the kelly kettle — a trick we learned in the uk

Very important doom device — the kelly kettle for boiling water. If you have to, you can filter out particulates through fabric, then boil water, then hopefully you will have safe water. In a collapse/doom sitaution, people are going to be dying from drinking surface water. Don’t be a casualty. When there’s no electricity, boiling water is difficult! I found this out first hand. And when there’s no electricity, boiling water is a big luxury.

the irresistible fleet of bicycles

For making mid-morning tea out in the field! 950

Also known as a Storm Kettle, and offered by Lehman’s and by (UK)

The hollow kettle, made of double skinned aluminum, surrounds the fire you build in the base. The water absorbs the fire’s heat in an amazingly efficient manner. Add fuel (paper, leaves, sticks, wood) through the 2″OD vent on top. Boil 40 oz of water in 3 minutes. Cork on brass chain can be inserted to keep water hot or from splashing out while in transit.

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4 Responses to the kelly kettle — a trick we learned in the uk

  1. X says:

    A truly excellent piece of kit. Learn how to ‘disguise’ smoke and you can use it safely during daylight without alerting any wandering ‘zombies’ to your presence 😉

  2. zek says:

    This is good, but don’t forget about having water to boil. When the electricity goes out at the pumping station, the water stops running. Without water, you’re dead in 3-8 days. A lot of people in a no-water situation will die by drinking contaminated surface water. It’s always good to stockpile a few months of water alongside the food – something I doubt most preppers are doing…

    Another option would be one of those Katadyn filters that hikers use to drink out of streams and such.

    • mindweapon says:

      What you do is filter/boil/distill local surface water. I actually have a nonelectric distiller. What I’d do is preboil the water in a kelly kettle, pour it in the non-electric distiller, put the non-electric distiller in the sun oven or over the kelly kettle.

  3. Craig says:

    I’ve a system when I finish will make 1800 Gal/day. Yeah water. One solar pump the rest gravity fed filters and storage, plus pressure at the house, but there is a bit of maintenance involved. That’s why I want a syn gas gennie then I won’t need premium petrol so much for simple things.

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