Tumblrisms: Ableism

Internet Aristocrat talks about the people on Tumblr who’ve gotten hold of Frankfurt School theory and run hog wild. Trigger Warning: Unintentionally funny.


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15 Responses to Tumblrisms: Ableism

  1. Stary Wylk says:

    Seriously, I can read for myself. Videos like this should be set up as slide shows so you can jump when you read the text and scan the picture.

  2. Rita Rabbit says:

    What a bunch of retards! Obviously, we have WAY too much time on our hands.

  3. Wyandotte says:

    I am not familiar with tumblr. This is my first contact. Is this a humor site or what? Is this some kind of advanced irony? Anyway, I had to wipe the tears away and pick myself up off the floor.

  4. This guy’s channel is amusing. He shows us corners of the internet many of us would never think to explore. From what I’ve learned tumblr has become a hang out for hardcore misfits and morons. The scary part is they’re organizing!

  5. Dan Poole says:

    Not to come across as a douchebag, but if you’re pro-White and you’ve never heard of Tumblr or don’t really know what it’s about, then you’ve got some serious catching up to do.

    Other then Facebook, Tumblr might be the most popular website for White people under 30 years old. It’s a unique type pf blogging site where you follow other people’s blogs through your feed and then reblog whatever looks interesting to you. Tumblr isn’t for essayists. The far majority of reblogs are for pictures and especially gif images. Every single fandom from movies to TV shows has fans on tumblr who reblog pictures and gifs from the show. Often the pictures and gifs are customized, altered, and spliced together with multiple different fandoms. Tumblr is the kind of place where you can get lost for hours if you don’t watch yourself. In that sense, it’s a gold mine of content.

    The defining feature of Tumblr is the archive. If you reblog walls of texts or even short little messages, your archive will look boring and terrible. But if you reblog awesome photos and gifs, your archive will be a giant wall of awesomeness. I can’t show examples without giving away my own shameless fandoms (it’s my way of riding the Tiger), but if you look at enough archives from enough channels, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

    Now here’s the thing: More so than any other website, Tumblr provides a quick easy means to spread pro-White memes, but I don’t know of any pro-White tumblr channel that has a spectacular archive of pics and gifs. What little exists is mostly just words. By contrast, tumblr has been colonized by the worst of the anti-white vermin. There are entire channels dedicated to wailing over how a certain movie or show doesn’t have enough “diversity.” I saw one channel which argued that non-whites have always lived all over Europe – including Scandinavia. You think Chauncey Devaga is bad? He’s a moderate compared to many tumblr channels out there.

    I don’t have a tumblr channel myself because if I did, then I’d be reblogging 24/7/365. It’s ADDICTIVE. But for those who spread the mantra for a living, such as White GeNOcide Project and the BUGSERS, they should look into getting a tumblr, especially if they have artistic talent. Tumblr has the potential to be an extremely powerful weapon for our cause, IMO. We want to reach out to young White people, right? Tumblr is where millions of them congregate.

    I cannot reiterate this enough: Tumblr is NOT for wordsmiths! The pics and especially the gif images are what drives that site.

    Now you know

  6. zek says:

    OT: Australian government houses asylum seekers in student village next to a women’s dorm; outcome predictable

    I hate to say it, but this is exactly the kind of thing that has to happen to wake up white people. If we can’t stop the onslaught, the next best thing we can do is try to place the invaders in liberal white areas, and what could be more liberal and white than a university? Anywhere else, whites can get in their cars and flee. But in a university setting, they are stuck on foot, helpless (campus anti-gun regulations), at one with reality.

    It’s not enough to put minorities NEAR a university, as the university will then surround itself with fortress walls. You have to put them IN the university – IN THE DORMS. The goal is to cause maximum discomfort and FEAR among the white students. This will maximize the dissonance between what they are learning and what they are experiencing, and guess which will win out? This is how race realists are bred.

    We can get a lot of help from liberals in this regard. Awhile back, the Urbana city council (where U. of Illinois is located) voted to establish public housing to help “enrich” the area. They imported thousands of blacks from Chicago who have predictably proceeded to terrorize townfolk in random robbings and assaults. This is a start, but it would be great if we could somehow inflict them more specifically on the Marxist students and faculty. One way I’ve thought of is to get on twitter or something and try to organize black flash mobs at leftist student gatherings. But I have to look into it more.

    • mindweapon says:

      EIGHTY asylum seekers will be questioned by police hunting a man over an alleged sexual assault on a female student at Macquarie University as concerns are raised over housing asylum seekers in student accommodation.

      Students were furious yesterday after the alleged early morning sexual assault on the student, 20, in the university’s accommodation village, which also has been housing asylum seekers in adjacent units when student demand dries up.

      As Immigration Minister Brendan O’Connor went to ground and declined to comment on the issue, opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison accused Labor of dumping asylum seekers into communities without consultation after failing to stop the flow of boats.

      Police said they were hunting an intruder who allegedly broke into the apartment – shared with four other females – about 3.20am yesterday, indecently assaulting the sleeping student and fleeing when she awoke, screaming.

      The man was described as being aged 20-25, with a thin build, dark skin and dark short curly hair.

      That’s awesome! What would bother me is if the female students voluntarily associated with the refugees. Nope, the girls are like, “Yecchy diseased boat people, send ’em back!”

      Whenever Negroes attack liberals, an angel gets her wings.

  7. WG says:

    Tumblr is essential for WNs and pro-White activists. There’s quite a community of pro-Whites, fascists, and neo-reactionaries over there.

    The Neo-Reactionaries massively troll Catholic neckbeard Mark Shea:


  8. TabuLa Raza says:

    imperija asked: What do you think of the ongoing Black History Month? Great blog!

    I think it’d be quite cool to learn about sub-saharan Africa for a month.

  9. Anon says:

    everything is discrimination(which is true).

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