Persecution makes Golden Dawn stronger; the way to the Throne is through the Jail Cell

Jail Time is Only Making Greece’s Neo-Nazi Politicians Martyrs

Alpha Male. Fascist.

“They put us in jail. But did we falter? No, we did not. We are stronger, we are more powerful, and in a short time we will be in power.”

As thousands of black-clad supporters chanted nationalist slogans holding red flags with swastika-like symbols, Ilias Kasidiaris, the spokesman for the Greek neo-nazi Golden Dawn Party, vowed to not let anything — not even prison itself — keep him from politics.

Kasidiaris does not talk about jail in a way a convict talks about “doing time.” His words seem to belong to some high-spirited revolutionary of the America’s Revolutionary War or to someone fighting for freedom in the Arab Spring.

Certainly not to a member of parliament awaiting trial for his participation in a criminal organization charged with murder and assault.

Yet this is the contradiction when it comes to the Golden Dawn: The party holds 18 of 300 seats in the Greek parliament and yet has six of its top members of Parliament (MP) behind bars, including its leader.

And despite the imprisonments, it remains the third-most popular party in opinion polls, behind the governing New Democracy Party and the left-wing opposition party, Syriza. In fact, an opinion poll published last week showed the party would get 8.7% of the vote if European Parliament elections were held now.

So, are the imprisonments turning Golden Dawn members into heroes in the eyes of the public?

To answer this question we first need to decipher whether the Golden Dawn is a political party or a criminal organization. This debate is not new.

But this past October, Greek authorities tried to resolve the debate once and for all, through an extraordinary crackdown on the Golden Dawn. More than 20 of its members were arrested after a Golden Dawn supporter murdered an antifascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas.

The Golden Dawn was labeled a criminal organization. Kasidiaris himself was arrested but released pending trial. He was charged on what prosecutors said was evidence linking the party to a series of attacks, including the stabbing of Fyssas and the murder of an immigrant.

Back in June 2012, the Athens prosecutor had also ordered Kasidiaris’ arrest after he slapped Liana Kanelli, an member of the Communist Party, several times across the face during a talk show on national television. But this didn’t stop him from getting elected to the Greek Parliament.

Nor is his pending trial intimidating him now. He has denied all wrongdoing, retained his MP status and decided to take up a new challenge: running for mayor of Athens.

“I will be a candidate for mayor of Athens,” he told the party’s cheering supporters last week, “even from inside jail.”

He played the jail card, yet again, and portrayed himself as some persecuted Robin Hood.

Trying to portray themselves as heroes is a common strategy for Golden Dawn members, says Dora Pavlidou, a Greek social media expert and radio journalist who has hosted a daily national radio show for the past two years. And prison works perfectly for them in that sense, she adds.

“Take for instance the supposedly spontaneous photograph of a member of the Golden Dawn dressed in black accompanying an old lady to the local ATM, so as to protect her from an ‘immigrant assault,'” said Pavlidou.

“The photograph was on the cover of a national newspaper, portraying the neo-nazis as local heroes. It was later proven that the elderly woman was in fact the mother of a Golden Dawn member,” said Pavlidou.

But it was too late since the photograph had already been widely disseminated in the Greek social networks she said.

So now the Golden Dawn members were not only heroes. They were “imprisoned heroes.” Whole rallies were organized for their release.

This helped their web propaganda, according to Pavlidou. “New Facebook and Twitter accounts spring out every day; their owners claim to be ‘normal citizens’ indignant for the injustice against the Golden Dawn,” she said.

With the unemployment rate peaking at 27.8% in October, and youth unemployment nearly at 60%, desperation and suicides are peaking. And the Golden Dawn is setting up soup kitchens “for Greeks only,” to “clear the country of immigrants” and defend Greece against its international creditors.

“Most of their promises do not even make sense. But it becomes difficult to discern that – especially for young people who are facing a grim future,” said Tina Papathoma, who researches the effect of new technologies on the education of children and adolescents at the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University in the United Kingdom.

Greek youngsters are very susceptible to the Golden Dawn’s goebbelsian propaganda, Papathoma said. Social media has great power in this sense and teachers are not always equipped to counter the effect of this gush of hatred online, she says.

Under these circumstances, even jail time can be an asset for the Golden Dawn.


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13 Responses to Persecution makes Golden Dawn stronger; the way to the Throne is through the Jail Cell

  1. X says:

    Dora Pavlidou and Tina Papathoma: agents of the enemy.

  2. eyeslevel says:

    If the anti-Greeks don’t want martyrs, they should stop making them.
    Has the organization resposible for murdering Kapelonis and Foundoulis been outlawed yet?

  3. clytemnestra57 says:

    I love Pavlidou’s clumsy attempt to equate the picture of a GD member escorting the elderly mother of another GD member with some sort of fraudulent propaganda. As if her own son’s membership negates her own need for protection.

    Still the leftists know a picture paints a thousand words which is why one cannot read an ad or see a commercial without being presented with a blonde WF-BM interracial couple.

    • WG says:

      Yes. Images/art over wordy essays.

    • Anthony says:

      The ad agencies are playing their clients for suckers. I wonder how negroes in ads make me buy things (it has opposite effect). But the success of advertising is intangible. Once your at a level the dumb goy assume your good. So you use ads for ethnic hatred of whites not profit. So Halifax bank push miscegenation in disgusting ads with blacks as hard-working. The ad couldn’t be further from the truth. A black who is kind and generous. Yeah, right! Just ask a waitress about black ‘generosity’. Oy vey – dumb goy.

      • StukaPilot says:

        it’s not about “buying things”. Via their NY ad agencies, the Jews are pushing mudsharking on White women…in order to further depress the White birthrate. In time they intend to kill us all. So they don’t get ghetto’d or holocaust’d. Ever. Again. Look at it from the Jews’ viewpoint. Then you’ll understand what they are up to.

      • clytemnestra57 says:


        But Monsieur La Quenelle is an Afro-Franco mulatto. Baral Obama, another mulatto, put on his obligatory yarmulke while campaigning, but refused to allow YKW to drag him into Syria or Iran. So how is that miscegenation program working for them again?

        Moreover, POC are even more “antisemitic” than White people. With gene theft, you don’t get dumber Whites; you get smarter Blacks. The Jews are jumping headlong into the cannibal’s pot and the fury the mongrels will unleash on them will make the alleged Holocaust seem like a walk in the park.

  4. Paladin Justice says:

    On the subject of fighting back against the powerss that be, the Internet Defense League is conducting its effort on the 11th of February. I believe anyone with a website can participate. Details here:

  5. Ryu says:

    A political group is a criminal organization. All of them are, even ours.

    The system’s police state is like an overactive immune system. It attacks the host body and even healthy cells. In time, it comes to destroy the body. The system made us and they will make us stronger as well.

  6. Craig says:

    We will always have the feral spirit, the connedsevatards hate us. In Primary school I still remember the plays and songs we would conduct of our Bush Ranger Heroes past, just like fucking Robin Hood. Ha

    • PB says:

      Ha Ha. Bolt. The TWMNBN’s favourite Australian gatekeeper. Such a clever, conservative man until the Chosen Ones come under scrutiny, then he’s off the leash defending their eternal honour like a hound on the trail. They always said the best way to control the opposition is to be the opposition, even if you have to play both sides of the street.

  7. PA says:

    One of the excellent Golden Dawn songs:

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