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Indian Clubs for fighting training and staying fit into old age;

hat tip to HerewardMW for Indian club idea. My commenters are awesome! Get clubs and instructional DVD’s at Ageless Strength. Good stuff! In my 40’s, I prefer stuff like this more than weight lifting. This sort of thing lubricates the … Continue reading

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The best thing to do with your life; Play with biomechanics and muscle memory

Human Civilization has very much become Brave New World, with people being very passive and numb consumers of electronic media and corn syrup. What was the alternative? What is the alternative? It is biomechanics and muscle memory activities. Anything from … Continue reading

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Violence against Whites is not a bug, it’s a feature! White kid’s nose punched off his face in Georgia

Hey Shitlibs, great job getting this kid’s nose punched off his face! Enjoy your Schadenfreud now you scum. Evolution happens, and we have a long time on this planet together into the future. There’s a LOT of time for Whites … Continue reading

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Delicious: Hypersensitive Outrage Junkies Eating Their Own

Originally posted on Toiletnation, USA:
Delicious: Hypersensitive Outrage Junkies Eating Their Own I post these stories from time to time, because I love them so much. Seems Stephen Colbert is learning a lesson or two about his jokes going over…

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Russia responds to sanctions by forming it’s own credit card company; cuts out the Jewish Visa/Mastercard cartel

This is a big counterblow to International Jewry. h/t to Mosin Nagant Putin tells West Russia will develop own card payment system Alexei Anishchuk Reuters This is the sort of thing that got Judea to declare war on Germany in … Continue reading

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Ukraine to Raise Gas Prices by Half

Originally posted on – by F. Kaskais:
Ukraine has agreed on a 50% increase of gas prices for domestic consumers. Hike of gas bills is part of conditionality set by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) if Ukraine…

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Remember when I said the $PLC made a mistake when they picked a fight with the Christian Right? Now the SPLC and the ADL hotlinks are scrubbed from the FBI website

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which has labeled several Washington, D.C.-based family organizations as “hate groups” for favoring traditional marriage, has been dumped as a “resource” on the FBI’s Hate Crime Web page, a significant rejection of the influential legal … Continue reading

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