You Can Tell A Lot About A Nation’s Women By Its Facebook Likes

Could this country and its people be going down the shitter any faster? Forget Rome’s historical precedence. America is in double-time decline, setting new records of scraping bottom as we speak. I think I will dub this Millennifag cohort the Like Me Generation. “Like me, because if you don’t I’ll have a mental breakdown as the realization that I’m a mediocrity sweeps over me. Nothing less than total unanimity in judgment of my awesomeness and the rightness of my knee-jerk emotional opinions will keep me alive another day.”

Yeah, no. I think instead I will take this shiv and give it an extra twist in your guts, just because I like… yes, Like… watching you effete nancies and spluttering mutants scream bloody murder. And you know what? The country will become a place truly worth liking for your suffering.


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5 Responses to You Can Tell A Lot About A Nation’s Women By Its Facebook Likes

  1. The solution to the sex, romance, marriage, and baby problem:

    Stop throwing your kids out there on their own to find a mate. How can anyone expect young, dumb, horny teenagers and young adults to make good decisions about such an important part of their lives? It’s insane.

    It’s very simple. When women are young, they are extremely attractive and get all sorts of attention, which inflates their egos to massive, narcissistic levels. They hold out for the best, or slut it up with sleazy hipsters, then hit the wall and wonder why the only men giving them the time of day are beta schlubs.

    When men are young, they have no accomplishments, no wealth, and no maturity to properly provide for and lead a family. Unless they happen to be good looking alphas, they get no attention from women. Then, at 30, when they have made something of their lives, they are accosted by women their age looking to “beta bucks” them. But at that point, they want to slut it up like the girls did when they were young.

    We need to force the women to marry a guy in her league while she’s young and pretty, and we need to force the older men to remain faithful to their wives when the power dynamic changes around 30.

    As far as Facebook likes – look, young women are stupid, shallow, and narcissistic. That’s why they need a father, to spank that ego right out of them and teach them some humility. Young men are lazy idiots, eating factory phood, jerking off to porn, and playing video games. That’s why they need a father, to force them to do hard manual labor, play sports, and make something of themselves.

    One simple change to family law will fix 90% of this problem – default paternal custody of children. If a wife wants to bail on her husband, she has to leave the kids with the father. That will end the “I’m unhaaaaapy I want cash and prizes” divorce culture we have today.

    We also need something like boot camp for women, where some drill instructor will insult her to her face and make her cry, so she can learn to deal with criticism and judgement and stop being so full of herself.

    • Firepower says:

      Should should …Shmould.

      If you cram one more Magic Shouldwish in there you’ll have a Rainbow Ocean of Shiny Pink Hap-Happy Wishies!
      Why, while I’m at it – my Unicorn herd should shit solid gold nuggets.

      And before you go with stratagem #56 – “what have YOU done about it ???” – recall YOU’RE the one idly sputtering about concocting some Boot Camp For Bitches as a crazy solution for The Latest Outrage that’s got you mad. I’m making an observation and an explanation.

      Instead of daydreaming about toughtalk™ and Sgt. Hartman in Full Metal Jacket For Feminists, limit your “lil’ shouldies” to the more realistic

      “White people should get off their ignorant and lazy asses”

      • Well, that’s classic Firepower Patented Purple Prose, but I’m not sure how any of it is relevant, or what substance it has to it?

        The boot camp thing is what well call a “metaphor.” No one is suggesting an actual boot camp.

  2. Attila says:

    Dumb Goyim do Facebook!

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