IMF head Christine Lagarde is a numerologist; hopes 2014 is a “lucky” year for the world economy LOL

She “hopes” that 2014 is a “lucky” number, and provides her “evidence.” These people are running the world economy!

Go to 6:30


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11 Responses to IMF head Christine Lagarde is a numerologist; hopes 2014 is a “lucky” year for the world economy LOL

  1. Paladin Justice says:

    I wouldn’t make much of this, as the lady was just trying to be an entertaining speaker. It’s not what she said that’s worrisome, it’s the power that nameless, faceless bureaucrats all over the world have over our lives. Agend 21 is a case in point.

  2. Mosin Nagant says:

    ‘Numerologist’ sounds so…kabalistic.

  3. Mosin Nagant says:

    She’s Roman Catholic, too.

  4. its like a lucky lottery 1 900 number. these are the people running things?

  5. Craig says:

    My new steer to be in another 5 weeks is called “Lucky” cause I pulled him out of the dam, cleaned the mud off him, and got the blood flowing in his legs. Lucky lives due to the right actions being taken within the right time frame.

    Contrast that to the money printers, bail outs, looted pensions ect… 2014 will be “Lucky” for Indian slaves as their workers are only paid $1 to $2 an hour…Almost forgot to mention the Corporate business owners will also be “Lucky” due to the billions of brown and yellow slave plantations.

    Mean while debt laden farmer out west here who are in drought, 18 have committed suicide in the last few months. This happens when it’s cheaper to buy boxes of rounds rather then feed, that the banks will no longer fork out debt for. Now the Federal government is being hit up for $7 billion dollar farmers fund…

    I live in the “Lucky” country if the fiat system ever fails, there’s plenty of raw gold in our hills out the back…Plus I grew up with 18 to 21% interest rates in the 80’s…Feral fossicking is also another way to make some money, time pays off if you hit a $70000 nugget, some manage to do it within 12 months.

    It’s why majority of Aussies save and pay down debt rather then go on materialistic binges. We know our prosperity relies on USA, Japan, and China the most.

    I laughed when interest rates were bought down as I increased my debt repayment by another 1/3, as many Aussies did, deleveraging continues apace, as does the mass of East Asian invasion propping up the property market…The East Asians are gonna be pissed when it blows up. Same as the drought out west is breaking individual white men, so does it decimate the mass Corporate farms…

    • Rita Rabbit says:

      Fossicking sounds fun!

    • Mosin Nagant says:

      Interesting, Craig. There were two known attempts at gold mining this county. The one located near the uranium mine eventually struck a little gold. There is plenty of anthracite (the best coal) here, though. There are still a few small private and bootleg anthracite mines working, while most of the very large corporate mines are not working at this time.

      • Craig says:

        We have a lot here, one farm 30 km down the road has an unlimited ground water license as the more water pumped out, the more gold can be stripped from it’s mine. Gold mines if they could would strip mine this entire farm region to the alluvial ground water and below if they could. There’s a 20km long and 2km wide anthracite deposit, There’s also a high grade bauxite deposit along with lesser deposits, and a Zn,Pb,AG mixed deposit. That’s all within a 50km radius. There’s probably more, the volcanic activity in the past, observed from the sky is something to behold.

        Even on my land I find Amethyst, various coloured quartz agates, coloured Jasper, and my favourite various coloured thunder eggs. So even that is worth money, if you can make a hobby of art out of it.

      • mindweapon says:

        Wow, that’s pretty cool Craig. Too bad they are drying out the land though, just for mining.

  6. NoTruthNowhere says:

    Her talking on and on about numerology is especially disconcerting, downright weird man !
    What the hell is HER obsession with the number “7” ?
    Remember folks this is a Life Long Politician who NEVER says anything without a very exacting purpose and an agenda to complete.
    Having said that, her conciliatory tone to her Masters at the beginning of the video is illuminating :
    “as you can tell I do as I’m told”
    What a curious thing for a Managing Director from one of the largest financial institutions in the world to say. Or is this her movie script role that she must play out ?
    Later on, she remarks how one of the employees at the National Press Club helped her develop the outline for her presentation today:
    “…essentially presenting the outline…”
    She tries to cover this up by saying later that “she” had no part in it. Yeah right. Sure.
    Seems like she is indeed reading from a prepared script. Perhaps her script also is sending a message ?
    This is all curious enough, but her references to the number 7 are weird.
    She mentions that this year 2014 will be a magic year. I wonder if she means it will be a magick year ?
    She mentions the 100th anniversary of WW1. Which started July 28 1914 incidentally (one year after the Federal Reserve was created).
    She mentions the 70th anniversary of the Bretton Woods Agreement (just one year before WW2 ended). This “conference” or international financial treaty began July 1 until July 22 of 1944 when it was signed into international law.

    One last thing, she almost GAVE UP the game when she began her numerological sermon. You can also tell just exactly where her handler is sitting by watching her lock eyes at the beginning when she clearly says (one of the very first words out of her mouth): “as you can tell I do as I’m told”.

    This is all very weird for her to mention this.
    A seasoned corrupt “I don’t pay taxes Christine” politician does not talk like this for no reason.
    The crisis approaches…

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