Young liberals go on cruises, complain about middle aged and elderly racists; young conservatives and White nationalists don’t have time, interest, or money to burn on cruises

My honeymoon involved getting pizza and renting a movie from Blockbuster. Never been on a cruise, and no desire to do so. I’d rather take the money and buy gold or freeze dried food.

Every minute that White nationalists live an austere life, working and saving in quiet obscurity, we get stronger. Every minute that liberals go on cruises and toast themselves for their effortless virtue, they get weaker.

Two articles about liberals complaining about racists on cruises! Imagine that coincidence! And neither of them was The Nationcruise. I’m sure that cruise isn’t racist!

My (gay) honeymoon on the SS racist.

New word for the urban dictionary — “husband-wife.” Ugh!

After coming of age north of Boston, in an urban jungle where white people talked smack about people of color on the daily, I have made my adult home across the country in imperfect but aspiring San Francisco, surrounded by sensitive people who have a consciousness of social justice. They, too, were the kids who got picked on at school for being different, who challenged their family’s ignorance in their angry teens. I’ve been in this cozy, self-created bubble for so long I sort of forgot how full of unchecked racism the rest of the world is. And then I went on my honeymoon.

Because there was a possibility I’d be pregnant on our honeymoon, my husband-wife and I figured a good way to cover a lot of terrain, while keeping it easy on my bod, would be a cruise. We put together a honeymoon registry, and our friends and families helped us fund a Caribbean trip on a small craft — big for a yacht, with only 150 guests, but small for a commercial cruise, where bigger ships can top out at 5,000 passengers.

It was a decision I made again and again on our honeymoon — to fight or not to fight?

Sure, we thought it might be uncomfortable to be the big lezzes on board a cruise — not specifically denoted for GAY PEOPLE — but being queer, we’re used to navigating situations, skilled at not letting homophobia ruin our fun lives. At first we were sort of pleasantly surprised to find all the normal, upper-middle-class straight white Americans being so nice to us — wow, gay PR has really worked! But slowly we started wishing they were homophobic, so they would stay away from us: ’Cause these white folks were hella racist.

It started on Day One while chatting with a Massachusetts couple who had met on Millionaire Matchmaker. (Not joking.) The sullen gentleman half of the couple collected assault rifles and wore T-shirts that expressed his opinions, such as the wordy Ted Kennedy’s Car Killed More People Than My Assault Rifle. The female half was the garrulous one, and she opened that evening with the dreaded phrase, “I know this is going to sound terrible, but …” If you really and truly know something is going to sound terrible, please shut up. Don’t pretend to have an actual consciousness about the crap you’re about to jabber, which in this case was, “I just wish they could do something about the staff all looking alike; I can’t tell them apart!”

Was this woman truly suggesting that the cruise line fund plastic surgery for the Indonesian workers, perhaps making them a bit more Caucasian in feature and therefore more ”recognizable” to these Massholes (Masshole = People from Massachusetts who are assholes)? I stood there, shocked, feeling that angry flush rise up through my body, a mixture of anxiety and fury that renders me trembling and speechless. The feeling of being 15 years old. The other white people — a gay male couple among them — rushed in and assured the lady that she wasn’t terrible; they, too, had a hard time distinguishing each totally unique, name-tag-wearing Indonesian crew member from the other! Me and my Husband-Wife picked up soda waters and slid away before I got in a fight.

We live in a culture that remains in denial about the intensity of white supremacy — a culture set up by white people to benefit white people.

It was a decision I made again and again on our honeymoon — to fight or not to fight? After spending so much time as a young person engaged in such arguments, I didn’t have the illusion that I would enlighten these racists. I would simply sicken myself with hate while on my honeymoon — a trip that was doing double time as a recovery period for a recent miscarriage. This was supposed to be our time to bond and love and heal, not fight with gay men who believed that the city of Miami had been “ruined” by Haitian immigrants, or with the stylish, elderly Jewish woman who looked forward to our trip to St. Barts because the island had “less Blacks.” I would simply grit my teeth and move out of earshot when I heard them passionately query why the Middle East “hates us.” (“It’s because we let our woman vote!” the Masshole proclaimed before an intelligent Californian piped in with a Cliffs Notes version of the legacy of European colonization in the region.)

once heard racism likened to alcoholism — a disease, one you are never cured of, though a plan of action can grant you a ”daily reprieve” from its insidious toxicity.

Growing up in a culture built on white supremacy, of course white people are racist. I guess the difference between the people I surround myself with now and the people I avoided on my honeymoon is we don’t want to be racist. When racist thoughts occur to us, as they will, it trips an alarm system we’ve spent some time installing. We think about it, correct it, let it go. Sometimes I get pissed at myself, but mostly I have compassion. I don’t want to have such thoughts; I don’t want to have been conditioned by 40-something years as a white woman in America, but here I am.

We live in a culture that remains in denial about the intensity of white supremacy — a culture set up by white people to benefit white people. We haven’t really healed from the trauma of slavery, not to mention the violence of the civil rights movement. With an honest, nationwide reckoning with racism nowhere in sight, it’s up to me to heal the disease in myself —investigating my ideas, putting the lesser thoughts to bed and praying for more intelligent thoughts to replace them. And it happens. Consciousness grows, racism fades. As long as you stay engaged with the process, every single day.

Some months later, I don’t know what to think of the white people on my cruise. Though in the moment I wanted to bottle them and toss them overboard, now I just feel sad. The way you’d feel bad for a drunk spewing crazy in the street. Racism is insane — it makes people sound bonkers, and I believe that being raised around racist rhetoric, indoctrinated, is a form of child abuse. But the only difference between this here Masshole and the one I met on the boat is that I don’t want to be that person. Maybe someday she won’t either.

Next up, another crack at Paula Deen! Hopefully Paula Deen has learned that there’s nothing to do with liberals except defy them and fight them.

Everybody on the Paula Deen cruise was racist.

Mike Bertha,
In the wake of Titanic-sized PR disaster that was Paula Deen’s deposition in 2013, a New Jersey-based company doubled down on the much-maligned celebu-chef, adding a second Paula Deen-themed cruise for her fans and supporters.

The ship left from Miami and hit a bunch of spots in the Eastern Caribbean. Of the 3,030 people that could fit on the ship, 100 and change were a part of the Paula Deen package, having spent an extra $700 to be included in 12 events featuring and/or sponsored by Deen herself.

Among the Deen cruisers was Caity Weaver, a Philly girl and Gawker reporter who wanted to see exactly how racist the folks on the Paula Deen cruise would be.

Turns out, pretty racist.

In her essentially eternal profile of the Deen cruise, Weaver lists everything she ate on the cruise, lists every place she heard someone say the N-word, and describes her interaction with a number of different folks she met on her trip, most of whom are older widows from the American South.

She also writes of Paula Deen’s friend, African-American Brad Turner, who goes by The Grill Sergeant.

Whether you support Paula Deen in spite of her racism, condemn Paula Deen for her racism, or blindly accept her apology and new black friends as proof that she isn’t racist, Weaver’s account of the Paula Deen cruise is worth a few minutes of your time (most of the rest of your afternoon).

As with much of the media coverage of Paula’s fall from grace, cruisers in our group focus single-mindedly on her use of a racial slur, rather than her (quickly abandoned) idea for an elegant antebellum-style wedding staffed exclusively by black attendants.

“Have you ever… used a derogatory term?” one woman asks me at dinner. “Not toward a gay or a black or a Jewish person or a person that was handicapped or anything?”

I tell her, honestly, that I don’t recall ever doing so. Perversely, I feel bad that I can’t give her the answer she wants, because I like her.

A man at the table, who is traveling alone, argues with me about the alleged offensiveness of the N-word.

“They use that word to each other,” he says, meaning black people. “It’s in their music.”

I suggest to him that there is a difference between a black person saying it to another black person and a white person saying it to a black person, comparing the circumstances (admittedly, not very convincingly) to the difference between telling a self-deprecating joke about oneself and being subject to mockery from others.

“Don’t you think that’s a double standard?” he asks.


“And you’re OK with that,” he says. (It’s not a question.) [Gawker]


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113 Responses to Young liberals go on cruises, complain about middle aged and elderly racists; young conservatives and White nationalists don’t have time, interest, or money to burn on cruises

  1. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Right on! These dykes should be happy that they had the time and money to go on a cruise. If you don’t like the old fogie stogies, don’t hang out with them. And guess what, what about the Diversity of Opinion. What ever happened to people having differing opinions and ideas, is that not Diversity and Multiculturism? I guess not with the dyke-lesbo-gay-fag-groid-black-spic-squatmonster-mystery meat et al crowd! Okay, I know I will get slammed here for being a single mom, but I am not going away anytime soon, so oh well….I am offering my commentary anyhow.

    As a young White Nationalist-Socialist-Liberationist, I cannot stand being around old fogie commies! Lived across a couple, “Chuck” and “Betty” this summer who were subletting in DC away from they libtard dystopia in Denver, Colorado. At first I liked these old farts. As a live and let live sort of person, I generally do not start into politics with my neighbors as I like peace and quiet and just generally being left alone. Not Chuck and Betty, the old fogie stogie commies though. Every “hi how are you doing” turned into a diatribe on how racist the jury was convicting Trayturd Martin and how Obummah is not doing well “because of the color of his skin”. Turns out these old geezes worked on Obama’s campaign and hired Mextiturd illegals to do work in their home (meanwhile MY taxes financed the EBT cards and Medicaid for these squatmonsters….much thanks Chuck and Betty!). I would deflect their commentary initially out of neighborly politeness, but I am sure these old farts got a clue when I would loudly tell my son not to “speak like a black” in my apartment. By the end of the summer, I noticed that they would avoid me. Hey, good riddance libtard geezes! Its enough you old boomer Multi Cult Commie farts wrecked this country, now can you just go quietly now?

    These entitled libtard folks will just have to get over it. Be happy you have a roof over your head and money in the bank and food on the table, let alone being on a goddamn cruise! C-mon!

    At present, my kids and I are going Spartan. Our biggest treat is going to a free indoor playground with dinosaur equipment and eating at a KFC buffet. Its simple and REAL!

    Libtards need to get REAL and leave other people who hold DIVERSE points of view the hell alone. It is really that simple. But these libtards are just dictators wallowing in a disguise of victimhood. Crap, I’m just happy I am paying a quarter of the rent that I used to in the District of Craptopia and I that I am not being hassled by fugly, obsese groidesses.

    Enjoy your cruise libtard dykes. Must be nice……that’s okay, what does not kill me make s stronger.

  2. PA says:

    Lesbians are weird. I once sat opposite such a couple on a commuter train. The “butch” one of the pair was confident, seemed intelligent, wasn’t even terrible looking – she dressed neatly, her hair was combed, and she looked clean — and had a kind of self-assured, devilish wit about her. Under some circumstances, I could imagine myself enjoying a beer with her. Her girlfriend, the putative “femme,” was a mess to the core. Not overweight, but soft, in a kind of shitty no-muscle-tone way. Pasty, red-headed, with an unclean feel to her. Insecurity and approval-seeking directed toward her girlfriend oozed from every word she uttered.

    And so I sat opposite them, reading — probably Mindweapons on my smartphone — and ignoring them. But I was aware of their awareness of me. I am a White, athletic-looking, forty year old, well dressed (jacket & tie to work) man with a wedding band. And I stated feeling like the redheaded, insecure “femme” wanted to define herself opposite of everything I represented in her mind. Their conversation drifted toward men, very circumspectly, with their Sapphic orientation as its governing theme. And the redhead suddenly said “when it comes to men, I can see myself being attracted to African-American men.”

    This came out of the blue, and it caught her butch companion completely off-guard. She chuckled nervously, and seemed at a loss for words. Uncomfortable silence, and then they changed subjects.

  3. PA says:

    (They were twenty-something, by the way)

    • Craig says:

      The older they get, the more bitter and they end up serving in safe white communities, like after they get married husband/wife… Ha I got into an argument with one, once over Rhodesia, old biddy blew up, reality of the world is not kind to them. 😀 Still she is a good swimming instructor.

      @ MW We stayed home for our honeymoon, ditched the kids for once, had rich friends SWPL offer to pay for our honeymoon too, but declined. I got away with only spending $2G on the wedding ha.

      Went to another wedding, plane tickets paid for us, to Fiji, was fun, that couple divorced in 12 months. Know a few people spend $40000 to $60000 on weddings and then divorce in 12 months. Fuck that.

      • mindweapon says:

        There seems to be an inverse proportion to wedding spending and length of marriage.

        You had kids before you got married? Good for you, both for the kids, and getting married anyway!

      • Craig says:

        Yeah a couple of our kids are bastards, at least they’re my bastards and they have a Dad. 🙂

        You know my missus even bought me a celtic ring band for the wedding, that I lost in a veggie patch, now I need to buy a decent metal detector, I’m just wondering how much wire I’ll find. Rings were either too small or big, and would choke my finger, being made of scratch proof tungsten gold alloy I thought them more of a de-finger ring rather then de-gloving ring ha.

      • Denise says:

        We spent under 5K. Deliberately. We went out of our way to NOT Pay the Jew. We ha our wedding banks made by a regional artisan, and we have runes, engraved inside. Our biggest expense was for the band. We had a very White band.

        I checked the genetics of very supplier involved. White White and White. My florist was a wonderful Italian lady. I LOVED my flowers……

      • mindweapon says:

        Very good Denise. Runes inside your wedding ring? Considering I know your husband is a devout Orthodox Christian, I’m confused.

      • Denise says:

        Re: runes – runes belong everywhere….

      • Hereward Saxon says:

        Re: ‘runes belong everywhere’:

        The Futhorc is ETHNIC, and NOT incompatible with Christianity. Runes were used NORMALLY in early Anglo-Celtic Christian monuments and manuscripts, sometimes alone and sometimes in combination with Roman characters for bilingual texts. Runes belong to the Old English language, representing phonemes that the Roman alphabet lacks.

      • Mosin Nagant says:

        Maybe if the Anglo-Celts had refused to accept the ‘Med’ language and the Popes’ emissaries they would not have been corrupted.

        I always say that wedding ostentation and divorce are related.

      • Stubbs says:

        If you really must throw a big party, do it on your 40th anniversary or something. Getting married by itself isn’t any sort of an accomplishment.

      • Jon says:

        @Mosin: Indeed. Northern Europeans were never bothered with the state of Bantus’ or Hottentots’ souls before the Christians arrived.

  4. Paladin Justice says:

    Somebody should get ahold of the passenger list for the Nationcruise and publish the names and addresses of those signed up. Anyone going a cruise with Melissa Harris Perry is an insane maniac that the public needs to be warned about.

    I’ll also confess to having a doctoral degree from Tulane University, the employer of Harris Perry. I ignore their fund-raising pleas and have written them out of my will. In fact, no university, no matter how many fond remembrances I might have of it, is going to get a dime. Funding Cultural Marxism isn’t my thing.

  5. Harley says:

    MW, you seem very astute about jewish orchestration of Diversity Cult and about how our governmedia is essentially just the jewish/israeli one. Remember that article you posted on the southern jews who were spying on Whites for the northern jewish agitators?

    I say this because it seems to me that same jews are attempting to link pro-Whites to the social issues morass. Instead of thinking about the hate crime murders of whites by blacks, for instance, they’re trying to get us to think instead of how horribly oppressive Whites are to gays. Obama is using that angle to justify violating states’ rights all over the Union. Now that gays have essentially won their civil rights, as opposed to dictatorial rights, the governmedia and academedia are trying to use gay rights, particularly those of lesbians as lesbian rights intersect with women’s rights in a way gay men’s don’t with men’s. to launch attacks on Whites from within their race. Hence this article.

    What’s going on now is that the Social Issues Left has busted open, and suddenly we have the Vagina Monologues productions at formerly white feminist enclaves like Columbia taking an anti-White women stance by excluding White women from performing in them, despite the fact that the play was written by half jewish half white woman Eve Ensler (I don’t think Ensler considers herself jewish but I’m not sure).

    So the governmedia is attempting to contain the obvious explosion that has been a long time coming with this Diversity Cult war against White women (which has been raging for decades but not in the overt fashion it is now). White lesbians are being portrayed by the media as the ‘outers’ of the White majority who is finally waking up to the war against Whites in general.

    This piece de resistance of Critical Race Theory fantasizin strikes me as faux, and contrived. I really suspect it’s fake, just like the alleged hate crime attacks against jewish women in NYC and just recently, Pittsburgh. Amren published an article written about a year ago in which some jewish Dear Abby type columnist pretended to field a comment from a concerned white mother of a blonde little girl who ‘Mom’ claimed was showing signs of bigotry, at six no less. Of course, the jewish columnist feigned benevolence and suggested ‘therapy’ but with the light hand that is quite the opposite of the entire Psych Establishment Big Government power racket.

    It was fake, I’m quite certain, and I strongly suspect that this paean is too. It’s designed to both dramatize the rift between gays and Whites, particularly Whites in the South and interiror of the country, and to try to drive a wedge between the white feminist-type defectors from the Left and the lesbian faction of it. Because the lesbians were supposedly so sensitized to ‘injustice’ growing up they are depicted as dissidents of the rising White Majority Rebellion.

    The problem with that is, most White lesbians don’t talk like this. I traveled in the feminist circles for many years, and while there sometimes was a disconnect between the straights, bi’s and lesbians, overall there was mostly unity. And, when it came to race issues, I did not notice that the White lesbians were all that much more pro-diversity than the bi’s and straights. When push came and increasingly comes to shove, White lesbians – particularly the ultimately scapegoated germanic/anglo celt ones- will be shoving back at Diversity. What many find out is that Whiteness alone makes you guilty and hated. The entire co-option of women’s rights movement and gay and gender rights’ one by the jews and coloreds, was planned to dispossess and disempower all White women, along with White men. This fact is one most White feminists and White lesbians, again particularly the anglo celts, have already perceived. Not only do I think that the White lesbians will not go along with Diversity trying to turn them against their own tribe (and children), but further, jewish stealth attempts to divide White feminists from their lesbian cohorts probably won’t either. All the Cult cares about is subjugating Whites, and almost all on the Left are starting to realize this.

    So this bizarre ‘personal narrative’ is probably fake, or the ramblings of one of the very privileged White shills who sell out their race for 12 pieces of jewish silver. But there is an entire element of such Whites; it’s hardly ‘the lesbians’ who are particularly guilty. If anything I’d wager that most have had some sense of feeling like outsiders and would understand intuitively how much danger there will be for them when Whiteness is fully outlawed.

    So my advice is to not fall for this scurrilous tactic, whether it’s been authentically purchased or simply forged. We could use as many allies as possible, and many of the White feminists, straight or gay or in between, will be able to come forwards with the outrages and personal accounts of what it’s like to exist within the Brown and Black shirted Left.

    Don’t fall into the zionist trap.

    • Gordo says:

      Cognative dissonance?

      • Harley says:

        On whose part? In what aspect? I’m not understanding you…

      • Gordo says:

        Feminism has been used as a weapon to divide White men from White women, fighting eachother over the crumbs left by the aliens. Feminism has injured both women and men but especially children, White children, that is unacceptable.

        Homosexuality is an abberation, those who practice it need medical help not encouragement, pity not praise.

        What I mean by cognative dissonance is putting forward the idea that homosexual agitation and feminist family-hating are not part of the War against Whites. They are.

        Perhaps you are writing in good faith but it appears rather contrived to me.

      • Stubbs says:

        First the “ultra-whites” and now this.

        All this popularity is too much for me!

      • Harley says:

        You’re right in your essential stance but too extreme Gordo. White women who lobbied to get suffrage weren’t anti-White, and they were considered the First Wave feminists.

        It’s always odd to me that within the pro-White movement there is this attitude towards women that seems to mimic the muslim sand turds. You decry their misogyny, then ape them. What’s up with that?

        My celtic tribe were the most ‘enlightened’ civilization in the history of the world towards women, featuring loyal men happy to fight alongside of his particularly physically intrepid female co-warrior on occasion. The societies we birthed, as we dominated pre-historical Europe, gave rise to the most successful and woman-loving ones in modern history. Witness the female leaders in the northwestern european race…our great female monarchs, and pioneers. Under their guidance our people ascended to the greatest heights known to humankind.

        Misogyny and it’s bourgeois stratifications are weapons devised to divide whites, just as the Second Wave feminist movement was. Organized Gayness is also a tool wielded by our enemies, while random gays are so small in number they really aren’t much to stand against.

        I’m not the slightest bit contrived, I’m 100% driven to protect my people and 100% proud to agitate endlessly for us.

      • zek says:


        Patriarchy is the natural order of things. A healthy amount of misogyny benefits everyone. You need men to create civilization for you; men need you for having babies and nothing else.

        Your “enlightened” Celtic tribe is extinct, and the woman-loving civilizations that succeeded it are on their way.

      • Harley says:

        I’m half celt, half germanic, from various tribes of the germanic larger one. In a world which will see the extinction of redheads in 70 years, I say fuck off. If you want to give in to the sand snakes and mud masses’ backwards ways, then go mud and leave the true Whites to the real fight, which is not with each other as men and women, or germans and celts, or even between mediterraneans and mainlanders. Without the fairest skin of the celts we will all become mud, living in mud, eating mud, to again become mud.

        Hail Europa

      • Harley says:

        And zek, only a couple generations-removed sand snake would use the alleged extinction of the whitest skinned-redheads to make a point about the larger White race’s survival.

    • In a world which will see the extinction of redheads in 70 years, I say fuck off.

      I’ve been doing my absolute best to impregnate redheads for many years now, but they always make me use condoms, are on the pill, or get abortions.

      Your cries of “misogyny” are no different than blacks screaming “racist” and jews screaming “anti-semitism.” Find me any man in the WN movement, or the alt-right generally, that has anything unkind to say about a white women married to a white man raising two children. You won’t find any, because there are none.

      So really, stuff it with this “misogyny” bullshit. Feminists aren’t worth hating, they are best ignored.

      • Denise says:

        Tell the redheads that you got a vasectomy. Then, if they get knocked up, say “Whoops!”

        Gingers must survive!

      • Harley says:

        HR you wouldn’t want to pay 18 years of child support for all those near misses now would you? DNA testing and all..

        Jews didn’t want to just vote, they wanted ours not to count. As for blacks, I’m still trying to figure out their ‘muh dick’ platform. Neither could ever be compared to misogyny, although such a charge can still be levied without any merit and even as an attempt to dominate.

        If you think I fit into this diseased feminist category then stop responding to my posts. To borrow your phrase, “Why are you bothering me?”

        I have a head ache 😉

      • oogenhand says:

        I do not really have a beef with feminism. I just wonder what Harley is going to tell her sand turd sisters.

      • Harley says:

        oogenhand, because you’re either too simplistic or paranoid to catch nuances, or perhaps because you’re looking for the Kool Aid which I don’t purvey, you resort to absurdist malcontented aspersions.

        ‘My sandturd sisters’ is as funny as HR’s BDSM proposition. No wait, HR is actually funny. You’re just bitter and desperately searching for whatever zombie high you can find in some internet-enabled fantasy where no one disagrees with you or requires you to think, justify your assertions or even have any meaningful ones.

        It’s unfortunate that the pro-White movement attracts so many of your type but I guess that’s called growth. Hopefully as more malcontents like you make your frustrated and hysterical claims the more the authentic proponents for our race will separate the wheat from the chaff.

        So keep lashing out blindly and exposing the weaknesses as we step up our game.

      • Craig says:

        My son’s a red head. (They need a proud emoticon.).

        I will teach him well.

        In fact when I count how many red heads are in my boys sports group it’s up around the 15 to 20% mark and most of them are girls. The great southern lands, indeed.

        @Harely, Most of the Lesbian couples I know in town keep to themselves and have served the community and my family well, in what ever they do. I just remember a riff with one, and the way our Uni’s are it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s real. Seriously the reds here indoctrinate their children as young as 6 and 8 years old. It’s sick.

    • Harley, how can I say this without embarrassing you? You seem to lack self-awareness. You are constantly going around accusing men of “misogyny” – hatred of women – every single time that women aren’t worshipped or someone makes a comment about the state of things.

      So, you know how guys that always go around constantly trashing homos, are constantly seeing gayness everywhere, and are constantly accusing other people of homosexuality and calling people “fags?” You know, homophobes? You know how, often, people think they may be gay themselves, fighting something in their own sexuality they might not be comfortable with?

      I have known quite a few – a lot – of feminists that are always going on about “rape culture” “misogyny” “sexism” and the like.

      I haven’t yet met a one that doesn’t like being tied up.

      So, I’m a bit suspicious now. Are you sure you aren’t fighting your own desire for a Mean Nasty Misogynist Man to spank that feminism right out of you?

      I mean, you do spend a lot of time on the blogs of those mean misogynists complaining. BTW, congrats, you are now the second most prolific commenter on my blog – and I think everyone knows all about me.

      You know, there was this other commenter that used to constantly accuse me of “sexism” “misogyny” and the like. I wound up emailing her, and what do you know…

      Email me, sweetie. 🙂

      • Harley says:

        I wouldn’t be so prolific if you didn’t continue to bait me. I don’t spend much time on most of your posts, you’re just handing me a line. We used to call guys like you smooth operators.

        As for this unsmooth BSDM stuff, I don’t harbor any deep need to get spanked, but watching you take on the extreme indulgences of the feminists, and of the narcissistic bitches who appropriate whatever reasonable gains they made, is quite amusing. Your take down of Vikingbitch was aces, darling.

      • Harley says:

        Oh and HR, perhaps try teaching our young White men to spank the real enemies:

        Wasting too much alpha energy on annoying girls is un-White. What’s happening with our men? This is why I deconstruct the lying lesbian above. It shouldn’t distract us. Hasbara or not, there are real battles to fight. The black animals focus their bestiality on not just the northwestern european men, but on our blonds. All in this instance are purely innocent, unlike some we know…

  6. Dan says:

    Lesbians are the ugliest, most embittered and angry things on the planet.

    • banned56 says:

      It is entirely possible, as Steve Sailer has shown in his essay Why Lesbians Aren’t Gay, that it may be they are embittered and angry, and therefore lesbian, BECAUSE they are ugly. Too ugly to get a guy. Which torqued them off and they’ve consoled themselves with an entirely inadequate consolation prize of another ugly, therefore embittered and angry, therefore lesbian, chick.
      Really, you fellas would like way more alpha if you pitied them rather than argued with ’em. That’d piss ’em off good.

      • Craig says:

        There are young redlipstick lesbians too, they are hot…

        Couldn’t help that.

      • Harley says:

        No offense, banned56 person, but this notion that lesbians cannot get men is insane. It simply has zero truth in it, and is a typical woman-hating projection.

        Tell me, why aren’t gay men ever accused of being too ugly to get a woman?

        There are beautiful lesbians, plain ones, and homely ones. Many that I’ve met don’t seem to do much to themselves or keep themselves up as much, and that contributes to a sense that they’re not as attractive. I’ve also noted a weight issue with many which may come from the type of projections you’re placing on them – better get fat because apparently no woman could reject men!

        One of the biggest secrets of the modeling industry in the 80’s was how many dykes there were in it. I guess one could make an upper middle class living and be accepted among the arty types in the big city.

        But however one feels about the lesbians one thing that’s pure projection onto them is that they cannot get men. They simply don’t want them. Please explain to me how gay men aren’t suffering from rejection anxiety but lesbians are….Women in general cannot simply not allowed to live an independent life in this country, and lesbians bear the brunt of that, although most I’ve met aren’t the slightest bit ‘independent’ really, as opposed to just not into male partners.

        That is why there is an intersection of lesbian and women’s rights. The feminists sought to free women from the dependence on men and the lesbians felt even more driven to achieve this status. Unfortunately the dykes were the more pivotal force behind the alliance with black men, but it was an alliance of convenience I think. The jewish feminists were the greater pushers for this partnership, however.

        Had our society simply respected women’s right to exist free from male or systemic violations we probably wouldn’t be living the hell we have now. Oh and the hideous man-wanna-be’s we’re seeing on TV more and more I think represent the extreme of what the Zionists want us to see – psycho dykes. Since I evacuated myself from the Left and it’s diversatoid minions I really don’t know what’s going on in ‘the community,’ except that it’s fun to say I told you so to a couple old associates of mine, straight and lesbian…no one believed me that Diversity Cult was pure evil…then, which was maybe as late of 2008 or 09.

        Most of what we see on TV these days isn’t real anyway, and I’m certain the freaks are being showcased for a reason.

      • For the love of Thor, Harley!

        Of course, there are plenty of lesbians that are quite attractive. Jody Foster comes to mind.

        But there you go again – “woman hating.”

        It’s not “woman hating” – it’s just a notion that is incorrect.

        Do you ever stop screeching about “HATE” and “MISOGYNY?”

        It is so, so tiresome. You sound like a cartoon leftist. You sound like a lesbian version of Abe Foxman or Al Sharpton.

        You simply cannot have an honest disagreement with anyone, without turning it into “hate” and “misogyny.”

        Give it a rest.

        P.S. – it’s freaking hilarious that you think women will ever be “free” of “dependence” on men. Get off the damn computer, sweetie – MEN invented computers, MEN invented the internet, and two MEN created wordpress – giving you a platform to spread this bullshit about “misogyny.”

        Go live on Amazonia with Wonder Woman if you really think you can be “free” of men.

  7. Stary Wylk says:

    The article puts me in mind of music played so loud it becomes more pain in the ears than anything audible.

  8. zek says:

    Maybe a Nation Cruise would be more up her alley.

    • mindweapon says:

      Exactly. The libs should go on Nation Cruise.

      • Paul says:

        We appreciate the compliment, but that clip on the right there is “Austrian Death Machine” not “Australian Death Machine”. We do have our share of death machines down under though, mostly spiders and snakes, and the odd Somali.

  9. Pingback: Very interesting intersectionality… | oogenhand

  10. Sam says:

    mindweapon you should go on a cruise with the wife. I have a friend that him and his wife go every year. The key is to shop around. He pays less than what it cost for a hotel room and all food is included. Drinks not included. He’s not a heavy drinker. Usually never but he drinks on cruises. Brings his own in the suitcase.

    • Craig says:

      Man, some of those boomer’s can drink and on the cheap too, like sneaking casks of 4L goon bags. The old man has told me stories of cruises. The Australian to NZ one is meant to be good, particularly the South Island of NZ.

  11. Rita Rabbit says:

    I would find a cruise tremendously boring. And having to associate with people whose only contribution to the community is their constant whining.

    Most people are a complete bore. The dumbimg down campaign in America has been a smashing success.

    • Hereward Saxon says:

      I agree. It would be almost as torturous as being condemned to sit in sports stadiums and watch professional sports, for days on end. Empty (meaningless), unproductive, wasteful….

  12. hardscrabble farmer says:

    I just came in from feeding the cattle and the sheep and the hogs and the chickens and the dogs and the barn cats after close to three feet of snow in sub-zero temperatures with a broken right arm before breakfast and discovered that out there people have much more difficult things in their life to deal with than I.

    That was a painful read. The amount of vitriol, envy and self absement in that one piece would keep a psychotherapist busy for years. She’s outraged that people want to be able to recognize their waiter, but at the same time fantasizes murdering them? Who exactly has the anger issues?

    Of course the first question that pops in my mind is “what race is your husband-wife? (Or was it wife-husband? I disremember.) And for someone so pained at the idea of White privilege why on Earth would she choose to go on a cruise staffed by minorities?

    Is there any point in pretending that this country has a unifying principle? Can we all agree that maybe now would be a good time to discuss an amicable divorce, let them go their way and we can go ours, sans conflict.

    • Harley says:

      People on here are so gullible. I knew tons of feminists, lesbians, bi’s and even some of the god awful trans-its when I studied and worked in lefty milieus. I encountered some ‘butch femme’ type lesbians and I can assure you that by the time a ‘butch’ is calling herself ‘husband’ – or her partner is – the ‘butch’ has gone trans and is no longer ‘identifying’ as a woman at all. I encountered these types (and even worked on a famous film about them) and there just weren’t any ‘butches’ who wanted to be known as ‘men’ per se. It was confusing and repellent to me, I have to admit, an within the feminist community there is a lot of contention around these ideas of gender. The ‘butch femme’ community seemed to me to be going extinct especially among whites as opposed to maybe blacks I guess.

      One ‘femme’ I worked with would talk about her girlfriend who she at a later point civil unioned, and even she would tell me that if anyone had called her fairly butchy girlfriend a ‘man’ that her gf would throw a fit and scream about being a woman!!!!.

      Yup, the bizarre and pretty neurotic butch femme types still insist that they’re women. The minute there’s a butch claiming in any way to be an actual man they’ve gone transsexual. Also there are all women festivals held in the country a couple times a year (Michigan’s Women’s Music Festival, for eg) and they attract both lesbians and straight feminists types. Fights have gone on for years about allowing any trans-its in because when you’ve abdicated your woman-ness, then you’re no longer welcome in these ‘safe spaces’ for women.

      So wisen up people and develp a more rigorous skepticism about the jewmedia’s tricks. They want you to keep attacking the gays so the white gays and stupid unaware whites then get mad and the conflict heightens.

      I’m about 90% certain, maybe more, that this is forged.

    • mindweapon says:

      Was it a more painful read than feeding your animals with one arm?

      I think we’re coming to a time when the Paychex Liberals don’t get the Paychex any more and lose thier outsized influence on the culture.

    • Mosin Nagant says:

      It’s been most difficult here keeping unfrozen water available, hauling five gallon buckets two at a time up the hill two or three times a day during this cold weather. Animals can eat the snow, but that wastes too much of their body heat. So they always need fresh water.

  13. Sam Barber says:

    In regards to living an austere life as well as maintaining health and wellness… Here is a link to some Farmstead MeatSmith videos. Very inspirational for those of us who want to move into home husbandry and butchery.

  14. stressedoutidealist says:

    WHY WHITES MUST HACK!: Hail the Syrian Electronic Army!

  15. Eikos says:

    Alex Linder on the leftist mentality:

    “Liberals are so sure they’re right about everything, and that opposition to them is based in evil, that they are willing to countenance any manner of tyranny needed to crush any opposition. They are tyrants, which is why they call themselves the opposite. They are intolerant, which is why they call themselves the opposite. ”

    “These people live in a bubble, many of them, and simply aren’t capable of understanding that other views exist, much less tolerating them or considering them. They are Right. They are on the Right Side of History. They represent Progress. Anyone opposed to them is Morally Evil and needs to be Stamped Out for there is No Place For Hate in our society.”

    “The leftist mentality is precisely that: that people split into good and bad, and they are the Good ones. That justifies their use of any means to abuse and stamp out evil in the form of their enemies. Who are their enemies? Anyone who opposes them in any way. Liberalism is not liberal at all, it is a form of aggressive self-righteousness. It generates crusades. Whether these crusades are religious or secular (religious in the Civil War, secular in the war to impose what is called ‘democracy’ throughout the Middle East), they are characterized by absolutely hateful, intolerance, endless hectoring, and vicious murder.”

    “Liberalism is characterized by a flatness of mind that in no way is incompatible with high intelligence, indeed is often exacerbated by it. It’s an inability to take anyone else’s existence into account. A fundamental disrespect for other people. An inability to tolerate criticism, which drives the shell-man, with his brittle exoskeleton to drive from his field of vision anyone who threatens his ego by supplying a different example of thinking or living.”

    Self righteous, sanctimonious, madmen.

    • Harley says:

      That’s a brilliant re-post, Eikos. Love the analogy to the Crusades. I’d just caution people that the sane alternative to these modern day Crusaders is us, and that if we fall into the trap of becoming like Them, then we lose the ultimate battle, which is really with TPTB, not with some stupid hasbara patsy troll.

      • Eikos says:

        More @

        “I’d just caution people that the sane alternative to these modern day Crusaders is us, and that if we fall into the trap of becoming like Them, then we lose the ultimate battle, which is really with TPTB, not with some stupid hasbara patsy troll.”

        I’m not sure what you mean here (& I don’t mean TPTB – ‘the powers that be’ part).

      • Starets says:

        While I am sure that there are a lot of low level lefties and multi-cultists who are little more than patsies and useful idiots, I don’t agree that the HasbaRats are patsies or useful idiots.

        The HasbaRats are knowingly working against White interests to the benefit of their own Tribe.

      • Harley says:

        Yeah, you’re right; it’s not a perfect analogy. This person may be a low level patsy, or even high level one, or a hasbara troll, but possibly not both.

        I actually think this is fairly sophisticated disinformation, so I’ll go with hasbara.

    • eyeslevel says:

      Anti-whites love being called liberals.

  16. Space Viking says:

    “They, too, were the kids who got picked on at school for being different”

    That right there perfectly sums up the entirety of the modern left. A coalition of losers and genetic defects that offend the sensibilities of the normal people out there with their mere presence.

  17. Mr. Rational says:

    OT:  I’m chatting up a chick who posted a personals ad.  She doesn’t mention in her ad that she’s a single mom.  (hmmm.)  She mentions that she typically works 60 hr/wk.  (Hmmm.)  Finally she lets drop that she’s been treated badly by black men AND white men.  (hmmm-HMMM!)

    I’m taking 3:1 odds that her kid is a halfbreed.  She didn’t say anything about her partner being DDF, so I’m taking 2:5 that she’s got herpes from mudsharking.

  18. FN says:

    The YT haters, they are so evil. The YKW supports homosexuality not because they think it is a good idea, no, they KNOW it weakens their enemy, the YT. Kevin MacDonald quotes Charles Silberman to that effect. So this garbage in a meat suit that you’ve posted here, they are the disposables. The issue is ALWAYS the YKW, for they are the sine qua non of the destruction of YT. Before the intervention of the YKW homosexuality was VERY frowned upon in the USA. Miscegenation was ILLEGAL. There is a GENETIC angle to the so-called “white liberal” it is in their GENES and you CANNOT change them. So they must go with the others to perhaps a year-long cruise that is renewed each year. Happy ending for all.
    Our enemy’s end game is GENOCIDE, just as they were up to in Russia when they were riding high. They’ve made YT weak, soft, puerile. YT has lost his edge.
    But there is another WHITE, hard, spiritual, honorable,these men are our hope, and it is our goal to be those men.
    Let the game play on for all is as God wills it

  19. who challenged their family’s ignorance in their angry teens.

    Ah yes, the angry teenager that knows more then their parents, and “challenges” their family’s “ignorance.” Presumably, their parents disagreed with their liberal public school teachers.

    • Jon says:

      Two movies I’d love to see:

      * Inversion of All In the Family, where a street-wise “Meathead” educates his father-in-law about racial realities

      * “Battle of Britain” meets “A Christmas Carol” where a “ghost of England future” takes England’s entire general staff on a time-space tour of modern-day England’s ethnic neighbourhoods causing them to stage a rebellion and install Oswald Mosley as Chancellor, who immediately makes peace with Germany.

  20. “Every time I think I’m going to wake up back in the jungle.”

    That scene from Apocalypse Now is a great illustration of PTSD.

  21. WG says:

    I admit I’ve never been on a proper “cruise”. It’s all a bit too downmarket for me. But I’ve spent weeks sailing on yachts in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Sea of Cortez. Do those count?

  22. Sam says:

    WG is better than me. 🙂

  23. Stubbs says:

    Hmm, my commentary, mostly directed at Harley:

    You’re right in your essential stance but too extreme Gordo. White women who lobbied to get suffrage weren’t anti-White, and they were considered the First Wave feminists.

    Assertions of sexual equality are inherently anti-White because it’s absurd to maintain the inequality of the human races while claiming that the human sexes are – despite their huge biological differences – nonetheless made “equal” by divine intervention or by “human reason” or some other humanist nonsense. This position has existed since at least the French Revolution, so we can hardly dismiss it as a novelty.

    It is true that suffrage isn’t necessarily an assertion of equality. If my memory serves me correctly Mussolini enacted female suffrage in Italy for political reasons, he could hardly be considered some sort of feminist.

    It’s always odd to me that within the pro-White movement there is this attitude towards women that seems to mimic the muslim sand turds. You decry their misogyny, then ape them. What’s up with that?

    The patriarchal societies of the Arabs and Orientals are far superior to the matriarchal hunter-gatherer societies that have been the norm for most of human existence.

    Islam is one of the effective social systems in the world, it turned a population with a fairly low IQ and a bad temperament into a global powerhouse that’s threatened the White race for most of its lifespan. China is one of the world’s oldest and most consistently powerful civilizations, and it’s currently posed to take America’s place as the world’s most powerful nation-state.

    Matriarchal/feminist societies exist among extremely low-IQ races who live on marginal land scrounging up tubers and plopping out children without any forward planning or collective idealism. They don’t create civilizations, they don’t create technology or any real art, and they certainly can’t win any conflicts with a patriarchal society. They’re the most ape-like of humans.

    Even within the patriarchal White race, it was the highly patriarchal societies of ancient Greece and Rome which dominated pre-Christian Europe; the less patriarchal Celts were turned into mincemeat by Roman formations and logistics, even though their individual warriors were stronger and fighting in friendly territory.

    Witness the female leaders in the northwestern european race…our great female monarchs, and pioneers. Under their guidance our people ascended to the greatest heights known to humankind.

    Feminists like to emphasize female monarchs, but then paper-over the numerous boy-kings who managed a successful reign. Ancient battles included far more 14-year old boys than they did women. Pioneer women may have been tough, but her teenaged son was the head of the household in her husband’s absence.

    Does all of this mean we must lament the misopaedy of modern society, and seek an end to ageism? Of course not. Women and children from those times may have been tough, but men from those times were all the tougher.

    Generally speaking, women are to men as children are to women. No matter how impressed we may be by child prodigies, children as a class don’t deserve to wield the same socio-political power as adults.

    Misogyny and it’s bourgeois stratifications are weapons devised to divide whites, just as the Second Wave feminist movement was.

    At no point since the rise of the bourgeois has a White society been as “misogynistic” as Rome and Athens were.

    The problem with the bourgeois housewives of the 1950s wasn’t that they lacked power, it’s that they had too much power and lacked direction. Men of that time (and this time?) believed that providing a life of ease and luxury would make them happy; women are biological creatures, so of course an effortless life made them sick. Had men demanded that their wives work on unnecessary-but-interesting projects instead, much of the “crisis” would have been averted.

    Patriarchy is the natural order of things. A healthy amount of misogyny benefits everyone. You need men to create civilization for you; men need you for having babies and nothing else.

    Well let’s not come off as insulting. The female human is heavily adapted towards having children, physically and mentally. That she’s weak in so many other areas shows the importance of her specialty, just as a human child is held back by its own capacity for growth.

    Snickering at the “inferiority” of children is obviously pretty goofy…

    Jews didn’t want to just vote, they wanted ours not to count.

    But every new vote dilutes all the others. Female suffrage cuts the value of the male vote in half. Likewise if I said women should retain the right to vote, but that each man should be allowed to cast three votes, you’d see my angle quite easily.

    Your take down of Vikingbitch was aces, darling.

    Am I the only anti-feminist that doesn’t dislike VB? She can be choleric, but I’ve always just figured she wears her heart on her sleeve. Oftentimes women criticize men as a backdoor way of excusing women’s misbehavior, VB hasn’t given me that impression.

    • oogenhand says:

      “Islam is one of the effective social systems in the world, it turned a population with a fairly low IQ and a bad temperament into a global powerhouse that’s threatened the White race for most of its lifespan.”

      And that is why an Islam-like system with European men in stead of Arab men would be so f*cking effective. Patrilinearity is probably more important than patriarchy.

      • Stubbs says:

        But the White Aryan race is biologically incapable of reproducing itself through miscegenation. If Mitt Romney and Michelle Obama had a child it wouldn’t actually biologically be a White Aryan, regardless of what any law or religious doctrine classified it as.

  24. banned56 says:

    “Jews didn’t want to just vote, they wanted ours not to count.”

    “But every new vote dilutes all the others. Female suffrage cuts the value of the male vote in half. Likewise if I said women should retain the right to vote, but that each man should be allowed to cast three votes, you’d see my angle quite easily.’

    One of the valid arguments the White women made for suffrage in 1920 was because their vote was needed to counter the BLACK MAN vote — which White men, in a fit of inexplicable foolheadedness, had already given them.

    Steve Sailer a while back did an essay showing married White women went for Romney (taken as a proxy for conservatism) 63%. That means only 37% of married White women were for Obama.

    What’s frightening is that White Single Men, the demographic that suffers most from the anti-white zeitgeist and therefore *ought* to be the most fervently anti-Obama, could only manage the tiniest margin in favor of Romney at 52%.
    So that means 48% of White Single Men, the people who ought to have been the MOST anti-Obama, at like 99.5% pro-Romney, 48% of this demographic turns out to be nutjobs voting FOR Obama. WTF? Give that demo 3x the votes of White married women, who are far more conservative? Are you CRAZY?!

    Nah, dude, the problem is NOT with women’s suffrage per se. The problem is with unmarried — more so female, but even male — voters.

    Here’s more proof that, sans Jew brainwashing, White women are worthy to vote: I am a Wyomingite. Our state is known as the Equality State because they were the first ones to give White women the vote. And, DESPITE almost 150 years of suffrage, Wyoming is among the reddest (taken as a proxy for conservatism) of states, outdone only by Mississippi. Why? No jews around here to mislead foolish YOUNG women (less than 1% of population is jewish).

    So endeth my newly severely edited 10,000 word essay.

    If any demographic ought to be given extra votes, it ought to be married couples. Don’t make me post THAT 10,000 word essay, because I *won’t* cut it down. (Smile).

    • Denise says:

      Great post/ Why do WN males always seem to forget to note the culpability of tons of WHITE MALES, in throwing Western Civ, and White women, to the Orcs?

    • Stubbs says:

      Yep. White northerners gave Blacks electoral power over White southerners because they hated them. There was a bunch of theological crap about how “a man is a brother” trotted out, but mostly it was a stupid political scheme.

      I’m not so pessimistic on the young. They had (so far as I can find) the most votes put towards third parties, and the most cynicism towards the electoral process. I didn’t vote for Romney, and I don’t think he’d have been in our strategic interests.

      I don’t think women’s suffrage is one of our principal problems (real power doesn’t come from campaigning), but women having the same electoral power as men is unjustified ideologically.

      Under Mosley’s system men would have a vote on economic issues based on their trade, and mothers would have also have standing as homemakers. Then give men a second vote after completing military service, for (roughly) a 2:1 ratio. That’s my sketch for a republic, anyway.

      • banned56 says:

        “Under Mosley’s system men would have a vote on economic issues based on their trade, and mothers would have also have standing as homemakers. Then give men a second vote after completing military service, for (roughly) a 2:1 ratio. That’s my sketch for a republic, anyway.”

        My way’s better. Because those homemakers? Well, single mothers on welfare are “homemakers.” *Those* are the folks you don’t want voting.

        Better: married couples each get a double vote for having got married. Ergo, married men (who are the most invested in Western Civ as they probably have bio children), because they influence their wives, get what amounts to 4x (FOUR!) the votes of single libtards, both foolheaded single male Obama voters and single mothers.
        At worst, if unable to influence his wife, he gets his 2 votes canceled by her 2 votes — but that’s better than the current system, where he gets his one vote canceled by her, and a whole lotta single libtards, too.
        It will work because OTHER White married men who DID properly instruct their wives, make up the slack. Cancelling the 4 votes of just one pro-White married man who is a real, honest-to-goodness leader of his family, requires 4(!) single libtards motivated enough to get up and go vote. (Or one motivated libtard married couple — who are scarce as unicorns!!)

        Superenfranchising marriage accomplishes lots of pro-White goals.
        *Esssentially disenfranchises blacks because they don’t get married..

        *Rewards White men for “manning up” as the harridans like to call it. Right now with divorce laws being what they are, marriage is far too dis-incentivized for men. Give the guys who manned-up more say in society (AND I’d be good with giving military an extra vote, also).

        *Is more likely to be politically palatable. We can market this simply as “Being Good for the Children” claiming we’re just, all innocently and sweetly, incentivizing marriage, since children do best when raised by their married parents. As opposed to insulting and alienating White women, which you must do if you take away women’s vote.

        We just say, “Hey, no insult intended, Ms. Single Mother. We just want to encourage people to get married. If you get married, you too can have a double vote.” (All the while knowing that statistics show that when she does get married she’s likely to start voting her husband’s interests, i.e., conservative/pro-White. — Or if she continues to vote lib-tard, hey, her husband’s newly pro-White vote cancels hers, since it’s clear that when MEN marry, they too become more conservative / pro-White.)

        Ta-da! Who knew? I just edited my Magnum Opus down by 4/5ths. Shakespeare was right. Brevity IS the soul of wit.

      • banned56 says:

        ” I didn’t vote for Romney, and I don’t think he’d have been in our strategic interests.”

        No, I know that. Romney is no friend. He, however, was the Republican nominee — and most sleepwalking White folks think Republican means conservative. So I use voting for him as a general proxy of being against the Obamanation.

        My point is, those folks who actually went out and voted FOR Obama, save a handful of WNs who believe worse is better — those folks who so loved a darkie that they mustered the effort to get up out of their armchair, drive to the polls and vote for Obama, those voters are ipso facto anti-White libtards. And that 48% of single White men, who Obama hates their guts, doing such a thing is pathetic. Frightening. Terrifying. Blood-chilling. Holy cats! We can’t give those people more votes than sensible married White women who vote their husband’s (and therefore their own) interests!

      • mindweapon says:

        Yeah, I got your point. But if you recall, this blog advocated voting for Obama and for all Democrats so long as Republicans are not an explicitly pro-White party that mercilessly purges the Rockefeller Republicans, and neocons.

        Also, giving Democrats a One Party State amounts to letting a child play with a lethal substance; they will destroy themselves with too much power. Good! We should stop preventing them from their own over-reach! Like in aikido, let your opponent push as hard as he wants, in the direction he wants to go, and don’t be there to resist him.

      • Stubbs says:

        Hmm, the problem I see with your proposal is that it does nothing to dissuade pairs of currently-single yuppies from “marrying” each other with no intent of raising a family, just to get more “votes for change” and show off their civic responsibility to their friends. Likewise the Blacks and Mestizos would certainly marry (and often quickly divorce) if the incentives to do so changed.

        As far as political palatability goes, I think we’d be frozen out in either case, especially since we’re talking about a constitutional amendment. I was assuming some sort of March on Rome occurred and I was drafting up an entirely new constitution for a White Republic.

        From an idealistic point of view women shouldn’t wield the same amount of political power as men, and this patriarchal fact should be ingrained into law to reduce confusion. For that reason I would favor giving men twice the voting power even if the elections were a complete farce, and Il Duce won every presidency with 120% of the vote.

        From a practical view I guess it depends on the immediate circumstances. (If Hipster was starting a coup maybe we’d only want single women to vote, since apparently they all love him.)

      • @Stubbs

        If Hipster was starting a coup maybe we’d only want single women to vote, since apparently they all love him.

        It’s more of a love/hate thing really. I am planning on staging a coup with my network of lady spies. The men will never see it coming.

        Oh, and to answer your objections to the childless yuppie couple, you give both the husband and wife an extra vote per child.

      • Stubbs says:

        Honestly we might as well not even give the married yuppies extra votes at all. It’s not like they’ve put skin in the game.

  25. gibbon says:

    Unrelated but awesome.

    Knock out game. Youth attacks woman. She fights back holding the guy long enough for a white guy to appear and kick a field goal with his head.

  26. Stubbs says:

    Race isn’t a gene on the Y chromosome. A child has just as many chromosomes from the mother as it does the father.

    Johansson’s Negroid blood is highly diluted, because her family tree is overwhelmingly White. If each of her male mulatto ancestors married another Negro she’d still be an obvious mulatto. Had her father been the extremely light-skinned Negro she would still be white-skinned. I’m not sure what patrilinearity has to do with her.

    Regarding the Israeli I would classify the children as racial Jews, but Ashkenazi Jews are (like Johansson) fairly close relatives of Whites to begin with.

    I’ll acknowledge that the Mediterraneans have some non-White admixture, and that at some point trace mongrelization should just be considered genetic damage to be repaired through eugenics. We can’t, however, let half the population of Africa and India into our genepool and survive.

    If you only mean to allow cross-breeding with non-White females when they already have significant amounts of White admixture I guess it could be made to work, but the difficulties associated with it seem to outweigh the potential benefits to it.

    Essentially the Arabs are part White already, adopting their system of descent completely would just make us the White component of a neo-Arab race which would replace us. We have different biological requirements for reproduction of our phenotype than the Arabs do, and if this is a curse it’s nonetheless the price of our existence.

    • Harley says:

      How are the Arabs part White? Why does a half North African mongrel somehow get to weigh in at all, much less with my White men about…how to breed me and my sister White women? While the latter concept is ridiculous, the former is simply out of our galaxy and needs to be addressed on a truly pro-White level.

      This half breed mongrel even dares to accuse me of having ‘sand sisters’ when I would positively GLOW IN THE DARK that is his sand snake blood. I am a native european, from the indigenous tribes of the continent and not of some mongrelized lineage. No semite runs in my veins and no desert god commands my people.

      Please get this shape-shifting reptile out of our ranks. Mediterraneans are hard to carry already, but actually claiming a dune coon somehow belongs among us is simply beyond. The caucasian people came out of the Caucasus Mountains, went into Europe and North Africa and evolved separately from a date far enough back to classify them as a different race.

      By god, just look at these people and their ‘societies’ and tell me they’re my race. If you can, you’re not of mine.

    • Stubbs says:

      Er, they’re part White because they have some White ancestors. We used to span from Spain to Norway to Egypt to India, but the eastern half of our territory was mongrelized into oblivion. A Semite is a type of mongrel-race, like the “Hispanics” of Latin America but older and more thoroughly blended.

      I was going to say that Oog was telling White men how to breed, not White women, but actually if I understand him correctly he is telling White women that they should be willing to breed with mulatto men so long as they have a White father (or paternal grandfather, or so on down the line).

      Which also means Oog’s race could be 75% dark by the end, with no religious objections so long as their great grandfathers were White. In fact, I’m pretty sure this was already tried by the Aryans of India, albeit through a somewhat more complex system. India is interesting, but hardly a White racial success story.

      Am I missing something?

      • mindweapon says:

        no, oog is whacked out. I haven’t been deleting his posts lately. I need to.

      • Harley says:

        I have never bought into the Egypt to India theory. I truly think, based on what a top scientist told me, that we originated in the Caucasus and then migrated into Europe. I find it highly unlikely bordering on ridiculous to try to place fair indigenous europeans in Egypt or India, or to say that we came from there. Certainly the egyptians and indians did not look like us, no matter how many faux reports of redheads in Egypt surface. If there are some rather fair (for Indians) Indians, isn’t it more likely they interbred with some of the british or something?

        One theory on blond hair’s advent is that as the europeans transitioned to a wheat-based diet, the bottleneck created by childbirth caused blondes and redheads and fair skin generally to burgeon. Fairer skinned women, who sometimes have blonde and red hair (both colors guarantee very fair skin) absorbed vitamin D far more efficiently and thus escaped rickets, which could easily kill a woman during childbirth, and her baby. Eating wheat, this theory holds, blocks vitamin D absorption through the skin for around four and half hours (I think) so a wheat-filled diet put olive-skinned women at peril and a huge disadvantage in reproduction.

        It’s the best theory I’ve read on the proliferation of blondes and redheads in Europe. There had to have been a bottleneck otherwise the superior ability to absorb DNA would have taken too long to matter that significantly in terms of evolution favoring it.

        So how people place fair skinned people in India or Egypt where the sun is brutal on a ghost like me baffles me. I wouldn’t survive well there; my skin’s hyper sensitivity to brutal sun would just cause issues and discomfort, not evolutionary benefit.

        What you’re missing in all this is that Vikingbitch has accused me, in all of her hysteria and projections, of being a jew because I threatened to involve authorities when she wouldn’t stop harassing me in ‘real’ life. This is sheer strategy on her part as she has met me in person and knows full well that I am about as whitey white as it can possibly get, and look like I come from Sweden or Iceland, not to mention that I emphasize an anti-judeo stance more than most. It wasn’t clear whether oogenhand was repeating this ridiculous spin attempt on Vikingbitch’s part or whether he was simply spontaneously grasping when he referenced my ‘sand sisters,’ but I wasn’t taking it regardless from some swarthy camel jockey. Gorillas and bedouin have harems; humans have partners.

      • Stubbs says:

        You’re certainly incorrect about India. Sanskrit has the same linguistic base as Persian, Greek, Latin, German, and Celtic (proto-Indo-European). The Aryans who came from the northwest and conquered India instituted a caste system to regulate interbreeding between themselves and the Dravidians. The Rig-Veda even describes Indra as yellow-haired, and names Zeus/Dyeus the Father as a central deity.

        King Darius of Persia was described as blue-eyed, as was Siddhartha the Buddha. Ramses II did have red hair and King Tutankhamen’s DNA is closer to a modern European’s than anything else. The princes of Jerusalem are described as “whiter than milk” in the book of Lamentations and old Rabbinical lore claims King David was a redhead (thus “ruddy” means “of red hair” rather than “flush in the face”).

        Note that all these descriptions are of the ruling class, not the bulk of the population. Basically the history of western Asia was similar to the history of Latin America, only the colonists were various bands of opportunists rather than a unified empire. After the initial conquests lose steam biological differences cause races to become stratified by social class, and miscegenation slowly chips away at them until a revolt occurs and they’re deposed.

        I certainly don’t see how light skin could have come from eating wheat, since wheat was first domesticated in Mesopotamia and Egypt. The lightest parts of Europe tend to be the last to embrace large-scale agricultural society. A genetic bottleneck seems probable, and it obviously didn’t occur near the equator; Whites or near-Whites found in hotter climates would have been migrants.

        I wasn’t aware of your personal conflict with VB, I assumed it was an ideological thing.

  27. For Thor’s sake, why must women take every goddamn thing so personally? The solipsism, it burns! Oogenhand is merely pointing out that feminism is a universalist ideology. Like Christianity. He makes an observation that “race” can be defined matrilineally, or patrilineally, or both. WNs define it as both. So, we disagree with oog on this one.

    Oog is often wrong, and often crazy. His autistic hyper-logic can be insightful or it can just be off.

    It would be easier to have serious conversations on actual issues with women if they weren’t constantly shrieking like harpies every time they hear something they happen to not like, constantly trying to find something to take offense at, and for a particular faction, constantly using stupid slurs that simply make US look bad. We can sit around criticizing white men all day long, and the very second one of the Goddesses is not flattered, the shrieking begins.

    Grow up. Must we treat women like children, and expect them to cry every time they hear something unpleasant? I guess so.

    Might I suggest some of the ladies here follow the lead of banned56 and learn to argue issues like rational adults?

  28. Orc, doon-coon, DEMONICJEWDEVILSPAWN, sand snake, purple penis!

    And, of course, MISOGYNYYYYYY!

    Is this fucking elementary school? This sort of crap belong on VB’s blog.

    • Crap twice in one day sorry MW.


    • Sam Barber says:

      The articles on the blog are top notch and chock full of useful day to day real life information and guidance but the fluff in the comments can be helpful too.

      I make sure that when I read comments I pick them straight from the Recent Comments section and only choose the commentators who consistently make sense (MW, HR, The Saxon guy, Mr. Rational sometimes and a few others). I read their comments trying to glean information that I can apply to my own unique situation and life. The piece on the Kelly Kettle was great. The comments were sparse and few but practical and without a personal slant, rant or ego defense.

      The weird commentators I leave alone and usually only read what they have to say when I’m trying to figure out what HR is talking about. HR does seem to have a knack for picking people apart.

      The point being that I believe most people generally ignore the commentators who live on the fringes of the real world. The MWIR reader knows who is full of bullcrap and who isn’t.

      • Harley says:

        My thoughts exactly…but I suspect we’re attaching the label of ‘the fringes’ a little differently.

        White people will go nowhere with the extremist rhetoric showcased on this thread and throughout the WN movement. I happen to know many men who would find some posters’ notions about women and voting ridiculous.

        Believe it or not, outside of the WN sphere most white men actually like and respect women and feel far more bonded and allied with their wives than they do with elitist white men or women.

  29. You know, I give up. Right here, on MWIR, I’ve often cautioned against extreme anti-LGBT sentiment. I’ve counseled against getting into bed with the Xian-Zionist types that are always trying to scapegoat teh gayz. I’ve often said we shouldn’t alienate whites that happen to be homosexual. I’ve soft-pedaled that issue. I’ve quoted the gay faction at CounterCurrents. Hell, I even read James O’Meara, who is queer as a three dollar bill, and in fact, has some rather disgusting ideas that no one would approve of. I figured it’s best to live and let live. I’ve noted that black countries like Jamaica are the most fanatically anti-gay.

    But it’s no use. The majority of LGBTs – along with their straight feminist counterparts – are so fanatically leftist, are so wrapped up in their own Victimhood Identity Politics that you can’t even have a reasonable discussion with them. They just won’t accept being a tolerated outlier group. All they do is scream HATE HATE HATE just like the rest of the left.

    I guess I was wrong. Fuck ’em.

    • mindweapon says:

      Well, I think there’s the vocal homosexual leftists, but there are probably also many potential allies among them. There are definitely racialist gays. Heck, there’s a big scandal about a lot of white gays who are racist in their personals advertisements on “Grindr” (you don’t want to know what Grindr is). What I could see is an alliance between our White homeschooling families and the gay urban gentrifiers, to take back large chunks of cities for our benefit.

      • @MW

        Right, gays are the shock troops of gentrification. This has been written about. So, you have some ghetto neighborhood, where half of the buildings are abandoned. Gay men start buying the properties and fixing them up. They can get away with walking around at night because it’s two gay guys who go to the gym all the time and take steroids. They start pricing the ghetto denizens out of the neighborhood. Once there are enough gays, the lesbians feel safe moving in, and they start opening coffeeshops and bookstores. Then, the sort of “marginal” white girls come, the “bisexuals” and fag hags, rooming with their gay BFFs. Then hipsters girls come, and once the hipster girls are in, the hipster boys follow because all of a sudden there are lots of girls hanging out at this bar or diner. They start opening bike shops and comic book stores. Once they start pairing off, they might stay in the neighborhood and have children. At that point, you’ve got a little white enclave. The politicians love it because they fix up the neighborhood and bring in tax revenue an tourism.

        This happened in many major cities throughout the 90s and 00s.

        A gay guy I used to work with said that gay men are about the most racist people ever, for obvious reasons. As we saw with the Ani Difranco “scandal,” while lesbians might pay lip service to diversity and the like, the reality is, aside from their one mulatta friend, that scene is whiter than a Klan rally.

      • Harley says:

        mindweapon, have you ever heard of Plainfield, NJ? It was a small city-town about 45 minutes west of the Holland Tunnel, in Union County, NJ. After Union County’s seat, the port of Elizabeth, not far south of Newark, port of Essex County, Plainfield was the second largest city and flourished before the riots. It was the home of some of the wealthy and featured a few neighborhoods boasting beautiful old-style mansions, most of which became unlived in and I guess just sort of owned by someone for decades until the mid-late 90’s, when some gay men moved in.

        The gay men tended to have more money traditionally, and that generation in their middle age also tended to be childless, unlike some of the lesbians. They took over these neighborhoods as they had no interest in the school system. Various demographics followed them in and the school systems started to revitalize, although I wonder if many couples sent their kids to the private schools in NJ which are among the best in the country and to which Plainfield would offer convenient access, as the taxes may also have remained lower during the revitalizing phase.

        Unfortunately, I think the well off gay men are among the worst in terms of being pro-Diversity. They mostly wanted the houses I think. The middle class gay men seem more likely to reject the Kult Kool Aid, although it seems to depend.

        Without kids to worry about a future, I don’t think gay men make anything but occasional allies of convenience. White lesbians have to contemplate their kids’ futures, and I think more are reachable and can even become powerful advocates. The jews know this and that is why I think they propagate such filth like the article posted. The white feminist and lesbian factions will come running back to their race, as they have been the most used and even hated by Diversity. They have the standing and the stories to impact many who would recoil from hard core White Nationalism.

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