Posting less frequently because doing more real world stuff

When I make it back to the computer, I am pleased to see lively commenting momentum going on. I have been very busy with IRL lately and have posted much less. I thank my commenters for keeping the momentum going.

I have been out in the real world, instead of being locked up in some stupid cubicle. It is so much better to do some “joe job” out in the real world where you meet people and can talk to the public on a more or less equal footing.

People are struggling, and their hearts and minds are opening up to the ideas of controlling more of their own resources locally, even if it entails extra work and cooperation.

The single serving life was a baited trap, full of sweet treats, but once you’re in, oops, you are caught in a trap of debt and low pay and high expenses associated with the single serving life.

American society is designed for the single serving life, but more and more people cannot afford it. They are forced into it, and are tormented by the unaffordable cost. Sure there are sweet treats but the torment is outpacing the allure.

Americans voluntarily giving up the single serving life would be the most revolutionary thing that could happen, in my opinion.

After all, what is the economy? The economy is something white people create; if it’s being used against us, and we are being abused, we have the option of simply taking it back.

How would we take it back? We would look at access to housing and access to transportation and access to food production, rather than “universal ownership.” Vehicles, housing, adn food production capacity (farmable land) need to be seen as a working asset to which you are given access to. THe better stewards will own the assets and manage them at a modest or reasonable profit; the poor and/or the unprovidential would be provided affordable access to these assets, often in exchange for their direct labor, but also for a smaller share of the money they earn than in the single serving life.

Instead of food acquisition being all abuot getting magic paper totems and going to the magical supermarket, it would partially be about access to food production. We have to go back to a high percentage of people working in food production. Otherwise we get GMO poisoned and chemical poisoned. yoga mat chemical in food.

The answer to this stuff isn’t “better regulation” or “better government.” We’ll always be in an endless battle with food companies. It’s like negotiating with someone who is always trying to screw you over. They will constantly lobby for the right to put nasty chemicals in your food. Always! Why negotiate with such a person? Why not just refuse to make any contract whatsoever with such a bad faith partner in a transaction? Bad actors need to be boycotted and excluded from the market altogether, and the food companies have proven themselves time and again to be bad actors. If it was a game of old West cowboy poker, this is the moment where you upend the table and draw your six shooter.

The answer is to go back to growing and processing your own locally, because then you control it. You can make sure the local kids don’t ingest the yoga mat chemical, or Roundup which thins and punctures the intestinal wall.

The Access to Working Assets Economy will be more Sociable

Right now banks and mortgage companies and such manage Working Assets from afar. Leveraged. But this is failing.

The Access to Assets society will gradually eliminate indebtedness. Assets won’t be bought and sold, but passed to new management, perhaps as cash deals or an annuity or percentage of the profits of the working asset, and when it is passed to new management, banks will not intermediate.

Access to Assets will work very well for people who are honest and do the right thing. It can only work on a pure meritocracy. No “social justice” agendas can intervene. Sociopaths and cheats and irresponsibles will be ruthlessly excluded.

As such, society will become collectively more moral. People who play by the rules will have more respect and authority again.

The bank and mortgage and constant debt bubble and welfare subsidized amorality, with “social justice” to put constant bandaids on the results of amorality is a failing system. I see it with my own eyes. They are running out of other people’s money to spend, and running out of responsible people to manage Day Care Nation.

The backlash is going to be local control again. Local economic control is going to make Big Buesiness and Banking freak out bad. When people stop getting mortgage loans, there will be weeping and tearing of raiments. The local control people will pay lip service to the Central Government but ignore it in practice. Eventually the power of the local culture will challenge the power of the central government.

Local control is coming back because Central Government can no longer bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan.


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6 Responses to Posting less frequently because doing more real world stuff

  1. Rita Rabbit says:

    I’m doing more in real life too. There are lots of good bloggers and commenters out there. Time for action.

  2. Mr. Rational says:

    I have not seen you use the phrase “the single serving life” before, and I think you might do a world of good to write a short essay about what it means.

    Then it probably needs a permalink on the sidebar, either by itself or to a compendium-page of such manifestoes.

  3. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  4. Paladin Justice says:

    My ancestors were dirt poor southern farmers, probably tenant farmers like the blacks. There is no record of us owning land in so far as I’m aware. We loved the peace and quiet of the country. We grew our own food and made our own moonshine, so were the enemy of the federal government. We had extended family, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. in a 100 mile or so radius.

    The government kicked us out of our peaceful existence by turning the entire county, or most of it anyway, into a national forest. We became migrant workers, heading for dust bowl Missouri, because even that looked like up to us. Then, we were drafted into WWII to fight Mr. Roosevelt’s war.

    Rootless and disoriented after WWII, we joined that great white institution, the labor union. It eventually betrayed us by turning itself over to minority rule, but it was good to us for about 30 years or so.

    The honor with which my ancestors dealt with their dispossesion flows in my blood. The anger does too.

    It’s time to go back home. That’s true for all white persons, whose rootlessness was created by a crafty enemy, the federal government. It may not be possible to go home again, but we can try. We owe to ourselves and our ancestors.

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