Economic Literacy is important in political debate

h/t to New England Millenial — this is a comment by a black communist type.

TL/DR It’s interesting how they see paper money notes as a magic totem, when those paper notes are only as valuable as what white people are willing to do for them. They can get trillions of Zimbabwe dollars, but these trillions won’t be able to buy peoples’ willpower.

In other words, yes, it is true, Racism is terrible, and exists all around us. And yes, blacks are discriminated against and exploited and kept intentionally down; but all this happens because they are poor. If blacks get some money, and they start buying peoples’ willpower and pressing the President and the Senate and the Supreme Court to enact laws against Racism, the thing will change in no time, comprende?

It’s funny how he sees money as a magical totem, and all you need is physical possession of it, then you can buy other people’s willpower.

The problem is, there are a long string of rich black athletes and entertainers, former and present, who could already be doing this. Why does’t Jay Z buy convenience stores and gas stations for black people? If the black people ran those stores competently, Jay Z could make good interest on his money.

But he doesn’t. Why not? There are at least thousands of black millionaires. One hundred black millionaires could all throw in 2,000.00 dollars and buy the first FUBU gas station. Charge 5% interest on the loan. Since they are millionaires, this can be a pet project for a few of them. Many of our hundred black millionaires are secure enough to go and do a hobby, and it’s a money making hobby anyway. If the franchise expanded and did well, they could turn it into billions in returns.

But it doesn’t happen.

A basic understanding of economics is that money is a reflection of actions in society, to make society run better, to make civilization possible. Money is a reflection of doing high stakes work.

High stakes work is stressful. It entails going through life stressed out about BS, and having to learn to detach yourself emotionally from your high stakes work.

High stakes work teaches you emotional control, if you handle it right. It can either induce a heart attack, or teach you the next level of wisdom. a lot of people get the heart attacks.

But you can deal with high stakes work if you do qigong and yoga regularly. You cycle out the black energy as soon as it comes into you, and the cycling in itself is very powerful. It’s like excreting your stress very fast. Diarrhea out the stress instead of living in stress constipation.

So money making requires doing stuff to keep a corner of civilization running. Even if it’s raising a child properly — that’s something a lot of people are failing at terribly. A properly raised child will likely be a net gain to society; a poorly raised child can go either way. You can put that into econometrics. A properly raised child that does’t perpetuate single parent households, cost welfare, cost prisons, and so on, already isn’t costing society. And this child likely grows up to pay taxes and keep his own corner of civilization humming along.

So money is a reflection of keeping civilization working. Simply acquiring the magic totem of money, and then commanding others’ willpower, does not magically conjure the services of civilization — potable water police fire ambulance food supply transportation infrastructure medical dental educational — this stuff cannot be taken for granted. It’s real, it costs people sacrificing their lives to do these things for 2000 hours a years.

It’s the white people who put in the sufficient amount of self sacrifice to keep civilization running. There are people of color who work, but in their own countries, they don’t have a comparable infrastructure of the sort that that whites make possible. There is not enough self sacrifice in third world countries. People are too corrupt and lazy overall, and this makes the infrastructure less than a white run infrastructure.

Anyway, study or pay attention to economics. one hardly need read a book about it — economics is everywhere. Just acquire the lens. I don’t necessarily agree with everything Peter Schiff says, but he teaches Economics 101 very repetitively and effectively. Supply and demand, why should someone want something, is this really their best choice? Money is just paper, it’s thje value money represents, the products and services, that matter. The black communist types focus on it as magic totem paper. Economists point out that the totem paper only represents what white people are willing to do for the magic totem paper. White people won’t do much for even a Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars, so there’s economics for ya.


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14 Responses to Economic Literacy is important in political debate

  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  2. Rita Rabbit says:

    We have to stop giving THEM money. Young kids (and not so young kids) are buying $20,000 new cars but end up paying over $4,000 interest on them. What a waste! Even Nationalists are doing this. Why give so much money to our enemies to impress or try to keep up with the Sheeple? Buy a $4-6 thousand dollar car and use the money saved to start a business or play the stock market even. Better than throwing it away!

    • mindweapon says:

      The 5k car will cost almost as much in repair expense, Rita. The trick is to spread auto ownership over multiple people.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        The 5K or even 2K car can be a good deal, if you know what you want out of it.

        Spreading car-ownership costs around is a very good idea, but with the oil majors cutting back their production efforts you have to hedge your bets about fuel cost as well.  It is probably a bad idea to have anything that isn’t at least a hybrid.  If you can find dedicated parking with power to keep a Leaf on tap, your group would not have its operating expenses rise with the price of fuel.

      • mindweapon says:

        If fuel costs go that high, we’ll have bigger trouble than transportation.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        It’s a matter of localizing your money flows.  Money spent on electricity goes little further than Canada.  If worse comes to worst, you can generate your own electricity in any number of ways and even sell it to your neighbors.  Motor fuel is a different story.

      • the outdoorsman says:

        Na. I purchased a $2000 1994 Plymouth Acclaim 3-1/2 years ago. It had 46,000 miles on it! I recommend that you look for “grandma” cars like this. The previous owner went to a nursing home and her daughter was selling it. I jewed them down $500. I have put maybe $750 into it since I bought it. It’s relatively easy to find deals like this. I love driving cars like this – I don’t have to care about getting or giving dings and dents. Only liability insurance needed. I also love driving it around for my job, it literally blows people’s minds that I drive this crappy car. I own a consulting business, make about $250k a year and my clients are generally very well off. I think they get a kick out of the fact that I’m an elitist snob driving this p.o.s. I tell them I have better ways to spend my money and that I try to minimize funding my people’s enemies. Once I say that they usually shut up.

      • mindweapon says:

        Wow that’s awesome outdoorsman! Stories like yours are very valuable to us.

        The car sharing cars should be grandma cars for sure, though I hope they’ll be new enough to have side airbags and safety features. Your health and safety is very expensive and worth spending extra money for.

      • Rita Rabbit says:

        Do you know anyone who has done this successfully yet MW? I am thinking you would have to live very close together and work, shop etc. very close together too for this to work.

    • Buying ex government cars is a fairly good deal, they only have 30K on the clock and yet they cost 50% of a new car. I don’t know if the US has that kind of deal going on though.

      To form communities, those with hard assets will have to form them first, by buying up land with or without houses and build up a community. I find people of like mind tend to attract each other so I think it will start happening, People are talking and wanting to put their money where their mouth is.

      Being such individualist peoples that we are, it will be hard as people will want protection of their hard assets so individual parcels of land next to each other are ideal IMO.

      • Paladin Justice says:

        All my vehicles have come from the government auctions, open to the public. Look up GSA vehicle auctions. They’re held in selected cities. My latest two were four years old, with 8000 miles and 14,000 miles on them. Purchased for $8000 and $9400 respectively. The former is a GM four cylinder economy car. The latter is an E-150 van. Some of the vehicles with higher mileage go as cheap as a couple of thousand dollars.

  3. Why don’t Black millionaires spend money uplifting poor Blacks? For the same reason childless, affluent Blacks don’t adopt Black orphans. Because there is no shortage of rich White liberals (who wouldn’t deign to cross the street to piss on poor Whites if they were on fire) who are willing to do so themselves.

    Moreover, why throw good money after bad? Oprah was the only rich Black that I know of who tried to uplift Black people. Of course, she couldn’t be bothered to uplift Black Americans, but had to go clear to South Africa to build and pay for a school to uplift poor Black African girls and that school has had nothing but problems with corrupt, incompetent Black administrators.

    Whites never seem to have problems come up with the wherewithal anytime the African or Haitian begging bowl is passed around even though all that means is that, rather than letting nature clear out the problem of too many starving Africans fighting over limited resources, they only feed and breed more starving Africans to fight over even more limited resources.

    Rich, powerful Whites have never historically advocated for poorer Whites much less instituted any real charities or programs to uplift them. I just think the competitiveness Whites feel towards other Whites is too strong to make them pull their heads out of whatever animus they have towards other Whites to see that if they don’t learn racial solidarity and start acting collectively, the Asians are going to end up taking it all from them anyway.

    • Sam says:

      clytemnestra57 says,”…she couldn’t be bothered to uplift Black Americans, but had to go clear to South Africa to build and pay for a school to uplift poor Black African girls…”.
      That’s actually not true. Oprah spent a lot of money on Blacks in Chicago but they kept screwing up so she quit.

  4. Paladin Justice says:

    Blacks are about bling, cocaine, womanizing, and a host of other nonproductive activities. It would tax their brains to become investors. It’s like asking children to become investors, when all they want to do is play.

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