“If you want to be all the way in the club, you have to kill the polar bear”

Tim Wise or the rest of the anti-white media isn’t going to talk about the gang initiation racially motivated attack on Ricky Waggoner. Hush hush, said the anti-white genocidalists liberals and hostile elites.


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7 Responses to “If you want to be all the way in the club, you have to kill the polar bear”

  1. paladinjustice says:

    I’ve hit a point where I can’t read or comment on these types of stories. I’m sure my condition is only temporary, but for now I’m in the grip of too much sadness to be in touch with my anger.

  2. StukaPilot says:

    I am always in touch with my “anger”. Ultimately, the Whites will destroy organized Jewry…or the Jews will utterly exterminate the Whites via their spic/groid/slant henchmen. In the matter of ultimate intention, I can do no better than quote one of my favorite Jewesses, Susan Sarah Sontag:

    “the white race is the cancer of human history”,

    and the Jews are the would-be physicians.

  3. JB says:

    This smells like a hoax. Shot in the leg, superficial cuts, a bible stopping the bullet, takes the gun away. Is there any other evidence like video or witnesses?

  4. thordaddy says:

    Well… Since I know Dayton… It is certainly a plausible attack… Those nigels are not exactly cream of the crop…

    • thordaddy says:

      Meaning, if you are an old white male bus driver in Dayton then you are already keen to the ways of the savage nigel and will have a vision much sharper than your everyday “white” liberationist.

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