Juicy scandal at UCLA over affirmative action and white student rebellion; Team Sander t-shirts

White students wear t-shirts supporting Professor Richard Sander

In any event, if you are a 1L wearing a “Team Sander” t-shirt, you are making a pretty bold statement about how you view your African-American classmates. It’s not as overt as walking around in a pointy hood. But it’s a pretty ballsy statement on a campus full of educated black people. Black law students know that Richard Sander doesn’t think they belong.

That’s not just me saying that. The UCLA Law administration knows what Sander stands for. In fact, and I didn’t know this until I started doing my reporting for this story, UCLA Law doesn’t even place black people in Sander’s freaking class. From a source:

More links here and here

The real point of this is not affirmative action; it’s White rebellion. Every kid wearing a “Team Sander” t-shirt is on board with us, whether he knows it yet or not.


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22 Responses to Juicy scandal at UCLA over affirmative action and white student rebellion; Team Sander t-shirts

  1. Dan says:

    ‘A campus full of educated black people.’ Bullcrap!!! A campus full of over-promoted black simpletons there b/c of AA, quotas, PC and j-professors who feel threatened by White people and support White Genocide.

    • MOISHE says:

      I don’t wish to be rude or crude, but that black chick in the lower video looks like she swallows big time! (bit of comic relief!)

  2. Afterthought says:

    “You’re just saying that because I’m white, anti-racism is just a code word for anti-white.”

  3. Robot Sam says:

    Blacks in college don’t know how to talk about anything WITHOUT bringing race into it. It is the glass ceiling of their capability. Yes race is to blame alone, no one is judging you realistically on your on your 85 IQ, your inability to admit when you are wrong, your obstinance, your misplaced bitterness and surly confrontational manner bolstered by poorly veiled threats of violence or other retaliation.

  4. hardscrabble farmer says:

    Elie Mystal desribes himself as an “online provocateur”. Clearly. He sure as hell sucks as an online researcher. He references a “bleach bomb” thrown at a black student at UCLA last year- where it didn’t happen- it was instead at UT – where it didn’t happen either. Apparently the black students at UT were issuing their fatwahs about microagressions and no one was taking them seriously until they started getting “bleach bombed” except that they weren’t. Or they could have if some racist had decided to even if they didn’t, because, racism.

    But thanks for reminding us of the truth that even though it didn’t happen, it could have happened,and as Elie Wiesel has so often reminded us- “sometimes things that never happened are the truth.”

    Or whatever.

  5. New England Millennial says:

    More great news.

    In the news media and in popular culture, the notion persists that millennials — born after the overt racial debates and divisions that shaped their parents’ lives — are growing up in a colorblind society in which interracial friendships and marriages are commonplace and racism is largely a relic.

    But interviews with dozens of students, professors and administrators at the University of Michigan and elsewhere indicate that the reality is far more complicated, and that racial tensions are playing out in new ways among young adults.

    Some experts say the concept of being “postracial” can mean replicating some of the divisions and insensitivity of the past, perhaps more from ignorance than from animus. Others find offensive the idea of a society that strips away deeply personal beliefs surrounding self-identification.

    • He attributed many high-profile incidents – including a number of fraternity parties nationwide that have used racist symbols, including watermelons and gang signs – to ignorance.

      “I feel like they don’t mean to be so offensive,” Mr. Fields, 20, said of the party organizers. “It’s not a conscious racism. It’s subconscious.”

      Watermelon is the tastiest and most delicious of all racist symbols. It’s really healthy too.

      • Jon says:

        The far more likely explanation is apathy/compassion fatigue. They know full well what Prescribed Canards are expected of them and they don’t care.

      • MOISHE says:

        That’s so wrong in so many ways – seeing our women with silly horses-arse-coon-faces, making stupid childish ape-gestures from the hood. Are they for real??? Even Bonobo Primates would be disgusted!!!!!

  6. Dan Poole says:

    Listen to what the guy says at :36-:43

    “It feels like I’m in another country. A European country actually.”

    This goes here:

    One of their sob-pets just admitted ON CAMERA that Europe is where White people are from! I love it!

  7. Mike says:

    They cued up “sad violin” music and added weepy negoes. They want the viewer to feel pity for them. I don’t think the left realizes that white guilt/white pity, like everything else in the natural, real world isn’t infinite, and has limits. The well has run dry..

  8. paladinjustice says:

    From the article:

    “But I think “microaggression” is exactly the right word for this kind of behavior, be it “Team Sander” t-shirts at UCLA, voting laws in North Carolina, or the entire career of Sarah Palin. The modern racist thrives on statements and actions purposefully designed to offend and isolate blacks and “others,” then retreats behind the plausible deniability of rank ignorance.”
    The modern racist is often no racist at all, just someone acquainted with the facts and willing to risk being called a waycisssss by some childish fool. Since blacks can’t stand the heat, they need to get out of the kitchen.

  9. Denise says:

    The Negroes in the video are so childish. It’s all about their :feewings”


    • Mike says:

      Hey Denise, did you see what I wrote on your blog, under the Valentine’s day topic? I was surprised that you didn’t comment. You don’t have to, of course, which is a fact I’m sure you already know. But, I was surprised.

      Apologies for going off topic.

      • Denise says:

        OMG. I approved you, but did not comment. I’m sorry. I had a flurry of phone calls over the past few nights.

        THANK you. I will reply on my blog,.

  10. zek says:

    OT: Spike Lee is upset that white people are changing his neighborhoods.

    I think we should all take a moment of silence for this poor man, whose life, community, and culture have been virtually destroyed by the encroachment of another people onto what he viewed as “his” people’s “territory.” It really makes one weep, doesn’t it? Don’t you feel the shame? Gosh, imagine the outrage if this sort of thing were to happen in reverse.

  11. TabuLa Raza says:

    A cave-woman. . .

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