28. Crazy Talk

This month’s edition of Radish Mag. Worth passing along to the intellectually curious.


Conservatives are crazy and racists are stupid, according to the latest research by college professors who could not possibly be biased. It’s scientastic!

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6 Responses to 28. Crazy Talk

  1. Rita Rabbit says:

    It’s just as I’ve always thought. Liberals are more compulsive, jumping into things without really thinking them through. Of course so-called conservatives aren’t much better but here’s a study encouraging fast decision making—-or you’re a big old dummy!

    Hey dummy don’t waste time worrying about whether you food has been poisoned with insecticides, just have at it! Hey dummy, don’t waste precious energy worrying about whether the movies and tv shows your kids are watching will ruin their minds and make normal, loving relationships next to impossible! That kind of thinking is for those stuffy old conservatives!

  2. Pfft, these cultural Marxists should hire me, I write way funnier stuff.

    I know, I’m a scared little white man with a small penis and a tiny mind who can’t get laid, is afraid of third world peasants, with a menacing need to impose order and control over my environment and don’t watch gay porn because I might secretly like it. I objectify women not due to normal sexual desire, but because of a deep seated misogyny – also the root of my homophobia. I blame all of my failures on a crazy Jewish conspiracy theory and am too scared to sit next to a Muslim on the subway. I grow a beard when I’m feeling particularly racist, as only white men can grow decent beards – that’s white privilege for you. I’m afraid of change but also fear commitment. I’m a knuckle dragging militiaman using my guns to compensate for my small penis and I want women barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen because I am intimidated by their brilliant minds and successful careers. If I would just man up and marry an Asian woman and adopt Black children, I would be a decent human being. But I’m stuck in my racist, sexist, xenophobic anti-semitism simply due to my crippling fear of change, holed up in my mom’s basement playing video games and vigorously masturbating to interracial pornography.

    I also like romantic walks on the beach and travel.

    ISO black dominatrix into cuckold fetish to punish me for my naughty racism by making me to lick her feet while dressed as a plantation owner that looks like Colonel Sanders, forced to watch my white wife is ravished by an escaped slave.

    Oh wait, wrong ad.

    • mindweapon says:

      Glad you are Rita like Radish Mag! I wrote to him and told him he ought to get an interview on the Political Cesspool.

      The Cultural Marxists aren’t very funny, but the Radish writer guy got me to laugh out loud several times. I also like his strategically placed pictures of cute animals.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        I ran out of free time to finish reading it at about 2.6.  Is it kittens or ferrets now?  I hope Gratuitous French Girl is still on the payroll.

  3. tsnamm says:

    Gratuitous French Girl is a big favourite! Lately its been various wriggly members pf the weasel family. There have been a number of requests for a return of GFG…lets hope so.

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