School Integration means White kids must sacrifice for the Diversity; Gifted program cut in NYC because it “lacks diversity”

Brooklyn school cutting gifted program to boost diversity Ditmas Park’s P.S. 139 Principal Mary McDonald told parents the elementary school would no longer accept kindergartners applications for the SOAR program. Future classes will be ‘heterogeneously grouped.’

Heterogeneously grouped. In other words, the dumb, loud, disruptive kids will be heterogeneously grouped with the quiet, smart, introspective kids.

More than two thirds of the school’s roughly 1,000 students are black or hispanic while Asian-American and white students made up 28%, according to Education Dept. records.

At least one parent described the small gifted program, Students of Academic Rigor — or SOAR — as overwhelming caucasion, although others disputed that characterization.

Anything that’s good for white kids, or “largely white kids” is negotiable. School integration means white people sacrifice and sacrifice some more.

(Principal Mary) McDonald didn’t respond to numerous requests for comment. A city Education Dept. spokeswoman said cutting the programs was the decision of the school.

That’s public education for you — no accountability to the public whatsoever. Teachers can be totally incompetent, but the union and the principals stand behind them like an unbreakable chain.

Public schools suck. They gotta go. And Communists suck. They really gotta go.


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81 Responses to School Integration means White kids must sacrifice for the Diversity; Gifted program cut in NYC because it “lacks diversity”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Whites in NYC are likely to be either ykws or liberal anti whites so screw them and their kids. there are still some conservatives (which is still not to say pro white) but my guess is they tend to homeschool or private school. So yeah this is bad in principle but in reality who cares

  2. tteclod says:

    My brother did a stint at the NYC public schools. Since he cared about children, he left.

  3. Marlon says:

    Schools are pressurized to not expel too many blacks, so they get away with murder. White pupils are kicked out for far less to equalize the records. Black teachers are AA window dressing. Even black pupils try to avoid their classes. White teachers would be fired if they performed like blacks. They are notorious for getting qualifications in soft subjects like education.

  4. Stary Wylk says:

    Those who can, do.
    Those who can’t, teach.
    What do those who can’t teach teach?

  5. TabuLa Raza says:

    “We start the year by looking back at NEA’s rich history [1857]. . .—the impact it has had on the lives of public school educators and the children they serve. First of a four-part series..

    The schools don’t serve the children- the lying MFers. The children serve the schools. In fact, this matter was raised by the federal department of education in 1914: “Now the question is raised- do the schools exist for the children, of do the children exist for the schools? The answer is the latter.”

    Formally, this should be identified for what is is- slavery.

  6. Paladin Justice says:

    The white children will still outperform the blacks and browns. Merely being put into the same room with white (or asian) children does not a genius make. But let’s pretend otherwise.

  7. Wally says:


    I found some info about the poster oogenhand, the guy who promotes miscegenation.

    See the article “Polish white knights valiantly protect drunken club sluts from Muslims” at the website

    oogenhand describes his ethnic background in the comment section here- “The granddad of my mother was Sephardi, while the surname of my father may be Ashkenazi. I do not know the autosomal Jewishness of my father. His thick lower lip would be a Jewish feature, according to Stumble Inn. Think of it, the surname of my maternal grandmother could be Ashkenazi as well.”

    oogenhand also writes that the website Stormfront should be fought. He writes, “If we want to change things, fighting Stormfront cannot be left to the ARA.”

    This may help to explain his posts promoting miscegenation.

    • mindweapon says:

      yeah he’s a weirdo. I haven’t been deleting his posts merely out of laziness, but I’ll have to make sure to take the time to eliminate oog droppings around here. he also advocates lowering the age of consent and all kinds of weird sexual crap.

    • Rita Rabbit says:

      No surprise here. Thanks for getting the word out Wally.

    • Oogenhand is our own Bobby Fischer. He’s crazy, no doubt, some sort of Asperger’s syndrome one assumes.

      I don’t understand why discussing weird sexual things or analyzing power relationships is so controversial. Are we afraid of speaking uncomfortable truths? Are we afraid that we’re going to read one of oogenhand’s bizarre rants about hell and then be so convinced we accidentally support the wrong thing?

      It’s so damn womanly. The only men with the urge to censor are the Christians. As they say, Christianity is the religion of women and slaves.

      Whiskey is an actual threat, since he poses as “Scots-Irish” while trying to deflect any negative attention from YKW. For some reason, this crowd tends to accept JewAmongYou, who is just a more straightforward version of Whiskey.

      But we’re all afraid of oogenhand’s crazy rants? He’s never been timid about pointing out the negative influence of YKW.

      Hell, half of these women and Christians want to ban me too. They are just insecure. They just like being stroked, hearing some nice things, something to make us *feel* unified, or *feel* good about ourselves.

      As freshmen, they taught of the difference between positive statements, and normative statements. Positive statements assert the way things are, rightly or wrongly. Positive statements may be true, or they may be false. Normative statements assert the way things should be. For good or ill, normative statements are aspirational, moral, and depend on one’s values.

      Oogenhand has an almost Rainman like ability to see a situation, figure out the players, and the logical next moves. 90% of the time it’s the ranting of a mad man. 10% of the time it’s pure genius.

      But hey, he makes the ladies and the good Christian men uncomfortable, so he must go. JewAmongYou is much more pleasant and he looks handsome in his profile picture, so he can stay.

      Silly girls.

      • PA says:

        Whiskey is an actual threat

        I’ve wondered about him. If he is a YKH dissimulator, he’s the most ineffective one ever. He gets clobbered by commenters with every one of his posts.

      • Most YKW dissimulators are being called out these days. Whiskey got away with it for a while but now he’s tagged wherever he goes. We passed Peak Hasbara back in 2007 if I recall correctly.

        It’s the same thing with the Dark Enlightenment stuff. Sure, Moldbug is some crazy Jew talking about restoring the monarchy. It’s stupid and will never happen, obviously. But who cares what Moldbug himself thinks? I don’t even think he coined the term “Dark Enlightenment” so so what if he’s a Jew? I don’t read him, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t even consider some ideas from the “Dark Enlightenment” because some jew happens to agree.

        I want to participate in Aryan Skynet. I don’t want to sit around stroking the egos of old superstitious church ladies and clucking my tongue at The Demonic Jew. Or listening to long Biblical lectures about the evils of city folk. There’s a war on here. We’re winning it for the first time, we own the internet.

        If the women and Christians are going to feint at the sight of blood, send them to the back.

      • mindweapon says:

        He advocates lowering the age of consent, HR. That’s a red line around here.

      • InternetGuy says:

        Part of the meta-game on pro-white blogs and web sites is figuring out which posters are:
        – Hasbara
        – Feds or other intelligence/law enforcement operatives
        – Bots
        – Pychotics
        – Honest white Americans who truly love their people and are concerned about the future

      • Denise says:

        Don’t put me in that category, HR!!! I’ve known fellas like you all my life. You serve as the Shark of the White Mating World. You know your business, and you methodically clean up the trash…..

        Jew Among Youse – I know all about that oily Yid. You think I’d tolerate that Joo for one single second? Let me know if you think I would.

      • MOISHE says:

        great observation Racist!

      • MOISHE says:

        I – for one – don’t accept JAY Mr Racist. But I respect MWs wisdom on this matter.

  8. Attila says:

    Looks at what horrible Leftist do all over the world. This crowd of screaming Leftist Israelis screamed for three hours and prevented the good-natured rabbi from speaking. The women (or if you can call them that) – are prime examples of Leftist/Secular Globalist Scum. Must-see:

    Rav Izthak Amnon from Yemen just sat there and smiled!

    • Attila says:

      Sorry wrong video!

    • moishe (not) says:

      Fuck “the good rebbe” too Attila.

      • Denise says:


      • Attila says:

        You are where you are because you don’t respect your enemies long enough to learn from them-mazal tov.

      • MOISHE says:

        hey Attilla (wicked kazaric name) – i know the tribe real close – i worked in the fucking middleast and observed the tribe close and personal – no – i dont respect them – they are a nasty, neurotic, damnable group who are 1) not smarter than ‘us’ 2) they are uglier than ‘us’ 3) are generally insane 4) adhere to ‘religous dictates (mishnahs) that hold 99 percent of the human race in genocidal contempt. If you choose to be the Patty Hearst/stolkhom-syndrome of the wn movement – please be my guest – i really dont think you have done your homework on the tribe as much as some of us better informed people here on this blog – you come across as typical american-college educated closet philo-semite(if i may be so bold) – to be honest – stolkholm syndromized goys are laughed at by the tribe – they are seen as pathetic – just like the congress/senate of the junited states – i have studied the tribe closely and i have nothing but contempt for them – but i am wary and aware of them – they are like hyhenas who devour their stolkholmed syndromed wn adversaries – i choose not to be devoured – you can choose whatever you like….

  9. Snake says:

    My own junior high school had three different tracks for students depending on academic ability. They were color-coded with colors switching out annually. It was very “soft” so almost no parents complained.

  10. New England Millennial says:

    Up here all the urban schools have been destroyed, it’s quite pathetic really, it used to be that child-bearing Whites would leave so they can send their kids to a White school, but now even the old people who’ve stayed have to abandon ship because the property taxes are just getting TOO DAMN HIGH.

    Some parents used to stay in town but send their kids to an expensive Catholic high school, and it’s kind of an open secret here that people do this to avoid diversity. Of course, now I see in billboards and newspapers that the RCC is trying to recruit minorities, with “Financial Aid” available. Now you know where your annual appeal money goes folks!

    • New England Millennial says:

      BTW, I know watching sports is anathema to WN’s but a lot of you probably will go to a stupor-bowl party tomorrow. If you do, root for the Denver Broncos, at least their quarterback is White (Peyton Manning).

  11. Peter Blood says:

    In any school district, when the budget becomes tight, the gifted programs are the first cut. That is the nature of government/union schooling

  12. @MW

    Hey, if you don’t think oogenhand adds to the conversation, ban him. His signal to noise ratio is very low, I agree. I said only 10% is genius, the rest is crazy. He has his own blog. I’ll keep reading him.

    I just don’t see oogenhand as “advocating” anything. His usual thought process goes something like this: This group has these interests, opposed by that group with those interests. They profess these values, so they can do this thing, or that thing. It’s like Game Theory (in the math sense, not in the Roissy sense), which I think was mostly developed by Israelis anyway. Nevertheless, it’s sound.

    While a certain faction is always wanting to limit what comes under discussion. They are communicating for specific reasons; they make normative statements about the way things should be. They want to build a moral community. Kevin MacDonald talks about this a lot, it’s a tendency among whites, to define the in group and the out group by a moral system, a universalist system. It worked great in the past, now it’s a weakness in a multi-racial society.

    So oogenhand the jew is out, because he “advocates” for the wrong thing. But JewAmongYou is in, because he “advocates” for the right thing. I say it’s precisely because his Aspie cognition makes women uncomfortable. I see him as a tool, an interesting pair of eyes on various situations. Because I don’t read oogenhand to make myself feel good, to feel like I’m part of a “unified” movement, or to fantasize that he’s a handsome Polish man who will walk me home at night. Nor am I going to follow his lead or take his advice. He’s some internet poster with a fascinating, if truly crazy, insight into how the world works.

    I looked at that patriarchy site. Notice the poster Will S. is mixed, a white father and a non-white mother. Yet look at his avatar – some sort of British coat of arms. He’s a Christian, a traditionalist, against feminism – and non-white. Mixed. So, he’s “advocating” for all the right things, likely, because he wants his white wimminz. All the non-racist Christians would be lining up to invite him into their church.

  13. @Denise

    Let me know if you think I would.

    Denise, sweetie, no one could ever accuse you of tolerating even a tiny bit of kosher. Your credentials are impeccable in that department. I wasn’t fooled by Whiskey and JewAmongYou for one minute you know.

    You serve as the Shark of the White Mating World. You know your business, and you methodically clean up the trash…

    You see how they do that, MW? She sort of compliments my skill with the ladies, but implies any woman that would love me is trash. Sigh. You really know how to hurt a fellow’s feelings, Denise. 😦

    Back on topic: public schools are nothing but institutionalized child abuse.

    • Wally says:


      JewAmongYou isn’t trying to fool anyone. He isn’t trying to hide that he is a jew. Hence his name- JewAmongYou. JewAmongYou isn’t trying to promote miscegenation to European caucasian peoples. If you actually read his blog, he is honest about his ideas. He agrees with some of what we would believe and he disagrees with us on some issues. He writes like an authentic conservative Jew, and not like a neoconservative Jew either. JewAmongYou is, at least, respectful towards many European-Americans. Your dislike of him is misplaced.

      • Starets says:

        No, the most dangerous of the YKW are the ones who pretend to be on our side. One of their oldest tricks is to infiltrate opposition groups and channel their focus in directions that are ‘good for the jews’. Just look at all the kosher anti-immigration groups and websites around; they are anti-immigration, but can only look at the symptoms, not the cause.

        We most definitely do not want any help from YKW ‘friends’.


      • Denise says:

        Wally – he goes to “White” gatherings with recording devices.

        Why are you defending a Kike?

    • Denise says:

      Dearest – I think that you are wonderful. However, you yourself admit that you love nailing barsluts. This is why I regard you as a Mating Shark. You “take out” the trash that may potentially foul up the “pool” fro Betas looking for a genuine mate.

      Whenever you decide to use you considerable skills to marry a White woman, as a wife, and helpmeet, and mother of your kids – I will bless the union and wish you all success, with ALL my heart. We NEED savvy fellows to mate and breed.

      I’d MAKE you do this is we knew each other in 3D world. ; }

      So sooner rather than later – DO YOUR RACIAL DUTY!

  14. TabuLa Raza says:

    “. . .School Integration means. . .”

    Integration is THEIR word. It is a good word, like having integrity. It means the parts and schools are interacting smoothly, without contradiction. That does not describe the “statist quo” we endure to-day. What we endure is better- more formally- called DISINTEGRATION.

    We should say “ever since Dis-Integration, blah blah blah has happened, and look at the shitty results!”

  15. TabuLa Raza says:

    It means the parts and wholes are interacting smoothly. . .

  16. TabuLa Raza says:

    >>>You sound bitter>>>

    Better to be bitter-
    than be around
    the jew

  17. TabuLa Raza says:

    speaking of Bobby Fischer-

  18. Pingback: oogenhand vs Jew Among You | oogenhand

  19. TabuLa Raza says:

    That was Bobby speaking. Why you infer that I agree with all he said? Of course it’s genetic, we know more than Mr. Fischer.

  20. Attila says:

    Denise is a good example of how some women crash a mostly all-male space and end up derailing a good conversation. I see this at work and in other venues. It almost always ends up in some literally ad hominem attack, profanity, male shamiing and petty bátching. In one word: seeking attention.

    • Denise says:

      Kievsky – is your blog an “almost all male space”?

      You’ve always been most gentlemanly to the females that do post here. and for this we thank you!

      Attila – if you need an all male space so DESPERATELY – why don’t you try “Man’s Country” in Chi-Town? That place worked very well for Barry Soteoro and your gal Rahm Emmanuel.

      And you haven’t told us why ANY-ONE needs a Jew Among Us yet. Why not?

      • mindweapon says:


        I don’t know about the “almost all male space,” but I guess I’ll talk about why I link to Jew Among You’s blog and let him comment here.

        A long time ago I had a discussion with other WN’s about what to do about the inevitable non-White or Jewish allies. And yes, as we’ve learned, this isn’t just likely, it’s inevitable, because they see the same things we do, they experience the same things we do, they draw the same conclusions that we draw.

        The fact of non-White and Jewish allies is not something to be cursed, or mourned, or feared, or wholly embraced into a “rainbow movement.” We have to have a set of rules for non-White and Jewish allies. What are those rules? Just three:

        1. They acknowledge that they are non-White or Jewish and don’t try to claim to be one of us. JAY does this right with this name.

        2. They don’t try to reform us — they don’t tell us that we should be less racist or anti-semitic.

        3. They don’t attempt to be our leaders, either physically or intellectually.

        Jew Among You respects all these boundaries.

      • Denise says:

        This is your blog Kievsky. Thanks for replying – but I asked Attila “why” we need Jews Among Us At ALl. History proves that their presence among any population winds up in total disaster for the Host. Every single time. Since their presence ALWAYS ends in compete disaster – why don ‘t we TRY not having them around? Why is the SO necessary?

        FYI -White Preservation – the males on this blog are more concerned about excusing the presence of a Jew Among Us, and insulting women who dares to write a word. So…..they’d rather have subversives Kikes – than White women. Hhhmmmm…

        Kievsky – Kike Among You brings RECORDING DEVICES to WN gatherings.

        Tell me how that respects boundaries?

      • mindweapon says:


        I checked up on that accusation of yours. Do you have anyone besides yourself to confirm the recording device charge? He may have been videotaping antis and such when he and Parrott were out with signs, but as far as surreptitiously recording people, I asked for and got JAY’s version of events, that he offered Don Black’s security guy to search him, he emptied his pockets, he offered to let him go through his luggage.

        The ethnostate would of course have to be free of Jews, and I don’t mind JAY reading this and understanding that this is my belief. That’s part of the deal. If we get our ethnostate, even if there are individual Jews who are truly, sincerely on our side, it is still right to be distrustful of Jews as a collective.

        However, right now we are waging Open Source Conflict. It is predictable that some non-whites and some Jews will sympathize with our views and our goals, even if the White ethnostate excludes them personally.

        Jews turned White children against White parents. I think it’s certainly possible for us to do the same to them. Jews used and still use white allies against us. I think it’s possible to do the same to them.

        You view Jews as superhuman. It’s good to have a healthy respect for a people who have accomplished so much incredible harm to us. But they are mere mortals, I assure you. You know the history of Jews at their most powerful — the past 100 years or so. You need to study their history on a longer timeline — particularly 1750-1900, to get a better perspective. I would recommend “The House of Rothschild, Money’s Prophets, 1978-1848.”

        They do have weaknesses, which can be exploited. The holes they dug for us, they can fall in those holes themselves.

        I learn from everyone – enemies, allies, neutrals. I learn a lot more than just the content of what they say. I learn from their choice of words, how they react, their body language, and much of the learning occurs at a subconscious level but it ends up bubbling up into insights.

        1. This is an Open Source Conflict.

        2. We are in the Right.

        3. Because we are in the Right, there will be non-White and Jewish allies.

        4. Non-White and Jewish allies can be infiltrators, or they can just be people who are giving away the store because they want to do so.

        5. In Open Source Conflict, infiltrators can only do minimal damage, and are at risk of sympathizing with their targets.

    • zek says:

      I like how Attila brings up how women always attention whore, derail the conversation, and male-shame, and then Denise immediately comes in and proves him right.

      • Mosin Nagant says:

        She was attempting to RE-rail the conversation, but secular agnostic whites feel no conflict in accepting Antichrists as allies, if not leaders.

        The ‘Mainstreaming’ movement among secular-minded CofCC, LOS and ODers also accepts Talmudists.

      • mindweapon says:

        Well, I’m more concerned if someone is anti-white than anti-Christ.

      • Denise says:

        I made a reply. So NOW any female that makes ANY comment is now derailing the Movement/attention/whoring/etc.

        Zek – YOU are exactly WHY the WN Movement is going NOWHERE. YOU sound like an infiltrator, and a subversive, by the way. FYI – Jews use all there resources, in including women. One of the chief strategies of the Frankfurt Shul was to divide men and women. Thanks for SERVING the goals of White HATING Zionist Jews! How effective and committed to White Survival you are, Zek!

      • Denise says:

        Then, Kievsky my dear – rid yourself of Jews.

      • But in this specific case, it was Attila that started with the personal stuff, saying “you sound bitter” and “hate will only drag you down.”

        That’s a classic bit of shaming, too, ironically. Calling someone “bitter.” So in this case, Mosin is right, Denise was trying to “re-rail” the conversation, but Attila was attacking because Denise was being too hard on our Kosher Friends.

        As for JewAmongYou himself, as far as I know he’s never posted here. I’ve read his blog a few times.

        But I do remember what happened at AmRen in DC a few years ago. The entire conference was shut down due to terrorist threats by jews. And there JAY was, hanging out with everyone and video taping. He may have had Abe Foxman on speed dial for all we know.

        At the time I said that any real jewish “ally” we had would be spending his time trying to reform jews, as opposed to influencing us. I’d be happier accepting JAY as an ally if he was at the JIDF conference, video taping them and exposing their anti-white activities.

        But it’s all moot, since he doesn’t post here anyway.

    • eradican says:

      I like Denise but it’s certainly true that women impose themselves whenever they invade anywhere. Men rarely join female cliques but women feel entitled to enter EVERY male space and throw a fit when they don’t get their way. Their presence also crushes dissent and individualism because women are instinctively collectivist and conformist.

  21. Denise says:

    Mosin -the idea that alleged White Survival groups accepts the malicious racial aliens within….the Race that has done NOTHING except parasite off of and actively seek to exterminate Whites, for CENTURIES – it’s mind-boggling. If this is so – Whites don’t deserve to exist.

  22. Mosin Nagant says:

    Denise, what concerns me even more is the dynamic of increasingly mixed WhiteXTalmudics (both known and unknown) and what is the limit of the so-called ‘one drop rule’, the dilution effect, etc.

    I agree with Mindweapon that for secularists the lack of any ‘theological impediment’ does open the possibility of practical alliance.

  23. Mosin Nagant says:

    PA, thanks for that link!

  24. TabuLa Raza says:

    JAY discusses his mental problem:

    • Mosin Nagant says:

      I read that article recently too, Tabula.

      ‘They’ are perilous ‘allies’ indeed.

      • MOISHE says:

        yes – Mosin – they always revert to type – I guess I respect MWs descision to allow jay/attilla? – but those slippery fuckers must be aware that there are some very canny jew-aware goyim on this site who are watching them and their machinations with delight – waiting for them to slip up.

      • mindweapon says:

        OK, you can be the blog sentinel, Moishe. I don’t know what all the fuss is about — it’s a blog, not a face to face group. If it was a face to face group, a tribe, I’d understand policing the boundaries.

        But a blog is very sanitized, and it’s mostly about exchanging ideas and developing the Hive Mind. Any commenter could be a Jew and be hiding it.

        I find that corresponding with people carrying the anti-white meme teaches me about them, and much of my writings are a result of my exposure to the enemy. I have more qi energy and less cognitive dissonance than they do, so I learn from them, and I don’t think they learn much of anything from me.

        By the way, in the qigong world they say you build up “psychic energy” if you build up qi energy. I have noticed that I can correspond with people who disagree with me, and get insights from what they write that I then use to mess with their head, and it also gives me stuff to write about. When people write something on the internet or in an email, I’m able to read deeply into it and figure out things about their lives. Especially when it’s an enemy. Meeting them in person is even better. This power is accessible to anyone who wants to do qigong regularly:

  25. Attila says:

    MW-Kievsky has done so much to make this space worthy and interesting. It would be a shame if it were going to implode because of a few monomaniacal/unhinged personalities.

  26. MOISHE says:

    roger that MW – i just finished a book on the Tao recently, and paradoxically – i dont see things as dualistically as may be evidenced in my correspondences – we are all involved here in the game of life – black, white, jew, asian etc – and thats what it is – a game – it would be great if ‘everyone could win’ in this world – and i dont see jews/others as ‘the enemy’ per se: i even wish ‘jew among you’ and the others well – i just wish they wouldnt fuck with things – why cant we all keep ‘wu-wei’ and just respect eachothers differences? – i dont want to be the barking german shephard sentinel – its too reactive – i guess i just dont like seeing bullshitters bullshitting – its a bit like the ‘irish savant’ blog whereby people just enjoy catching out the naughty hasbarats like ‘nastiest uncle’ etc…PEACE LOVE WHITE-CELEBRATION!

  27. MOISHE says:

    sorry everyone for acting like an attention-whore. this post was just too good to not respond to – will take a back-seat for a while and just enjoy the intelligent/inciteful banter on this wonderful blog:)

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