Justice for Lee Rigby

White rage in Britain! BNP and EDL protesting outside of sentencing of Lee Rigby’s killers, calling to bring back capital punishment, calling to stop the Islamification of Britain! Awesome!

White Thermonuclear Rage is a long time coming.

The White Tea Room

Lee Rigby Englishman Right and True was beheaded on his native soil,  by African untermenschen genetic throwbacks, while he was out collecting money for charity. Rigby, English soldier, was un-armed. The Africans were not.

The English are acclimated to living un-defended, in their own lands. The Africans, an other assorted Orcs, imported by the White Hating Zionist overlords, are not.

Fusilier Lee Rigby murder trial

This is an Englishman.

Michael Adebolajo stands in court

This is not.

Yet this

Is what murdered this

Lee Rigby

Thanks to these

 This (David Cameron Rothschild’s JEW)

David Cameron

offered words of support for Islam aka this


on the soil of this

europe travel mapp: Cities Map of England Pics

Native home of these

instead of protecting and supporting this


who lost his Daddy


because of this this this and this

One of Lee Rigby's killers will soon join the list of high-profile patients treated at Crowthorne's psychiatric hospital. Michael Adebowale, who was Michael AdebowaleLord Mandelson is the man charged with finding ways to fund UK Car purchases (yes, he of the dodgy mortgage debacle – at least he should know a few tricks!)The former foreign secretary Jack Straw is not a man given to many flights of fancy. But his recent speculation that he might be persuaded to duel with

Tell me why, again, I’m supposed to “celebrate Diversity”?

Fuck you, ZOG. I hate Diversity.

I love this:

Fusilier Lee Rigby murder trial

The 2 Prognathic ZOG thug tools chimped out in court today. when they were sentenced. Yawn…

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10 Responses to Justice for Lee Rigby

  1. tteclod says:

    Justice would entail slow death by surgical dismemberment.

  2. paladinjustice says:

    Sometimes civilized people pushed to the edge need to get uncivilized for a while. That time has come.

  3. PA says:

    Justice will entail the expulsion of all non-English from England.

  4. mindweapon says:

    Some comments have been deleted from this thread because they violated the rules about not advocating violence against identifiable people.

  5. Attila says:

    Poor fellow- imagine what he must have gone through. At least there is no doubt whatsoever that these “organisms” were responsible for his murder.

    • MOISHE (NOT) says:

      are you prepared to admit that some of these ‘organisms’ were encouraged, enabled and motivated by jewish elite guidance Attilla? Do you admit that jewish activity is a very negative component of western society? do you feel that jews per se are untermenschen? interested in your reply big time….

  6. TabuLa Raza says:

    Be sure to name the right organisms.

  7. MOISHE (NOT) says:

    no answer from Attila regarding some crucial questions pertaining to white survival – speaks miles….hope you are not still suffering from the effects of zog stolkhom-syndrome Attila.

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