Hungary: Politician Removes European Union Flag From Parliament Chamber, Throws Out Of Window

The defenestration of Budapest: Hungarian politician throws EU flag out the window. Hope this rebellion against the EU works! - by F. Kaskais


The resistance to the European Union is spreading, as the cracks in the foundation have become more apparent during the ongoing economic crisis.

Last week, one representative in Hungary decided to show the EU exactly what he (and a significant portion of Hungarians) think about the “colonialism” that is being forced upon them.

Dr. Gaudi-Nagy Tamás gave a brief speech on the oppression sweeping the continent as a result of further Brussels-centric consolidation. Dr. Tamás then proceeded to remove the EU flag from the chamber, walk it down the hallway and throw it out of the window in front of numerous reporters.


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3 Responses to Hungary: Politician Removes European Union Flag From Parliament Chamber, Throws Out Of Window

  1. Denise says:

    God Bless that Hungarian Patriot!

  2. WG says:

    Later he put it in the toilet.

  3. MOISHE says:

    I was impressed by the Hungarian will to power and its rejection of jewish control. a few years ago I met a few people from Jobbik who were railing against Israeli/jewish control of the former leftist government – the government of hungary is bought – lock, stock and barrel by the jews. later, the Israelis flew in thousands of idf soldiers into Budapest to protect jewish buildings during some bullshit jew holiday in the capital. Hungarians threw stones, tomatoes, eggs and anything they could get their hands on at the buses driving the Israelis. Hungarians hate the jews for good reasons –
    Bela Kun was the notorious communist leader who usurped hungary after world war one and instituted changes that benefited the jew minority. later in 56 the Hungarians machinegunned any members of the communist government they could lay their hands on who were – as expected overwhelmingly jewish – the latest jewish gambit for control – the fucking EU will end up the same way – ALL POWER TO THE TRUE HUNGARIANS!!

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