage onto European man.

So it’s a don’t scare the kids safety release. Or perhaps I’ll be proven wrong, and the work of Kevin MacDonald will be the subject of a blog tomorrow.
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Jim Blane Arganath • 20 hours ago
You have echoed my thoughts . I was amazed to see one article never mind two on something that even the Alt-Right gave scant attention to .
Maybe we should all stick our heads together and invent spooky sinister names on our ideas to attract the attention of the establishment hacks

” Project Mission Universe Day Omega ”

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Arganath Jim Blane • 20 hours ago
Alan Johnson’s piece makes me laugh, he lists all of the trouble spots and accusations against the Tribe and then interjects with the ”scapegoat” line, just in case the reader started asking why and what this bunch of nomadic gangsters were up to to be blamed for all of the things they are blamed for.

Don’t blame them, blame the rest of humanity instead.
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TFD123 • 21 hours ago
I would pay a lot of money to see this author, and all the leftist-multiculturalists who think race doesn’t matter, TRULY live in a multi-racial society, where whites are < 10% of the population. That would make for a fantastic reality show.

Of course, he would never do that. We can be quite sure that this author is currently living in a predominantly white neighborhood. As is usually the case with the upper class white liberal hyprocrites.
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Jim Blane • 21 hours ago
Id Murray
For God's sake man own up.
Even your own White Middle Upper Class Left Liberal Progressive Guardian reading
" anti-racist " posers don't want to make their homes and raise their kids in your multiculti paradise hostile enriched diversity hell holes .
No , I don't wanna buy a watch
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charliefeltham • a day ago
Racism and biological determinism are unscientific and immoral, and they have no place in a sane philosophy.

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botti charliefeltham • 21 hours ago
The moralistic fallacy.

Also, what does Tim Stanley make of Lee Kuan Yew?

More recently, commenting upon Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein's The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life, (25) Lee told his authorised biographers:

" These are realities that, if you do not accept, will lead to frustration because you will be spending money on wrong assumptions and the results cannot follow. " (26)

–Lee Kuan Yew, former president of Singapore
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Jim Blane • a day ago
One only has to look at the kind of disfunctional poverty stricken, violent , unjust , corrupt illiberal societies that Muslims and Africans create wherever they exist in the majority , including the hostile crime ridden no zones they create in the West , in the US , Canada , and Europe to realise that people like the one liner bullshit White guilt shyster Id Murray deserve nothing more than to be laughed off the planet . .
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idmurray Jim Blane • a day ago
You want liberal societies?
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Jim Blane idmurray • a day ago
I didn't write that accidentally
I knew that would spin your head around .
Notice the shear irony in it .
Millions like you are far more likely to create an illiberal society that millions like me .
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nzafar Jim Blane • a day ago
"Shear irony" is exactly what it is, dano.
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idmurray Jim Blane • a day ago
You don't know anything about me.

Don't you want to share a few folk stories?
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Jim Blane idmurray • a day ago
You are asking for an all or nothing , unconditional ,non-negotiable , total, unilatteral White territorial / cultural/ racial capitulation .
Ridiculous .
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idmurray Jim Blane • a day ago
Am I? How did I manage to do that in your fevered mind?
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johndurnsford idmurray • a day ago
Because that is the consequence of your anti-white racism.
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idmurray johndurnsford • 21 hours ago
You got up again?
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johndurnsford idmurray • 18 hours ago
No denial then.
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loftocracy • a day ago
Neo faecist duck entitlement is where we are now in conjuction with the ministry of silly walks
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Cheradenine • a day ago −
"There is no line to be walked between reason and racism. Racism and biological determinism are unscientific and immoral, and they have no place in a sane philosophy."

If someone claims that there are important, genetically coded, differences between different strands of humanity, that is either true or not true. Its truth or untruth can be determined by examining the evidence. All of the evidence, currently, points to the conclusion that the claim is true. Immoral has nothing to do with. Suppressing the truth, inquiries into the truth, and even discussion of what the truth may be, in the name of quasi-religious dogma is what is truly unscientific and immoral.
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idmurray Cheradenine • a day ago
Of course there are genetic differences. The point is that they don't matter. Humans are humans.
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Rebel_Alliance idmurray • 5 hours ago
Unless, of course, they are white and then they are bad.
Come along, children, all sing along – 'Brown skin good – white skin bad!'
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42 Responses to “Dr.” Tim Stanley attempts to trash the Dark Enlightenment, gets slammed in the comments

  1. zek says:

    It’s always hard to tell when this happens if it’s the readership base posting, or if the article got linked from somewhere. A lot of these comments seem too sensical to be ordinary Telegraph posters. (Telegraph = milquetoast establishment UK neocon-lites)

    But something is definitely happening. The mantra is everywhere on Prison Planet now, where it had very little even 18 months ago. It’s catching on on the big right-wing sites, too: Breitbart, Daily Caller…

    I’m still not seeing much in the local paper sites. Still a lot of red team/blue team there. Of course, these are heavily censored, so it could be that.

    And the REALLY big sites: CNN, CBS, ABC, Fox News… just a massive hive of People of Wal-Mart. Not much IQ to be found.

    • ben tillman says:

      Guessedworker of Majorityrights.com has been pushing the envelope at the Telegraph for years, and he has had some good company among other regulars at that site.

  2. Gwyn says:

    Great comments, it’s good to see we’ve got some very smart people on our side. The comment sections are generally very good on Telegraph articles with a lot of people pointing out the negative effects of multiculturalism and its intended goal – the genocide of the White race. Perhaps that is why “Dr.” Stanley and Jamie Bartlett felt a need to write articles on the Dark Enlightenment; they can see that the ‘Right’ is rapidly growing and their Liberal/Leftist dream is self destructing at the last hurdle. Someone left the comment:

    “PlumberofNazareth • 20 hours ago −
    I just realized: when you start quoting Nick Land on Horrorism in the comments section of The Telegraph and people actually understand you…..s**t is getting real.”

  3. Gwyn says:

    Allodium • 21 hours ago
    See, we know something that “progressives” don’t. It’s the absolute universal law of Entropy. We know that modernity has a shelf-life. This is not just a truth, but a fact of life. Everything has a time limit. The more ordered you make it the more chaotic it gets. Liberals and Progressives seem to operate under the delusion that good times last forever. It’s all just an eternal YOLO orgy.

    It’s not a matter of something collapsing or not. It’s a slow and inevitable process of decay. I mean, we live in a time when virtues are vices and vices are virtues. Up is down, left is right and manner of other absurdities. Fine. Have it your way… for now. We’ll just sit back and laugh at the stupidity of it all, knowing full well that you reap what you sow and this will one day be gone and replaced.

  4. Denise says:

    Open Comments! YAY! My favorite!

  5. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    The best way to rid ourselves of idiots like him is to understand that it is possible that God hates Muslims, Jews and Christians even more than God hates Atheists. That is, Atheists simply cease to exist after death, while Muslims, Jews and Christians will burn forever and forever. So it makes no sense to bet the Wager of Pascal in favor of those religions. Again, HELL IS ETERNAL!

  6. Paladin Justice says:

    Years ago we called it The Establishment, not the Cathedral. But the idea was the same: The Establishment lies and is not to be trusted.

    The irony is that the young radicals of the day, folks like Bill and Hillary, quickly discovered that lying was the royal road to fame, power, and riches and as they became the new Establishment (high priests of the Cathedral) they created their own new sets of lies.

    The Cathedral invokes ever more bizarre lies to use to test its members. Thus, those who remain in good standing are ever more insane, self-deluded, or just plain greedy. Unfortunately for us, when it all blows up in their ugly faces, the rest of us are going get hit by shrapnel too. But blow up it will. The old Establishment tried to carefully preserve the American Dream fantasy as its termites worked their way through the institutions, but the Cathedral demands that a new American Nightmare be lived, one in which the abled support the layabouts. NO WAY, Jose. NO WAY, Dant’e.

    • mindweapon says:

      Check out “Horrorism” by Nick Land. I’m going to do a post about it in the near future. Horrorism is the realization that nothing the liberals do will ever work, and things will only get worse.

      The newspapers write variations of the same article dozens of times a year — this new program is going to uplift African-Americans/Hispanics/Camobodian refugees/Somalian refugees, et cetera. A recent variation was about a Somali “engineer,” that is, an HVAC tech at a hospital in Maine. But they newspaper called him an “engineer.” LOL.

      So they write these articles year after year after year. I remember them from the 1980’s and thinking, “OK, so maybe they will do this and we won’t have to get guilted about ‘racism’ any more?” Naw, are you crazy? It’s just a shtick. The owners of the newspaper tell the reporters, “More stories about uplifting blacks and Hispanics!” There’s no end to it.

      Nothing they do will ever work. The horror.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Apropos this is this quote from Anthony Daniels:

      Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.

  7. fnn says:

    Great satire:

  8. Love the torygraph being trashed, is basically the official israeli mouthpiece, full of neocohen non-sense.

  9. Mr. Rational says:

    From the end of the comments there:

    If someone claims that there are important, genetically coded, differences between different strands of humanity, that is either true or not true. Its truth or untruth can be determined by examining the evidence. All of the evidence, currently, points to the conclusion that the claim is true. Immoral has nothing to do with. Suppressing the truth, inquiries into the truth, and even discussion of what the truth may be, in the name of quasi-religious dogma is what is truly unscientific and immoral.

    Oh, my!  That’s going to leave a mark!

  10. clytemnestra57 says:

    You the saying about a revolutionary idea, Mindweapons.

    In the first stage, it is ignored or dismissed out of hand. In the second stage, it is time to shame and ridicule its proponents. In the third stage, it becomes widely accepted truth. Of course, the fourth stage is where TPTB figure out if they need to co-opt any movement or prosecute it.

    I think the Dark Enlightenment has certain quarters feeling very uneasy. They’ve gotten away with taking so much power from the people in the name of Democracy with the help of quasi-official agencies like the $PLC with Soft Power it isn’t funny.

    I suspect any transition to Hard Power scares them just as much if not more than the average American, because, even after the Bolsheviks murdered 60 million ethnic Russians, the ethnic Russians ultimately found a way to oust them from power anyway. I suspect the only thing that saved a lot of them was that there was a “free” West on the other side of the Iron Curtain. I honestly believe that if Bolshevism had succeeded in making the whole world Communist, there would be the Mother of all Pogroms.

    It must be very hard to have to keep riding the back of a tiger You have to figure out what is the best time to get off the back of one tiger onto the back of the next tiger without getting eaten. It was estimated that the USA would cease to be “user-friendly” by 2035 and China would be sufficiently softened up for penetration to be the new host. But events right now seem to be escalating farther and faster than anyone could have imagined. I think that even certain groups of users underestimated how greedy and rapacious certain of their brethren could be. However, thanks to information age, unlike previous prospective hosts, China will benefit from having a front seat to their antics in the USA, the most user-friendly host they have ever had. Moreover, the Chinese are known as the Jews of Asia, so the rest of the world can have a field day, grab a bucket of popcorn, have a brew, kick back and take bets. It should be pretty interesting.

    In any case, this Dark Enlightenment is ironically and interestingly a problematic good news-bad news scenario for TMFIIC. Thanks to flooding the USA with all kinds of rich, vibrant diversity, there is no homogenous American nationalist group to oust them from power. Conversely, there is no homogenous American nationalist group to keep them in power. So, if as I suspect, China proves to be a harder, less user-friendly host to penetrate and TIIC try to bring the factories and the wealth back here, then there is no homogenous American nationalism to appeal when it comes to pursuing or defending their interests. In fact, too many of the founding stock of this country are not only betting against the system, but want its collapse by any means necessary.

    One of those seven million missing White voters who snatched victory from the jaws of Neocon victory back in 2012 called Rush Limbaugh and told him that he’d rather see the country go over the cliff right now at full throttle than crash and burn a generation or two down the line when there would be nothing left. These MIA voters were the harbinger of the Dark Enlightenment in my opinion.

    • mindweapon says:


      Your last paragraph is very interesting. The conservatives have gone hard. Even the Hannitard puppet mocks the “racist” charge these days, not just once in a while, but all the time. Apparently, mocking PC sells, because otherwise Hannitard woudln’t do it.

      • clytemnestra57 says:

        I think the conservatives are too late. They do not get that the White electorate despises them just as much if not more than leftist libtards. They have stabbed their constituents in the back too many times. Say what you will about the Democrats, they purge whoever does not follow the party line. With the Republicans, you keep getting “the mavericks” back in who form Gangs of Eight and Fourteen with the Democrats. Even now, if you go to sites like AmRen and VDare, everyone is expecting the big betrayal from Boehner et al on immigration as a given after the 2014 elections.

        When I first got interested in WN, I was listening to Michael Savage and he posited his belief that there appears to be a “gentleman’s agreement” going on where the Democrats and Republicans take turns every eight years raping the country. I tend to agree with him on that one.

        I’d like to think that the increasingly loud dog whistles we are getting from Faux News might mean that we are in means that The Users are trying to hold on to Soft Power by co-opting the Dark Enlightenment (and that may be the case; The Users may have drafted a contingent to do just that by getting on that side of the issue), but I am inclined to think that this another version of John McStain’s “Complete the Danged Fence” rip-off

        The Republiscam consists of the Republiscum dog-whistling to White Conservatives as loudly as they dare to trick them into voting for them and then “evolving” on the issue the moment they either a) win the Republicon Primary or b) get back into office. I don’t know why Karl Roverrated and Dick Morris were caught so flat-footed by seven million former Republican voters staying home when it took would-be President Mittens less than twenty-four hours of winning the primary to “evolve” himself on amnestying illegals.

        When Barak Obama was running for the Democrat Nomination, Savage also diagnosed him as a malignant narcissist and predicted that the people who think they control him are in for a rude awakening. I think that the reason why Sean Hannitard is now poking fun at PC and little Miss Megan Kelley on Fox News now has the temerity to admit that – Yes, Virginia, Santa Claus is White is that The Users don’t like what a loose cannon Barak Obama has become and they want to galvanize the Conservatards to bring in the votes to give Congress a Republiscum Majority in order to rein that bitch boy of theirs in … at least where Israel and the Corporate Oligarchy are concerned. JMO.

      • mindweapon says:

        Interesting theory, Cly. One thing though — when they unleash pro-white or far right ideas in the short term interest of winning an election, it has the long term effect of creating more pro-white/far right people who adopt our ideas for their whole life.

        I’m so delighted to read that the Dark Enlightenment is catching on among College Repubicans! I’m not afraid of them co-opting us. We aren’t in here with them; they are in here with us! If they try to co-opt us, we’ll grow strong and then eat them alive!

        We are a primal force; they are paychecking gameplayers. If they let us werewolves off our leashes, out of our cages, we’ll chomp on anyone who is not a werewolf.

      • Trainspotter says:

        “I’m not afraid of them co-opting us. We aren’t in here with them; they are in here with us! If they try to co-opt us, we’ll grow strong and then eat them alive!”

        Absolutely true, MW, and a great way of putting it. Recently, I’ve spent a bit of time scanning over some Dark Enlightenment sites, and it’s pretty clear to me that white nationalism has already made considerable inroads. The DE appears to be a mere stopover to full white nationalism.

        There are some, however, that appear to be running a game: they ask some of the right questions, then try to dodge or distance themselves from the answers. The misdirection is so weak and pathetic as to be laughable. Let me get this straight, we’re going to oppose the “Cathedral” (I prefer System), while simultaneously spouting the core ideology of the Cathedral: that whites don’t exist and it doesn’t matter if they disappear? Ludicrous, or at best weak, weak tea.

        It’s literally funny to see some of the worms (probably YKW) try to get away with that sort of nonsense. It won’t and can’t work. As you say, “We aren’t in here with them; they are in here with us!”

        Once a white begins to genuinely question the System, all roads lead to white nationalism. History has its own logic, and if the System’s goal is to destroy us, meaningful opposition to that System means to save us. Otherwise, you’re just another hack carrying water for the System you claim to oppose. That is unacceptable to people of integrity and character, which is the sort that we need.

        These alternative ideologies that seek to downplay or sever themselves from race end up as farce. As Greg Johnson astutely observed, libertarianism has devolved into “sound money for brown people.” It doesn’t matter if their own people disappear, so long as future generations of browns and bantus are on the gold standard? LOL!

        I don’t think the Dark Enlightenment will be as easily corrupted as libertarianism, though. Are people really going to get excited about an aristocracy of black barons and brown dukes, lording it over our ancestral lands after we are gone? My Magic 8-Ball is saying “not likely.”

        Denying race just makes a so called critic of the System come off as weak, dishonest, unintelligent, and sleazy. Every online debate I’ve seen on these sites between worms and white nationalists, the white nationalists clearly made the stronger case. This may owe something to superior WN debating skills, but probably has more to do with the fact that the worms are trying to promote a ridiculous and untenable position. And it shows.

        Overall, I’m quite optimistic about this development. Again, the Dark Enlightenment is just a stopover to the real deal, it’s in the historical logic of the thing.

      • Denise says:

        Re: Werewolves – I troll “mainstream” Conservard sites pretty hard. I have acquired some hissing spitting Jew Mollusks, in the past few weeks, trolling me..I’m being called out as “Nazi” by the Hebes (and they are GOD AWFUL stupid. Repetitious, dull, and boring as they are nasty and hateful and foul mouthed. The true Sign of the Hebe!)

        Here’s the amusing element – the “civilian” commentors don’t care. I’m calling the Hebes “Hebes/Kikes/Yids” on mainstream sites – and the only ones that notice are Hebes, and a growing collection of like-minded Bigots/Haters/Racist/Nazis, who are highly amused by my vivid commnetary.

        It’s weird……NO one besides Hebes are screeching at me over Naming Die Jude. I used to get MASSIVE heat….but no so very much at all, these days…

        I get a lot of back up formy pro White commentary.

        I’m not worried about :”infiltrating Hebes” derailing us. There are to many of us who have . our Jewdar on Full Alert 24/7. They’re not slipping in this time To many of us know too much – and so do members of other Races.

        Do you ever hit 4Chan?

        It’s a Nazi Fest. And the Nazis com in all shades.

        The Kikes are not going to go away quietly. They will go away though. The Chinese are BRUTAL. Should the Jews start screeching about the Holohoax – the Chinese will say “Good idea” and do it.

  11. John says:

    It’s heartening to read all those comments. Every time they shine a light on DE thought, thinking that they will kill it by the exposure, they are more probably opening people’s eyes to the fact that there are millions of un-brainwashed whites out there just like themselves, and that there even is something of a community. They unwittingly help our cause.

  12. Jon says:

    Hey, great find and good job that we seem to be winning propaganda war but I don’t like or trust some of the leaders of this movement, particularly Moldbug His sorry attempt at deflection and misdirection with his slimy label denoting the ruling class and 100% absolution (literally innocent as doves) of YKW whom I see as at least a sine qua non dont sit well with me. Additionally he not suprising bristles at suggestion of anything that remotely could be labeled conspiracy theory.

    One of his (rather brilliant) acolytes (whom I later accused of “smelling Moldbug’s farts) actually accused me or someone else of making up this passage from a future-predicting 1870 book a priori (i. e., without bothering to verify that it was indeed accurate) because it didn’t fit with his Moldbug-infeseted world-view.

    “But the future man of the American Republic will be a thoroughly composite being. It is not simply the union of the Mongolian and Caucasian types to which we are to look forward, but an agglomoration of almost all races and nationalities to make up the coming man. The old English of New England, Virginia, and the Carolinas, already blended with Huguenot, Norman French, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, German, French, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian blood, will receive from the Canadian French on the one side and the Hispano – Americans on the other, an accession of French, Spanish, and Portuguese blood not wholly free from an admixture in all degrees with the Northern Indian, the aztec, and the negro races, and these, with the blending in our own Southern and Southwestern States with the African stock, and the combination in the not distant future of Chinese, Japanese, Hindoo, Malay, and Polynesian, will give to the average American of a hundred years hence, a darker complexion and very different intellectual and moral characteristics from those which we possess today…”

    • clytemnestra57 says:

      That’s his stated vision. I had a talk with a very dear guy pal of mine. One of the reasons why I remain so fond of that scamp, Hipster Racist, because he reminds me a lot of him. Same snarky, irreverent “no sacred cows” sense of humor.

      In any case, his view of Elite Whites are that they wholeheartedly believe in the concept of White Privilege. Moreover that despite the way they run it down, they actually hold White Privilege in high value. He further said that they are zero sum game people and the whole reason they want to dilute the White race is to enhance the value of White Privilege. Their objective is to put a premium on their own Whiteness. IOW, the more White people, the less White Privilege there is had to be around. To be a White in a large population of White is akin to being a small fish in an large ocean, but to be White in a large population of mixed race people is like being a large fish in a small pond.

      I pointed out the hapless fate of the White minorities in South Africa, Rhodesia, and Haiti to counter his argument, but he said that the dominant population was too homogenous; the key was the dominant population being thoroughly mixed like India, Mexico, and Latin America. He pointed out there in those countries with a racial continuum that practices colorism as opposed to racism, the Whiter the skin, the higher you are up on the hierarchy, hogging all the wealth and power while the rest of the population languishes in slums.

      I suspect he’s right. If DWL ever get their way, we are going to see a shift away from racism to colorism. I read an article recently where integrated neighborhoods are the norm with one major exception; they contained, Whites, Jews, Indians, some Asians, and even Arabs, but few to no Blacks. IMO, We already saw a the first preview of the shift to the color continuum during the Trayvon Martin affair starring George Zimmerman as “the White Hispanic.”

      • I wanted to add that, in this Information Age, I cannot this Caublinasian Vision coming to pass. Largely because this vision was pressed too hard too fast and certain variables, like the childless bachelor conquistadores in Mexico and Latin America, are not being factored in. I do think the Great American Melting Pot that Israel Zangwill first promoted is going to demonstrate The Law of Unintended Consequences.

        I once read this interesting novel set in the Renaissance era where poisoning one’s enemy was the popular mode of eliminating a problem. There was this guy who came up with an interesting idea to protect himself. So he ingested small doses of poison, believing that his body would develop a growing tolerance to and save him if he ever accidentally swallowed a lethal dose of poison.

        By flooding the country too quickly with Vibrant Diversity, we see how what was exotic and interesting transformed into what is alien and repellent. Going with the Small Doses of Poison Analogy, if The Users had just left ethnic neighborhoods intact and kept enforcing English Only, the next population in the NE to be added to the Melting Pot would have been the Puerto Rican octoroons. But they were impatient. Johnny (Big Bang Theory) Galecki, the Irish-Polish-Italian hybrid was just becoming the norm when forcible integration via block-busting dispersed White Catholic ethnic minorities (composed of Southern and Eastern Europeans) to the White Anglo-Saxon-Germanic and Scandinavian populations in the suburbs and the country and out west.

        The result is that none of the Italian or vaguely Italian looking men my Polish mother and her sisters married have grandchildren or great-grandchildren who look like them. Their children by varying degrees resembled Johnny Galecki. Their grandchildren and the great-grandchildren are much more Nordish looking. Many of them look like little Swedes, except they are conservatives who are a whole lot more fecund than the real Swedish liberals of Minnesota and Scandinavia.

        The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 combined with the Immigration Reform Act of 1986 only reinforced that old saw, “Familiarity Breeds Contempt.” If the Heirloom White population demographics reflected 80-85 percent rather than the 69.1 percent showing in the 2000 Census, the population would not only seen third world people as exotic and interesting rather than alien and repellent, but been sufficiently indoctrinated by the education system into Cultural Marxism that the Dark Enlightenment would not be getting any traction until it was far too late.

        The Users would have been better off reversing the order of these acts but waiting until 2006 before having Dubya sign off on what would have been the Immigration Reform Act of 1986. There is no doubt in my mind that only a Republican president of Bush’s limitations would have signed off on this bill with bipartisan support, because it is my experience that, until Obamacare, the Democrats were too smart to pass any nation-wrecking legislature all by themselves.

        The favoritism extended to Mexicans would have only invoked lots of noisy sniveling from the rest of the Third World and the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 would have probably been passed by 2016 … 2026 by the latest. But it would have just been a formality, because of Amurrika’s Invade The World, Invite The World, In Hock to The World policies instituted by Bush in the first place.

        Going by the census charts, yes there has been some race-mixing. But not as much as The Users could hope for. White-Black up from 0.3 to 0.6, White-Asian up from 0.3 to 0.5 and White-Amerindian up from 0.4 to 0.5. Interestingly enough, White-SOME OTHER RACE went down from 0.8 to 0.6. I’m curious as hell to what that SOME OTHER RACE is.

        A Black back in the nineties predicted to me that BM-BF pairings would lose popularity once “silly White women with Mandingo Syndrome find out how Black men really are.” The stats from OKCupid.com reflect her prediction. This fad spiked with Baby Boomer and Gen X White women and is dropping with the Millennial White women. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it won’t take that much longer for any White woman to lose any romantic notions about the Latin heart throb once Reality Bites.

        According to OKCupid.com, “White men get the most responses from almost every group. White women prefer white men to the exclusion of everyone else – and Asian and Hispanic women prefer them even more exclusively,” but “White guys respond less overall.”


        Despite the relentless pressure on them to institute an open-leg policy to Men of Color, that ranges from cajolery to outright coercion, White women remain stubborn about openly professing their preference for White men. White men, OTOH, say they are more “evolved.”

        A non-PC theory is that commitment to any project depends on how much investment one has to put into it. When it comes to a baby, a man’s job is pretty much done once he rolls off of a woman. A woman, however, has to carry the baby for nine months, labor to bring it into the world, and then there are diaper changes, and feedings. It makes mommy duty so much easier if the baby does not look or feel alien to you.

        Here is a comment from the politically correct peanut gallery:

        “Ouch! White men and women do not come off particularly well, especially considering the relative open-mindedness of their peers. And sadder still, according to OKCupid’s internal metrics, their users are younger, better educated, and more progressive than users on other sites. Truly, the mind reels.”


        Anyone of libtard leanings reading this post should feel free now to exclaim, “Wow! Just, WOW!” and point and sputter. The rest of us will applaud loudly, give the thumbs up and shout, “Yes! The kids are all right!”

      • mindweapon says:

        Good stuff, Cly! Thanks for this!

  13. Sam says:

    I reject the Dark Enlightenments fetish of Kings and Totalitarian rule. The ones that stress this are the Moldbugs and Jew types. Moldbugs D.E. is just another detour for Whites into a Jew run dictatorship. We have enough of that already. We just need simple literacy test with a poll tax exemption from the test.

    • Dan Poole says:

      Sam, don’t miss the forest for the sake of a few (arguably) dead trees. The Dark Enlightenment won’t hold back or subvert the pro-White movement any more than Larry Auster did (which is to say he did nothing of the sort).

      Another thing: Traitors in the Northeast, Upper Midwest, and West Coast would pass those literacy tests with flying colors. I for one have no desire to share an ethnostate or any kind of country with them.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Without the dark masses of Detroit and Flint (and the diaspora as those cities literally fall down), the traitors of Michigan would not have enough clout to elect statewide officials.  There should be literacy tests for reproduction, period.

  14. Sam says:

    Should have added all the rest of the D.E. I agree with.

  15. Peter Blood says:

    Every time I bring up Jews with these Reactionary writers, they either ignore me or say, “No, Calvinism!” I think a lot of them are Jews.

    • ben tillman says:

      Moldbug is a half-Jew. The Calvinism thing is bullshit. Jews had a huge influence on the Enlightenment and Reformation,.

  16. clytemnestra57 says:

    It’s either the Calvinists or the Catholics or the Quakers or some other Christian denomination depending on who you’re talking to. It’s never the Jews. And you know what I believe it. Why would they have to personally soil their dainty little hands. Look at how cheaply White politicians are bought off by AIPAC. Think of all the money they have to spend not only filling their pockets but paying for and orchestrating their campaigns. A clergyman must come very cheaply to them.

  17. ilana adler says:

    Better dark enlightenment than dark Europe.

  18. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    Love it!

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