Maureen tells a story of how Jewish feminists corrupted a naive mother and broke up a family.


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5 Responses to Jew-Wise-FINALLY

  1. Starets says:

    Yeah, feminism really is a deadly psychological weapon.

  2. MOISHE says:

    my sisters here oz have also been infected with the femzionist disease – they are university educated and full of feminist entitlement syndrome – they treat their husbands like doormats and overcontrol their boys, who are fast turning into metrosexualised demasculated men – my sisters cannot tolerate my manly attitudes and they definitely don’t want me to have an influence on their boys – feminism is the biggest load of jewish horseshit – it turns men and women into enemies – and fucks women up – its a good thing that woman got wise to jewish programming – the earlier the better – there is a true sense of freedom when you become jew-wise – when you are off-plantation. its only the jew that has to fear the future – not us:)

    • Craig says:

      When the wife wears the pants in a marriage I really do feel for the hubbies sometimes. Then again it’s the hubbies that have not broken the wife’s feminist horse in properly. It can be done.

      Dude, please influence your nephews… I would mine had problems.

      When my youngest nephew in Perth was on the Armadale line, a group of 4 coons tried to rob him. I wish I was there to see it, he punched one coon out with one punch and the rest ran away. hahaha

  3. MOISHE (NOT) says:

    the kids like me too much and will gravitate towards me when the time comes- its a shame that boys in oz are turning into metrosexualised faggots who operate on one testicle.

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