Revival of the Cold War, Brutal Clashes in the Ukraine.

Golden Dawn explains the Civil War in Ukraine.

xaameriki - ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ xrysh aygh GOLDEN DAWN news in english

The Americans have recently been discrediting the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia as a side act of propaganda.  The US has been relentlessly demonizing Russia and its President. Putin’s Financial support and the reaction of rioting protesters in Ukraine by Washington and Berlin is not a collateral act of propaganda, but proof of basic U.S. strategic thinking.

Victoria Nuland of the State Department. Guess her ethnic origin.

Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, confessed the US has “invested” several billions of dollars in the last 20 years for the “democratization” of Ukraine and it is well known that Americans ‘defend’ their ‘investments’ in foreign countries and particularly those of strategic importance.

After Libya and Egypt, where the “humanitarian” aid from the U.S. and NATO created chaotic situations and even civil war in Libya, the U.S. plans with its American Zionists that Syria in the coming weeks will be under the…

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13 Responses to Revival of the Cold War, Brutal Clashes in the Ukraine.

  1. Mosin Nagant says:

    Walmart will continue to open hundreds of new stores, destabilising and cannibalising hundreds more small communities in effort to revive growth:

    But they must know the REAL growth market is catering to luxurious, feminine whims of the 1/10th of 1%, not pushing junk to the dying middle class.

  2. Mosin Nagant says:

    ‘It will now open 270 to 300 small stores during the current fiscal year. That’s double the initial forecast for adding 120 to 150 stores. The expansion of the smaller stores outpaces the growth of its supercenters, which had long been the company’s growth engine. Wal-Mart also promised it will sharpen its focus on everyday low prices at its U.S. stores and further push that strategy’ — the strategy of closer and easier, smaller and CHEAPER as the customer base becomes ever poorer.

  3. Mosin Nagant says:

    I intended to post the above comments under the ‘Economic Contraction’ article. Sorry.

  4. Doesn’t anyone remember the “Color Revolutions” from 5-10 years ago, in Ukraine and other post-Soviet Eastern European states? It was all but openly acknowledged that these were being heavily financed by the West, in fact, a particular faction in the West.

    I don’t know enough about Ukraine to really make any judgements about what is going on, but it’s obvious these were never some spontaneous uprisings of Da Peoplez against The Man, but heavily coordinated destabilisation campaigns against rival governments.

  5. Afterthought says:

    What’s odd are the alleged Ukrainian “nationalists” on pro-white web sites hoping to topple Yanukovich and dissing Artaputin. Even if Artaputin et al were bad, which they are not, the EU is ZOG. The Jewess Nuland and her Jew husband Kagan are ARCH US neocons. The are the DIRECT decendents of the killers of the Holodomor. If you can’t get simple stuff right, stay out of the arena.

    *Arta is the ancient Aryan concept of right and order, often used as an honorific prefix (eg Artaxerxes)

    • Wally D. says:

      “The Jewess Nuland and her Jew husband Kagan are ARCH US neocons. The are the DIRECT decendents of the killers of the Holodomor”

      Until people finally realize this connection, they will continue to be bled dry. The death of millions of Ukrainians, or any other ethnic group, means absolutely nothing to god’s chosen.

  6. Wally D. says:

    Nuland is another tenacle of the giant vampire squid. The billione of American dollars spent to foment the Ukrainian revolt will reap Goldman Sachs and company, trillions in coal, iron ore and prime Ukrainian farm lands.

  7. WG says:

    It is now reported that Israeli military officers are directing the anti-government protestors in Ukraine:

    Is anyone surprised?

  8. Wyandotte says:

    Nobody anywhere gave a schitt about Ukraine or Ukrainians until after the breakup of the USSR. Next thing you know, Ukraine is in the news almost all the time. During the Orange Revolution the “concern” over here in North Amerika by the media and intelligentsia was utterly non-stop. But ethnic Ukrainians living in other countries just don’t seem to get it; they quickly came to the conclusion that finally “the world” appreciates them for their wonderfulness and are basking in all the attention. LOL

    The following is mildly interesting, though it’s not about Ukraine as such. It is about (wait for it): “clickbait disaster porn”. You know, the “apocalyptic” scenes of destruction in Kiev (and other places, too). The author of the article is too clever by half and doesn’t get the irony of her own “observations”.

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