Herbert Dyer calls us “so-called ‘white’ Americans”

Tim Wise explains white people to white people
Chicago : IL : USA | Feb 04, 2014 at 8:30 AM PST BY Herbert Dyer, Jr.

Demonization propaganda against us:

Wise argues that the main stumbling block in eradicating white racism/white supremacy has been the way in which these “concepts” have become subconsciously engrained into the psyches of many, if not most, so-called “white” Americans.

We are “so-called ‘white’ Americans? I left a comment for Herbert Dyer Jr. letting him know I’m not a so-called White person, I’m a real White person.

REPLYDELETEEDITPosted By JeronimusCornelisz JeronimusCornelisz | less than a minute ago
“. . . many, if not most, so-called “white” Americans.”

What do you mean “so-called ‘white’ Americans” in scare quotes? You deny us our identity even as you demonize us based on our being European-American!

Whites can never win with you guys. If we move into black neighborhoods, we’re gentrifying; if we leave black neighborhoods, it’s “white flight.”

We’re white when it’s time to deny us a job or a space for college admission; we’re “so-called ‘white’ Americans” when it’s time to deny that we exist as a people.

The solution for white people is to say “screw off, liberals, we’re White, we’re proud, we are a people who love ourselves and believe that we deserve to exist, so take your genocidal intentions and stick ’em up your liberal arse!”

The way to win is to tell liberals to go to hell. Works every time.


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25 Responses to Herbert Dyer calls us “so-called ‘white’ Americans”

  1. Rita Rabbit says:

    Good Job!

    Wanted to share this with you guys as well. Chinaman unapologetically games “Jeopardy” TV show. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/jeopardy-champ-arthur-chu—i-have-nothing-to-apolgoize-for–145855030.html?vp=1

  2. Tim Wise is a vanilla brother in the tradition of John Brown – Cornel West, Professor of Neopragmatism, Existentialism, Africana Philosophy, Historicism, Princeton University

    I don’t care, Cornel West is hysterical. If Malcolm X was a character on Fat Albert, he would look and sound something like Cornel West.

    Every time I see him on Bill Mauer, when he walks onstage, all I can think is, “Hey hey hey – it’s Cooor-nell West!”

    • mindweapon says:

      He is funny! I met him once in 1995 while I was working at Harvard book store. Very tall. He was very friendly to all of us book hawkers.

      What happened at Harvard was interesting though. Lawrence Summers was president of Harvard at the time, and he said that Cornell West wasn’t doing real scholarship. West got all angry and went off to Princeton in a huff.

  3. PA says:

    Harvard book store

    You mean that off-campus store on Mass Ave? I used to go there almost daily in 98/99. Maybe you once sold me a book.

  4. Brandon says:

    MW…as to the post and your comment to the braindead….AMEN!!!!!!

  5. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Tim Wise is a half white, half Jew who deep down possesses self hate that he is projecting onto masses of good white, although sometimes many clueless, white people. The only problem whites have is Jews are in OUR countries. Why? The other problem is that whites afraid of them? Again why? There is more us than them, and no they are not smarter because I have done testing and I can tell you these people lie and cheat and pay practitioners off so that some report can note that little Moshe is a prodigy. My sister knew a Jew in law school whose dada was a doctor and got this guy diagnosed with a learning disability so that he could have extended time on testing, so of course this ‘learning disabled’ did well. These people just wish they were us and they have used every slimy method possible to get agead and parasitize off of us. If Wise wants to look at privilege, his half kike arce needs to look in the mirror. If a white person said the noxious stuff this douchebag does, that white man/woman would be hung.

    The Hebes just can’t leave us alone and we still have mental midgets in the ‘movement’ that let these people in. You can’t. It’s like rats, behind one, there are fifty more coming for your food and home to destroy.

    We as whites just need to get radical and unite in such acts as not paying taxes and mortgages and student loans. Fuck the USA and its Jew led snitch culture, its not America anymore anyhow. What’s ZOG and its parasite lackeys like going to do? Nothing. There are more of us than them and we are indeed stronger and smarter.

    • moishe (not) says:

      my sentiments exactly Butch! Why can’t Jews just fuck off and leave us alone? They need to be domicile to the moon and be kept on a tight leash, they re stupid, ugly and are are prize annoying pain in the arses!

      • vikingbitch says:


        You got every part right except calling me ‘butch’. Far from butch am I unless you are one of those closet fag White Nationalists that prefer flat assed Asian girls with no opinions.

  6. jewamongyou says:

    Imagine if a celebrity referred to blacks as “so-called ‘black people'” The uproar would be instantaneous, as would the apologies and the grovelling.

  7. Paladin Justice says:

    Whoever Tim Wise is talking to, it isn’t white people. If I want to hear about white people, that turd rassler is the last one I’d want to listen to. He starts with the premise that “racism = evil” when the correct premise should be “racism = rational”. Kidnap him, drop him in downtown Detroit at midnight with no phone, no money, and no way out, and see how much he loves die-versity afterward.

    • Daniel says:

      Racism is not only rational. It’s moral. Being racist will save your life.

    • Thanatos says:

      Tim Weisenberg’s ykw ass is definitely white because he “looks white”, but those of us without a drop of black or ykw blood and who are 100% genetically European are “so-called whites”…..

      Huh? These hooknosed cocksuckers are all fucking psychotic.

  8. Are we honestly expecting Tim Wise’s schtick to change? Ever? After all, he makes a very lucrative living from it.

    Yes, the universities hire him, but White students only show up at his lectures long enough to get credit from their Marxist professors for “attending,” and then they quietly file out of the room. He makes no money off of them.

    Corporations hire him to speak about “White Privilege” and “racism” at seminars, but that is done to preemptively fend off any lawsuits for discrimination in case some aggrieved minority tries to cash in on the ghetto lottery by getting their panties in a wad if some White so much as looks at them cross-eyed.

    But most of his money comes from telling Black people how evil White people are and most of those dummies say, “Oooooh, Timmy’s speaking truth to power” and buy his books and tapes in their never ending quest to change White people into willing marks that will marry them and give them all their money.

    The sharper knives in the drawer are onto his hustle, but see the futility of trying to cut into his action … not for the reason they think … that White people are more likely to listen to a “White” libtard berating them for their racism, but because they are seeing yet another formidable example of ethnic networking at play here.

    IMO, this has got to play out. We are rapidly reaching the point where the lower hanging fruit on the branches of the White tree has been enrichede to the point of being picked clean by Diversity. The Vibrants are going to have to climb higher to the Ultra-White (H/T to the dude who’s got his underwear in a twist over Dieudonne’s quenelle) branches and that’s when the Users find out how User-Friendly the USA isn’t.

  9. MOISHE says:

    OOPS! – it was a typo Viking lady – ‘butch’ was mean to be ‘bitch’ – honest mistake – no need to lose your cool – its a sign of weakness bigtime.

    • MOISHE says:

      OH – and I don’t take meat in the seat Viking lady – I can assure you that I am a hot-blooded Aussie man who likes to pleasure (preferably Aryan/blonde) looking Nordic women – I find the thought of rogering a man in the bottom as attractive as watching jews counting their hard earned shekels – NOT!

    • MOISHE says:

      FURTHERMORE, – just for the record Viking Lady – I don’t take meat in the seat – I can assure you that I am a full-blooded Aussie White-celebrationist that enjoys pleasuring (preferably), white/aryyan-blonde looking Nordic women – Asian women just don’t do it for me (they look a little like advanced primates. The thought of rogering a male in his posterior is as exciting as watching jews count their hard-earned shekels – NOT!

  10. TabuLa Raza says:

    So I’m looking up an old surf video [great music] and here is the first comment:

    RangerOfAlcyone1 month ago

    If “anti-racists” are so unconcerned with race, how come they only have a problem with White Countries, White Cities, White Neighborhoods, White Workplaces, White schools?
    I’ve never seen any “anti-racist” complain that any place is too brown and it has to become LESS brown to combat “racism.”
    Who do they think they are kidding?
    “Multiculturalism” = White GeNOcide

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