Parade Of Humiliations

A parade of humiliations is the mass media studiously ignoring to the best of its plausible deniability the above stories of whites churned to bits by the anti-white death machine while trumpeting to the high heavens as vile hate crimes hoaxes targeted at whites.

A parade of humiliations is exiling from society any whites who dare notice their debasement.

Elite leftoid status whoring is all fun and games when nobody is the wiser and the costs are too diffuse to measure by endorsed economic formulae. But now the pain bites, and the parade of insults grates. The people on the sidewalks dumbly acquiescing to participation in their disparagement feel something they haven’t felt in a long time…


Chateau Heartiste

Do whites living in the West have a right to bitch about anti-white hatred? You bet. As PA clarifies in a comment over at GLPiggy,

In order to function normally, to keep a good mood, one has to intentionally blind himself to the organizing principle of the very society he lives in: White genocide.

I’ll occasionally feel its sting in a comment by Elk, or blogger THRASYMACHUS, a gentle-souled, thoughtful writer who relays observations from the edge. I can’t get Kayla Peterson out of my thoughts. Or, every time there is an internet article about schools, you see the cherubic faces of black kids, like a scene form Ghana rather than America — except when Yahoo posts “America’s Worst Schools” — you get a photo of white kids.

Hate fills any human being who opens his eyes to the horror and the humiliation of whites. Emma West’s ordeal —…

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13 Responses to Parade Of Humiliations

  1. Rita Rabbit says:

    Wish I could remember what year it was when I spent a lot of time on heartistes site reading and commenting. It was a little before the name change I believe. It was a huge painful red pill for me. It’s where I got a lot of insight into what men actually value in a woman such as beauty, innocence etc. rather that our brains (most of which arent nearly as brilliant as we were led to believe, outliers notwithstanding).

    At that time I made a number of pro-White posts as “White Woman” and I believe I was one of only 3 or 4 posting like that at that time. Roissy/Heartiste was mostly quiet about that topic back then. I’m quite pleased to see this site having gone totally WN

  2. eyeslevel says:

    CH is supposedly where pretty lies perish. The biggest lie of our time is “we’re all the same” and its variants:
    -“We all bleed red.”
    -“There’s no such thing as race.”
    -“Race is a social construct.”

    And the other big lie is that the goal of the people pushing “we’re all the same” it is anything other than white genocide.

  3. New England Millennial says:

    The big news today is that Piers Morgan is leaving CNN.

    The article mentions that perhaps he was fired for implying that the a transgender woman was born a boy, instead of saying “born a baby”. Also Alec Baldwin is saying he is leaving the public life after calling a paparazzi a faggot.
    This is good news. No, I don’t like Morgan or Baldwin, they hate us, but it’s great that the mentally-deranged left is doing it’s best pushing away heterosexual White men just like how they are pushing away liberal white women.

    I read this article yesterday on billboard, I think it’s good for you guys to read, even if just to observe the deranged thinking going on in liberal’s heads.

    “This letter is sad because it’s not far from the truth,” says the co-founder of one R&B independent label. The head of an R&B-focused marketing and branding agency boils down colleagues’ universal reaction to the posting in six words: “I was thinking the same thing.” An executive who works in the U.K. R&B music industry, adds, “[It] summarized a long-held feeling or fear about what’s happening with black music, but [people] haven’t felt confident enough to raise these issues.”

    It’s both good and bad news. First the good news, is that the article implies that blacks are losing cultural power, because not one black artist had a no.1 hit in 2013, which has been a sentiment commented on this blog.

    The bad news, is that the author of that letter (some kind of liberal whigger producer), is pathetically bemoaning this fact saying Whites have “stolen R&B”. Of course, the Whites who are musically successful, Macklemore, Bieber, Cyrus, Perry, Lorde, and Robin Thicke are all race-mixing whiggers (Thicke has a blonde quadroon son), but it’s still a problem!

    Anyway food for thought.

  4. Dan says:

    Stupid negress reporter on local news said of a couple who lost their daughter 25 years earlier, ‘half a century on’. Bet there’s millions of budding white reporters who’d do a better job, but der yude want their pets no matter how stupid.

  5. jrackell says:

    Heartiste had another great line in the post about the Russian olympics:

    “the Western leftoid press…., who, for reasons that are becoming clearer by the day, have suddenly discovered a simmering hatred for Russia they never had when Stalin ruled the motherland with a bloody iron fist.”

    I wonder what he is referring to or who?

  6. pluto the dog says:

    The Winter Olympics were awesome – everyone was white. It was snow paradise. l bet there were no muggings beatings rapes murders – none of the things that make our lives so interesting in the real world.
    The white people looked happy too – wow

  7. MOISHE says:

    I also celebrated the sheer whiteness of the winter Olympics – nig-nog free british team – of course the aussie team was splendidly white – the scando’s were white and proud – I can just imagine how chagrined the yid programmers at the bbc (british Bolshevik corporation) would have been, there would have been no darky for them to pan onto instead of showing beautiful Caucasian athletes – IT WAS SHEER WHITE CELEBRATION!!! AH HA HA HA HA

  8. paladinjustice says:

    Viking Bitch is the Emma West of the USA, minus the video footage. For whatever reason the System’s attacks on her didn’t make it mainstream. Unlike Emma West, who backed down, VB will never shut up. That’s probably why the mainstream doesn’t make her an example.

  9. TabuLa Raza says:

    When the Summer Olympics are equally White we will have won.

    Speaking of The Olympics-

    Negroes! like a breathe of freash. . .something. . .

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