Study: Liberal Cities Lead Nation in Income Inequality

Liberal cities lead in income inequality because they make the middle class Whites pay double while coloreds pay nothing.

No kidding. My family and I were driven out of Boston by the high cost of living. Only rich and welfare people could afford the Boston area. Middle class people? Forget about it. Rent was massive, and it was massive because welfare people take up so much real estate without contributing to the economy. They are dead weight, taking up space, basically. And living in very prime areas, like Harbor Point near the JFK stop and near UMass Boston, on the ocean! Literally living in paradise, for free. White people who work for a living? Pay 1400 a month rent, or GTFO.


The Brookings Institution used 2012 Census data to determine the most income unequal cities in America — and their study found that from LA to Atlanta, cities with liberal governments are also the ones with the largest divide between the poor and the rich. Alan Barube, the report’s author, found that cities with vast income differences will have issues with education, job creation and middle class families leaving. He also points out that with President Obama and other Democrats pushing the agenda of an increased minimum wage and President Obama directly addressing income inequality, these statistics could have a political impact.

Los Angeles is one of the top 10 cities in America for income inequality, with the top 5% earning 12 times more than the bottom 20% of residents. New York City (which has largely been governed by liberals, with the exception of former Mayor Rudy Giuliani), Oakland (known for…

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24 Responses to Study: Liberal Cities Lead Nation in Income Inequality

  1. zek says:

    $1400 got you a studio with no kitchen in the Back Bay when I last looked.

    P.S. Link is missing

    • mindweapon says:

      Thanks Zek. No kitchen? How do you not have a kitchen?

      I don’t even mean downtown Boston. I would have liked to be able to live in Everett or Malden or Lynn, but it was all so expensive, for the privilege of living among insolent welfare scum who would vandalize your car and call you ‘rich boy,” because you worked for a living. They have the nerve to feel sorry for themselves amidst their welfare paradise. The teenaged colored boy who called me “rich boy” got told, “I’m not the rich one, I have to work. You guys are in paradise on your welfare and free everything.”

      • zek says:

        Yeah. The pressure on whites in places like that is coming from all directions. On one are the welfare leeches as you mention, which drive up rents both by pressuring supply, and by driving whites away, corralling them into the scarce remaining “nice areas.”

        On another is Fed policy that maintains artificially low interest rates, encouraging real estate speculation and tech bubbles in places like Cambridge which push up rents in the whole area.

        On another is economic globalization that encourages foreigners to park hot money in U.S. real estate.

        On still another is rents artificially subsidized by federal student loans and wealthy parents who contribute to their kids’ college expenses.

        And then you have to compete against all the “old money.” Lots of wealthy people in the area. It’s like the #2 or #3 headquarters of the elite.

        I went out there for a job interview, but it struck me as a pretty umm… harsh place, for those reasons. You are only safe there if you can join the elite. Otherwise you are just treading water… earning enough to get by, but not enough to build substantial savings.

  2. Anon says:

    Massive underclass. Tiny overclass. Zero middle class.

    Liberal cities are a prototype of America’s future.

  3. Wally says:

    Article at “American social worker, 35, stabbed to death by cab driver husband of 5 months in their Indian home before he blew himself up”

    American caucasian woman visits India, meets Indian cab driver. Married him. Found dead 5 months later. I laughed. I used to feel sad for this type of woman. No more.

    “Erin Willinger, a yoga teacher from New York, met Bunty Sharma when she visited Agra, India in July and they married in October. A devoted American social worker has been stabbed to death by her Indian husband of five months. Erin Willinger, 35, a yoga teacher and psychologist from New York, was found dumped in a bush with multiple stab wounds to her face and body. After arriving in the city, she met Sharma, a cab driver, and the pair married quickly. Bunty reportedly drove Willinger to a quieter section of the city and stabbed her to death.”

    Notice in the pictures she wears a modesty head covering to honor his culture. If a European American man asked her to wear that, no way she would have done that. That’s oppression! But for the Indian man, oh yes.

    I guess there were no working class European-American men for her to marry in the USA.

    • Notice in the pictures she wears a modesty head covering to honor his culture. If a European American man asked her to wear that, no way she would have done that. That’s oppression! But for the Indian man, oh yes.

      True, but it’s our fault, as we are afraid of demanding it from them. The Christian manosphere guys are constantly complaining about “nuclear rejections.” This is when you ask some girl out and she says no in some particularly nasty way. They claim they are scared to ask women out because they are afraid they might be “nuclearly rejected” again. But honestly, what could be more cowardly then being afraid to ask a women out because some woman was a bitch to you before?

      Same with this sort of thing. If she’s offended you have certain standards – next her. It’s not like we’re living in the days of virgin brides anymore, when it comes to sex, white women are easier than a four piece jigsaw puzzle. And secretly – or not so secretly as the case may be – they crave attention and a man with expectations. Don’t let the second wavers fool you, the more strident the protests, the more they are hoping you’ll insist. It’s just a shit test.

      We’re (women) frustrated with men who cow-tow to our every whim and yet we have no clue as to why we are. We are bombarded with romantic messages of how “real” men behave and whip our guys into behaving like they are men from movies like P.S. I Love You. And then hate them for it. There’s a reason 50 Shades of Grey is a number 1 best seller. (it’s poorly written but the premise is there). Women want men who’ll dominate them, and if you take the kink out of (I don’t [HR: Most don’t, my beta friends]) then it means women want a leader. Women have amazing strengths but I believe we’re hardwired to submit and men have lost their way in regards to what that means – what they are accountable for and what a responsibility that is.

      Men want their cake and eat it too. They want to be cared for, nurtured, but are unwilling to set the ground rules for what that should look like, what the expectations are from their women. Women are out of control without direction (harsh but true) and are running the show right now and it’s detrimental, it’s not our fault either. Somewhere along the way the wires have become crossed and damn if I know how they’ll become uncrossed.

      Tell her where you’re taking her, what she’ll wear, and order for her. They become putty in your hands. When she asks you, “does my butt look big in this dress?” what she really means is, “tell me what I should wear to please you.”

      • Harley says:

        No means no. Rejection is simply rejection. Why are men so incapable of handling it?

      • Craig says:

        Interesting it seems I know more about a woman’s mind then you do a man’s Harley.

        “Why are men so incapable of handling it?”

        Love(and hormones) does strange things to a man’s mind, even if it’s all in the imagination. Some can handle it, others can’t, most learn how to deal with it, just like everyone else.

      • No means no. Rejection is simply rejection. Why are men so incapable of handling it?

        “Yes means yes.” “Acceptance is simply acceptance.”

        True statements, and utterly trite. Yet feminists believe these sorts of slogans are somehow profound. It’s bizarre, and speaks to the intellectual poverty of feminist thought.

        This one has likely never had an intimate relationship with a man, and has implied she has never wanted one. She has spoken of walking around a college campus worrying and/or fantasizing about being sexually assaulted by strangers. She seems to believe that men are “defending” the man or men that “violated” her. It’s not that she doesn’t understand a woman’s mind, it’s that she doesn’t seem to understand the minds of men in general, or feminine, heterosexual women in particular. Perhaps she’s a strong “T” type on the Meyers-Briggs personality scale; an outlier.

        I suspect she simply doesn’t understand heterosexuality. Which makes her opinions on intimate relationships between women and men pretty worthless. Hence, slogans like “no means no.” She always says “no” and she always means it. She likely has no idea why a woman would ever say “yes” so she assumes it must be Patriarchy and The Rape Culture. To her, all heterosexual sex can be is rape and she doesn’t understand how women are tricked or brainwashed into being sexually attracted to a man.

        You might think she would be self-aware enough to realize that she is the outlier and most women aren’t like her. But she can’t, because, you know, solipsism. She’s still a girl, after all.

      • Craig says:

        Three word political or ideological slogans are pretty effective with repetition and further indoctrination.

        Maybe she looks like this Nordic beauty from Game of Thrones, I have always wondered.

        Just in case the image doesn’t work.

        I’m attracted to tall women, being tall to I guess…

        I’m a high T outlier as well, I tend to have a balance of some sorts though, apparently it has a lot to do with the physiology of the pituitary gland.

        What about “When yes, means no.”, or “When no, means yes.”, and it’s just a shit test.

        Yes, game is so much more.

  4. paladinjustice says:

    Don’t worry. Soon there will be no income differences because EVERYONE will be poor. Well, everyone except the banksters and their YKW cronies.

  5. TabuLa Raza says:

    What will the banksters buy in production ceases?

  6. Porter says:

    White liberals live perpetually chaffed by the friction between their racial pieties and sense of self-preservation. The latter is typically more compelling and so you find them clustering in all-white (and asian) neighborhoods “for the good schools.”

    As an aside, I’m messing around with a blog addressing similar themes. It may or may not be worth anyone’s time.

  7. Wyandotte says:

    So…seeing as the name of this blog is “mindweaponsinragnarok”, are you aware that today, February 22, 2014 is Ragnarok End of the World Day (or something)? Yahoo!

  8. Wakky D. says:

    Those 85 people who have more wealth than 5 billion people are becoming very conspicious.

  9. Brandon says:

    Despite what most people think, and even some WN’s, cities are under the curse, and the curse causeless does not come. Cities are microcosms of Sodom and Gomorrah made visible in the present day. There are some “Lots” in these cities; ie , good WHITES, and the pressure is on them to leave said cities before they are destroyed by their policies/demographics/politics/governance. Women and blacks have not the gift of governance and that includes white feminized/emasculated males. Some major cities have queer/fags for mayors and that’s also a nono.

    Perhaps in the future, a masculine male will become a mayor of a large city and he of course will be an exception and will take much flak from the demonic Jezebelish hordes who hate the good and love the evil, but he will be an example of how to really do the job.

    Meanwhile, look for more Whites to leave cities and get back to self reliance as MW advocates quite often. We are living in the time of the “Separation of the sheep from the goats”.
    …and what Hip Racist said @12:24pm

  10. ascomanni says:

    “Only rich and welfare people could afford the Boston area.” Oh how true. And on a side note this helps me put words to something I am seeing. I work in the medical field and at this point the only people who I see getting good medical care are rich people and people on welfare. Everyone else has to struggle against impossible odds in the system. It’s really very terrible.

    • mindweapon says:

      Good comment, Ascommani. I take it from you are from the Boston area. Thanks for delurking and commenting! And getting a wordpress ID. Do you want to be linked? I noticed only one article at your WP site. Do you plan to blog regularly?

      • ascomanni says:

        Thank you for the reply MW. I’m not quite in the Boston area but it’s the same story in most metropolitan areas. Yes, I’ve been lurking around for a while now as I’ve slowly awakened. I must say once you peek outside the box this sh*t gets deep. About my comment, I work in the medical field so I make a reasonable salary. However, I work two part time jobs and neither gives me benefits. So I am in the strange position of providing better health care to unemployed welfare recipients that I receive myself. That’s the truth. It could make me angry but when I start to boil I remember something Kai Murros said; “The worse it gets the happier I am.”

        Yes, I do plan to continue blogging. I’m working on a piece now. You’ve given me an appreciated poke to keep working. Thanks. And thank you for your great blog.



      • mindweapon says:

        Good. I hope you will write a post about how you provide better medical care to uenmployed welfare recipients than you receive yourself. These are exactly the kind of real life stories we need.

        I have heard that even when you give them free care, they are very bad at following up and keeping up with their medication, and hospitals resort to offering them gift cards so that they’ll show up for theri follow up exams and treatments.

    • Harley says:

      I’m very interested in this type of concrete real-life story too, especially as it concerns things like medical care and other pragmatically necessary elements of our lives. There really is a war on the white middle class. Some pro-Whites are promoting the idea of going on disability for middle class people, who otherwise would be paying taxes so that their net gain overall in the system is a loss – and a direct support for their displacement. I know of places in the midwest that are particularly hard hit where middle/lower working class whites actually throw parties for the neighborhood when someone gets disability. In Iowa blacks basically take up almost all of Section 8 housing and poor whites live in tent cities (anyone know how cold it gets in Iowa?!)

      But I also heard that Obamacare finally succeeded in taking more state resources away from those who worked into the system. I think as of January disability recipients can no longer claim medicaid as a secondary insurance. All they have is medicare, when in the past poorer recipients could also qualify for medicaid as secondary. Obama made sure to take funding away from the benefits that Whites tend to receive, so that he could give it to the groups – blacks, hispanics, immigrants in general – who simply suck off the taxpayers. It’s incredible to think about.

      Add onto that the fact that food stamps are meted out based on earned versus unearned income and the welfare leisure class is even further ensconced in their privilege. A disability recipient’s income is counted as ‘unearned’ and therefore less deserving proportionally of food stamps, while the income a ‘poor’ ‘minority’ member makes is considered ‘earned’ and is therefore rewarded with a greater amount of food stamps proportionally. I have no idea if SSI recipients qualify for food stamps, but I suspect they do.

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