Salon article warns youth — college is a rip-off!

Awesome! Just say no to college! Why it’s the worst decision a young American can make
For today’s grads, a job is no sure thing, but decades of debt may be. And don’t get me started on the “education”

I actually know a few adults who are middle class but did not go to college, and I like them better than the college grads. Their heads aren’t full of BS, they are practical, skilled, industrious. They never had Marxists BS dumped on them. I admit I lost a few years of my life because of having to self deprogram from Cultural Marxist bullshit.

When young people stop going to college, liberalism is over for good. That’s where the rot is all coming from.

And be sure to tell people far and wide what commenter Hardscrabble Farmer told us — the private colleges charge White American kids 38,000 per year, rich Chinese and Indian students 6,000 per year, and Blacks and Hispanics go for free because diversity.


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16 Responses to Salon article warns youth — college is a rip-off!

  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

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  2. paladinjustice says:

    The first comment I saw on the linked article had me laughing:

    “Well especially for men it makes no sense at all, since 1 of 7 will get false accused for rape by a drunk bi*** anyway and goto jait for 3 years. so : ure better of to just f**k it.”

    The commenter may be exaggerating, but the fact is too many males (both students and profs) have had their lives ruined by false accusations by feminist dirtbags. I’m one of the ex-profs who is now not just unemployed, but unemployable due to a multitude of false accusations made by a man-hating lezzie administrator.

    At my former university, the University of Texas at San Antonio, one of the profs went so far as to allegedly blow his brains out in his office after a false accusation. Don’t look for the story in news achives because the university controls the local press and not a word ever appeared about his death, which was not a suicide, but murder according to his colleagues. Naturally, they were too intimidated to go to law enforcement since law enforcement is the campus police. Campus cops do what the administration tells them to do.

    If you’re a male thinking about college, remember the Duke lacrosse team and steer clear of parties and booze. If you’re a college grad, never donate money to the bastards since they’ll waste it on their Marxist pets and idiotic projects anyway. I’m looking foward to the day when university presidents are hanging from lampposts–after a proper trial, of course.

  3. Kievsky, have you ever thought of writing a “White Guy’s Survival Guide to College” or something to that effect? I know there’s some book floating around about getting a degree as fast as possible with CLEPs and so on, but I’m thinking more about the psychological side of survival, e.g. maintaining sanity when you have to sit through “whiteness studies” classes, how to find other like-minded people on campus, how to make college antifas, feminists and fellow-travellers look (even more) like idiots, how to avoid xenoestrogens in your food and drink, etc.

    • mindweapon says:

      If or when I write a book, it’s going to be an overall life path guide in general.


      Garden your own food.

      College on the cheap.

      Dealing with women from a position of power (Game).

      Dealing with all people from a position of power.

      Get rid of all liberal sentiment that might have been implanted and you weren’t aware of.

  4. Dan says:

    Unis are a giant yude ponzi scheme just like Madoff. Girls especially have weak critical faculties and believe the propaganda taught by the chosen profs – think Tim Weiss.

    White people boycotting universoty would serve 3 purposes: 1) Stop our young folk getting into debt. 2) limit the spread of anti-White zionist propaganda.

  5. Here is some information that may be helpful. First and foremost, go to a community college and ask to see what courses they offer that transfer over to a university. Second, find out if your child’s high school participates in a dual credits program and enroll him as early as possible. If he is bright, he can graduate from high school with at least 30 core curriculum credits under his belt.

    Encourage him to take the ACT test – if he scores high enough, he can obtain some additional credits. He can also CLEP out of a number of courses. If he has a part time job, don’t claim him as a dependent about the time he turns eighteen, so he can qualify for grants. Of course, he should apply for any and every scholarship he can get. He should also take advantage of any tuition reimbursement that his company may offer.

    Another thing he can do is take and pay for only two courses a semester while working full time. It may take him longer to graduate, but he graduates debt-free.

    The biggest victory is to get through school and graduate debt-free. He’ll also have a lot of paid work experience under his belt making him a more stable-looking and attractive candidate to employers when he graduates than some kid who is up to his eyeballs in debt with no practical work experience at all.

  6. StukaPilot says:

    Actually, Kievsky…the Marxist/Sodomite indoctrination in K-12 is every bit as bad as college. In the county school district I live in, the Jews and their educationist apparatchiks are now imposing a racket called “Beyond Tolerance”: the white kids not only expected to “tolerate” the spics, ‘groids, and slants that are displacing them…they must also kiss their asses.

  7. Craig says:

    Well college here was real cheap, and the indoctrination in science courses is non-existent 15 years ago. We had one course on empathy and how to get along, a basic psychology class if you will, so it was universal as in non-racial stuff.

    My mates that went straight to University from school have only just started to have babies in the last couple of years, so 30 years plus they are. Most of the Uni educated mates can only afford to buy and build houses now as they can afford the debt, with higher wages. Most of them will probably have one or two babies…

    Contrast that with myself, my first son was conceived at 21 years and I was a father at 22. By 25 we have our own place of God’s country, yeah no more rent. Now with my collage and experience behind me if I so choose, I could go to Uni and start on 2nd or 3rd year of some sort of science degree. Here we take a “mature age student test”, and other applicable tests for exemption due to recognition of prior knowledge.

    Do I want the knowledge yeah, the debt nope. I’d rather have more kids.

    • Rita Rabbit says:

      If you have your own home at 25 and without a degree, you either have an excellent economy or you received financial help yes?

      • Craig says:

        I was actually the meat in a divorce sandwich that no one wanted to pay for, just the bare minimum, including Dad, who had the means.

        No help, just a smart white man, and now I have a strong foundation to build upon . I asked for help from father, father in-law, step father and grandfather, I received nothing. Unlike my step sisters, one who shot fathers money up her veins, the other was silly enough to let a scummy account boyfriend to rip her off, after she was advised not to do what she did, by father and I, so bye, bye to fathers $80G there too.

        My step father did teach me frugality, may the gods bless him, so much so, he kicked me out of home at 18 years as he refused to let me stay, so I could attend University for a geology degree. “Work full time, not part time and Uni, otherwise get the fuck out. “. He told me, so I did. I joined the Army, it was either that or the mines. Had I gone to the mines I’d have 4 or 5 houses by now, like some of my friends.

        Yeah our economy was pretty good back then, it’s still not too bad, yet it’s deteriorating with off shoring, imports, mass immigration wage stagnation and what not. The Army here is well paid and looked after, it’s like instant middle class status as more training is put into the solider rather then the equipment, total opposite of the USA equivalent. As a Private I was earning the more then a fully qualified US SGT. A tip if you want Australian citizenship, one way is to join our military, you’ll get it automatically then, if you are current or ex serving American serviceman or women it would be even easier to achieve. Then you do your time…I had a Russian man in my recruit training company, so it’s open to all whites, and he was only a choco reservist, not even full time, just 2 weeks a year and one weekend a month. Piece of piss hey. Though the requirements may have changed, so I’ll have to check that.

        Father is helping me out with a large family vehicle soon, it seems he feels guilty, as I’m forcing the red pill down his throat. In fact I’m still not counting on it as my step mother has her manipulative ways with him. So I may have to buy an old rust bucket to fix up…time will tell. Dad is proud of his grandchildren…he seems determined, which really spun me out. So maybe.

        Funny thing I get on real well with step dad now, as he feels proud he had something to do with me…His other children were not quite as successful.

        Another lass who is like a sister to my wife, had it real hard she was kicked out at 15 years. She now owns 2 units and 2 houses. Though she has no kids, so I guess we have to make up for her. 🙂 She is the one who flew us to Fiji for her wedding, though she divorced with in 12 months.

        Adversity always creates strength in people don’t you think?

      • mindweapon says:

        Great comment Craig! Good to hear the life stories of Aussies!

  8. maxsnafu says:

    This guys knows the score on colleges:

  9. New England Millennial says:

    Heard this song yesterday on the radio driving back from the gym.

    Peak Feminism.

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